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ZetaTalk: War of the Worlds
written July 6, 2005

Would the Zetas care to comment on the new movie adaptation of H. G. Wells' novel, "War of the Worlds"? The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, whom the Zetas have spoken about in the past and whose previous works of science fiction have depicted a benign alien presence. Is there a purpose behind this latest presentation of a hostile alien threat?

As we mentioned on a previous work by Spielberg, the TV series Taken, Spielberg is adept at delivering the correct message, the truth, even when struggling with the imposition of government censorship where the only message about aliens allowed is that they cannot be trusted, are here to enslave mankind, but the government can be trusted to be truthful and protective. A remake of the War of the Worlds, a known story line, got easy approval. While sticking to the story line, what hidden messages for mankind did Spielberg manage to deliver? Remove the arrival of vicious blood sucking aliens as the source of panic and replace this with the days of horror during the pole shift. What is the reaction of the populace?

Thus, the message that Nancy hoped to deliver with her production of The Passage is being delivered instead by Spielberg, as there are many angels at work and many routes to a goal.