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Lou Gentile Show

Written during Oct 14, 2003 show.
This transcription does not include the Interviewer's questions.

ZetaTalk: Dr. Dan Burisch

Dr. Burisch was a microbiologist from S4. He was working with the Zetas. The US Government know it as the J-Rod. This J-Rod had neurological damage to his system and the cells had been studied by Dr Burisch to develop some type of a cure for this disease that we were expected to undergo ourselves. And the reason that J-Rod was a guest of our government at S4 is that allegedly had come back in time to warn us that these cataclysms, these catastrophes. This is confirmation to me that what [ZetaTalk] had been saying was true. And that by warning us, they were hopefully going to receive our help in preparing us, genetically for the period of time after the cataclysms.

This is a partial truth. What has been relayed to you, what you have relayed to the audience on the radio here, is factual. There was such a visitor, there was such information relayed, there was such genetic research done, but this was not ourselves or our brethren in Service-to-Others. As we have relayed extensively in ZetaTalk, the original contact prior to Roswell was not by Service-to-Others aliens but by Service-to-Self, the Omnipotent Krill and the like. These aliens were the ones below ground in the Southwest where the public is restricted, who did provide space ships and allow the US Military to attempt to fly them, to attempt to reverse engineer but they never succeeded.

This business about a particular illness that will be prevalent after the cataclysm and a certain people who will be inoculated that will survive smacks of elitism, does it not? This is not true. Illness is more prevalent, increasing illness was one of the predictions that we made well prior to the year 2000 and has been much on the increase. Common germs, or opportunistic germs outside of their normal environment. Because of the stress and strain of the core swirling, the erratic weather and the double suns in the sky. After the cataclysms things get even worse. Thereís dirty water, a lack of proper food, a lack of proper hygiene, depression, and most of the die-off that we have predicted comes not from injury or drowning experienced during the pole shift itself, but afterwards, due to depression, malnutrition, and just a willingness to let yourself go rather than subsist in the manner that life is presenting to you.

This is a true story, but it is a false story as told by this alien. Another clue that this is a Service-to-Self alien is the fact that it has a name. We do not assign names to ourselves. We donít need them. We work telepathically.

ZetaTalk: Density Shift
As we have described on the website in the Density section, this is a matter of increasing a vibrational level. In order to shift to 4th Density, all atomic particles must be moving at a faster rate simultaneously. This on occasion happens naturally, for instance in your Bermuda Triangle, under the stress of compression of particles that are base particles. You are not even aware of what these base particles are. We have referred to them as tiny matter in the Dark Matter discussion in the Science section of ZetaTalk, but there are filler particles that surround all other particles, and this we get going under pressure which causes all other higher or more dense, larger particles to begin vibrating faster due to the pressure, and it stays that way. Thereís a different strata thatís achieved, and likewise, the pressure is relieved, artificially relieved, a type of vacuum created, in order to move back. This is a natural phenomenon, that creatures of higher intelligence such as ourselves, evolved spirits, have learned to manipulate, because higher densities allow the physical to be less heavy, less difficult to work with, and the spiritual to have more sway with the body, as we have described in ZetaTalk.
ZetaTalk: Soulless Ones
This is perhaps a way of describing Service-to-Self entities. They strive not to be empathetic. This is not that they lack a soul, they have a soul that has not matured past the infantile stage as far as the ability to share with others. Intellectually they have grown, but emotionally they are not reaching out to others and including others in the same importance of themselves. An infant thinks only of himself. Squalls when he is hungry, is angry when he canít have his way, and as he grows, learns to care about others. Service-to-Self, no matter how intelligent, have not allowed that portion of themselves to develop. They reach a point where they are stalemated unless they begin to pull themselves whole and reach back and make up for this lack of development. A soulless one, as described in this book, is one who does not interact and does not chose to. This is a description by somebody who has met these visitors, given the Call to them, and found them to be of this ilk.
ZetaTalk: Alien Threat
The worst threat is buried within you. We are speaking here of mankind in general. Aliens cannot come down upon you unless you wish it, so the worst would be somebody who is giving the Service-to-Self call, and by doing so in interacting with Service-to-Self aliens, visitors, who are allowed to toy with this person who has given this request for such counsel in many cruel ways. In the Service-to-Self social structure, there is no limit to what one entity can do to another, for amusement, for retaliation. Sadistic, cruel treatment of one human being to another would give you some idea of whatís allowed. They donít have rules except that the most powerful rules and wins, the rule of the strong. They have leveling wars where this is established. Humans who give the Call to the Service-to-Self have put themselves in a situation where they are psychologically discussing matters, but should they give in to the dominance that is present, and submit, basically, to the Service-to-Self aliens, other steps can be taken. It can amount to physical abuse, but this is with the acquiescent or agreement of the human who has given the Call. Therefore, the danger lies within YOU, and the limits to this are that if the person requests it, and wants it, the visitor is allowed to deliver it. Thus, whether that be illness, physical disability, or distress in their possessions and the way their life is progressing. So we would tell people to look to themselves, and consider that the Service-to-Self orientation is immature, self limiting, and not the way to go at all. Begin to care for others, and look around you as to how you might do this, and you will not meet with such situations.
ZetaTalk: Universe Administration
There is an administrative force in the Universe, in our portion of the Universe, and it is the one we are aware of because as far as we have ranged we have not escaped or crossed over the line to where we are under a different administration. These are wise and massive souls who are elected by a true electoral vote of all that they administer and separate those in Service-to-Self from the Service-to-Others. Service-to-Others entities may at times argue with each other, but this is benign argument as all have the common good in mind, and these issues are brought to the Council of Worlds, to these wise and massive entities for discussion and resolution. Service-to-Self, of course, savage each other brutally and are allowed to do so in leveling wars, but since we are Service-to-Others, we have no personal experience with this and are unable to relay to you, but it is akin to a prison colony atmosphere and you have to be hardened Service-to-Self to go there. Very, very few do. You have to think of yourself 95% of the time, which is a criteria that very few entities achieve. So not having experienced that, we cannot relate.
ZetaTalk: Group Names
There are so many worlds that evolve life, each with a different life form or a variation on a life form. As we have said in the Density section of ZetaTalk, most are water planets or water creatures, next are reptilian, bird forms, very few hominoid, some even insect forms, depending upon what the world can sustain. If we were to put zeros on it, we would not even be able to run the numbers from you around the Sun and back, there are so many worlds that evolve life. Therefore, it is not a single group, or the name that someone might assign to them. Names that you have been told by contactees, or by people claiming to be contactees, of this or that group and what they are like, are often totally fictional or donít relate in reality to whatís really there. So it would be pointless for us to try to sort out what name someone might be thinking relates to that entity. There is so much disinformation out there as to what aliens are or how they operate.
ZetaTalk: Proof of Zetas
Nancy has presented a case for ZetaTalk that is immensely popular around the world, famous around the world, in all countries, and has done so without any finances or promotional force behind her. The reason for this is the nature of ZetaTalk, which is compelling and people find has the ring of truth. It pulls together explanation for many phenomena and issues that they have wondered about, found to be discordant, contradictory explanations given in human society. ZetaTalk pulls it together. Therefore, these are aspects that are not being considered by those who state that Nancy has not been given any proof that the Zetas are real. This is evidence that this is not Nancy. Earlier in ZetaTalk, this is the statement most often given, she has to be a team of people, experts in the various sciences to come up with these explanations, they pull together, there is a cohesiveness, and a single human could not do this. They found this to be proof that it was not Nancy but ourselves giving this information. These days, she is under such attack, or people are so distressed at the message that they go into screaming denial, that this is not much discussed. But if you will consider our words, you will find that we have given her evidence of our existence, and she has relayed this to people.
ZetaTalk: Spiritual Evolution
Even in planets that have life forms such as a fish or jelly fish or octopus, have similar spiritual situations, dominance by those that are immature and thinking of themselves and want control over their environment at all costs, dominance, grabbing the goods, pushing others away. Therefore, even fish cultures evolve with rules and struggles whether to share or not. We, the Zetas, indeed experienced this, many were war like and had those who were Mother Theresa, caring for the least of us, fear overcoming during our Awakening process where we actually murdered those who encountered visitors from other worlds out of fear. This is something that your society is prone to do also, which is one reason that contactees record their visits only in their subconscious at this time, to save them from this kind of abuse in their excitement over having had contact. So it is a phenomenon that is a similar theme, to all life forms and all evolving worlds. This is why you can have Star Children, souls come from elsewhere in the Universe and incarnating into human bodies and feel comfortable and at home and have a footing. There is of course some adjustment but there is so much commonality that they can function.
ZetaTalk: Zeta Disclosure Project
We didnít call it by that name but there was suppression of awareness of the visitors that were coming. But not having a subconscious and a conscious, we were not able to force contact to be only in the subconscious. Therefore, those who went forward came back talking excitedly about their visits and were murdered. It was less possible to have a cover-up with a Disclosure Project, more along the lines of punishment if you willingly went forward for contact.