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Earth Wobble
on July 15

In Ontario, on July 15, continuing NORTH after the Solstice, as well as for other reporters.

The sun from where I am located at in Chatham, Ont. is moving Northward compared to last week and the week before. As I look at the horizon the sun is moving more to the left. It should be moving to the right a little bit more every day. What is pulling on the Earth to do this? Go outside at sunrise and pick a marker somewhere very close and if possible touching the sun on the horizon. Stand in the same place every day and keep a measurement and write it down how far into the Sun the marker has gone or what side of the Sun the marker is at and by how much it has moved. Use the diameter of the Sun as your unit of measurement. Every clear day set your alarm and make this measurement when the Sun comes up at the half way point. Keep a diary of this as I have and you will see the measured distance.

And the sun moved more Northward along the horizon again today here as well. This has got me really worried now.

After the Solstice, on July 13, the days should become shorter.

In my part of the world (California) the Sun is rising farther South, and later (13 minutes) than at the Solstice.

El Paso was formerly reporting a sunrise at Azi 45°, so a dramatic change, suddenly, on July 13, unless in error, but the Sun arc still HIGH.

On Tuesday, July 13, the Sun rose at 06:12 hrs in El Paso at approx Azi 60°. At 13:00 sun cast a N/S shadow. Still high, 80/85°. On Wednesday, July 14, in El Paso at approx 06: 14 hrs at Azi 60° (same as yesterday).
El Paso TX

Wisconsin also found the HIGH arc and tilt NORTH on July 16, from less than earlier reports.

On the morning of July 16, the Sun was visible above the hills blocking the view by a couple hundred feet at 6:12 AM at Azi 63° and Alt 15°. Skymap expects Azi 65° and Alt 4°. So the Sun arc is HIGH and sunrise EARLY. For an Alt 15° the Azi should be 74°, difference of 11° NORTH for the Ecliptic.

These conflicting reports could point to an Earth wobble, a twirling wobble.