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ZetaTalk: Rayburn Shootout
written June 3, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What really happened in the Rayburn Building parking garage over Memorial Day weekend? Is the story at true?

Tom Flocco has a very strong vein of truth in what he reports, more than falsehoods, and gives insights into activities that one would get nowhere else on the Internet and certainly not in the media. Obviously it was not construction noises in the Rayburn building. Obviously if the train corridor and only the train corridor between New York and DC was affected by an outage - that's not the way electrical systems work. So what really happened? We have mentioned that going in to the ascension of Bush and Cheney to the Whitehouse in January 2001, after the stolen election of 2000, that MJ12 committed suicide. MJ12 had some 2000 active members, a great many of them in the intel organisations of the US, the CIA and Military intel, with an arm in Russia and some other countries like Britain. They were brought into the know, were given a travel service by ourselves in the very early days in order to allow us and other benign aliens to interact extensively with MJ12 and counter the promises and the gifts given by the Service-to-Self aliens such as the Omnipotent Krill. These Service-to-Self aliens had landed just prior to the Roswell crash and were impressing the military by their flashy ship maneuvres and the like and promises of alien technology. No alien technology was ever given to the US military as this is against the rules, but before they found that out they were in love with the Service-to-Self aliens and their promises of power. Many people in the military are power hungry. For those that rise to the top, the generals, the idea of being able to bark orders and terrify people with space ship exploits meant domination of the world. What could be better?

This travel service was highly attractive to Bush and Cheney who were both members of MJ12 from the past. Bush Junior had gotten into MJ12 via his father, Bush Senior, so in this case we had both a president and a vice-president who were members of MJ12. This is outside the usual rule that the president would not be a member but the vice-president could be. Of course you can imagine what would have happened in Iraq and elsewhere if evidence could be planted, assassinations could be done by the cloaked travel service which we were giving to MJ12, despite the fact that this had really come under increasingly tight rules so that misuse did not occur. The MJ12 governing boards were 2 boards of 20 each at that time. They had become, increasingly over the decades, composed of highly Service-to-Others individuals. When the time came to appoint another member to the board, those people who were in a position to make the appointment took their responsibility very seriously, realizing that this was the most important activity going on, on the face of the globe, and thought of themselves, their families, their grandchildren or whatever was important to them, and would generally appoint someone they considered highly competent, not just a buddy as is the normal government appointment, where the cronies get in. So increasingly, this group, the MJ12 board, the governing boards, became highly Service-to-Others. They recognized the horror that would have occurred had MJ12 and their agreement with us been left in place with Bush and Cheney in charge, and they in essence committed suicide. This ended MJ12 as a body, which freed us from our agreement and freed Nancy from her unlimited engagement where she could be picked up and brought to meet with MJ12 agents whenever they wished. We might mention that Nancy was also able, while everyone was in pyjamas at night, to often demand that she meet with MJ12 members, even of the governing board, because that's the way an unlimited engagement works - it's a two way street. All that ended.

Many people who were highly Service-to-Others had been brought into MJ12 because they were in the intel organisations but had no family, they were not married. They didn't have children or dependants they were responsible for on a regular basis. Their parents were dead. Their siblings were dead. Therefore they could disappear and no-one would question How did this death occur, how did they die? There would be no questions asked and therefore they were eligible or they were able to be taken into what we would call the New MJ12. They could go away with us to places where we have cities on the face of the Earth, cloaked, and live with us and work for good. This has nothing to do with the White House. Nothing to do with interaction with the US government. These are people, highly skilled military special ops, intel and the like, and others, highly motivated Service-to-Others individuals, working with us. This is the means by which we have operated under the Council of Worlds edicts to prevent weapons of mass destruction from being planted, to prevent fake terrorism attacks within the continental United States, to prevent the 1957 virus being planted as bird flu to create a pandemic. The pandemic is something that the Bush administration longs for in order to be able to call martial law. Tony Blair likewise wishes for this. The New MJ12 is a combination of the Zetas and these humans. We read people's minds. We know when the plots are hatched. Then we transport and teleport these agents, cloaked, so that they appear in the middle of a building or they appear somewhere where they need to be, do their activities and then just disappear. They can't be tracked, they can't be found. They can also, as they are people who have associates through the years in the US intelligence organisations, be used to contact people in these agencies. They show up and shake someone's hands and say Remember me? This is going to be happening and I need your help. They can enlist the help of those who aren't in the New MJ12 but are horrified by the actions of Bush and Blair over these past few years.

So this New MJ12 group operated indeed in Chicago months ago where there was a shoot-out underground, underneath Fitzgerald's office, and prevented it. No question they operated on May 25th with full knowledge of what the plans were. What did Bush and Blair hope to achieve? They expected that if they had a small hand-picked group of people that came in from Britain for instance with Blair, as a security squad, how would anyone know? That it would be so secret that no-one would know and they were stunned to find that the whole operation from top to bottom was known and identified and foiled. This is our input, we were the ones who told members of the New MJ12 what the plan was and where the evidence was, and who was carrying it. Yes, they attempted to get the physical evidence because in some point in time the Bush White House will be brought into the docket, on trial - lock stock, and barrel - all those people at the top. It's a matter of convincing enough people in government that the people in the United States will not be alarmed but will go for this. This has been planned since the election in 2000 was stolen, but because the Congress was so heavily Republican and unlikely to impeach Bush and the evidence hadn't been garnered in full, it has been delayed. This has been a constant process of gathering evidence and eliciting support. At some point in the future, this essential coup of the United States government will take place. It will be explained to the American public that the Bush administration was illegal from the start, in both the 2000 and 2004 elections, and an alternate administration will be put into place while proper elections are conducted.

Signs of the Times #1600
What we have here is a time frame like this: We have commuter trains shutting down between New York and Washington on the 25th of May because of a power outtage. We have a very distraught Tony Blair appearing on a press conference with the ever bumbling Bush later that day. Then we have a shoot out in the Rayburn building on the 26th of May over some evidence that there was a plot to derail trains in the area on the 25th. Part of the information that Mr. Flocco released said the power outage was to prevent the derailments. [and from another]
AMTRAC has multiple electrical feeds into it's system. A single point failure should not do anything to shut the AMTRAC trains, even coming at a key point such as where the failure alledgedly occured. [and from another] 'The outage experienced Thursday was unprecedented. We had a situation where a localized outage cascaded throughout the whole system.' [and from another] [May 25] The power grid shutdown coming out of the French-Canadian province was said to have prevented American trains from crashing into one another or into major rail stations. [and from another] [May 31] The altercation turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire over a pouch containing evidence files documenting an operation to bomb the rail system along the Northeast corridor on Thursday.