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Live ZetaTalk Chat on May 3, 2003

Session Start: Sat May 03 16:39:21 2003
(MonoUFO) they are the best, a gift
(Gza) umm
(Toby) Ya bring on the bastidos... WE'll kick their asses! ...and if they haven't got an ass we'll tear them one and then kick it!
(MacroLucy) to Service to Others camps, that is possible
(FSAlpha) how are you going to recharge when ther eis no power?
(ChatTiado) where can I download the show of Nancy and Lou Gentile ?
(MacroLucy) it never runs out, and the battery box is sealed/un-openable, so we can't see their technology
(MonoUFO) never runs out is impossible, defies physics
(Pxhp) She's ealry today
(Stphrz) PX is gonna be late lol
(Ahem4985) early today!
(MonoUFO) i dont know alpha, ill figure it out
(ZetaCurio) big fan club here!
(KarenSue) sounds contradictory never lasting batteries
(Stphrz) as in waaaay late
(NancyL) I have a number of SIGNS but no Agenda, so will be collecting one.
(MonoUFO) anyways, they work great in my new camera
(DipSet) C00L its relly u NANCY ??
(Corona) Nancy: Most important preparation considerations
(NancyL) Am exhausted from the Gentile show last night, for some reason his 800 bank went DOWN and phones were a problem all night!
(NotSure) Nancy, some of us are sure you have a screw loose. Do you ever think about this being true? Do you have a history of mental illness?
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Will rotation stoppage or some other event prevent next weeks IRC session?
(Ericle28) hmmm that sux Nancy
(FSAlpha) where can i dl the show from last night?
(InSoM) We all had to call in with the payment number, how conveniant! :(
(NancyL) Cunningham got in! Sepher (planetxvideo) go in! Kid A Imposter got addressed!
(Corona) i spoke
(NancyL) Guys, it is really me, I logged in, etc.
(InSoM) So did I, very very nervous
(Vandlou) question 97.3 FM weekend Angler fishing radio show this am.. one host member said his car was covered with brown goo while driving in at night.. 5AM. was that red dust in Columbia county north Florida?????
(DipSet) cool Nancy
(ZodZ) hehhe to Insom
(NancyL) However, from the email I get from offended folks, apparently someone is spamming about using my name and insulting folks!
(MacroLucy) how soon after the shift will people be able to return to the internet in some places (with modification to short wave)
(Suportive) Nancy another great show last night.
(NancyL) Not to say on this channel, I suspect, a lot of NancyL who are NOT me, as I only show up on this Sat hour.
(JennyVenn) some whats this about the Earth stopping it's rotation crap?
(Oceantree) Q proposal: How can the rotation stoppage be perceived ?
(OverManze) Nancy, will the roadways be shut down during the next few weeks before PX?
(FSAlpha) where can i DL last night show?
(Haxx3r) so, when will PX be visible from Europe during daytime?
(NancyL) Jeremey, I think we will be functional next week as it will only be the 10th, but the following week will be very iffy.
(Ericle28) Gawd, ill miss the Internet, TV, warm baths waaa
(GlpKidA) where can we hear the show from last night???
(FSAlpha) thx
(CyberVViz) Nancy is cloned ?!
(Haxx3r) Also, when will PX be visible from Europe during daytime?
(Dim) Rotation has been adressed. Read zetatalk.
(ZetaCurio) Ericle : lol
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Thanks
(Ericle28) how the -beep- will i hanle winter?
(WeatherF) Nancy I live in Alaska and we get the sun about all day now When will we be able to see PX in the day time up here thanks
(LiteBeing) NancyL: will the Zeta's show themselves in the aftertime?
(AstraPal) NancyL: Can you comment on the validity of "The Ra Material - The Law of One" Can the Zetas comment on this material. It is very comprehensive and deals with our transition to 4D and teaches about how we are all ONE, and that the driiferent densitys is a step tovards intelligent infinity - reuniting with the creator (or All Thas Is).
(NancyL) Macro, short wave will NOT be the internet, will be voice only to others with radio, I expect.
(Obany) Since it's only a few weeks a way could the Zetas say a bit more about life afterwards, life in a few weeks from now.. Perhaps a bit more details. Like those who might life with the hybrids etc?
(MacroLucy) and does sod have to be purchased from someplace like Home Depot or can u dig sod from the ground. nah probably not
(Ericle28) err ZC i mean
(Bailey) ??? Nancy, can and will STO zeta help a human being unwillingly abducted by STS foul play???
(NancyL) Ocean, per the Z's rotation stoppage is within a DAY the globe slows down to a stop, and just stands there for a week or so.
(MacroLucy) ok Nancy
(Ericle28) omg Im tired - I better wake up
(JennyVenn) I don't believe a word of this... cuz no one is explaining why all of this can be so
(NancyL) I think the day before it stops, it is hours late in rotation.
(Sqweedgie) how about those global earthquakes? What does everyone think....? There seems to be alot going on at the South Pole.
(Dim) Go away Jenny.
(ZetaCurio) that will turn some heads
(Morpheus1) Nancy where is the Walk-in President?
(MonoUFO) is it ethical to max out our credit cards right now
(Impetus) Will Norway be in the dark or the light side diring the stop?
(Bailey) good one Dim
(JWilliam) Jennyvenn: Start reading
(OverManze) Will the roadways still be open to change locations the week before the shift?
(NancyL) Insom! you have the link! GREAT! As Gentile will be so slow in getting this up the shift will happen before hand.
(MacroLucy) i don't have a ham radio and i think CB won't be as good.. lot's of rules about that
(MikeO) Monoufo, I say no
(InSoM) NancyL: Question for the Zetas, or possibly you.. - New pictures have been taken of the daylight persona picture, and when the sun was covered up, PX (or the light blotch) disappeared. Is this picture really the Red Persona?
(MikeO) . .. it doesn't sound ethical
(Vandlou) Radio show host Barry Raulerson had his car covered with brown wet stuff this am in N FLA at 5AM. thought it was airplane doo doo. Was it Px dust????
(Gza) Jennyven the aliens told her
(Stphrz) I looked last night. I guess I hallucinated that it wasn't there :P
(JennyVenn) i already read it
(GlpKidA) Nancy, can the Zetas please comment on my situation, ... the Kid A situation?
(MasterDm) JWilliam, how strongly do you still believe?
(Gza) ohh Nancy's here?
(JmWeber) NANCYL: when is ur next apperance on C2C
(Dim) I've got a comment for you Kid A.
(FSAlpha) is there anyother place to download last night show?
(ZetaCurio) Kid Asshole, as someone on Godlike said
(DipSet) woa so many Questions at ONCE!
(JWilliam) masterDM: Stay with the chat, private messages will be answered privately
(FSAlpha) besides that
(NancyL) NotSure, re mental illness. I worked as a professional in the computer fields for decades, managed folks, etc. My blood line (siblings, parents, parent's siblings, grandparents, grandparents siblings, etc) have NO mental illness whatsoever.
(MasterDm) ok
(Stphrz) woo
(NancyL) In other words, Nada.
(OrionBoy) Nancy: what do you think of the sunrise pic of my fellow Greek sotos?
(Dim) What else would the A stand for Zetacurio?
(JennyVenn) theres no such thing as aliens, dumb asses
(Jewelz) hah
(Okidok) Impetus Norway will be in the day side
(ZetaCurio) Dim:lol
(NancyL) Astral, Ra Material valid channeling.
(Jewelz) Jenny your a dumb ass
(MonoUFO) but we could buy important survival things
(Ericle28) skips a generatio Nancy - Im kidding :)
(Earth420) Jennyvenn, your aliens and mine can do lunch sometime!
(Corona) Insom: stop dude. my server is slammed atm
(Pxhp) Nada?
(Dim) LOL Zetacurio.
(InSoM) Astral, that is already been talked about on ZT.. the search engine should help you
(NancyL) Bailey, STO do NOT interfere with STS alien answering the Call for them, no.
(Ericle28) Im just tired
(Amsure) thanks Nancy - but still not sure!
(GlpKidA) oh hey I know all about the mean comments thrown at me on all the boards, not to mention my email box!
(Bailey) ty
(Suportive) Nancy,can the zetas please coment on the 2nd sun a bit more
(MacroLucy) i got electromagnetic flashlights (never need batteries/charge just shaking) and steel striker and flint
(Debe) NL, what will be the affect on earth when mars is so close to earth in august?
(MacroLucy) but sheesh
(DipSet) Nancy :: WHY Did Zeta' ALIENS Chose u ?? and when's tha last time u had converstations WITH them ??
(MacroLucy) thinking of needed water
(Icewolf`) Hi NancyL
(MacroLucy) and to store it
(NancyL) InSom, did you call Gentile last night? Which one were YOU? :-)
(Dim) You are no martyr A.
(AstraPal) Thank you, Nancy!
(Icewolf`) How are you
(Gza) Ok u people should organize this more
(Icewolf`) NancyL: I called!
(MacroLucy) and hope the bottles don't burst through a shaking :S
(Emmanuel) NancyL: is May 18th the exact date of rotation stoppage?
(Gza) and oice gets to ask
(GlpKidA) never said I was, Dim
(JmWeber) NANCYL: how do you know that tha Zetas dont have anything to do with PX comeing our way
(NebulouS) yah Nancy, +m please
(NancyL) Over, re roads being shut down, hands of man re this, maybe!
(Dim) So suck it up.
(NebulouS) this is a bit chaotic
(Stphrz) Im scared
(Matan) Nancy how come non of the beholvment aliens or enteties didn't warned about this ?
(MacroLucy) I froze 3/4 of one gallon
(ZodZ) The Full COMPLET Lou Show is now available on (courtesy of CRUITHne)
(Gza) ops +m the channel and voice the speaker
(MacroLucy) ice shouldn't bust too easy
(LiteBeing) NancyL: Q for the Zeta's, how long will it take for 90% of the population to perish?
(Gza) everyone cna ask their question
(Jojo997) NancyL: So is June 1st the absolute last day that the pole shift will happen?
(InSoM) Nancy, I was the person you comments about the Kid A pictures too! Sorry for ending the discussion over that so quickly
(PooDle) Zod - fanks :)
(ChatTiado) 90% is a LOT
(PooDle) nah
(Corona) Zod: Thanks man. my lights are light like a christmas tree
(PooDle) statistics
(Fluffycat) did I miss anything?
(NancyL) Haxx, per what the Z's said last night, PX is visible NOW in dawn, will be soon in sunset, and in the day the week ahead of rotation stoppage, so ahead of the 15th, DEPENDING upon location, visibility, etc etc.
(MonoUFO) many need to die
(GlpKidA) InSom, correction... I only put out one picture...
(MonoUFO) they are STS
(MonoUFO) dont want them in earth
(Haxx3r) k
(MeGB) Matan: They have, but only in generalities.
(InSoM) Typo kid
(Redrick) Nancy can you comment the Japan cult group? is that disinfo or real thing?
(NancyL) Lite, Z's in conscious contact to those groups ready for this, in the Aftertime.
(GlpKidA) ok
(OverManze) Nancy are the hybrids close to us now? in time?
(JmWeber) NANCYL: Will PX have effects on the New Madrid fault in Missouri?
(Pxhp) Monoufo you die first
(Swanny) NancyL: Can the Zetas comment on the Cassiopaean channelling by Laura Knight-Jadczyck, who claim to be ourselves at 6th density?
(MonoUFO) i dont die
(Icewolf`) NancyL: Will earth rotation stop for a week?
(Swanny) Are the Cassiopaeans helping the Zetas also?
(Hubblebub) maybe a more intresting question will be that how many (in percentage) of those aware of a possible pole shift will be among those perhising. Most probably those will try to move inland and avoid beeing inside houses so they will at least not drown or be crusched during earthquakes.
(Jeremy32) Icewolf: Its predicted to by ZetaTalk
(Jojo997) NancyL: Is June 1st the absolute last day the pole shift will happen?
(Icewolf`) ok
(ChatTiado) NancyL, can you answer ALL this questions ?
(NancyL) Obany, hybrid lifestyles accepted as Q1
(Jeremy32) 'bz
(InSoM) Question: Could the Zetas validate Jeane Dixon as a valid channeler?
(NancyL) Morph, the walk-in Pres has NOT happened yet, and this is not a ZT prediction.
(NancyL) Mono, I will NOT advise on CC usage, etc.
(NancyL) Impet, Norway is on the Atlantic Rift, so daylight mainly during the stoppage.
(Icewolf`) NancyL: Will Planet X affect our moon in any way? Will the moon have a poleshif too? ;P
(OverManze) Are we to encounter them soon?
(Sirgrim) Nancy can you respond to Whitley's journal on unknown country
(MacroLucy) Nancy can large fires help plants grow? like bonfires near the field?
(Vandlou) and weather in Ocala was wild for a short time at 5 AM then stopped...
(NancyL) Insom, I heard re the Greece photo from Soto, and he is being debunked and discredited, someone putting up a web site IN his name (domain soto) with fake pics and forging him on godlikeproductions!
(Rtr) Is it true that several other planets had pole shifts recently as Uranus, etc?
(Stphrz) pusher bots!
(Morpheus1) How is the US government going to react in respect to the public when the shift begins?
(MonoUFO) what should be do about unbeleiving family
(Bailey) ??Nancy, anything we can do/say to help an abductee wanting to stop abductions????
(WeatherF) Q for ZETA being Alaska faces the sun allmost 27/7 will we get hit with most of the junk in front of PX
(NancyL) GLP, how do we know you are THE Kid A?
(Jojo997) NancyL: Is June 1st the absolute last day the pole shift will happen?
(Stphrz) they protect us from the terrible secret of space
(USBrazil) Hi Nancy. Please clarify Pole Shift...the poles themselves do not move but the plates/crust move to where current poles reside?
(InSoM) Queen says that she isn't, she recognizes his IP
(Sirgrim) I analyzed Kid A's pic myself he used HP photosmart, adobe 3.0 and adobe 6.0 to produce it, it is fake
(GlpKidA) email me at, the same emaill address I posted at GodLike.
(Debe) NL, what will be the affect on earth when Mars and Earth are so close in August?
(NancyL) JmWebber, not asked back on C2C and suspect Noory will be in a boat and paddling hard before this happens :-)
(Masisoar) NancyL - Is Clairvoyance inherited through genes?
(AstraPal) :-)
(OverManze) Where is everyone?
(Astorith) why are my clocks still accurate?
(Vandlou) did the radio show fishing show host this AM get red -dusted this AM when he got brown wet goo all over his car north FLA?
(TizzaAwa) NANCY : can you please address why PX is "easily" seen in sunrise but can-not be easily seen in the darkened night sky?
(Woofferbr) And my clocks too.
(Web0) lol
(MacroLucy) Nancy do u have plans at the shift (survivor)?
(Icewolf`) +m for a while?
(DipSet) NancyL... what country/safe location will u be going..during POLESHIFT
(GlpKidA) NancyL, you can email me at that address now and I will confirm it. same email address I posted in the Godlike Forums....
(Hillel) Astorith: guess one
(DocX) PX at sunrise = Venus
(NancyL) Orionboy, I took that sunrise photo to be utterly legit, and his debunking is rather proof of that. He is being attacked.
(Impetus) The sun rise behind a mountain here grrrr
(ChatTiado) Nancy : Is the Bermuda Triangle about to open, release all the "imprisioned people" there and move to another place ?
(Jojo997) NancyL: Is June 1st the absolute last day the pole shift will happen? Please... I would like to know....
(GlpKidA) Same original KidA
(JWilliam) Masisoar: your Q is in log, no need to ask again.
(Rtr) Can you confirm if there were pole shifts on any other planets recently due to PX?
(Impetus) Norway will have a 93% solar eclipse
(InSoM) Jojo, the June 1st date is late
(MacroLucy) good question Shaman
(Swanny) Obany's question relates to my first ever Q on ZT....will there be laughing and dancing with the Zetas? Zeta humour, subtle no?
(Shaman464) where the Moon will trun to blood and all that
(Jojo997) the latest possible date? So it can't happpen, say June 3?
(Stphrz) death chat?
(NancyL) Supportive, I think the Greek photos explain a lot, and there are SkyMap or Planetarium diagrams to show position of this or that.
(Vandlou) Masisoar - I am not going to ask again either geez
(AGreenspn) she agree to one? Thank you
(Shaman464) Nancy any connection between the lunar eclispe and the poleshift (the eclispe is on May 15th)
(NancyL) Venus, Mars, Moon ALL to the right of the Sun upon sunset, and the Second Sun to the LEFT!
(Sirgrim) why's PX 'second sun' jump around in the Greece picture?
(ParasiteV) where should i look for Planet X at sunset?
(Vandlou) and it was a good question
(Farmy) From what Ive seen of the Greek photo, it appears to be the original image made by the camera, and has not been modified post imaging
(InSoM) Has the sign of the times been posted yet?
(NancyL) IceWolf! You did GOOD on the phone!
(Icewolf`) hehe thanks
(Vandlou) I even called in to the radio show and mentioned Nancy and PX
(PyrotekNX) haha
(Bailey) ??Nancy, anything we can do/say to help an abductee wanting to stop abductions????
(NancyL) Emmanuel, May 18th is not a ZT date.
(Icewolf`) even though I sucked ;(
(PyrotekNX) Icewolf`: 'hello' click
(Icewolf`) PyrotekNX: LOL I did more than that
(Sirgrim) thx Zod
(MonoUFO) Nacyl, is there a way for me to have a conscoius visit with the Zetas
(Okidok) the sun eclipse are going to take place 21 May
(LiteBeing) May 17
(Zackx) will the West Coast of North America be in total darkness when the planet stops rotating?
(Corona) Zod: better quality?
(USBrazil) With the destruction of the world's rainforests after PS, is there really going to be sufficient oxygen from the ocean?
(NancyL) Could the ops +m me until I get caught up with the Q's? Thanks! Then I will do the SIGNS
(ZodZ) YES
(NancyL) Masisoar, telepathy is indeed an inherited trait.
(NancyL) Zod, thanks for the additional link of last nights show.
(NancyL) Jojo, I would estimate about a week after May 15, earliest, NOT June 1st at all. June 1st given as a guide for those wanting to take 2 week vacation etc. "not later than" so being safe from May15 on is good.
(NancyL) Lite, 90% do NOT die at the shift but due mainly per Z's to starvation, illness, depression, etc. Months, no years.
(NancyL) Insom, glad you asked about Kid A pics as this then got out to the listenership!
(NancyL) Red, Ichi is in Japan and is the Japanese translator, so this may be in ref to his email addy and site, etc.
(NancyL) No more a cult than this group.
(NancyL) JmWeb, New Madrid like the rest of the world, Richter 9 upon the shift.
(NancyL) Swanny, no comment on OTHER groups unless 1 they predict, 2 they are accurate, like ZT.
(NancyL) Dip, I chat with the Z's all the time.
(NancyL) Hubble, survival of course increases with advance warning, but MANY factors determine survival.
(NancyL) No comment upon Dixon and yes I am aware that Browne stated on C2C that no cataclysms are coming, as did Dames recently.
(NancyL) SirGrim, I've seen a number of open letters to Strieber re his misquote of me, and he should as a respondible person address this.
(Fluffycat) Nancy on Lou Gentile Last Night, on a FAST connection:
(DipSet) Nancy.. i hav finals in college on May 18th.. should i STUDY?? or NOT?? because, i hate studying..
(NebulouS) NancyL, would you consider yourself or the zetas responsible for major changes in peoples lives, i.e. dropping everything they got based on your testimony and the PX even does not come to pass?
(NancyL) I have lost respect for him, but suspect he was TOLD a mistruth by someone he respected.
(PSIBrain) u are all stupid
(NancyL) You can't believe the manipulations done to discredit me, or maybe you can!
(Ericle28) Nancy? what do you thik of S-Browne she real? I ask cause, i kinda like her
(Swanny) Cassiopaeans predict a "Realm Border Crossing", comments?
(Jojo997) NancyL: you said you weren't invited back to C2C, but I thought debate with Bad Astronomer was coming up?
(Icewolf`) NancyL: Well nice chattign with you yesterday, see you later.
(Sirgrim) i needa get on the side of the mountain during setset to look for this sun
(PyrotekNX) NancyL: what aliens do you talk to?
(Astorith) why are my clocks still accurate???????
(NancyL) Bailey, re abduction, just say NO, this is in ZT already.
(JackC) i have that book
(IceyGone) Everyone have a great night tonight ;)
(GeminiV) Matan, i had that book, no longer
(PyrotekNX) NancyL: any physical description of the space aliens?
(Woofferbr) Why are my clocks still exact?
(Spheres) Nancy, Can we expect ET beings to cooperate shortly after the hybrids entrance in our communities?
(NancyL) Debe, Mars and Earth or other planets OFTEN pass close to each other, zero effect!
(Rtr) Can you answer about some other planets experiencing pole shifts recently? Any truth to this?
(MeGB) Matan: They did, but only in generalities, so as not to scare us.
(Jeremy32) Obany: Tizza doesn't normally disrupt.. a little harsh perhaps?
(NachoKing) Hi guys
(Maxemilln) NancyL: The photo you pointed out last night from Greece ( shows a very significant sized object. Why are the tracking photos still showing it as a tiny speck.
(Tcards) nebulous: as stated before: no more than the weatherman affects your plans
(Fleurke) Q: Are the Pyrenees mountains considered a safe location?
(NachoKing) Why was I kicked?
(Emmanuel) NancyL: when the PX is visible in the daytime sky a week prior to rotation stoppage, will it be alot more visible than it is now?
(Jewelz) Coffee... aliens dont believe in silly religion
(Bailey) ty Nancy
(NancyL) This is one of the reasons that until the PASSAGE, there is no effect of note from PX on Earth.
(LiteBeing) Lunar or Solar Eclipse?
(Sirgrim) Nancy will their be any time for peopl 'on the edge', the ones entertaining ZT as a possibility to realize it's right and escape to a safe loc
(Obany) Jeremy32: it was not a ban just a kick ... so he is able to return
(CSmith) NancyL: If the government is adjusting the master clock, what are they adjusting it to? If time is slowing down then wouldn't all clocks slow down? How would they notice any difference?
(NancyL) Tizza, because it is NOT VISIBLE (not in view) at night anymore!
(DipSet) Nancy...u chat with ZETA aliens? wots is their EMAIL?
(AGreenspn) Repost q. Nancy?
(LeftField) NancyL - What do the Z's say about "the wave"?
(Pxhp) Lunnar
(LiteBeing) ok
(GeminiV) nancy, what latitude, or hemisphere, south or northern has the best conditions for seeing the planet?
(IceyGone) DipSet: please stop stupid Q
(HisNibs) I'm confused. If there is no effect of note, then why are people talking about earthquakes being on the rise,. etc?
(PyrotekNX) NancyL: which aliens do you channel to? do they have a name?
(LiteBeing) the solar eclipse must be in December of 2003
(Matan) does any1 here have David Icke's book "and the truth shall set you free" in a file?
(JWilliam) Sirgrim: when rotation stops ( pretty good indicator)
(Sefi) how visible in the daytime will PX be upon passage? will it disappear a few minutes after sunrise like the second sun or will it stay bright enough to be seen all day?
(MacroLucy) wonders if the roads will be congested if some waiting for the red dust first to drive to locations
(NancyL) Farmy, I agree that the Greek photo is legit.
(ZetaCurio) JWilliam:LOL
(NebulouS) NancyL, according to placement charts, it would seem that the southern hemisphere has it 20-30 degrees in view at 8:00 local australian time.
(NancyL) Zac, West Coast US will be VERY early dawn at stoppage.
(NebulouS) PM that is
(NachoKing) NancyL: Do you believe that this Brown Dwarf star is not the fabled Nibiru recorded by the Sumerians?
(Okidok) the 93% solar eclipse is taking place 31 May
(Zackx) thank you Nancy
(Debe) CSmith, supposedly, they have compensated for this by previously overslowing the clock - which now means they have some extra time to "play" with.
(LiteBeing) really
(Vandlou) whats the wave??
(HisNibs) the Greek photo shows what looks like a reflection inside the camera to me
(Ericle28) if the B-Triangle opens -wow-
(MeGB) CSmith: Time isn't slowing; rotation is.
(NancyL) OK, it is the hour and I will do the SIGNS if the +m is in effect, thanks.
(PyrotekNX) NancyL: is it true that you talk to aliens?
(CSmith) But how does the government know that time is slowing down?
(Vandlou) Matan: Icke was good on C2C
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #1: Whitley STRIEBER Disinfo
(NancyL) April 27th Journal "Nancy Leider, the voice of Zeta-Talk, has been saying for some time that this mythical monster was going to make a close pass on May 15, and wreak holy hell on earth."
(NancyL) "Now she's apparently changing the date of its arrival and saying that it won't be as big a deal as she had originally been led to believe. She says the aliens she claims to channel have misled her for unknown reasons."
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #2: At Last, a QUAKE Reported!
(NancyL) "There was a 4.9 earthquake in Alabama April 28 affecting several states." When quakes affect population centers in the US, they get reported. At first, this quake was reputed to be 4.3, then 4.5, and finally 4.9. Why the LOW Richter, at first?
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #3: QUAKE 5+ Only Every 3 Days? NOT
(NancyL) Per the USGS home page, 5+ Richter happens only on average every 3 days. NOT! On Apr 29, per live Siezmos, above 5 Richter: 5.8 GREECE, 6.2 JAPAN, 6.3 KURIL ISLANDS RUSSIA, 6.2 NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN, 5.6 SOUTH CHINA SEA, 5.7, INDONESIA, 6.5 MARSHALL ISLANDS, 5.5 SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN, 5.3 ADRIATIC SEA
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #4: SLOWING and Clock Watching
(NancyL) "April 23 8 am - USNO and CAN are even with my computer clock. April 24 8 am - USNO and CAN are 4 seconds behind computer clock. April 25 8 am - USNO and CAN are 9 seconds behind computer clock. April 26 8 AM - USNO and CAN are 11 seconds behind computer clock. April 27 8 AM - USNO and CAN are 12 seconds behind computer clock" Jwilliam Dell
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #5: SINKHOLES in Mexico
(NancyL) "In southern Mexico there have been several sink holes. At one point, rescuers had to stop searching for victims in one hole because of a bigger hole colapsed near the first one."
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #6: PLANET X as Second Sun at Dawn!
(NancyL) Reports from Denver and San Francisco indicate seeing the Red Persona at dawn, just to the left of the Sun as it rises. White light as well as red flashes are reported. Also a photo from Greece of this Second Sun.
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #7: IRAQ as in US, No Popular Vote Allowed!
(NancyL) "As Iraqi Shiite demands for a dominant role in Iraq's future mount, Bush administration officials say they underestimated the Shiites' organizational strength and are unprepared to prevent the rise of an anti-American, Islamic fundamentalist government in the country. ..."
(NancyL) "The Shiites of Iraq make up about 60 percent of the population... Some U.S. intelligence analysts and Iraq experts said they warned the Bush administration before the war about vanquishing Hussein's government without having anything to replace it. But officials said the concerns were either not heard or fell too low on the priority list of postwar planning."
(NancyL) OK, I will plow into Q1 of Obany now ...
(NancyL) Q1 Could the Zetas say a bit more about life afterwards, life in a few weeks from now.. Perhaps a bit more details. Like those who might life with the hybrids etc?
(NancyL) ZT: Life in a hybrid community would not be something desired in any but a highly STO individual.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that polarization will be natural, after the shift, with those undecided leaving highly STO communities, for these same reasons.
(NancyL) ZT: Those highly STS naturally leave a group highly STO when they cannot dominate or control them, as the incessent attention to others, to the welbeing of others annoys them.
(NancyL) ZT: In human society today, normal for 3rd Density existence where the orientation decision is the prime lesson to be determined, STS can dominate others.
(NancyL) ZT: They migrate to where this domination has the least resistance, among the weak, the young, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: If in a situation where they cannot rule, dominate, they move on seeking a better setting.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, a man who smacks his wife and children about when they displease him, his endless demands for immediate satisfaction of his wants and needs, LEAVES this family if he comes under community surveilence or policing.
(NancyL) ZT: He lines up a new wife, in another community, and starts this practice again.
(NancyL) ZT: In the Aftertime, he will find these new communities SO highly full of STS that he will have competition, and be likely to be the one abused himself.
(NancyL) ZT: When he leaves and tries to insert himself into a STO community, he will be rebuffed and sent elsewhere or will have to abide by rules that frustrate him in the extreme, so he LEAVES.
(NancyL) ZT: If he finds an undecided community, he will try to reinstate what he recalls from his 3rd Density mixed past.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, increasingly, the STO will separate from the undecided, and certainly separate from the STS.
(NancyL) ZT: They will, in essence, disappear!
(NancyL) ZT: They will thus leave the undecided to fend for themselves with the STS, so the balance of STS will increase, and the undecided then leaving this setting, slipping away, endlessly.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Aftertime setting will be 1. disappearing STO's, 2. undecideds slipping away to form their own groups, 3. STS left with themselves only!
(NancyL) ZT: Now, the undecideds will find their life much as it is today, in human society, regarding rules and societal expectataions.
(NancyL) ZT: The STS will find life UNLIKE what they recall, as they will be the picked upon where they expect to be the dominant person, but this is experience in preparation for their next lifetimes, so just as well.
(NancyL) ZT: And the STO will find they are meeting NEW neightbors, the hybrids and other visitors from elsewhere.
(NancyL) ZT: What is life like, in these hybrid communities, that STO desire this and others do not?
(NancyL) ZT: We have mentioned this already within the body of ZetaTalk, but will list the highlights again.
(NancyL) ZT: There are no secrets! Telepathic knowledge of the others, their needs, their desires, their thoughts, is utter and open.
(NancyL) ZT: This means that you are AWARE of anothers needs, and can respond, but this also means that unlike human society today, others are aware of your resentments, your jealousies, and those thoughts you might like to keep secret.
(NancyL) ZT: There is a sharing of resources, and workloads, so that what NEEDS to be done is adressed, rather than what someone might have planned for their day.
(NancyL) ZT: This means that YOUR personal adenda, YOUR mission where you will be the star and can feel accomplished, might not be what is considered important!
(NancyL) ZT: Perhaps you planned to continue writing your book, but must put this aside to harvest fish.
(NancyL) ZT: An adjunct to this is that taking credit, getting your name in lights, is not considered a necessary part of the action.
(NancyL) ZT: YOUR contribution may be behind the scenes, to help someone else achieve, as they are more suited to being the spokes person than you!
(NancyL) ZT: Where in human society today this is a big issue, in STO society it is a point of satisfaction to help others, the credit and the stage NOT being the big issue.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those undecided and especially those highly STS find this all stuffy and dull and frustrating, and LEAVE on their own accord!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter and looking for Q2.
(Sirgrim) NancyL: are any star childs here to keep the people on the edge thinking, entertaining the possiblity and not discouraged by debunking?
(CrashBur) When are the Zeta´s visiting us?
(LeftField) NancyL - Do the Z's say anything about an "energy wave" following PX w/alien ships in it?
(Masisoar) NANCY : Just curious, if you say there isn't anything to be noteworthy of Planet X till moments before the passage, then..the increase in earthquake activity and volcanic activity is.. not noteworthy?
(NancyL) Ops can un-+m me.
(Gza) NANCY and Zetas : are you still certain that May 15 through June 1 we will see something or know whats happening?
(DipSet) Nancy.. why is Sitchin saying Planet X will pass but NOT HARM PPL.. it only brought destruction the last time it passed 3600 yrs, why did u chose to Differ from SITCHIN?
(Shaman464) will ther be Chili in the future
(Longint) In the movie "Waterworld" behind the leader of the STS people there was a portré with the caption Capt. Joe Hazelwood under it. The STSes lived on a remnant of an oil carrier ship, produced fuel and used it for looting.
(Vandlou) Nancy- the "Global Consciousness Project" - a study out of Princeton Univ indicates group mind has a measureable quantity (and maybe effect?) Can we affect Px as a whole or affect some smaller occurences working in focused groups, pls?
(NebulouS) NancyL, would you consider yourself or the zetas responsible for major changes in peoples lives, i.e. dropping everything they got based on your testimony and the PX even does not come to pass?
(Spheres) Zetas, These telepathic abilities, will they become as a clear intuition?
(Fluffycat) Nancy on Lou Gentile Last Night, on a FAST connection:
(Emmanuel) NancyL: will the general public take note of PX when daytime visibility occurs a week prior to rotation stoppage?
(Steve12) Nancy,
(NancyL) gZa, yes, May 15 shortly thereafter should be rotation stoppage, not sure of just what date. It will happen BEFORE June 1, the shift, my understanding.
(MeGB) Q for Zetas:
(Ashraf) This is all a hoax
(LiteBeing) Q' for the Zeta's, how long will we live in 4th density?
(Ahem4985) Nancy, im still interested in the hallucinogenic thing...
(ZetaCurio) Emmanuel: good question
(Fleurke) Q: Do you know whether the Pyrenees mountains are considered a safe location or not?
(Shaman464) Nancy lets can you give us a one week peroid that the shift will happen?
(NancyL) Sirgrim, there are a lot of Star Kids here, and they have various tacks, yes.
(Ashraf) no Planet X will hit Earth
(Gza) ok cool
(MacroLucy) did u say it has to happen at least one week after May 15th? or could the pole shift be On the 15th?
(Shaman464) Nancy lets can you give us a one week peroid that the shift will happen?
(Matan) Nancy how come non of the astronomers is "able" to see it? and I know some...they do'nt see anthing
(Sefi) how visible in the daytime will px be a few days upon passage? will it disappear a few minutes after sunrise like the second sun or will it stay bright enough to be seen all day?
(Shaman464) Nancyl: can you give us a one week peroid that the shift will happen?
(MacroLucy) ok just read up
(MacroLucy) no need to answer thanks
(Sirgrim) so howcome you refered to everyone here as losers on Lou last night?
(Vandlou) shorter Q is: is red dust from PX being seen yet
(Steve12) Nancy, does the whitehouse believe PX not is comming?
(Masisoar) NANCY : Just curious, if you say there isn't anything to be noteworthy of Planet X till moments before the passage, then.. the increase in earthquake activity and volcanic activity is.. not noteworthy?
(GeminiV) followup question, Nancy, would it be wise to let, lets say a rapist, out of your community, only to know full, well that if he is to encounter a wandering group of woman that the likely result is rape, or do you take care of this person in a more permanent way lest he would be free to act again?
(NancyL) Matan, astronomers see it all the time, just don't go public as they 1 don't want to be killed, 2 don't want to be discredited or fired, etc.
(Ashraf) Planet X is silly science
(Shaman464) Nancyl: can you give us a one week peroid that the shift will happen?
(AGreenspn) What is the governing system of choice in the Hybrid/Human communities of the future? Thanks.
(TheDude) She didn't say losers
(Debe) Shaman464, how about May 24 plus or minus one week
(Eccles) How will STO humans attain telepathic abilities in the next few months?
(Sirgrim) losers that have nothing else to do, when it could be their soul mission?
(Tcards) Ashraf: why are you here then?
(CrashBur) When are the Zeta´s visiting us?
(NancyL) Mas, I did NOT say there would be nothing noteworthy until passage!
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the incoming meteor showers and their affect on satellites, and our if impact in ocean soon?
(CrashBur) When are the Zeta´s visiting us?
(Steve12) Nancy, does the whitehouse believe PX not is comming?
(Rtr) If astronomers see it now, what difference would it be to be discredited or fired? Why not come out NOW?
(NancyL) Dip, Sitchin does not want to think this will happen in his lifetime, and does not want to be a prophet, as he states.
(OverManz) Nancy, are travel restrictions going to be put in place as we get close to May 15?
(Soj) Nancy, last week you have said you will withhold one SIGN till today. Which one was that?
(MeGB) Do you expect any volcanic eruptions in the United States to occur BEFORE rotation stoppage?
(CrashBur) When are the Zeta´s visiting us?
(NancyL) Sok, all my held SIGNS were included. Mexico sink hole, I think.
(Mugada) when will west Australia start to sink
(Dim) Crash knock that off.
(NebulouS) NancyL, would you consider yourself or the zetas responsible for major changes in peoples lives, i.e. dropping everything they got based on your testimony and the PX even does not come to pass?
(TheDude) oops
(Stphrz) how convenient
(NancyL) Vand, PX passage will not be affected by "global consciousness", no.
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on contactees meeting Zetas before the pole shift occurs?
(DipSet) do ZETA believe in a GOD.. or sumthing like a RELIGION?
(Zumara) Nancy will you still continue these sessions to predict anything more when PX does NOT appear?
(Matan) NancyL, would you consider yourself or the zetas responsible for major changes in peoples lives, i.e. dropping everything they got based on your testimony and the PX even does not come to pass?
(Psy) Nancy: Sitchine have prephetised the PX passage before you no?
(Tcards) Crash: you obviously haven`t looked at
(Gyflex) was the Italian satellite that fell into the Pacific last week a result of PX getting colser or did the owners disable it as they claimed?
(NancyL) Nebulous, I think YOU should consider that we WILL have a passage.
(Sirgrim) brb smoke
(Farmy) that satellite had failed years ago
(GeminiV) i 'll join you Sirgrim
(NancyL) Lite, Z's have said 400 years life span in 4th Density as hybrids.
(Phoam) wow!
(Vandlou) how about global consciousness or smaller groups affecting other situations smaller scale is it fair (re rules) to let us know?
(Fluffycat) NancyL: When will the branded TT Inc. Visa credit cards be issued?
(CSmith) NancyL: So you have absolutely NO doubt that a pole shift will occur?
(Rtr) Again, I read where some of our other planets recently had pole shifts. Can you confirm?
(LiteBeing) 400 years cool!
(Tcards) Matan: they provide information as does the weatherman - as stated many times before
(NancyL) Steve12's Q on White House accepted as Q2m +m me please!
(Obany) could you people please ask serious questions ...
(NancyL) Q2 Nancy, does the whitehouse believe PX not is comming?
(JWilliam) Dipset: Zeta believe in god, smart enough not to discuss religion ;o) see
(NancyL) ZT: We have mentioned that the White House, out of contact with ourselves since they stole the election from the American People and MJ12 committed suicide to prevent itself from being misused, does NOT belive entirely that the passage will happen as we have stated in ZT.
(NancyL) ZT: They prefer to listen, as they did in the past, to those aliens in the STS, who contacted them FIRST prior to Roswell, and who spoke the language of those highly STS in the cIA and military ranks in those days.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they were led astray in great measure by being told they could go underground, and burrowed into Houston which will be flooded, and Mt Weather and other such locations.
(NancyL) ZT: which will become tombs in the main, for those who bought the message from these STS aliens.
(NancyL) ZT: Solutions such as going to Mars for a colony, or a colony on the Earth's dark twin, have falled to the side.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Bush Administration and the puppet masters behind the scenes are left with considering life on Earth, with the masses they chose to leave to their lot in the past.
(NancyL) ZT: However, in spite of setbacks on all these escape routes, leaving the planet or going underground, they STILL prefer to listen to the STS aliens speaking to them throuh contactees in their midst, than ourserlves.
(NancyL) ZT: The reason? They message delivered is in terms they understand!
(NancyL) ZT: We speak of the importance of informing the masses, so they can make their peace with death or save their young, going to safety and preparing for life afterwards.
(NancyL) ZT: They prefer to hear about how a small elite and dupe the masses, rip them off of their tax dollars, and emerge afterwards as kings to rule those who managed to survive!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they in effect TUNE US OUT, as our message is tiresome to those in the Bush Administration driving the bus.
(NancyL) ZT: The prefer to linger over the other message, which then is the only one heard.
(NancyL) ZT: So, does this OTHER message have a different time frame than ours? Absolutely!
(NancyL) ZT: They are being told a DATE OUT from ours, extended in time, more time for preparation for THEMSELVES.
(NancyL) ZT: This is to some extent why some false messengers, who tried and are still trying to steal the stage from ZetaTalk, are pointing to some months out!
(NancyL) ZT: They have no basis for this claim, but make it anyway.
(NancyL) ZT: Human astrophysics also asserts that a body CANNOT careen into the solar system from the distance Px moved in as short a time.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in NASA know it DID approach that rapidly, but they are reluctant to admit ourselves being right, and their other sources being wrong.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, one by one, their prized theories are discredited, but they reluctantly let go, and thus are slow to embrace the OBVIOOUS next stpe!
(NancyL) ZT: If it DID move into the solar system that rapidly, might we not be RIGHT? But no, they are still asserting that a later date is correct, clinging to the preferreed messengers, discarding our message.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Bush Administration is strutting about re Iraq, and planning their next moves, and even talking about the 2004 election season!
(NancyL) ZT: They look at the Earth changes, and see nothing that indicates an immediate pole shift!
(NancyL) ZT: The fact that history, and folk lore, speak to a SUDDEN shift, only a bad week with scarsely anything ahead of time in distinct or massive warning bells, is lost on them in their arrogance that THEY and THEIR sources must be correct.
(NancyL) ZT: In effect, this is perfect Karma, this crowd being caught unaware as they expect to put mankind in general in this position.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, looking for next Q.
(CrashBur) NancyL, When the Zeta´s will visit us?
(Corona) NancyL: with all the national h8, why do you still reside in the US?
(KarenSue) When the "breath is taken out of the body" will we hear about it on the news?
(Soj) Nancy, which other govs know about PX passage? Could WH not simply calculate date for itself when knowing about PX current position?
(USBrazil) If the government can confirm with Hubble or observatories the approach of PX now, wouldn't they be scrambling with alternate plans?
(Ekim) If Bush is going to be duped by his messengers, why does the Council sponsor sending him a "shullte disaster" like message?
(Amsure) Steal the stage?...isn't that an immature remark?...if the world is ending in a couple of weeks, isn't it time to make peace with the Republicans and everyone and not have hatred?
(CyberVViz) btw Nancy, The `Nemesis' theory, came up in 1984 from US scientist in the Univ of Chicago when they began speculating about a sinister space body, a brown dwarf, sister of our sun, with a same sharp loop as Your PX !
(Spheres) QUESTION: At what level has the civilisation on PX developed since last poleshift and are there ONLY so called STS's?
(DoloresE) Questionfor the zeta's .. As a adbuctee will I know what to do when the final days of the shift are here ? Will it be like a "switch" being turned on in my head ? Basicly I know there is something I was prepared for but no not what !!
(NonShlnt) Nancy, in the past you said Bush was receiving weekly updates on PX. From who? NASA? JPL? Are they lying to him?
(Eccles) Will major earthquakes, imploding cities, collapsing bridges, and the like occur during rotation stoppage or 4-8 hours before the Pole Shift?
(Redrick) what are THEIR sources?
(GeminiV) gee whiz, WhiteHouse belief in PX has been long addressed, what about pole shifts on other planets, that is a good question and one never touched upon, and one that will provide more proof for Planet X.
(CyberVViz) Q: Was the question responded for how long the rotation will stop, before PX pass by ?
(MarkHall) Have the Zeta's contacted the UK gov? As I have contacts who have access to Tony Blair and I have great Respect for the UK Prime Minister in that he thinks that what he does is right. (Honestly I do have access to Tony Blair) - My email is and I WAS involved with the Disclosure Project. Do a web search on Disclosure Project (UK)
(Gza) NANCY - SO if nothing happens by June 2nd are you gonna check urself into a Mental Institute?? just wondering, I beleive in u
(Phoam) jeez
(DipSet) NancyL...u claim u hav a DNA replaced by Zetas..since Zeta r so advance y didn't they print $$ for u pay u bills..and not work @ jobs
(CSmith) So NASA scientists are arrogant for ignoring folk lore?
(MacroLucy) Islamic Prophecy, promise of virgins in the "afterlife" for the Righteous
(Phoam) one at a time
(USBrazil) If one is STO and not in a safe loc, will the zetas help them survive?
(Hilarion) good Q gZa
(Matan) Nancy will you have any more media appearances ?
(Corona) NancyL: what about your false prediction that the Iraqi regime would not topple and the war would not end before PX. this prediction was given 2 weeks ago.
(Astorith) any coincedence that the Bilderberg meeting is on the 15th?
(NancyL) USBrazil, they KNOW it is in the solar system, and are making plans, they just think they have more time.
(Vandlou) Comment re the ability of humans to "manifest" their reality? New Age concept enforced by alternative physics. Are Zetas not allowed to discuss? Because if we're here, we are HERE because we've decided to be (however subconscious that decision may be)?
(JackC) will the red dust in the water be harmful to humans Nancy?
(MacroLucy) In each the fai, the beauteous ones: With large dark eyeballs, kept close in their pavilions: Whom man hath never touched nor any djinn:
(Redrick) Nancy what/who are THEIR sources?
(Gza) hmm why kick me ?
(NancyL) NonSh, Bush weekly updates are from whomever attends this chat, the assigned person.'
(Corona) NancyL: Why do you spend so much time expressing your hatred over the government and NASA when time could be better spent saving lives if you truely believed in PX.
(MonoUFO2) what did i miss
(Phoam) i would think the dust is radioactive
(Zumara) Nancy why is it I can see NOTHING and we are expected to believe that a massive Brown Dwarf is hurtling towards us in 2 weeks, and yet there are no obvious signs of this - just normal earthquakes we get anyway !
(MacroLucy) sorry
(Vandlou) good Q spheres
(MeGB) Do the Zetas expect any volcanic eruptions to occur in the U.S. BEFORE rotation stops?
(Stphrz) hm
(Hubblebub) Nancy, please tell us more about the future home of the undecided. The Waterworld. The zetas explained human-entities will be incarnated into water creatures. Would the zetas like to share more precise information about theese creatures and about this world that will be the new home of many humans soon. Daily life, life span, etc...
(TerryS) There are more governments across the world than just the US are they all decieved
(CoffeeU) a Q to the ZETAs : do you beleive in GOD ? or atleast have something like what we humans call religion?
(AaronR) what about ppl getting chipped and all that New World Order stuff?
(DogStar) On reflection with days left now. Do you think you could have done a better job qetting the message out within the media
(Earth420) Zumara, until you are in one of those earthquakes, huh?
(NancyL) Jack, Red Dust is bitter and does poison fish, per history and folk lore.
(Hillel) Monoufo2: nothing really, except some fun
(Pinger) Will the rotation stopage feel like a smooth, gentle hault, or more like a car crashing into a birck wall?
(Corona) NancyL: Why hold a full time job as stated last night on Lou Gentile when the world is going to end in 12 days. Bills don't need to be paid every month. And surely radio shows pay something
(Obany) CrashBur: check zetatalk it's adresses
(NebulouS) NancyL, according to placement charts, it would seem that the southern hemisphere has PX at 20-30 degrees in view at 8:00PM local Australian time. It should be visible right?
(Hamoorabi) Get real people!
(Dim) Matan knock it off!
(Emmanuel) Corona: the world isn't going to end
(Zumara) Earth420 that has nothing to do with my question
(NancyL) LeftField, NO energy field following PX, who made THIS up?
(IceyGone) Matrixx: good question
(Pumalilly) why didnt you go on Dr. Phil or Opera Nancey or even Montel would have had you im sure...did you try?
(MarkHall) Please see my previous question relating my links with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Disclosure Project.
(DipSet) NancyL...u claim u hav a DNA replaced by Zetas..since Zeta r so advance y didn't they print $$ for u pay u bills.. and not work @ jobs
(NancyL) MeGB Q re volcanic eruptions accepted as Q3.
(Earth420) You Zumara said regular earthquakes?
(Emmanuel) NancyL: could the zetas comment on whether or not daytime visibility of PX during the week prior to rotation stoppage will be strong or clear enough for the general public to take note and/or to receive media coverage
(Corona) Nancyl: Lou Gentile is stating that your schedule is booked up until May 16th. And you have scheduled a show at your soonest opening on May 16th with Lou Gentile. Why schedule this if we should all be in ditches and the worlds gonna stop rotation?
(IceyGone) NancyL: Can you answer Matrixx's question? he has a good one, thanks.
(GeminiV) Dipset, work is good for the soul
(DipSet) sorry
(DipSet) yes i bleive work is
(OverManz) Nancy, I saw three meteorites 3 nights in a row. Will the debris increase the next week or two?
(Obany) CrashBur: check ZT it's there
(JackC) yes Nancy im curious too will the return off PX also be the return of the Annunaki?
(Hillel) if any psychologists here - pls msg me!
(DrCadds) Nancy, If I am not in my safe place by rotation stoppage, will I still have time (3 days) to get there ?
(NancyL) Please +m me and I will address quakes and eruptions before rotation stoppage, or in that week.
(Obany) JackC: The Annunaki won't return
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that a quake will affect Southern Cal into the Sierras BEFORE the shift, and this has some wondering about the time frame.
(NancyL) ZT: Where as we have stated we are not allowed to predict, with speficificy, the location and timing of quakes, we can give some general guildelines.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that during the week of rotation stoppage the Earth moans, the core attempting to turn and the crust locked by the grip of the approaching Px from the south.
(NancyL) ZT: Do you not think this stress would have an effect on crust adjustments?
(NancyL) ZT: Today, less than a month from the shift, the increased quake frequency and strenght has reached the point of being noticeable to the general public.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet the crust turns with the core, which is only slowed by seconds per day in its rotation.
(NancyL) ZT: Immagine what a STOPPED rotation would do to stress in the crust.
(NancyL) ZT: Today, the stretch along the Atlantic has trains derailing and sinkholes appearing in the continents along the Atlantic Rift.
(NancyL) ZT: Today, the compression of the Pacific has MORE volcanoes active than in the memory of man, and slow and silent slippage of plates along the US West Coast not in the memory or man.
(NancyL) ZT: Global quakes are becoming so frequent as to become the norn, now, where only months ago this was not the case.
(NancyL) ZT: So what will happen when rotation stoppage occurs?
(NancyL) ZT: ALL these stress points will become greatly exacerbated.
(NancyL) ZT: The stretch will INCREASE so bridges will drop, one of their moorings losing.,
(NancyL) ZT: Crevaces will appear in roadways.
(NancyL) ZT: In the Pacific Rim, volcanoes that were only threatening will actively ooze, or blow.
(NancyL) ZT: Places where there are fault lines KNOWN to be somewhat active will become a nightmare for those living there, endlessly shaking and causing pets and domestic animals as well as wildlife to run frantic from the signals they get from the strained earth.
(NancyL) ZT: If the West Coast of North America is TODAY experiencing a slow and silent quake, this means that a progressive slippage is already occurring.
(NancyL) ZT: Place this into the context of an INCREASED slippage, where the northern portion of the North American continent MOVES to the north, while the southern portion is locked!
(NancyL) ZT: Do you think the Peninsula that is the Baja is positioned such by accident? This is a sign of a RIFT.
(NancyL) ZT: And a rift means plates locked on either side, unble to move as ONE.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, during the week of rotatation stoppage you will see many quakes, PRECEDING the quakes of the shift, with ripping of rifts and the consequent effects in land released from stress.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter and NOT looking for another Q, it is the hour!
(Phoam) alright
(Sefi) so we might as well be dead from the quakes of the week of rotation stoppage before the actual shift itself?
(MarkHall) It's ok I'll email you Nancy with my querstion. First time on the site and I can see you can't see the wood for the trees because of all the questions. Speak to you in email - Mark Hall (ex co-ordinator Disclosure Project (UK)) -
(Corona) Nancyl: Explain your philosophy of why amatuer astronomers would be afraid of being killed if they photographed PX and placed the pictures on the web. Not everyone who owns a telescope lives in the US or thinks their government would kill them.
(MeGB) Thank you!!!
(NancyL) I'm a walking zombie, always am after those gastly middle of the night radio shows.
(Helobian) Plates locked on either side has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, it is nothing new and Baja has been forming for just an long
(MacroLucy) thanks Nancy
(Gza) NANCY:. @ What can we do to be safe from this and survive then? And are you forming a Group to be with you safe or your on your own?
(JackC) Nancy, will children born in the aftertime exhibit any signs of genectic alteration?
(Valmont) Corona: good question
(NancyL) I'm one of those people who gets up and beds down with the chickens, so force myself with coffee for the middle of the night.
(NancyL) I still wake up at dawn!
(Observer) you people are pathetic. get an education and get a life...
(Valmont) who just got banned
(ZetaCurio) hey hey get some well deserved sleep!
(Phoam) some guy
(Valmont) #zetatalk2 if u r banned
(NancyL) I will delete all web site references that operate illegally, breaking the law or spreading virusese.
(MonoUFO2) NancyL, how does one know if he is a starchild?
(Edoeimai) Thank you Nancy...
(DipSet) Nancy..will 90% of population bie? within how many DAYS? aftr poleSHIFT?
(Phoam) ok
(Matrixx) Nancy Lieder What can you or the Zetas tell about "The giants that once walked the earth"?
(Phoam) later Nancy
(NancyL) I will also delete any redundant postings by scripts or persons operating as human scripts.
(MacroLucy) Nancy are u preparing for the shift?
(Corona) no offense, but your channeling today was just more doom and gloom. nothing good came of it other then scaring the masses, which is your intent
(MacroLucy) just curious
(NancyL) Will try to get the log up early tomorrow.
(Dim) Thanky you Nancy. To all the folk who are asking questions now. Most if not all of your questions are already answered in the zetatalk site. Read it.
(GeminiV) when will QueenVee be appointed ruler over us all?
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspring great ZT
(Zetapal) lol
(Masisoar) Later Nancy :o)
(MacroLucy) i mean do u plan to survive also
(Phoam) ok
(NancyL) Thanks as alwasy to the loyal cops who make this possible.
(CrashBur) NancyL what will happen to Iberic Peninsula?
(canBear) Tizza - the Australian Aborigines moving to the mountains since last Fall
(ChatTiado) deep question
(Gza) NANCY:. @ What can we do to be safe from this and survive then? And are you forming a Group to be with you safe or your on your own?
(GlpKidA) Nancy be caustios of claiming that I am a fraud. I am prepared to release some proof on Godlike...
(NancyL) Next week God willing (meaning the Internet will still function as it likely should) we will have this chat still.
(NancyL) Bye all!
Session Close: Sat May 03 18:02:12 2003