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ZetaTalk: Kerry's Concession
written Jan 4, 2005

Anticipating a close race and a hard fight, the world was stunned to see Kerry concede quickly on the night of the election. Was this necessary? Could this have waited until the votes had been counted? Was the nation going to be demoralized by the anticipation? Those aware of the fraud intended, the paperless voting machines, the electronic and even wireless connection to the central tabulating machines, the close connection between Cheney’s anticipated 51% to 48% split and the announced results, the difference between historically correct exit polls and the announced results, suspected a broader game, and a broad game it was. The polls going into the election were of course false, and if properly announced would have shown Kerry winning by a landslide, which he did. Why then would a determined former prosecutor, armed with so much evidence of wrongdoing, with the heart of the nation behind him and a history of leading the charge as he did during the Vietnam War, cave so quickly?

It is often said, by those watching power plays and comparing real agendas to those announced publicly, that elections proffer few choices to the public. For important elections, national elections or those building a buttress around important positions, there are never choices, only ideological and cooperative clones, proffered. Those in power do not like surprises, and a known entity who can be controlled by his or her weaknesses is preferable to a strong partner who may suddenly become a strong enemy. Signs of strength at the top, the carefully crafted words, the firm jaw and straight back, cover what lies beneath. For those among the common man who deal with adversity daily but would never sell out their ideologies nor cave beneath intimidation, this seems astonishing. How bad can it get? Refusal might mean opportunities taken away, a lower standard of living, physical assaults and maiming of loved ones or assassination, but surely those in power around the world are not owned, or that weak!

If you were king, and feared being deposed, would you surround yourself with the weak or the strong? We are not speaking here of integrity, the good king surrounding himself with the noble knights, we are speaking here of the real world where money is to be made, control of minions to be secured, and all for a well crafted plan. There may be strong among them, but they are well down the ladder, as those around the king are as incapable of assuming leadership and deposing the king as a drug addict is of defying his dealer and forgoing his fix. Those surrounding the king were chosen for their weaknesses, and their inability to deal effectively with those weaknesses. For some, it is an inability to admit they are wrong, or see their status drop, or fall from grace in the eyes of the motherland. In each and every case, a psychiatrist could trace this back into childhood, the lock on at an early age. Given, then, that both Bush and Kerry were chosen for the race, with Kerry slated to be the winner according to the well orchestrated poll results going into the election, what changed the outcome?

It was a Puppet Master decision, based on the mess laid out before him. His instructions to Bush and Cheney had been to lose, and Bush was anticipating this as his visage showed. But for some time, as we have mentioned, rebellion had been festering in the Bush Administration, with men such as Cheney and Rove ambitious for more than a Puppet status, wanting peership after the cataclysms with control of both Americas if not a larger chunk of the world. Israel also had been a rebellious Puppet of late, as a shakeup is an opportunity and the coming pole shift will be a shakeup bar none. A wise Puppet Master always has several alternative plans, and this was no exception. Contemplating a messy fight that would reveal to the public the extent to which they are manipulated, versus manipulation of the Bush Administration to in essence decapitate them when the time comes, he chose the latter. It is not a coincidence that Cheney has been in hiding, or that almost the entire Bush Cabinet has bolted. They know what is coming.