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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Aug 5, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Would the Zetas care to comment upon the 'fireball' that was videotaped by a police cruiser Wednesday evening in Texas?

Just another example of the debris we have predicted will increase as the tail of Planet X turns increasingly toward the Earth. This will become so commonplace as to be ignored, other Earth changes capturing the attention of horrified mankind. Get used to it!

During the past couple weeks there have been two storms in my area the likes of which I have never seen. Lightning non stop, and I mean non stop! Like a strobe light. Absolutely beautiful. Are these lightning storms caused by Planet X? Is this new? It's new to me!

Lighting occurs when air masses are rushed past each other, with some violence. Lighting is usually associated with storms where one front rushes in, pushing against another air mass, rising above or below it. We have predicted an increased wobble, with increased weather wobbles, causing more intense storms and storms occurring in unusual places. The increase in rain, to where deluges are happening regularly and breaking records, is another example. These lighting storms should be expected to increase, also.

Can Zetas comment about sleepwalking. What's causing it? Is it some kind of subconscious action or some kind of temporal mental disorder? Is the brain action and memory limited when sleepwalking? For many, like myself, sleepwalking seems to be a childhood phase, but for some it continues on adulthood. Quoting: Shambala 127197

Humans have many states of consciousness. They are aware of the subconscious and conscious, and amnesiac states where the conscious is turned off and thus does not remember the time when it is absent. It is possible, in coming out of an amnesiac state, for the conscious to be updated by the subconscious, when the person is emotionally ready for this information. The Zetas likewise utiltize this chemical ability to turn the conscious off when making contact, to be recorded only in the subconscious during the Awakening period. This is a chemical process, one the body can switch on and off readily. Sleep walking is the body awake but recording only in the subconscious. Thus, the person seems awake and can even converse, but has no memory of the setting later, consciously. Sleep walking is used by the person when there are desires not acceptable to the conscious mind. Do I want to walk into the neighbors bedrood, and get close to his beautiful wife? Hey, it wasn't me, I was asleep at the time!