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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Aug 19, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Would the Zeta's care to comment on whether or not the recent debate regarding Pluto's planetary status has anything to do with Planet X?

Signs of the Times #1632
Plan boosts solar system to 12 planets [Aug 16] 'The tally of planets in our solar system would jump instantly to a dozen under a highly controversial new definition proposed by the International Astronomical Union. The proposal, which sources tell is gaining broad support, tries to plug a big gap in astronomy textbooks, which have never had a formal definition for the word planet. It addresses discoveries of Pluto-sized worlds that have in recent years pitched astronomers into heated debates over terminology.' [and from another] Pluto is simply the second largest of the known Kuiper belt objects (2003 UB313 is the largest). Ceres is the largest asteroid. By the proposed IAU definition, anything large enough to be pulled by its own gravity into the shape of a sphere and which is in orbit around a star is a planet. The proposal officially recognizes 12 planets (the nine previously recognized plus Ceres and Pluto's moon Charon plus 2003 UB313) creates a complex committee procedure for an object to become officially recognized. [and from another] The 12th Planet. The First Book of the Earth Chronicles. 'The 12th Planet" is at first an interesting read about the ancient Sumerian religion and the possibility that homo sapiens owe our ancestry to interference from visitors from another planet - a planet that enters our solar system every 3600 years.' [Note: just before the Earth changes to ballistic, to confuse the populace about the term, the 12th Planet!]

To reach the number 12, the IAU had to include a moon, a moon of a challenged planet, Pluto. The debate is over whether to exclude Pluto from the count, but we are encouraged to include it's moon? And what happened to Earth's Moon, far larger than Pluto itself! The contorted logic shows that this issue is not even logical, but an attempt to grab the headlines with the words '12 Planets'. This allows anyone plugging that into a search engine to be so confused about what is being talked about that they are diverted from Sitchin's work, the clear purpose here. Why this frantic maneuver? They know the issue of Niburu, i.e. the 12th Planet, will soon be front page, on the Internet, and hope to buy themselves a little more time, keeping the sheeple dumb and placid. Planet X has also been a much overused term, applied to Sedna and other distant and irrelevant rocks barely orbiting the Sun or in the vicinity. Look past this maneuver to the panic at the IAU, at NASA, at being challenged as to why they knew Planet X was in the neighborhood and said nothing. They will be the first to hang, the first to burn, and are clearly running very, very scared! Does this mean Planet X will soon become visible, and without challenge, in the skies? This is obviously their opinion, and are not wasting any time making the issue muddy in the search engines.

Will you comment on the move that they are going to make inland in Jan ... 2009 or could be sooner ... My contacts still say they are prepareing for the move as we speak.

We have mentioned the larger number of persons aware of the coming threat, as the need to keep the lid on the cover-up continues. Weathermen, who must not comment on the extremes but act casual. Astronomers, who invariably work for Universities or observatories well funded and thus under the control of the elite, and who must sign national security oaths to even secure work. Would they not report on the UFO's they sight, othewise? NASA employees, who likewise are sworn to silence and concluded in a study years ago that in the event of an an extinction level event, or some equivalent, they would say nothing to the public. Geologists, aka the made for TV movie 'Yellowstone, Super Volcano', where the key geologist was told to lie to the public for the good of commerce and the tourist industry, are told to lie about the number of quakes, and in fact dumb them down and omit them, as any close observation of the data discloses. The Navy, of course, being the timekeeper and in virtual control or certainly at the hub of communications in observatories worldwide, is part of the DOD. So the DOD of course is aware, and accordingly is looking out for the survival, intact, of their officer class and technology. Yes, they are planning to move personnel inland by 2009 or earlier, in woodlands where the public is excluded. No, they will not be housing dependents. Yes, they want this a closely held secret and will deny even after being exposed. So don't expect any official acknowledgement of these plans. Why 2009 or 2008 the latest? They are closely watching the path and speed of Planet X, and have gauged they have this much time!

Hey Nancy, have you seen this new crop circle?

It's a hoax. It mocks ancient glyphs, Mayan and the like, and this is a trend of hoaxes, to point to mankind's symbols. Also, all those lines are straight lines, except for the outer boundry lines. The key is whether the gain has been flattened or bent at the nodes. We never get those details reported anymore. There are lots of frauds this year, and they have gotten more expert at it, laying perfect circles and the like.

Have you noted how defeated Bush looked at the most recent press conference from Camp David?

Their last card re pushing the US Military into Iran, via a confrontation with Syria, has failed. They tried stiring civil war by bombing the Golden Mosque, and succeeded only in delaying the exit of the military from Iraq. The military has countered by drawing a line in the sand with Bush, stating that if civil war breaks out in ernest, they will leave! Thus, Bush is known to have made that statement, recently, certianly not the type of statement he would make, and thus indicative of behind the scenes maneuvering. Israel pummeled Lebanon, the Shia in Lebanon, hoping that Syria and Iran would not be able to stand by idly. No intervention was needed, as it was a standoff, missile for missle, Israel not only taking a beating but showing the Arab nations that they were no longer the fearsome power once thought! What now? Anticipation of a withdrawal from the Middle East, from Iraq, and the loss of control of the oil fields there! Until fresh plans have been laid, to perhaps invade Saudi Arabia on some excuse, there will be gloom at Camp David.

With the housing bubble poping, gas prices up, job losses, cost of living going up, etc.. just how much longer can the charade that all is well with the economy be maintained?

The Puppet Master is not interested in bank failure or the collapse of an economy, as his assets include corporations and housing as investments as well as ownership of banks. Thus, is it in his interest to encourage the media to continue the hype, all the while punishing the US economy to force Bush out of Iraq. This occurs, because Congress is faced with choices, the public or the war, and fear rebellion at the polls. Thus, the facade that is presented to the public at present, jobs, growth, market holding its value, will continue even when it cannot be supported even by concocted facts! This has a long way to go before public riots in the street occur, as every man assumes his problems local, and few see the big picture.

Did Mark Karr do in JonBenet?

As any detective will report, famous crimes, those that hit the news, have many confessors. These are individuals who are failing in life, and long for the spotlight. They long to get the attention the perpetrator gets, and the threat of death as punishment a small price to pay. At least their life will be in the spotlight, their name remembered, and the attention a warm glow to warp about them! Mark Karr most certainly is not the perp, and any information he has about the case, known only to investigators, is due to his many contacts with the investigators! He hounded them, conversed with them, corresponded with them, and contacted as many as would tolerate him. Thus, even by omission, by a refusal to comment, he was able to piece together a likely story.