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ZetaTalk: Market Freefall
written June 19, 2004

Planning for Disaster: Why Is the Fed Doubling M3? ‘Bloomberg News reported on June 10th that the Federal Reserve is expecting to double M3 money growth targets by the end of the year. This is virtually unprecedented. In other words, what they’re doing is flooding the so-called system with money that would provide liquidity to maintain markets in the event of some economic debacle.’ [and from another source] Money supply up in Russia [Jun 10] “The money supply in Russia increased by 9.5 percent in the first 4 months of 2004'

What does it mean for a government to have an enormous national debt? The average household understands that paychecks or pensions come in and bills need to be paid, and the pain of irresponsible credit card debt is high interest payments on top of payments to bring the balance down. For governments, which can print and issue additional currency, there are other options. Governments can simply print up extra dollars and issue them to central banks to loan to local banks which then have increased the cash that can be borrowed for a reasonably rate. But the downside of this is inflation, as when a government increases the number of dollars floating about, each dollar decreases in value, as at base they are guaranteed against some fixed asset like gold. Everything now costs more dollars, as each dollar is worth less. As any government running up a huge national debt must get cash from somewhere to pay the bills and the interest rates, this creates a pinch. The print-to-spend cycle, an inflationary trend, discourages bond sales as the bonds lose value during their life. Not surprisingly, the US finds the value of the dollar at less than half what it was only a few short years ago before Bush took office, and the bonds they issue increasingly ignored by foreign investors.

For those who wondered why the US stock markets continued to maintain a high value in spite of nothing but bad news all around, the answer lies in the worth of over inflated stocks when this hot air balloon is the only one left to float. Return to that family with high credit card debt and a few assets to sell such as the second car or living room furniture. The car would sell at market price, but in a controlled market stocks have the value any willing buyer assigns to it. We have mentioned that most stocks are controlled by money managers, who are under contract to pension funds or private individuals saving for retirement. If all sell orders are held until buy orders at that price are located, and these managers buy and sell from each other, the price is controlled. Low volume and these types of controls, which are illegal but not new to Wall Street, maintains the price. This is equivalent to the family selling a car at four times its value, assuming all their household items to have this bloated value, and feeling smug and rich. This situation works when volume is low, as if all stock holders wished to sell at once, there would not be base value to cover the conversion.

So having run up the national debt, and having dropped the dollar by more than half, and faced with rampant inflation, and finding that their bonds are now unattractive to foreign investors, and clinging to a bloated stock market maintaining a false image of value to the world, what is the US to do when faced with increasing personal and corporate bankruptcies requiring stocks to be sold? Buy orders cannot be lined up fast enough, and sell orders cannot be held indefinitely. How to save face, in an election year, dealing with government programs that cannot be maintained by a bankrupt treasury? Find a reason for the market to drop, a reason for panic in the public to ensue. We have mentioned that the Puppet Masters wanted the Planet X subject to be broached on major media, so that survival steps could be discussed and survival groups more likely to be a strong work base in the Aftertime, but that the Bush administration as the likely scapegoat in charge of the cover-up was resisting. The Puppet Masters are demanding that the cover-up be allowed to unravel. The Puppet Masters, which control the Federal Reserve, are threatening and proceeding to raise interest rates as punishment for delays. What is a Puppet to do?

Fortunately, there is increased meteor traffic, fireballs flaming through the skies and thudding to the ground, and unlikely to go away as the tail of Planet X is now seriously wafting toward Earth. Rustle forth NASA, make public announcements, stop controlling the market so allowing it to fall, and put the damn Planet X speculation on the media, and announce yourself not only a War President but a Cataclysm President, for re-election purposes.

Signs of the Times #911
NASA suspects meteor in Missouri´s big boom [Jun 19] ‘The Webster County Sheriff´s Department fielded nearly 20 phone calls from area residents around 9:20 AM, concerned something had blown up. Dispatchers checked with area quarries, which reported no blasting activity. And no supersonic aircraft were in the skies above Webster County, according to Springfield airport and Fort Leonard Wood officials. NASA scientist Mike Mumma said the likely culprit was a sizable meteor ripping apart as it blasted through the atmosphere at 100,000 mph. Don Yeomans, manager of NASA´s Near Earth Object monitoring program in Pasadena, Calif., said a meteor that shakes homes and windows could have been the size of a small car.’
Signs of the Times #910
Cheney, Fed chief will attend World Forum [Jun 18] The annual American Enterprise Institute World Forum opened Thursday serving to kick-start three days of closed-door political and economic discourse by world leaders. AEI is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. Vice President Dick Cheney and Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, are two of the heavy hitters expected to attend the summit, along with representatives from several European countries, Israel and Afghanistan.' [and from another source] This is insider news from an institutional trader with deep government connections. The United States government is using emergency provisions, executive orders and Patriot Act provisions to move into the sequestration and closure business, shutting down all stocks and trades in the process with immediate effect from midnight on June 18, 2004. [and from another] No such warning for the London Stock Exchange although very heavy trading this morning. The Federal Reserve continues to increase M3 money supply dramatically while the UK government continues to pump billions of pounds into the British economy. [and from another] It Is Real. Two of Egypt’s biggest banks insiders warned me last night. [and from another] The strategy to enact such selloff would entail striking at the last possible moment. I would not expect any selloff to be evident until the close of business. [and from another] The penalty for early withdraw is severe and if you try to take a cash withdraw the IRS takes it then and there. There is no way to avoid it that I know on a cash disbursement. [and from another] I have connections to elite Jewish bankers in Canada, they´ve told me the same thing. [and from another] There is a record amount of puts that will expire [Jun 18] today unless the market drops dramatically. Today is not the day for the markets to close for good. The book makers or powers that be have sold the puts, and want them to expire worthless. I would bet that the markets fall after expiration.
Signs of the Times #909
Meteorite sighted in NSW [Jun 17] ‘A meteorite reportedly the size of a house fell on the NSW south coast overnight, exploding in a bright flash, police said today. The meteorite was described as glowing silver in colour and similar to an artillery shell when it exploded with a bright flash on impact.’ [and from another source] ‘Astronomers were yesterday investigating reports of a house-sized meteorite seen crashing to Earth near Sydney, Australia. Air traffic controllers on duty at Sydney Airport tower reported a meteorite in the sky on Wednesday, but did not give details of its size. Police said several people just south of the city reported seeing a huge meteorite passing overhead, before exploding.’
Signs of the Times #908
Chicago Mercantile Exchange [Jun 17] ‘The entire S&P price action in the Futures is being controlled by one counter party. All the guys strongly hate them: their CME clearing number is 990N and they clear through Gelber trading. That one account is solely responsible for the current level of the S&P. They are the ones that are throwing the S&P up overnight. Then they are the ones that are sitting on the bid all day long, supporting the market action. There is no volatility, so all the traders have left. Now the hot pit is the Eurodollar pit. Go figure, that used to be like watching paint dry. All the traders I have talked to view the market as being rigged.'
Signs of the Times #906
We had another big fireball in the sky hear this evening [Jun 13] here in Arizona. This was red and was streaking across the sky low in the horizon. This will not make the news any more than the other two made the news. I am not sure about the one seen in the Southern part of the state last week which was also seen here. That makes four. [and from another] I am in the White Mountains about 60 miles from the Hopi. The one with the yellow tail was seen here as well as further South. [and from another] Someone called in the Art Bell show last night [Jun 13] and said that there was a huge fireball that came down around Ventura. I assumed that she meant California. She said it happened a few days after the one in Washington. She said that it set off a fire in some wooded area. She also said that it is very strange that it never made it on the news. [and from another] Last night [Jun 14] here in Kansas my 6 year old daughter told me she saw a shooting star with fire coming out the back, one following the other. [and from another] Some eyewitness observations from SE Michigan last night [Jun 14]. I was driving due north from Detroit and saw two huge objects streak across the sky at aprox 1:00 AM to the NE. I have seen plenty of meteors in my life time but nothing close to the size of these objects and the trail they left was amazing. [and from another] A week or so back, someone posted a thread regarding the Southern Cross and nearby stars being ´blocked´. I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and have been watching the Southern Cross for the last 4-5 nights [Jun 14]. The weather tonight is very clear, as it has been for most of the last week. I have noticed that around this time of night (10:56 PM NZST 14-6-04) that the 4th star, on the right-hand side of the constellation has now ´disppeared´ and appears to be blocked. In reality, the star is there but it is exceptionally faint. As are other stars around it. An hour ago, all 4 main stars were perfectly visible.
Signs of the Times #899
Mystery bang heard in Hawkes Bay [Jun 11] ‘Constable John Bruce from Kotemaori, 45km southeast of Wairoa, said he thought the noise was an earthquake. Carter Observatory astronomer Kay Leather said the explosion might have been the sonic boom of a meteor entering the atmosphere. A meteor, which might be no larger than a fist, would cause a loud explosion and a light as bright as daylight.’ [and from another source] Space relic falls into living room [Jun 12] ‘A solid black lump that crashed into an Auckland family´s living room has turned out to be a huge windfall. Experts have confirmed it is only the ninth meteorite found in New Zealand. I did a bit of checking and I thought maybe there´d been a meteor shower or something, but there´s been nothing at this time of year, says Jennie McCormick of the Stardome Observatory. The rock weighs in at 1.3 kilograms.’
Signs of the Times #891
Possible Meteorite Reported in Wash [Jun 3] ‘A possible meteorite may have crashed into Earth about 30 miles south of Olympia early Thursday, an astronomy professor said. Bright flashes and sharp booms were reported in the skies over the Puget Sound area. Bradley Hammermaster, who teaches at the University of Washington, estimated that the object was about the size of a small car. He described it as a piece of a larger meteor.’ [and from another source] Night skies lit up by likely Meteorite [Jun 3] ‘A streaking meteor is believed to be responsible for bright flashes and loud booms in Puget Sound and B.C.´s Lower Mainland. The event just before 3 AM PDT also lit up radio station switchboards with callers reporting the sky bursts. No military or civilian aircraft were reported in trouble. In the Vancouver area, a Delta woman told a radio station the sky was unbelievable and beautiful -- like a big bolt of lightning or a transformer blowing.’ [and from another source] Prince George is a 500 mile drive from Vancouver, another 200+ from Seattle, and the flash was seen there.
Signs of the Times #890
These are not any plane. [Jun 7] I just caught a fireball coming from the skies, some days ago! They are falling more and more frequently than ever here in Poland.