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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 29, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

There are reports of something odd in the tail of the Schwassmann Wachmann comet.

This is a natural occurrence and has not been played with by any intelligent source, either man or alien. Man scarcely understands what comet composition is even though they have sent up sniffers to grab little pieces of dust and analyse them. They do not understand what the basic composition of comets can be and therefore might be surprised if one fragments and they see a different spectrograph in the sky but this is just natural cometary material which is formed from the asteroid belt when, in the past, Planet X passed through that orbit on its passages. They had some 24 planets capable of bearing life, almost to a one water planets - covered in water, and were bashed to pieces by the moons of Planet X - following, smashing into them during the passage.

This is what created the asteroid belt because any molten lava in the core or interior of these planets spewed out and cooled rapidly forming these irregular asteroid shapes. The water portion of comets is caused by the waters of this planet which were slung in all directions also, often with a great deal of debris, or clinging to some rocky particle and that's where these comets came from. Where else would they come from? The idea that there's some kind of mysterious Oort cloud out there, where things get dislodged and come slinging in around the sun is silly. We had the Big Bang, everything formed into planets, but for some reason we have an asteroid belt in an Oort cloud that has watery particles - a silly explanation that's trying to avoid the cataclysmic explanation because it's scary. So comets are something that man does not entirely understand, They are not taking into consideration all the components that could exist in them and thus this is what people are looking at.

When were the Great Pyramids built? They are dated anywhere from 2,500 to 10,500 years old.

We would place the date more around 8,000 BC, not that it matters but this is telling you that the Annunaki have been with you that recently.