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ZetaTalk: Genesis
written Sep 11, 2004

You hinted at the fate of this probe in Sign of the Times, would the Zetas like to chime in? I would sure like to hear from them on this.

Looking at the fallen faces on TV, the NASA personnel being interviewed after their precious cargo returning, chock-full of data and particles to be analyzed, dropped into the hard desert floor at 193 mph, one would think they had lost a lover, a mother, their best friend, been fired from a prestigious job after decades of service, been served with divorce papers, or learned they had scant days to live as they had been diagnosed with a fatal and painful disease. NASA, so well funded as to have misplaced hundreds of billions of dollars, per the accountants, was not devastated because yet another probe failed. They were devastated because the information on that probe was vital to analysis of where Planet X has been, its speed and trajectory, and the composition of its tail. As we explained months ago, the establishment has been Driving Blind in trying to view the trajectory of Planet X from Earth, as it ran up close to the Sun while on the opposite side of the Sun during the Spring and Summer of 2003, so observatories and even the Hubble and SOHO were of no use. The Hubble cannot look toward the Sun lest its mirrors get fried, and the SOHO has a limited range and is expected to be Sun centered at all times.

What can one learn about speed from a body that is heading straight on? The side view is needed. Probes sent out to gain that perspective have routinely broken, though little has been said in the press about this. As with the Columbia Shuttle when success with the Space Station, and anticipation of an escape to Mars or the Moon during the pole shift was making the elite almost giddy, they assumed that Genesis was to be exempt from attack as it had been allowed to function for so long. And as with the Columbia, when this success is snatched from their hands at the last moment, the sense of defeat is more devastating, the lesson brought home with more force, and the message not lost.

The elite drag their feet on informing the public about the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system. What They Fear eats at them, the uncertainty of what will happen when the public begins to realize they have been lied to, and the true value of health, safety, and self sufficiency compared to what they are shackled to by mortgage, payment plans, and the promise of pensions. Once the genie is out of the bottle, one cannot put it back. They had held out hope that Genesis, apparently overlooked by those under direction from the Council of Worlds who had mandated that the elite on Earth are to share the same fate as the common man they treat with such disdain, would provide the missing pieces of information on the trajectory and speed of Planet X to allow them to cobble together an approximate date for martial law. Now, still blinded, they sit in front of the TV cameras, barely holding back the tears. So sad. They know what is coming, where the common man has been kept ignorant, but they are the ones to be pitied.

Signs of the Times #1098
Genesis Space Capsule Crashes Into Desert [Sep 8] ‘The Genesis space capsule, which promised scientists potential clues to the origin of the solar system, crashed to Earth on Wednesday after its parachute failed to deploy. It wasn't immediately known whether the cosmic samples had been destroyed. NASA officials believed the fragile disks that hold the atoms would shatter even if the capsule hit the ground with a parachute. Hollywood stunt pilots had taken off to hook the capsule's parachute, but the refrigerator-sized capsule — holding a set of fragile disks containing billions of atoms collected from solar wind — hit the desert floor without the parachute opening. The capsule was returning after three years in space as part of six-year project that cost $260 million.’ [Note: more likely carrying information on the location and speed of Planet X and the composition of the tail.]