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ZetaTalk: Dust Cloud Arrival
written July 8, 2003

As has been noted in very recent images, from opposite sides of the world in Italy on July 6 and Florida on July 7, the dust cloud of Planet X is no longer a pink tinge surrounding a persona, or lofting away from the side of a persona, but is lofting between the Sun and Earth, engulfing the entire region of the Sun as it is viewed from Earth, such that the reflection of sunlight in the dust is scattering in all directions, outward from the intensity where the Suns rays pierce through the cloud, creating the image of a large pink sunburst on top of a the normal white sunburst. Does this mean that Planet X, itself, is between the Earth and Sun? No, as the dust cloud streams a distance far larger than the 14 million miles between the Earth and Sun during the Passage, far larger than the mid-way point between the Earth and Sun where the influence of Planet X is strong enough to stop rotation, and large enough to turn the atmosphere of Earth blood red with the red dust, a faint dusting upon the Earth on occasion, and when disbursed turning the skies a pink/purple even when a sunset or sunrise is not in process.

What caused the EIT to be over-exposed, over a period of hours, by the supposedly disabled SOHO? Light from a single source such as starlight or the Sun can be calculated, and the SOHO programmed to deal with that. Light from solar flares are likewise accounted for, and do not cause the over-exposure of late appearing. It is the very closeness of Planet X, a light-emitting brown dwarf in its own right, that is responsible. It is not only the light from this brown dwarf, but primarily the scattering of sunlight such that the majority of sunlight that would escape and not impact the SOHO lens is bounced back. It ricochets around in the dust cloud, which is massive and reaches far beyond the size of the face of the Sun as viewed from Earth, and at times comes in as an overwhelming burst of light rays at the SOHO lens. This cloud is in motion, whipped about as Planet X moves, pulled toward the Earth by the Solar Wind, and swirling with the moons within the cloud as they dance around each other. Thus, there are many dynamics, but suffice it to say that there will be few solid images of the body of the Sun, or any area around the Sun, secured from now on out.

The dust cloud, already causing comment worldwide even among those peoples not informed in any way of the approaching Planet X, known in folklore as the Destroyer, the Fire Dragon in the sky. As Planet X has now crossed the distance where its tail was only faintly dusting Earth, to arrive where this will not escape notice anywhere, this will change. The establishment, wanting to avoid any mention of signs that would signal talk or relate to prophecy, will either have to address this or be noted by their lack of comment as hiding something. The latter is more likely, as announcements from the establishment become increasingly irrelevant, and their agenda increasingly suspect.