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Quake Cover-up
June 8, 2004

6.6 South Pacific, 6.5 Gilbert Islands, 6.0 Vanuatu Islands, 5.5 Caribbean Sea, 5.0 Santa Cruz Islands, Sicily Italy. These all showing up today, June 8, on the European site, and we are not even half through the day yet.
6.6 South Pacific Ocean
6.5 Gilbert Islands
6.0 Vanuatu Islands
5.0 Santa Cruz Islands
5.5 Caribbean Sea
4.4 Banda Sea
3.5 Sicily Italy
Red Puma also showing these earthquakes, where the hell is USGS and Iris Seismic, which show nothing. 4.2 Turkey today, 5.2 Japan today, 5.6 North Pacific Ocean today, but again, nothing updated and showing on USGS or Iris. They are obviously not reporting for a reason. Mediterranean and Red Puma show these quakes.

A trend noted by many recently is for the USGS not to report any quakes that occur over a weekend and long delays in any case, until the quake doctors have a chance to decide what they can dumb down or drop. If a quake has not been reported in the media, did not affect a population center, then it is dropped entirely, and all others dumbed down as far as possible. Doctoring,caught in the act.