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Japan South

Japan has provided documentation that show the day growing shorter faster than expected, proof of the lurching wobble on the increase. The measure for Osaka, Japan shows a day too short, late sunrise and early sunsets, already in November, but this trend increases going into December. Sunrise went from being 23 to 47 minutes late during Nov 8 to Dec 7. Sunset went from being 9 to 28 minutes early during Nov 6 to Dec 6. The lurch putting the Sun SOUTH has increased.


8 Nov 6:48 [Skymap expects 6:25, is LATE, Sun SOUTH, by 23 minutes.]
7 Dec 7:37 [Skymap expects 6:50, is LATE, Sun SOUTH, by 47 minutes.]


6 Nov 16:51 [Skymap expects 17:00 is EARLY, Sun SOUTH, by 9 minutes.]
23 Nov 16:34 [Skymap expects 16:50, is EARLY, Sun SOUTH, by 16 minutes.]
6 Dec 16:17 [Skymap expects 16:45, is EARLY, Sun SOUTH, by 28 minutes.]

Per Skymap, Sunset on Nov 23 from Osaka should have been Azi 243° and on Dec 6 Azi 245°, a difference of only 2°. The photo shows a more dramatic movement SOUTH.

Sunset went from Mountain’s right to Mountain’s top.