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ZetaTalk: Big Lie
written July 5, 2003

The cover-up of Planet X and the alien presence was established at the time of Roswell, with the excuse that the public would panic if the truth were known, where the actual reason for suppression was to gain control of alien technology before anyone else in the world could do so. Thus, the dual reasons for the cover-up, an official reason to reduce and prevent panic, and a private reason for personal gain, were established from the start. No technology was gained, though the Service-to-Self aliens who teased MJ12 with this had a long laugh at the clumsy efforts of the US Military attempts. Worry about Planet X was deferred while these same Service-to-Self aliens involved MJ12 in alternatives for safety and life afterwards in a time of food shortage: escaping to Mars or to the Earth’s dead twin on the opposite side of the Sun where they could ride out the shift from afar, escaping underground into well stocked bunkers where they would emerge as kings later, and sculpting the Earth’s population to reduce mouths to feed via AIDS and Ebola or other such assisted diseases.

As it became clear that no technology was going to be gained, and the suggested alternatives to disaster were not possible, the cold clammy hand of fear descended upon those in MJ12 or their cronies. AIDS and Ebola escaped their masters and ran amuck, infecting those who would control the microbes as well as the intended victims. Underground bunkers, with entrances and tunnels likely to collapse, would trap those inside in dark tombs. Escape to Mars or elsewhere fell prey to mechanical and budget problems, which even enlisting the wealthy could not solve, though efforts were made up until the present. Still, the establishment had knowledge, the ultimate power, where the common man was ignorant. Keeping the common man dumb involved ridicule of UFO sightings, abuse of anyone claiming to be a contactee, disinformation campaigns, and well placed assassinations of anyone in the know who went forth with the truth. This truth included information about Planet X, not a real problem until recently.

Planet X and its likely arrival date were known to MJ12 and their cronies, but until the time drew near was more of a theoretical concern. NASA, long infiltrated by the CIA to control leaked information by the scientists employed, went looking in the early 1980s, so that suppression of the information on the predictable find in 1983 was no surprise. Since control of major observatories, who are few and employ selected scientists likely to cooperate with a national security edict, was relatively easy, the cover-up had a long and easy ride up until the present, when Planet X became visible to the unaided eye, increasingly and rapidly so, in sync with Earth changes such as weather irregularities and melting poles and glaciers and a strangely trembling Earth oddly not registering in earthquake databases. If Planet X is termed in folklore as the great Destroyer, during its passages, it certainly was about to destroy the Big Lie.