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ZetaTalk: Shrouded Monster
written Aug 17, 2004

Shrouded in a close hugging dust cloud that reflects the light of the Sun, Planet X was seen during the Summer of 2003 and into the Fall as the Second Sun, as the shrouded corpus was at a distance from the Sun that allowed an independent light source to be discerned.

As the Earth moved into the Dec 25 position, approaching the point where Planet X was entering the inner solar system from a 32° angle toward the Sun’s S Pole, it was viewing Planet X from the side, so the shrouded corpus, scattering light in all directions, was not lost from view except as an odd second light source reflected on the Moon or Venus, or creating a lingering or too early twilight, the distinct Second Sun no longer discernable.

During the months since the Earth’s orbit halted, visibility has been limited to the Moon Swirls that dance before the Sun, capturing the light of the Sun and funneling it through the swirls such that they become a beacon of light. As crop circles increasingly warn that the Sun’s dominant influence on the Earth’s magnetic alignment is being supplanted by Planet X, which has moved into position between the Earth and Sun, where is the corpus now? As Planet X passes in front of the Sun, it is lost in the Sun’s glare, with only indirect evidence of its presence - the fireballs thudding to Earth as debris in the tail are wafted into Earth’s atmosphere, the discernible Earth wobble creating an early Fall in eastern North American and Canada and extreme heat in Japan and Alaska, all on the same latitude, and a polar melt at the N. Pole which is exposed exceedingly to the direct Sun like no normal Summer in the northern hemisphere, as the spot where the Sun shines the least is not situated over the N. Pole. Until the dance between Planet X and Earth engage to the point where the tail if flowing directly toward the Earth and appears as a writhing fire dragon in the sky, the monster is likely to remain so shrouded in the glare of the Sun through its close hugging dust cloud.

Signs of the Times #1048
North Pole is Falling Apart [Aug 15] ‘The northeast passage across the siberian polar ice is open. The glaciers on Ellesmere Island and the northern and northeastern shores of Greenland are collapsing within a matter of days. The channel between Greenland and Ellesmere Isalnd is open. And only about 250 miles of ice remains on the north shore of Greenland connecting it to the polar ice. And that is breaking up. Vast stretches of polar ice are pulverized and floating free in the Arctic ocean. Thousands of square miles of ice are pulverized and on the edge of breaking up into a billion ice bergs. An immense rent has formed in the ice north of Queen Victoria Island. An even larger tear reaches up from Siberia poking at the north pole itself. The entire north shore of Akaska is Ice free, as is all of the northern Siberian shore - all the way to the New Siberian Islands and beyond. The last of the ice blocking the Northwestr passage at the east end of Queen Elizabeth Island is breaking up.’ [and from another source] Here is the brown ice photo from NOAA [Note: dirty snow, a sign of melting snow.]