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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 10, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What is the vaccine for cervical cancer really about? Why are they trying to give this to young girls, 9 years of age?

This is nothing more than a money-making venture which most pharmaceutical enterprises are. Yes, some miracle drugs emerge but just as often there are problems with the drugs that harm people when they take them. This comes out after the fact and covered up by the government agencies which protect the pharmaceutical companies which have intense lobbying arms into the regulatory agencies in the US government. This is true to a small degree also in other countries, but the US is clearly breaking all the rules. No inspection, just allow the pharmaceutical companies carte blanche and even write into law that they can be excused and cannot be sued. Just look at the accidents that happened in the UK where several people blew up like a balloon in horrific inflammations, shut down all the organs so they were in organ failure, had to have fingers and toes amputated and will never be right, with a drug experiment gone wrong. In fact, warnings were issued that there was some sign that this would happen in humans but they went ahead with the experiments anyway. Most experiments by pharmaceutical companies are a closely guarded secret, the data is not shared, is manipulated and the whole idea is to make money. The medical industry is pulled into this with autopsies and the like. The cause of is listed as death heart attack, stroke, bleeding out or whatever and the drugs taken are never mentioned as the cause. So in this particular instance, this is one more money-making venture. Cervical cancer is a horror for women unless you have regular checkups and even if you do, there it is in the middle of your abdomen, eating its way out. Distressing, almost as though someone had put a time bomb into your body. In fact they could simply immunize women who show signs of having this virus and it would be just as effective, but this reduces the number of vaccines they can sell so they're terrifying mothers to be concerned about their daughters. It's a larger market. It includes reaching down into a younger age group, therefore a larger market. Just another example of corporate greed and nothing more than that.

What's the story behind the recent announcement that Zarqawi was killed? He was rumored to be killed several times prior to this, and there is speculation that his body was taken out of a freezer for photo ops. And the bombs being dropped were huge, so how could his body survive, intact?

Signs of the Times #1604 Zarqawi is shown to be posing Rambo-style dressed in all black, sporting western-style white sneakers and brandishing what appears to be a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). US dissemination of the tape--showing a fattened up Zarqawi wearing western style clothing--helped weaken his credibility. [and from another] Islam specifically forbids tattoos. According to Islamic texts, the Prophet Mohammed forbade tattooing. A strict adherent of Islam and a jihadist was identified through examination of his tattoos. The tattoos are as baffling as the gold ring worn by someone said to be Zarqawi in the video of the gruesome beheading of Nick Berg. The Quran forbids Muslim men from wearing jewelry, specifically gold and silver. U.S. military made no mention of Zarqawi's prosthesis device. It has been reported that Zarqawi lost his leg during a battle in Afghanistan.

Yes it was Zarqawi in the building; the bombs did not drop directly on top of him, but upset the area. They didn't pull him out of the freezer. He was never the strong person that he was reported to be, as the video where he's having trouble even figuring out how to shoot a gun portrayed. Nor was he revered among Islamists as the fact of his having tattoos all over his body would imply. He was used, just as with the Golden Mosque, where it was blown up by US forces in an attempt to inspire civil war in Iraq so that they could hopefully roll over the border to Iran. He was used to create insurgency, and it has happened more than once that British soldiers have been caught dressed as Arabs and in a car with explosives. The insurgency would not be what it is, were it not for the assistance of British and US troops who try to create turmoil. The Iraqis are onto this. They have figured this out and there is great pressure for the US to simply leave. Why the capture of Zarqawi at this time? They fear they are going to have to leave and they want an alternative excuse. We've caught the ring leader and now the insurgency has been reduced therefore we can pull our troops out. The Bush White House is still trying to stay in Iraq in force, sit on the oil fields and carry out their original mission of rolling over onto Saudi Arabia and Iran and capturing these immense reserves of oil, but they fear that there're going to have their legs snapped out from under them. Should this happen, the alternate excuse is going to be, We have succeeded in Iraq and we've caught Zarqawi and now we can leave. Were they to pull out without some sort of a face-saving manoeuvre like this, it would look like We must have victory were hollow words. It's a face-saving manoeuvre, it's an ace in the hand for the White House to have Zarqawi captured and that's the reason for the discrepancy.

What's with all the laptop/data theft recently? Is it linked to the staged terrorism alerts?

Signs of the Times #1605
Data on nuclear agency workers hacked: lawmaker [Jun 9] A computer hacker got into the U.S. agency that guards the country's nuclear weapons stockpile and stole the personal records of at least 1,500 employees and contractors, a senior U.S. lawmaker said on Friday. The target of the hacker, the National Nuclear Safety Administration, is the latest agency to reveal that sensitive private information about government workers was stolen. The incident happened last September. [and from another] Lost IRS laptop stored employee fingerprints [Jun 5] MSNBC: 'A laptop computer containing fingerprints of Internal Revenue Service employees is missing. The computer was lost during transit on an airline flight in the western United States. The computer contained information on 291 employees and job applicants, including fingerprints, names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth.' [and from another] Social Security numbers of 26 million-plus veterans stolen [May 23] 'The data were on a laptop and external drive stolen May 3 in an apparent random burglary from the Montgomery County, Maryland, home of a Department of Veterans Affairs computer analyst.'

Indeed these are not accidents, in particular the theft which would allow someone to masquerade as an active duty military person and get into bases, stealing guns and distributing them for a home grown insurgency in the Untied States that would allow Bush to declare martial law. Likewise with nuclear power plants, when they have people who work in these plants very carefully controlled. The theft would allow someone to walk in with a badge, identification and the like, slip in and throw a lever, creating an explosion in a power plant. This is another terrorist incident that would allow Bush to create fake terrorism. Remember what we have stated, that the Council of Worlds has allowed us to interfere in these kinds of manoeuvres. Bush is getting desperate; he has been countered hundreds of times, he and the cohorts around him. Hundreds of attempts to create fake terrorism, the most recent the shooting in the Rayburn building just a public example of one of those times, and they have all failed. This will fail likewise because we know who stole these laptops and who stole this information. We know where they are plotting and who is involved and we can send our human teammates whom we are in contact with to counter this. So what can we say? Fear not, you are not alone in trying to save your country from the grim cold hand that has assumed power in the White House in the years 2000 and 2004.