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Jupiter Tilted
Mar 22, 2003
Surfing the Apocalypse message board

Take a look at the four visible moons circling Jupiter [Mar 22]. Over the last few years I have seen Jupiter and it's four visible moons many times here in Washington State. But I cannot recall ever seeing them like they were tonight. Normally they are lined up in a row and in line with the bands that circle the planet. Usually, there is one moon on one side and three on the other. From earth they look as if they are positioned at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock respectively. The entire nine yards, including Jupiter itself, was tilted at an incredible angle! The moons were lined up from the 7 o'clock position on one side of Jupiter to the 1 o'clock position on the other side of the planet. Now, I am here to say that I have never seen that before. Just last week I took a look at Jupiter and it's moons and they were in the usual horizontal position that I have always seen them in.

This pic (at right) was taken approximately 22h10 GMT+1, 23.3.05, from southern France.

I don't ever recall seeing the moons at such positions away from the equator regions of Jupiter [Mar 23]. But if you look even closer the stripes on Jupiter are skewed also. Why are we seeing Jupiter at such highly tilted angles? Similar to how Saturn and its rings being so visible now.

I look at Jupiter quite often and the moons are always in a straight line. That is when there are clear skies over Kentucky.