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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 8, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Could the zetas comment on the thread posted by 'Russian Insider' on GLP Forum? This was confirmed by IP trace to be from a NASA facillity. Russian Insider stated 'The North Korea conflict is not as it seems. Think wider, broader. We need this missile shield to go live. Something is inbound. No, several are inbound. The shuttle, NK, the missile shield. It's ALL connected. Just not like you think. There is no safe zone. The Atlantic information was flawed. Look to the Pacific. Russia has a direct hit coming.'

Indeed this was from NASA and indeed this was a message that had been given prior approval and allowed to go out. Not from someone trying to leak information, as obviously they would be tracked. NASA is one of the most closely guarded agencies. They do everything but make them do a mind dump before going home in order to ensure that nobody is even thinking about leaking. And if there's any indication that this is the case they don't live long enough to make it happen so this is hardly a leak from NASA to the world. What is the purpose of this message which implies asteroids coming in and the need for countries to get the missile shield up and the like to protect from this? This is once again not pointing to Planet X and being honest about it.

We've mentioned from the start of Zetatalk, describing what the inbound trajectory is, what's going to happen with the tail debris of Planet X when the Earth passes through it or when it wafts past the Earth, how past pole shift have described large boulders thudding to Earth. There's no secret about the increase in fireballs that have happened, 2002, 2003, 2004 etc. and is still a high incidence although it doesn't hit the media as much. We have described for the last couple of years the slow 270° roll of Planet X and how, as it turns its N Pole away from the Sun and turns it towards Earth for the 3 days of darkness, the tail of Planet X will likewise be hosed directly at the Earth. Debris will pick up accordingly, and mankind should prepare for red dust and fireballs and for a return to an interference with electro-magnetic activity on Earth. So this is an attempt to get in ahead of time implying that it's gong to be asteroids. Asteroid swarms were all along an excuse to be proffered to the public when the moons of Planet X were visible and a lot of debris was falling. Oh, it's an asteroid swarm passing the Earth, never mind the monster planet standing behind all that which is going to cause a pole shift and disrupt life on Earth so you will not have the grid, you will not have your social services and you will be hunting the government that lied to you, enraged at the death and destruction that hit your family because they kept you ignorant. So once again disinformation as to the cause of the debris which will shortly be increasing, as we have told you over the least at last couple of years, regarding the tail of Planet X pointing toward Earth and what this means.

Was this a warning, to NASA, that debris hit the shuttle Discovery on liftoff? This also happened to Columbia, just a single piece, and was later blamed for Columbia blowing up upon reentry.

Signs of the Times #1617
Discovery Astronauts Start Inspections [Jul 5] About three minutes after liftoff, as many as five pieces of debris were seen flying off the tank, and another piece of foam popped off a bit later. The latter piece struck the belly of Discovery, but NASA assured the seven astronauts it was no concern because of the timing. Hale said Discovery was so high when the pieces came off that there wasn't enough air to accelerate the foam into the shuttle and cause damage.

NASA managers are indeed being warned, in the most obvious manner. The stage has been set, with a type of injury so similar to the Columbia's official reason for disintegration that it could not be missed. If the official reason for Columbia's demise was foam striking the shuttle, then here we have multiple pieces of foam striking the shuttle. Hello! This on top of a crack in the foam found days prior to liftoff, and ignored. For those NASA managers who have heard the story of why and how we took down Columbia, and dismissed the story as baseless, this was a blatant warning. After all the attention given inspections, after all the internal debate and scrutiny, they still had multiple foam problems. Is this possible? Not under normal circumstances, and indeed the foam cracks occurred as a warning, not because of any NASA failures. Will the foam strikes cause reentry problems for Discovery? No, but attempting to ferry back information on the position and trajectory of Planet X from the ISS will. They've been warned, and this is now in the hands of man. If astronauts die, their blood is not on our hands, but on their stubborn managers and the arrogant leadership in the White House.

What is the objective in reporting on terror plots that seem insubstantial? At the time of the Rayburn Building shootout, there was the flaky terror plot in Toronto, just a group of teenagers being given fertilizer by the Canadian Mounties. At the same time, terror arrests in London where an innocent man was shot, all based on false intel. Then the 7 Haitians arrested in Miami for plotting to blow up the Chicago Sears Tower. They had no weapons or funding and it was all just talk. Here again, in the NYC tunnel plot, just talk.

Bush and Blair are on the ropes, losing political support, losing popularity, their political careers ended. In past times, such political disasters are absorbed, failed politicians getting hired onto prestigious boards or given token management positions where they can pull down large salaries and end their days without loss of face. But these are days expected to lead rapidly into a pole shift, date uncertain, and both Bush and Blair expected to be in office when those days arrived. The dance that has ensued is to ensure they can remain in office. Bush has 2.5 years left, if he can avoid impeachment or assassination, both very real possibilities. To avoid impeachment, Bush needs a GOP controlled Congress, and since Republicans are considered tough on terror, this is helped by foiled terror plots. The problem for Bush here is that by beating this drum so frantically, it is obvious that they are trying to push public perception in this direction. The public senses the hysteria behind the push, and is asking 'where's the beef?' Meanwhile, Bin Laden remains at large, and the borders and ports are wide open, as the uproar of the Dubai port deal and Bush's Guest Worker Program have reminded the public. Hysterical politicians seldom put forth a well controlled message, they blunder and contradict themselves. More such entertainment is likely as the Fall elections approach.

Both Bush and Condi were extremely nervous on July 5 while holding photo ops in DC. Condi was meeting with someone from Turkey, and Bush with someone from Georgia, both countries that border Iran. The N Korea missile tests had just occurred also. Condi was nervous, and Bush stuttering. Why are they so discombobulated?

Signs of the Times #1618
Both Bush and Condi were extremely nervous on July 5 while holding photo ops in DC. Condi was meeting with someone from Turkey, and Bush with someone from Georgia, both countries that border Iran. The N Korea missile tests had just occurred also. Condi was nervous, and Bush stuttering. Why are they so discombobulated? [and from another] Bush To Welcome Georgian President Saakashvili [Jul 5] 'Some analysts are suggesting that the timing of the meeting, scheduled just ahead of the upcoming Group of Eight (G8) summit in St. Petersburg, is intended to send a signal to Russia.' [and from another] Gül to have talks in US on July 5 'Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül said yesterday he would be in Washington for meetings on July 5, aimed at establishing a common ground between NATO allies Turkey and the United States on a range of topics including the Iraq war. The goal of the trip is the completion of a strategic vision paper outlining future relations between Turkey and the United States.' [and from another] Uzbekistan tells U.S. military to leave [Aug 6, 2005] 'The government of Uzbekistan hand-delivered an eviction notice to the Penta gon on July 29, via U.S. Embassy officials in the capital of Tashkent. The official document ordered the U.S. to close its military base in Karshi-Khanabad in the south of the country within 180 days.'

Bush and his Secretary of State are showing their reaction to a setback. What was anticipated to be a conference laying the groundwork for an attack against Iran has turned into a disappointment. The Bush plans to hold onto Iraq are also slipping badly, with Italy and Japan recently pulling out of the coalition and no new countries eager to take their place. The new Iraq government is turning against the US, talking about giving amnesty to what they are calling the resistance, refusing to label the insurgents as terrorists or criminals. The new Iraq government is also wanting the US to set a time table, and there goes the grip on the oil fields of the Middle East. Ever arrogant, the Bush Administration is proceeding with their demands on the US Military that they prepare for a new front with Iran, and are looking for bases surrounding that country in order to conduct bombing campaigns. It was recently announced that the base the US had in Uzbekistan country was lost, the US ordered to leave. Afghanistan is returning to the Taliban, and Pakistan none too pleased with the US since they crossed the border in hot pursuit, murdering an entire village in the process. Bush and Condi are insulated, arrogant, and assume an exalted posture the rest of the world does not agree with. Summoned to DC, Turkey and Georgia were expected to be swept off their feet with charm and persuasive arguments that Bush and Condi had assured themselves they could muster. What you saw on their faces, as they faced the press and were unable to make the announcements they had hoped, was the fluster of spoiled children discovering they are not the most talented and admired!

What's behind all the recent aggression from Israel against the Palestinians?

The Israelis are not in a tenable position and never have been. They have treated the whole Palestinian issue and the Arab issue over the generations as something where they wanted to punish the Arabs or the Palestinians so badly for pushing against them or tying to demand rights from Israel that it was out of the question. Not a gentle push, not a fair exchange, not anything reasonable and the reason for this is they don't want to give an inch feeling that if they give an inch, they'll be asked to give a mile. Of course if one were to go in and do a fair exchange, Israel would have to give up a great deal in territory and rights. They are holding money owed to the Palestinians because Hamas won the election and doing everything they can to aggravate the Palestinians to be an attack force so they can point the finger and say look at how bad they are, they're back to suicide bombing. It's a ploy that has worked in the past and they feel that it will work in the future. Don't give an inch, be vicious at all cost and since it has worked for them in the past they're unlikely to change their MO. However things are changing. The United States, their big backer, is now in Iraq but is being pushed out of Iraq, they're failing in Iraq, they're over-extended, the military exhausted and now with threats from North Korea and the like against Hawaii and Alaska, they need to worry about their home front. The US was previously giving lots of money to Israel as their ally sitting near the oil fields but they're terribly squeezed and the dollar plummeting and the deficit sky-high. All of this is putting Israel in a tenuous situation which it is not recognizing and we have mentioned when the pole shift happens, these kinds of wars between neighbours, people who are essentially brothers and claiming they have come from the same region and share much of the same heritage, will turn to be brother helping brother and they'll drop these arguments and be more concerned about simple survival. But until the earth changes start tearing up that region, don't expect any change between Israel and its Arab neighbours.

What about the Mexico elections which seem like election fraud?

Look to the times and the determination to stay in power. just look to the US where the GOP is losing their grip, the Bush White House is losing their grip and how they are throwing everything they can into the battle. They can't count on election fraud necessarily this Fall but are trying every means at their disposal. Stick with the GOP, we're good at fighting terror and boy, are we having the terror threats lately. So they're frantic and determined, not about to lose their grip. The elite worry about not being in charge when it gets rough and the pole shift Earth changes exacerbate. They want to be able to declare martial law, to direct the militia, the police forces and the like, to control the media. All of this is at risk and going in the wrong direction toward informing the common man if the conservatives do not hold. But the count is so very close and it depends on how angry the people become and how determined because historically there is some leverage where the Mexico Supreme Court ruled for the people. But on the other hand look towards what the Supreme Court did in the United States in the year 2000. They allowed Bush to assume the White House even though it was clear that he hadn't won the popular vote. It depends who's on the Supreme Court in Mexico and who's leaning on those people. We would predict the likelihood is that the conservatives will get in and there will be a lot of rioting and rebellion and restlessness in the people. But this is in the hands of man and it could go in other directions. Ultimately the common man is the one who is going to prevail and survive the pole shift when the elite are going to be torn limb from limb and abused. This is where Mad Max gangs go to loot and they do not honour at all the fact that the lord of the manor is somebody with his nose in the sky who thinks he's of royal blood or an aristocrat. As a matter of fact, they almost take pleasure in giving those people a painful and tortured ending because they're the haves and the people that are looting are the have-nots. So in the end this sorts out, but in the short term Mexico is likely to go conservative, that's our guess.