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July 25 SunRISE in Ontario : 19 minutes EARLY
Toronto Ontario Canada,7/25/03 9 a.m = 19 min early. At 9:07 AM a shadow appeared on the 9:25AM marker and it stayed for 35 sec. then vanished. Then at 9:25AM a permanent shadow appeared on the 9:44 AM marker. I think am getting a double sun.
July 25 SunRISE in Oklahoma : ? minutes LATE
Sunrise stated by NASA @ 6:25AM, Sunrise stated by WeatherBug @ 6:19AM, Sunrise stated by Channel 9 (local) @ 6:20AM, Sunrise actual - too difficult to see sunrise as too many pink clouds
July 25 NOON in Ontario : 2 minutes LATE
Toronto Ontario Canada,7/25/03 Noon = 2 min late
July 25 NOON in Oklahoma : 7 minutes LATE
Sun transit stated by NASA @ 1:30PM Sun transit actual by sundial @ 1:37PM
Jul 25 NOON in Seattle : 11 minutes LATE
7/25 my recording 1:26 chart 1:15
July 25 NOON in Ohio : 14 minutes LATE
The noon sun from Ohio occurred at 1:44PM EDT which is 14 minutes past the 1:30PM EDT average sun transit time for my Longitude. The U.S. Naval Observatory site says the sun transit time for where I live is 1:37PM EDT, so you could still say that it is 7 minutes off from what they say it should be for this time of year, if you look at it that way. Here is a site that explains some of differences in the sun transit times throughout the year. It was a link off of the U.S. Naval Observatory site. Even with what is explained there the most the noon transit should be off in the year is 8 minutes and since July 2nd it should be heading closer to the average sun transit time for my Longitude which is 1:30PM EDT, not farther from it. Here is the site:
July 25 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 12 minutes LATE
July 25 the sunset 9 minutes late according to the local time and 12 minutes late according to the CS&M site' sunset time. Pink showed up only at sunset. The sun was again large and very bright.
July 25 SunSET in Ontario : 24 minutes LATE
Toronto Ontario Canada, 7/25/03 6 pm = 24 min late, Sun further south, getting long shadows.