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Sorcha Faal

Posturing as a scientists associated with the Russian Academy of Science, this newcomer raised many eyebrows:

Who is Sorcha Faal? It seems this person has appeared out of nowhere and is now issuing all of this information forth from David Booth's web site. ( Who is he/she? Has he/she been around for a while and I just missed it? Is he/she connected with

And from another:

A search of the Russian Academy of Sciences website for Sorcha Faal brings up "not found".

And from another:

This quote below is from the WhatDoesItMean web site. I e-mailed her a couple of weeks ago for her credentials and requested links to previous articles that she supposedly wrote ... never heard back. I have searched high and low on the web for over two weeks and can't find anything about her...

Sorcha Faal is an International Researcher and Author who goes beyond the simple explanations used to explain today’s issues. “Life is meant to be more than accepting our world as separate pieces; everyone must see the interconnectedness of everything.” She is fond of saying. As a child growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sorcha’s life mirrored others of her generation in experiencing in education and life an experience of freedom, thought and religion not known to her parents or grandparents. Seeing that many prominent, and esteemed, Russian researchers, and their works, are not only undervalued in Western countries but also practically unknown, Sorcha has devoted herself to providing a bridge to the world for those ideas and thoughts previously unknown. Utilizing her skills in engineering and intelligence analysis she provides to the reader a unique approach to understanding this world of ours in the areas of current political, astronomical, earth sciences and medical events. To enable this effort of education leading to greater understanding between all the peoples of the world she has acquired the management position of the American, Canadian and British website, WhatDoesItMean.Com. As the head editor Sorcha will continue to bring forward the news of the day in a context that shows the interconnectedness of all the worlds’ peoples. Momentous changes are occurring on almost a daily basis to our world and what is missing the most for true comprehension are the contexts to put them into. Without context news stories are just words, and soon forgotten. Sorcha and many others believe that we are entering a Century of great change, not only for our hearts and minds, but perhaps for our very souls also. Like many others also around the world, and from many countries, Sorcha joins the effort to educate as many as possible towards these events so that they will not become surprised, or be led into despair. We thank you for visiting her new website and encourage your thoughts and opinions on any issue of concern. You may write Sorcha directly by sending your comments to her at:

And from another:

In the world of academia, in particular the sciences, the cliche is: Publish or perish. If Sorcha has a doctorate, as her title alludes, where is her thesis? Where are any other works that one would normally expect from a "scholar?" Why is there absolutely no evidence of her existence, prior to and aside from the crap at the Booth site?
December 22, 2004
Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet, Global Weather Systems in Chaos
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences