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July 26 NOON in Virginia : 12 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my Noon baseline 12 minutes LATE on 7/26 in VA.
July 26 NOON in Texas : 14 minutes LATE
The High Noon mark in Houston, TX today was 14 minutes late! Even taking into effect the analemma effect this is still approx. 10 minutes late.
July 26 NOON in Missouri#2 : 21 minutes LATE
July 26 Noon in Missouri. Sun was 21 minutes LATE.
July 26 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 9 minutes LATE
July 26 the sunset was 9 minutes late today, according to the CS&M site. This is approximate because of low clouds on the horizon. Again pink arrived with the sunset. The sun has remained large and brilliant at sunset.