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Stress Points on June 24, 2003

After the massive Global Quake on June 23 some stress points were relieved (Harvard, Equador, Qiongzhong, Tiksi, and Midway islands), with a spate of quakes in a stretch zone, in a line including Italy, Greece, Iran, and Pakistan, with a minor Global Quake the following day at 6:00 UTC. But others continued (Bilibino and Magadan, Wake islands, Gabon and Zambia, Puerto Rico, and Pitcairn islands), and new stress points were added (Korea, Cook islands, and Tennessee). The Pacific, from the Bering Straits through to the S. Pacific, appears to be a point where compression adjustments will soon be made, and stretching accidents in the southeast United States and western Africa can be expected.

Lusaka, Zambia June 23 Masuku, Gabon June 23
Lusaka, Zambia June 24 Masuku, Gabon June 24
Waverly, Tennessee June 23 Puerto Rico June 23
Waverly, Tennessee June 24 NewPuerto Rico June 24
Pitcairn Island, S. Pacific June 23 Cook Islands, S. Pacific June 23
Pitcairn Island, S. Pacific June 24 Cook Islands, S. Pacific June 24 New
Inchon, Korea June 23Wake Island, Pacific Ocean June 23
Inchon, Korea June 24 NewWake Island, Pacific Ocean June 24
Bilibino, Russia June 23 Magadan, Russia June 23
Bilibino, Russia June 24Magadan, Russia June 24

June 24, 2003

06:59:17.6 UTC Mag 3.5 Italy

06:53:29.0 UTC Mag 4.8 Iran
06:53:06.2 UTC Mag 5.3 Iran
06:52:55.0 UTC Mag 4.8 Iran
06:52:52.4 UTC Mag 5.5 Iran
06:52:52.3 UTC Mag 5.5 Iran
06:52:52.3 UTC Mag 5.6 Iran
06:52:52.1 UTC Mag 5.4 Iran
06:52:48.8 UTC Mag 5.2 Iran
06:52:45.0 UTC Mag 5.0 Iran
06:52:45.0 UTC Mag 5.3 Iran

06:52:44.0 UTC Mag 5.5 Pakistan 
06:52:25.4 UTC Mag 5.4 Pakistan
06:52:21.1 UTC Mag 5.4 Pakistan

06:48:37.3 UTC Mag 4.9 Greece