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Steady State
of Daily4Roll Plus Quakes

On July 1, 2003 regular Global Quakes at the Key Atlantic Rift points

  1. where it Dawns so that it hoves into view of Planet X and can be grabbed and tugged forward,
  2. where it Faces Planet X squarely and has a reluctance to move,
  3. where is escapes at Dusk and gets a tug back toward Planet X
  4. where it is at the Dark side, so that Planet X tugs at the poles of the Atlantic Rift as a bowed 3rd Magnet.

The gradual increase, since the major curst adjustments that occurred on May 26, show an increase in intensity and frequency of Global Quakes, which occur squarely on the 4 points above: Dawn, Face, Dusk, and Dark.