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ZetaTalk: Cover-up Cracks
written July 5, 2003

Cover-ups meet their demise based on several factors, which vary depending upon the scope or longevity of the cover-up: how many people need to know, the demonstrable evidence that can be used to counter the lie, the ability to hide or destroy such evidence, and the benefit to those in the know of maintaining vs exposing the cover-up. Take for example the JFK assassination. Where the general public suspected the truth, few people knew it and many were quickly assassinated to reduce these numbers to those in the government. Demonstrable evidence was Kennedy’s body and brain, which were eliminated, and physical evidence such as bullets likewise quickly eliminated. Those in the know stood to experience the wrath of a nation, so the cover-up had no cracks and has stood the test of time. Compare this to the Planet X cover-up, which includes evidence that a pole shift is imminent.

How many people need to know?
Where at first the cover-up of Planet X entailed NASA employees, who routinely take a National Security Oath, and key employees of major observatories who likewise are required to take this oath, when Planet X announced its presence with red dust, a blazing double sun, and a glowing orb alongside the sun appearing in numerous photos on the web, this group increased to include media spokespersons, newspaper editors, and staff members at observatories and scientific centers assigned to answer public inquiries. A mob.
What demonstrable evidence exists that can be used to counter the lie?
The Big Lie, that Planet X does not exist, is being countered primarily by the red dust in the Earth’s atmosphere, dusting the ground and creating blood red sunsets and moons, unexplained by any excuse that the Sun is undergoing an extreme solar cycle. The Big Lie is also being countered by weather extremes without explanation, earthquake increases causes tremors in places not used to any quakes, and UFO sightings and crop circles en mass clearly seeking to warn mankind of something around the corner. This evidence is growing, and is a growing concern to those perpetrating the cover-up.
Can the cover-up hide or destroy such evidence?
When evidence can be destroyed, or contained, a cover-up has a life, but where the evidence is in the sky, falling from the sky in the form of red dust, and available to every individual on the face of the Earth, controlling the evidence is not possible. Attempting to suppress discussion of the Second Sun, or slowing of the Earth’s rotation, only invokes more suspicion that the cover-up exists. To the extent that control lies in the hands of those perpetuating the cover-up, such as SOHO images, Hubble images, Navy master clock manipulation, and statements issued by scientists employed by the government or universities or major corporations, such evidence will be countered, but not destroyed.
What are the benefits to those in the know of maintaining vs exposing the cover-up?
Clearly, the establishment in the know about the coming cataclysms stands to benefit from a continuing cover-up. Public knowledge would cause their empires to collapse, banking failures, a stock market crash, corporations devoid of workers, security workers vacant from their posts, crowded highways, looted stores, and an infrastructure no longer there to support the elite high in their perches above the common man. How does this benefit the virtual mob that has been enlisted to maintain the cover-up? With the exception of looting and lawlessness, their view is that the cover-up has no justification, and their expectation is that the police and military would function during any exodus to safety. Thus, there is division in the cover-up crowd.

As the moment when it is clear that disaster is upon the inhabitants of Planet Earth, with rotation slowing such that sunsets and sunrises are hours late, with the skies so red and gloomy with red dust that myths and lore about the coming times are the only topic under discussion, with quakes so numerous and devastating that the infrastructure of cities is faltering and road and railways becoming blocked, with inundations along coastlines causing frantic exodus, the cover-up will crack wide open. Admissions will be made to clear the conscience, to save those who have been lied to, blurted out in the news in a moment of astonishment or grief, discussed openly in a moment of forgetfulness, and spread like wildfire on the Internet or by word of mouth. What will the reaction of the elite, those who directed the cover-up from the start, be to such a cracked cover-up? They will retreat, to their enclaves, to their bunkers, surrounded by the Military whom they assume will remain loyal or by well paid mercenaries, leaving the phone lines dead, the offices and swank homes vacant, no explanation, and no one home or in charge.