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Populace Reactions 

E1999:1999 Predictions4 years to go
F1999:Economic Collapse3.5 years to go
C1999:Social Disruption3.5 years to go
D1999:Likely Reality3.5 years to go
L1999: Next 3.5 Years3.5 years to go
E2000: During 20003 years to go
E2001: During 20012 years to go
E2002: During 20021 year to go
S2002:2002 Trends1 year to go
M2002:2002 Quickening9 months to go


In addition we predicted that livestock and fish harvests would suffer, because they are going to be affected by a tendency to have increased diseases, fungal infections and the like that can run rampant through commercial operations. Private family homes, small operations, are more protected from that, as they break the illness cycle. But, for instance, a warehouse of chickens can be wiped out in a wink because of their closeness.
Sickness will slightly increase from where it is today. There is a lot of illness now because people who are already unstable are unable to take the turmoil caused by the increased emanations from the Earth. Some of them have simply sensed what is coming and have decided to die. This is true of animals as well as humans. Sickness will increase, but not to the point where it is going to get exponentially worse.
this is taking mankind by shock when it does occur. Now that new illnesses, or familiar illnesses in strange places, are occurring, the public is aghast. During the year prior to the shift, this will be in the news increasingly, an up tick from the present situation.


Likewise, you will find human populations beginning to migrate. These migration not only happens in cases of severe starvation, such as in northern Africa south of the Sudan, where people just stumble like sticks in any direction, looking for food, but also occurs when things get bad enough, when crop shortages are bad, and people begin to wander. They're looking for something better. So you will have migrations and you will have guards against migrations. Rifles at the border, pointed and saying don't come a step further and shooting people for little reason. This is already starting to raise its head in the anxiety that the United States expresses about the people south of their borders.
We have predicted that people will begin to migrate. If things are untenable where they are, they will roam, or try to, and there will be increased blocking at the borders.


there is unlikely to be violent, rapid changes until it is close to the time when it will be quite clear to all of mankind that their world, as they know it, is not going to continue beyond the next few weeks or months. Humankind, wishes to believe that the future will be as the past has been - predictable ... Until it is absolutely clear that this will not continue, human society will not collapse.
Governments, barely able to address the needs of their populace today, will become increasingly irrelevant. ... As government workers become disillusioned, the quality of their service will drop
When the response of a given government is less than what the populace has come to expect, there will be protests or riots, depending upon the culture.
Strong arm tactics will increase, jailing the protesters and creating curfews or travel restrictions.


Cults will form, enclaves of people clinging to whomever or whatever promises safety. Don't buy into that, as no one can give you safety. You have to look to yourself and be realistic. If it’s anything but relying on yourself, you're being conned. But this type of grouping will occur.
families will increasingly be forced to rely upon themselves and the community they live in.
the most noticeable effect to mankind will be the sociological changes, during 2002. The establishment will become guarded, start to falter in their explanation for the changes, and start to enclose themselves into enclaves safe from the populace. New leadership, from the masses so to speak, will arise, filling the void. These will be noticed, and much the talk, while the weird weather and increasing quakes will be scarcely noticed. So these trends are what will be new, in 2002, as a trend leading into the pole shift.
increasing polarization by orientation into either Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self groups, to the point of being distinct and noticeable.
safe haven offerings by Service-to-Self groups intent on garnering slaves and expertise from those desperate from recent disasters or unemployment.
steps to actually prepare for the coming troubled times by individuals who have formerly only mulled over the earth changes and government responses.
For those fearing the awakening of the populace, this will be a clue to retreat to their enclaves, soon to be protected by the military in the US, and elsewhere, unknown to the public or already protected by the military of the country.