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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Aug 12, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

The BP pipeline. Is it a scam or what!?

Clearly, if they were aware of the corrosion and damage last March, going into the Summer period in Alaska, and did nothing, then this is a deliberate attempt to raise oil prices. In Alaska, at the current moment, the nights are getting longer and the temperature dropping. So much easier to repair during the brief Summer, which is now almost lost. The intention is to save all the oil they can for the Aftertime, when they will be able to get more then just a few dollars per gallon. There will be slaves, any goods they want in barter, and endless abillity to make demands of survivors, or so they think! What these arrogant control freaks are not computing is what will happen to their precious oil fields and pipelines and refineries! nothing will be working, especially the protections and advantages they assume will be in place for their precious selves. But such is their arrogance, that they proceed on this path, as does the White House.

Just this past week Bush tried to secure control of the U.S. National Gaurd but the governors were not too happy. I'm not sure if the issue is over or not.

Attempting to federalizing the National Guard is a sign of a weakening Bush White House. He is having problems with the US Military, as the lack of cooperation with invading or bombing Iran has shown, and the failure of the Military to back him up when he publically stated he would send 30,000 troops to Lebanon. He has tried many maneuvers to bypass resistance in the Military, assigning a Navy Admiral to NORTHCOM when the Navy was assumed to be a branch of the Military loyal to him, for instance. This resulted in a NORTHCOM meeting during the time of Katrina where they read him the riot act. Make no assumptions! He hopes to create confusion during any Martial Law attempt, where so much of the nation automatically follows what comes out of the White House, what the press reports from a commandeered broadcasting studio, that the public will go along and the Military will find it hard to counter the surge. This won't work, as States Rights are a huge issue in law and something the states consider sacred.

Did you get to see the new UFO videos from Australia. They are they best by far this year. There has been a massive wave over Australia.

Australia is a continent that will be horrifically affected during the shift, with the western 2/3 going under water quickly during the hour of the shift. This will be a flood tide, rolling in from the West as India is pushed under the Hymalayas. Inland, those without boats will scarsely stand a chance. Check the area being blitzed by these UFO's and you will see an area being warned! It is not simply a matter of seeing a UFO and wondering, these UFO's are busy sending telepathic messages, and making contact. As in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, those gazing and listening are receiving a warning!

This new ZT about plans for martial law is pretty interesting. Who knows what kind of stuff can happen if Bush tries to pull this off. It could start a civil war if he was serious enough. I'm sure the ring leaders of the Bush Crime Org. are very serious. [and from another] Is Gore in command of the Iraq situation? Do they have a plan? Are they just waiting for a new Congress?

A crises is brewing in Washington DC, a clash between those who have resisted the Bush Coup wherein this group took control of the White House in 2000 and retained it by voter fraud in 2004, and those who see the Constitution being eroded by a lawless group. Indeed, as rumored, Fitzgerald has collected information on the lawless intent and actions of this group in the White House. Indeed, all that stays there hand in declaring to the American public that their leadership is illegitimate is an overturn of Congress in the Fall of 2006. There have been clashes between these groups, evident to those knowledgeable and watching, such as the Rayburn Building shootout. This Fall will bring a clash that will not be concealed, unless something unexpected occurs. As always, these matters are in the hands of man, so the situation can vere. Until the 2006 mid-term elections, the issue is convincing the public to stay the course with the GOP. If voter fraud is unable to give the GOP a victory, then panic will grip the White House. It is this time period, especially the Holiday break, that should be watched closely! Fireworks may ensure, obvious to the common man only by the discombobulate media, who don't know who is in charge, and what they should or should not be reporting!

Does this mean that planned terrorist attacks are now also being prevented from occurring in countries other that the US now?

They are constantly trying to find a way around the Council of Worlds edicts, and this was one of them. If they could explain that UK planes on their way to the US were a target, then bomb them, this would be the new 911 wanted desperately by the White House. As we have stated, going to the Council for new amendments to their edicts takes but a split second, and this was secured! Thus, the ploy was not something that occurred, as hoped and planned, but only reported as a failed plot caught by the clever Brits with US support!