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Lou Gentile Show (Part 3)
January 28, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [I think people are afraid to talk to you.]

NANCY: Is that true?

LOU: [What’s 2 times 2?]

NANCY: It’s 4. That’s NancyTalk and not ZetaTalk you know, we have to have an Element of Doubt!

LOU: [What's 94 plus 4? The Zetas are there, right?]

NANCY: All righty, here we are. They’re ready.

‘We can’t compute this. The reason is, if we were accurate, you would speed up and have more and more complexity, and people would say ‘(gasp) they’re real!’, and we are required to maintain an Element of Doubt as we have explained since day one in ZetaTalk in the Awakening section. And if we were accurate, we would be breaking that rule, so therefore we would have to stumble and give you a wrong answer, and then it’s ‘ah well, haha, they’re not real’. We are telling you, we will not give you a math answer. We will not give you anything that will either prove or disprove our existence. So anticipate a silly answer.’

LOU: [They can talk to anybody around the globe in any language, but they can’t do this math?]

NANCY: And this is ZetaTalk:

‘Well of course we can compute your math or speak telepathically to all different language, people of all different languages around the world, and they would say ‘this concept pops into my head’ and put it into Greek or Japanese or whatever. It is not our language, it is theirs, and we are relaying the concept. Of course we have this ability, but you will find, if you talk to people about the Earth changes and the alien presence, those people who have become comfortable with the concept and are beginning to reach out and actually request a visitation and are receiving visitations and are becoming comfortable with the thought of different life forms which are often quite bizarre, not at all hominoid or human looking, in the main, and the radical Earth changes, ‘what does this mean, why is the Moon way too far North and then way too South during the month on a regular basis, Sun too far North on rising, too far South on setting. I see this, my farmer friends talk about it, but we can’t get anyone to take this seriously, what’s going on, I’m getting worried’. We talk to them, and they read ZetaTalk. If they are comfortable with this and are formulating a survival plan for this, then they real ZetaTalk and find remarkable consistencies and accuracy and become a fan.

If they are frightened by this concept, they can easily discount Nancy and discount ZetaTalk. They don’t read it. They don’t comprehend it if they do read it. And they only grasp at something they think is an error, a wrong statement. An example being that everything that was described for that hour of the pole shift didn’t happen in 2003, and therefore this is an inaccuracy in ZetaTalk. Well, we haven’t had the pole shift yet, and it’s still in front of us, but they cling to this and put their fingers in their ears and say ‘lalalalal’ and don’t want to hear it because they’re scared to death, as we have explained.’

LOU: [How do the Zetas take care of themselves on their home planet?]


‘Our planet was a dim Sun planet. We actually evolved and genetically engineered ourselves to be able to produce our own food in the lab, and rather than eat, which was a messy business as anyone who has to rush to the bathroom in the morning and flush the toilet know, taking a dump. We don’t take dumps, nor do we urinate, we don’t have those urgencies. We actually lay in like a spa, clear fluid that is highly nutrient rich for our bodies. We breathe this into our lungs and listen to music during this time. It’s a spa, warm water, and we refresh ourselves in this way. So therefore, we have no waste, we have just garnered the nutrients into what you might call our liver. Our bodies are very similar to yours with some notable exceptions. We have a bellows lungs. One reason that we are so long and thin, and we don’t seem to have breathing in and out with our ribs, is that one lung expands while the other compresses. Other than that, we have an iron based blood system, which is one reason we were chosen to make man’s next leap forward with humans. We are genetically and DNA compatible with humans. We trust this answers your question.’

LOU [Have you ever messed with human DNA?;]

NANCY: This is ZetaTalk:

‘Absolutely. The hybrid program, which has been going full bore for the last 50 years, which Nancy is a part of, and if you’ll read the Hybrid section of ZetaTalk, she describes having met one of her hybrid children. In her early teens, certainly not into her 20’s, she contributed a great number of ova and has met one of her son’s who was introduced when she was 19, and in adult life they have had quite a relationship. He has hundreds of offspring. This is hairless, big eyes, similar to ours except they look more like human eyes with color and pupil. Genitalia, a little more human than Zetan which is clean and well tucked as Nancy has described on one of your shows, so that our hybrids chose to wear clothes out of modesty as humans do. And small breasts. They reproduce similar to ourselves where we generally start the pregnancy in the mother and then move it into a tube environment where the child can see and communicate to its parents or caretakers and the mother is not distressed by an infant who has such a large head. So this is what we have done with human DNA. It’s a well know program, many contactees have described over the years having a recall of a baby having been put into their arms and knowing that it was theirs and a very emotional period. This is not something where the child is being torn from the mother, the mother volunteered for this program. All contactees are volunteers. And naturally they have mixed emotions about this, but they understand the necessity, they understood up front about it.’

CALLER: [When will the alternate or zero point energy make its way to Earth?]

NANCY: Can you bring me onto the same page, cause I don’t know what you mean by that, and I can relay what the Zetas are saying best if I understand you’re talking about, zero point energy.

CALLER: [Describes something like free energy available in the cosmos, known as over unity, or cosmic energy, which many people feel they have identified and harnessed.]

NANCY: Yes, and here’s ZetaTalk on that:

‘We have described that as a perpetual battery, and you can read about this on the ZetaTalk site, where humans cannot open the battery to find out how it works. If they managed to open it, the mechanism would be destroyed, it would dissipate, and they would not be able to figure it out any more than humans have been able to figure out how to operate space ships that have been left in their hands at Area 51 and the like. It is something that has been manufactured on Earth and taken off Earth in great numbers and will be delivered to those survival sites that are good hearted, in other words, Service-to-Other. As long as our battery is not going to be misused, to intimidate or enslave people, this will be our gift to them. As a matter of fact, someone like Nancy, whose voice and appearance are familiar, she may be the person walking up to these survival communities with a cane, saying ‘let me introduce some of my friends who are bringing gifts’. The mechanism it works on Nancy is somewhat familiar with, because in fact she knew one of the people who qualified for the technological Call and had been given that information and experimented with it and found that more energy was produced than was required to run the machine. So it’s not surprising that a number of people feel that they have this. They have their finger on it. Although, if they are very vocal, chances are they are somebody that was not given the correct information, or it stopped short, because we do not want the wrong hands to get this information. Therefore, they would be confused about what it was that they had learned. They know it’s there. They feel it’s right around the corner, they feel they’ve got their hands around it, but it’s just not quite working to the extent that industry is convinced, and this is on purpose.’

LOU: [Any last words you’d like to say?]

NANCY: I would just like to reiterate, folks, go into the Pole Shift section of ZetaTalk, on melting ice caps and what’s going to happen with water, water movement, and this is very well detailed. And the Safe Locations document, it describes what kind of water movement of all the countries or places around the world can expect. The tsunami is a heads up to you folks, and get familiar with this. And don’t forge, $4.10 CD, twinset CD and that includes postage for $4.10. A nonprofit put this together, it’s the entire Troubled Times wet site, it also includes ZetaTalk as of last Summer, and all this for less than cost. Get it because the Internet is already faltering, we’re going to be on short wave in the future, radio will falter also, and while you still have electricity you can do your last minutes research. And those are my final words.

LOU: [Thanks Nancy, always a pleasure.]

NANCY: Same here, Mr. Lou Gentile [pronounced with the word ‘till’ in the name, rather than sounding like ‘genteel’, a pronunciation Lou objects to] , I got it, I keep thinking of you plowing the field with the Amish. You know, you may very well be, in the Aftertime, and that sticks.