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Total Eclipse
Oct 27, 2004

From RumorMill Message Board

On my real moon, the top sliver is still lit, not dark like the rest. I don't know if this is normal or not. It is now 8:00, I am supposed to be in full eclipse at 7:23.

I am currently looking at the eclipse. It is slightly cloudy here in Arica, Chile, but I have been able to see the show from the beginning. I saw the eclipse begin earlier than predicted (about 9:30 Chilean time, is GMT -4).

From Washington State: 1. The eclipse beginning at the 7 o'clock position but instead of an exit at 2, the exit is at the 10 o’clock position! 2. The eclipse as seen from Washington state never completed which is to say it never got completely dark. 3. The entire event began about an hour early. 4. There seems to be some indication of a second source of light.

From GodlikeProduction Message Board

Eclipse was not 100% The lower left of the moon was completely blacked out but as you looked more to the upper right it was red and the top right portion seemed to be fairly bright.

The moon never stopped producing light. Part of it went out but part of it continued to produce light. Something is totally wrong because how can only part of the moon go out?!

I have seen many lunar eclipse before and this one was different. It was not a complete eclipse.

Via Email to Nancy

29 years ago as I watched a total lunar eclipes there was no half lit moon as there was this time from Washington State. I remember watching the moon disappear totally.

At 21:30, Wednesday, October 27, 2004, in El Paso, the Moon is Azi 98, Alt 60 and fully visible although not sunlit. Just an orange circle of light in the Eastern night sky. And at 20:10 there was a sliver of sunlight on top of the Moon. I was not able to watch during this entire period, but I think this has been another unusual Lunar Eclipse. [Note: For 21:30, Moon should have been at Azi 92, Alt 28! Way HIGH in the dome!]