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ZetaTalk: Face of Fear
written Dec 19, 2005

The US will find itself without cooperation when reaching out for help to other countries in their endeavors while the Puppet Master enacts financial revenge, punishing the US to weaken Bush and Cheney.
ZetaTalk: Diebold Wins,
written Nov 3, 2004
An arrogant insistence that Iran submit to dictates is being issued, so the US can have a united front under the Russian oil fields, from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan. Has the Bush crowd lost its grasp on reality?
ZetaTalk: Wizard of Oz,
written Feb 27, 2005
He will take the Bush camp down, in subtle and not so subtle ways, reducing their influence in the world and within the United States to noise - irrelevant, discredited, despised, and ignored.
ZetaTalk: Bush Busting,
written Nov 27, 2004

We predicted, after the 2004 Presidential election was stolen via voter fraud, that the Puppet Master would decapitate the Bush Administration in revenge. Wanting Kerry installed as President, so the US Military would again have a Commander in Chief they would respect and follow, he found himself with yet more years of Bush, whom the military was in revolt against. The Puppet Master wanted the oil fields of the Middle East secure for his operations, not in flames and civil war, the result of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld blundering. The Puppet Master wanted the US Military used to protect his assets, worldwide, not exhausted and shattered and in revolt. The Bush crowd had asserted themselves as world kings, peers with the Puppet Master, and taken matters into their own hands. Revenge, however, was at hand, and we spelled out the ways the Bush administration would meet their demise. How have our predictions played out?

The debt load of the US continues to rise, while the dollar drops, so the US bonds deliver a loss, a negative return on investment. Country after country has reduced their influx of cash to support the US debt. Where is this leading? Support for the DOW is manipulated by insider trading, known as the Plunge Protection Team. Taxpayer money to maintain the DOW comes from the coffers of DOD contractors who pledge their pension funds to the DOW in return for price increases on the products they sell to the DOD. How long will this continue now that Congress has found a backbone and is now questioning the endless amounts of money needed, supposedly, for Iraq? And using Social Security funds to prop up the DOW is not possible, another failed Bush initiative.

Why would these setbacks create this climate of fear in Bush, when not out of keeping with what has been occurring for months? Is the NSA revelation worse than the Downing Street Memo? Is the loss of the Patriot Act support worse than his failure to deliver Social Security funds to Wall Street? Is lack of an exit strategy worse than the CIA rendition and torture camp revelations? What happened to the bravado, the cocky swagger? To understand the mindset, look to the reaction of a bully when cornered and overpowered. The bully exalts in his ability to create pain and panic in his victims, but when the tables are turned, is shown to be a coward. Up until this time, the Bush crowd considered the US military their weapon, Congress under their thumb, the US Treasury their perpetual blank check as they could simply print money if needed, world opinion irrelevant as the invasion in Iraq showed, and the court system willing to be dictated to.

As we explained on Jul 11, 2003, the Bush crowd plan was to install themselves as Kings in the Aftertime by using the US military to guard all the oil fields of the world. This required invading Iraq, a withdrawal plan irrelevant as the plan was to never withdraw, and from this position invading Iran and Saudi Arabia and then up into the oil fields of Russia via Pakistan. Today we have Russia and China and Iran forming a solid defense, and no support for a US push into Iran. Blair is on the ropes in the UK. Shock 1. Having Bush and Cheney and Condi run around the world for face-to-face meetings changes nothing. The US is seen as exhausted and broke, a paper tiger who can no longer threaten or bribe, and is no longer being treated with respect. Shock 2. There are demands in Congress for an exit strategy, firm dates and numbers, even holding funding for the DOD hostage until compliance with torture laws is part of the package. There goes control of the oil fields. Shock 3. The Patriot Act, considered solid as control of Congress was considered solid, is now being challenged and may dissolve completely. Is Martial Law even possible unless spying without warrants and arrest of US citizens as enemy combatants, all based on the whim of Bush, is in place? Shock 4.

Where much of this is not new, the Bush administration has been famous for living in a bubble. One Bush administration illusion after another is being dashed, until the reality of their situation is finally facing them. They do not control the military, which is in full rebellion. There goes control of the oil fields, no invading Venezuela or Iran, etc. They no longer control the Congress, and as poll numbers are not improving despite desperate attempts to charm the public lately, this will only erode further as the 2006 elections loom closer. They are failing to pack the Supreme Court, as the Senate is insisting on putting their investigation of Bush maneuvers ahead of confirmation hearings. Revelations on their complicity in 911, failure to take steps to prevent 911 from happening, are on the horizon, as are revelations of the extent of the voter fraud in 2004. Financial disaster is being held at bay only by illegal financial manipulation, which might be exposed at any time, given the Puppet Master's rage and determination.

Might they be impeached? Might they be in jail when the pole shift hits, subject to the sadism of prison guards and inmates? Might they be unable to muster defense of their bunkers, or not be allowed into the bunkers, when the time comes? This is the face of fear you see.

Signs of the Times #1525
Bush's Candor on Iraq Draws Praise [Dec 19] I know that some of my decisions have led to terrible loss - and not one of those decisions has been taken lightly, Bush declared in a televised speech to the nation Sunday, his first from the Oval Office since announcing the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. He held out the promise that when the Iraqi military gains strength and self-government moves forward, "it should require fewer American troops to accomplish our mission. I will make decisions on troop levels based on the progress we see." The language was not specific enough for Bush's critics.' [and from another] Behind Power, One Principle as Bush Pushes Prerogatives [Dec 16] New York Times : 'A single, fiercely debated legal principle lies behind nearly every major initiative in the Bush administration's war on terror, scholars say: the sweeping assertion of the powers of the presidency. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 typically requires warrants for the kind of eavesdropping carried out under the special NSA program. When President Carter signed the act into law in 1978, he seemed to rule out any domestic eavesdropping without court approval.'