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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 3, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

I was wondering if the Zetas could tell us if the CBS reporters killed or injured in Iraq recently were caused by a government agency/military or insurgency?

This was murder. This was a known route that the reporters were going to be taking and a roadside bomb was planted. Just as with the blowing up of the Golden Mosque - planned, arranged and blamed on the insurgency.

The Ocean votex near Australia. Do you think the Zetas could tell us exactly what that is? What caused it?

Signs of the Times #1601
Ocean Vortex 'Death Trap' Discovered [June 2] A team of scientists from The University of Western Australia Murdoch University, CSIRO and three American, French and Spanish research institutions announced the discovery of the vortex after a month-long research voyage in the ocean just west of Rottnest Island. The 10-member team found the vortex - 200km in diameter and 1000m deep - spinning at speeds up to 5kph just off the Rottnest Canyon. Dr Waite said the vortex, shaped like a giant child's spinning top, was created by current movement down the coast and is one of the largest ever found off of WA. [and from another] Cold arctic water may have been thrust on top of warmer water, and as with tornadoes, when the thrust that caused this situation stops, the cold water will suddenly drop, creating a vortex. ZetaTalk: Ocean Vortex, writen Sep 15, 1996

Obviously, for a vortex to occur, it has to be some water dropping rapidly. Cold water wants to drop through warm water. We have reported endlessly with great descriptive detail about the Earth wobble which causes the globe to waggle. The North Pole moves from one side to the other during the course of a 24 hour period and the South Pole likewise moves in this manner. This tends to move the Earth underneath the ocean waters and thus it's the same as propelling the Earth under the air. This is what's causing our very erratic weather where you have an increased hurricane season, a number of tornadoes appearing where they don't usually appear. We have predicted that this would be on the increase as we go into the months and years leading into the pole shift. So when this happens in the ocean, if you have increased tornadoes on land which has been reported, why wouldn't you have increased tornadoes in the ocean? This vortex is in an area reasonably close to the South Pole, and in this location, the Earth wobble is such that the North Pole bobs further towards the south and bobs back as Nancy has well documented in her Orbits section, the figure 8, and this causes the warm water around Australia to be suddenly pushed over cold water nearer Antarctica and then suddenly sucked back to where the warm water can flood in from the Indonesia area. That's what's causing this vortex. It will not be the last. In other parts of the globe where you have this dynamic and as the wobble increases, you will find vortexes showing up and what can we say? Zetas right again!

Did you see Blair meeting the Pope in the news, supposedly to discuss amoung other things tackling terrorism! As if the Pope has anything to do with that! I smell another face to face pole shift discussion - he was given 35 minutes in private.

What do you suppose? Was he making a confession? He's not even Catholic. Neither he nor the Pope really believes in all those little rules that Catholicism puts out there. That's for the sheep who are to be milked and led to slaughter. They were indeed talking about pole shift issues as was Dick Cheney when he met with him in the last few years and Bush. All face to face meetings. They don't do anything electronic for fear that a code will be cracked and people will put together what they are talking about. So what's to happen? What are the plans? How will the church help them? Obviously the church has strengths in that it can dictate to its many people. Indonesia, and the massive number of Catholics in South America for instance - many countries. Could they elicit his help? The answer - no. The Pope is very concerned about the loss in the Catholic membership around the world. Nobody is signing up to be a priest or a nun. People are not making donations. They have the paedophilia problem and it has become everyone for themselves. This increasingly happens as the rats who are basically Service-to-Self find that things aren't going well and turn for help to each other. The answer is Go away, I'm in this for myself!

I have read today on GLP of a recent archaeological find in Peru. It appears to be a calendar. But it appears to be megalithic in nature, like Stonehenge. Is this something that may be significant concerning the passage of Nibiru?

This is indeed similar to Stonehenge. Why would Britain be the only place of interest to these aliens that built Stonehenge? It has a similar date; it has a similar purpose to Stonehenge and not at all a calendar. If you're looking for the calendars that relate to the passage of Nibiru, a.k.a. Planet X, that would be the Mayan calendar although it was started on the wrong date and therefore does not arrive in 2012 as is anticipated. The pole shift will happen before 2012. Other calendars have not yet been discovered nor will they be by man, being well buried under the Earth and not even in folklore or in archaeological lore as to where to go find it.

Was there really a 264 foot wave? This was recorded by a German vessel.

Signs of the Times #1602
Was there really a 264 foot wave? This was recorded by a German vessel. [and from another] 260 Foot Wave. Confirmation 'Hansa Visby, last reported at 2006-May-28 12:00 UTC: position N 45°30', W 014°42' Length 149.8 m; beam 23 m; draft 9.5 m. VOS classification: general cargo vessel; recruited by DE as Selected ship (merchant). Wind from 010 at 10 knots. Waves 80.4 meters (264 feet), 2 second period.'

It was a large wave, the equipment measured accurately. No equipment error. This is the type of sloshing behaviour that we have described would occur off the Canary Islands as it's often feared that island would drop into the ocean because of a quake. The supposition is that some tsunami would roar across the Atlantic and hit New York and take New York City out. We have stated and have always been on record as stating that this would not occur. A large adjustment in the middle of the ocean becomes a ripple by the time it reaches coastlines. Tsunamis are caused by a very rapidly moving block of water that races towards a shore and it's a low wave that because of the pressure behind it rises up as it approaches land and crashes on land. But a large displacement like a meteor falling into the middles of the ocean would not cause a high wave to hit all the coastlines but would rather splash back upon itself and adjust back and forth. Drop something into your bathtub and watch how quickly that displacement, the hole that is created, fills back in and the little ripples go back and forth, choppy water, and suddenly it's smooth again. This is a lot different than if you took a paddle, put it in the bathtub and pushed it so that the water would flow towards one end of the bathtub and then suddenly splash against that end of the bathtub. The paddle is the tsunami. If you drop a rock or something heavy into the bathtub, that's your adjustment to a meteor or to what is going on in the Atlantic, which is yawing of the Atlantic as it stretches open and where the Pacific then makes some adjustments and compresses. There are no measurements for earthquakes or even stretch adjustments out in the middle of the Atlantic. Stretch zones are silent adjustments unlike compression which is almost always accompanied by a quake, so there is no record of this in the stretch zone. The ship rode up, rode down, survived, was not capsized, and by the time the wave reached shore, it had sloshed back and forth out in the ocean and adjusted so there was very little impact on the shore.

Is there anything that can be done to help protect species of animals or plants that are particularly at risk? Will the zetas or the zeta hybrids participate in helping to save/rescue any species that might be at risk. I am particularly concerned with the Giant Sequoia forest in northern California.

Yes, there are species that will be retained, things of beauty that would be put at risk, species that help keep the balance in the animal kingdom, and plants that are highly nutritious. Our hybrids will eat food, unlike ourselves who have adjusted to eliminating the digestive tract and just absorb through our lungs and skin in a vat which is like a bath, a spa bath of clear fluid which we manufacture. The hybrids will eat food as well the humans who will be living on Earth for approximately 100 years after the pole shift as they slowly die out and are drawn into the hybrid communities and intermarry with the hybrids. So therefore, we are selectively collecting species that we consider important and our criteria would of course be different than the criteria of humans who would say Ahh, my flowerbed. We have a different criteria. Our resources are limited. We're very busy. Our criteria would be irrelevant to explain beyond the explanation we have given because it would only meet with protests and appeals from people who feel that their kitty cats or whatever should be top of the line, top of the list.

Will June 6, 2006 bring anything unusual? Many people think so.

Just another day. We have stated that 666 is not even a magical number, carrying any import. Look at all the rules and regulations the Catholic Church comes up with or secret societies, the Masons, for instance. These are all designed to get people to worry more about the rules and regulations so they don't have any energy left for caring about each other. This is something those in the Service-to-Self who are looking for recruits try to impose on mankind to better their recruitment percentages. So it has zero significance. You can mutter 666 all you want and nothing will materialise, you won't be visited, you won't gain any control other than the control that you give it by assuming that it has some significance. So the day will come and go and be just another day.