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November Tip

Note the cold spots are not along the geographic line to the N. Pole but where the globe, tilted and tipped, is getting the least amount of sunshine!

Hungary Nov 14: This day, the sun went down N-NW! Is it possible, that the dance of the Earth has begun? [Compass reading, subtract 30° for deviation.]

Italy Nov 16: At 13 :18 o’clock I noted a stronger deviation to West of the Sun, then I checked with digital compass and was surprised : azimuth was 210°, too much for the natural 197° in that hour. 13° NORTH

Hungary Nov 19: Today the sun went down N-W! Yesterday it went down SW.

Italy Nov 20: I noted today when Sun transited Meridian it wasn’t at 180+ -, but 196°. 16° lurch to the NORTH.

Hungary Nov 20: The sun was down yesterday again in the NW at 315°. [Compass reading, subtract 30° for deviation.]

Maryland Nov 13: I don’t remember ever seeing the sun setting in the SW. Seems like just the other day, it was back around slightly North of due West.
Seattle Nov 17: The sun is already farther south now than it should be 5 weeks from now. The ongoing Sunrise is within the parameter of where it is supposed to be.
Ontario Nov 22: I´m measuring the Sun rising and setting too far south for this time of year. I live in Canada, (Ontario).

Brazil Nov 23: The sun is rising from SE and setting towards SW. The days are already becoming so long (nearly 15 hs of daylight already) as if it were summer already.

Wisconsin Nov 23: I find the Sunrise where it should be, but by late afternoon, it should have been directly SW at 3:00 PM but was SSW.

California Nov 26: The sun rose waaaayyy too far SE this morning. I’m in N. Calif.

Wisconsin Nov 28: sunrise has moved from being spot on to being North by 9°, the sunset being 16° too far South.

Michigan Nov 29: I viewed the Sun rise 20 degrees more South than I have ever seen it rise. I am a retired Meteorologist and I know the relative positions of the Sun.

Australia Nov 13: The Sun appeared to set 5° farther south yesterday in the southern hemisphere. Often this can be confirmed by a later observation of the position of the South Celestial Pole(SCP). A 9:00 PM observation in the evening skies placed the SCP about 7° further left of a terrestrial target and 5° lower to the horizon according to my reckoning. [Sunset 5° SOUTH.]

Australia Nov 20: Sun looked too far South, guessing I would say at approx 5:45 AM say 5-10° to far to the South. Sunset the Suns Azi at 8:00 PM was 230° S/W with an Alt approx 5-7°. [Sunset 16° too far SOUTH.]

Japan Nov 21: Sunset position is going to far SOUTH.

Australia Nov 24: 10:00 AM Azi 65° N/E Alt 60-65°. [Skymap expects Azi 81°, Alt 47° Sunrise NORTH by 16°] 3:40 PM Azi 285° N/W Alt 65-70°. [Skymap expects Azi 286° Alt 53°, Sun LOW by 12°] 7:50 PM Azi 238° S/W Alt 15°. [Skymap expects Azi 247° Alt 5° Sunset SOUTH by 9° LOW by 10°]

Australia Nov 28: 7:00 AM Azi 105° S/E Alt 22°. [Skymap expects Azi 100 Alt 23 Sunrise SOUTH by 5°.]