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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Sep 9, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

What's going on "behind the scenes" regarding Tony Blair's recent statement about stepping down in a year? [and from another source] Minister resigns in attempt to force Blair exit [Sep 6] Tony Blair's administration has been dealt what may turn out to be a fatal blow by the resignation of seven members of his Government. Tom Watson, the under-secretary of state for defence, wrote to Mr Blair this morning telling him that it was no longer in the interests of Labour or of the country for him to remain Prime Minister. The Prime Minister responded immediately by describing Mr Watson as "disloyal, discourteous and wrong" and saying that he had planned to fire him anyway. Mr Watson's resignation will have all the more impact as he is known as a Blairite loyalist, who formerly served as a Government whip and was expected to rise through the ministerial ranks under the Prime Minister.

Both Bush and Blair are on the ropes, the end of their days, and know it. They had hoped to hang on until the pole shift, as being in the seat of power they would be ushered to bunkers and guarded, and unable to be unseated due to elections that could not be held. But the press on both these formerly gleeful boys, who felt they were going to end up on top of the world, controlling the huge US military and sitting on the worlds oil supply, will not sustain their staying in power. Blair can be unseated more easily than Bush, due to British law, and has arrived at the point where they are about to take action to unseat him. Thus, he is trying to placate his adversaries, by giving a date, by hinting at a date, hoping they will ease back. They won't. And Bush is running scared because Congress will be lost soon, and impeachment is openly discussed.

have you been asked about the Richard Armitage twist on the Fitzgerald/Plame case? Sounds like they found a fall guy!

It was clear during the year that Fitzgerald held Grand Juries that the outing of Plame was from Cheney's office, with the active assistance of Rove. They were clever in declassifying part of the document about Wilson, so it was not clear that Wilson's wife was an active and covert CIA agent. Thus, when the story started to spread, as it appeared this was declassified material worthy of gossip and not against the law to talk about, Rove and Libby talked it up, deliberately. Thus Fitzgerald had nothing he could claim against the law. It was a clever manipulation, but not one lost on the public. Bush declassified the document, which by law he could do. Armitage was used.

Can you comment on preps and the need for being constantly ready? I have been burned a bit in the past. I understand that you cannot be too specific for several reasons but can you comment on the general wear and tear on those of us trying to stay prepared? Thanks

Preparations are individual, down to grabbing the toothbrush and hopeing to make it to high land to elaborate survival bunkers will piles of supplies to moving from the city to rural land and going primitive, with windmill and chickens and goats. Clearly, those with funds for an elborate bunker need go no further than they were in 2003, except to swap out some aging supplies, which in the main are good for so many years the swap is not necessary. Clearly, those who have moved to rural areas and learned to live off the land as Nancy has been planning to do, seed and fish hooks and chickens in hand, skill sets honed, hand tools and windmill equipment, need also make no new plans. They are well prepared, as well prepared as anyone could be. This leaves those who are not in safe places, and have a small cache of food stuff, which they periodically eat and buy new. They may have only a grab bad, a grab and run bag, which again, with first aid supplies and change of clothes, is ever ready. The wear and tear is often emotional, mental and physical due to the emotional drag. We can only say that if you were not aware, you would be worse off, and going through a pole shift is not an easy thing, in any case. Check your preparations, then clear your mind of the issue, as you will not be taken by surprise, as we have enumerated. When action can replace worry, your exhuastion will be a thing of the past!

Should california expect much in the way of volcanic activity. I live near Mammoth Mountain,and am very worried it could errupt due to the influences of PX.

We have chimed in with Scallion on suspecting that a rip will occur from San Diego up toward Yellowstone, as there is a fault line there. Why would this rip, in a manner that would disrupt Mammoth? As we have stated in detailing the Earth Torque, wherein New England is pulled toward the East and Mexico toward the West, pulling the N American continent in a diagonal, fault lines will not be stressed in their traditional ways, but in new ways, during the coming months. New Madrid is an example. East of the Mississippi, going up, West of the Mississippi, going down. In a similar manner, the fault line from San Diego to Mammoth, and on up toward Yellowstone, will find the land South going West, with Mexico, and North staying with the land above this fault. Thus, should such rupture take place, in stages, evacuate Mammoth Lake!

Here's an oddity, a new creature, it seems! The photos at this web site are very clear! Looks like a croc mouth, but very hairy, and way too long to be a seal!

As has been noted in recent years, tropical creatures are migrating North along coastlines, and overland, due to the general warming of the crust. This is not Global Warming, a degree or two in the air, but crustal warming, which has the permafrost melting from the bottom up, as well as glaciers and polar ice. There are more species than man is aware of, and certainly during disruptions they are more likely to come to notice of man. This creature is deep sea, not roaming near shore, and does not take the bait that fishing boats troll with. Thus, unless a deep sea exploration cell were to take sight of it, it remained unknown to man. Turbulence in the ocean, under sea volcano eruptions, and in particular emissions from rock as the fault lines under water are stressed drove this creature too near shore, where he was helpless to fight the tides!

Two interesting pieces, which seem to contradict each other but in fact complement, I think. Going to ask the Z's about this. [and from another source] Obesity pandemic engulfing world: experts [Sep 3] The world now has more fat people than hungry ones, according to World Health Organisation figures, with more than a billion overweight people compared to 800 million who are undernourished. He also warned in an opening address that the growth of obesity-related diabetes, or so-called "diabesity", was set to bankrupt health budgets all over the world. [and from another source] Subject: World food shortages [Sep 4] This weeks Independant Newspaper (UK) carries a very frightening story regarding world wide food shortages. The food mountains have all but disappeared and we havent enough land to continue feeding ourselves Globally. More and more refugees arrive daily from Africa because they are literally starving. We are as the paper claims in our 6 year out of 7 short of food. This seems to be very similar to the bibilical story of Daniel and his prophetic utterances to Nebucanezer. Can the Zetas shed any light on this matter?

It has been noted that many farm animals are having twins, twin births, for unexplained reasons during the erratic weather. The reasons for this are deep within the DNA of creatures that sense hard times coming, and want to better the chances for survival of the species. Those who had such a reaction to unsteadying times, survived, where those without such DNA were decimated. In similar manner, it is no accident, nor even life styles, that is causing the explosion in obesity! This is a deliberate urge, in those sensing starvation in their future.

No one asked about the ABC docudrama, their fako 911 story where they use real Clinton era names and show other than real occurences. Like, I would think, those folks could sue. We are expecting something by tomorrow night, either highly edited or pulled. What will it be? And will they meet the expectations of all that it be truthful?

How does one fill a slot, for two nights running, on the 911 anniversary, without such an episode? They will run it, but it will be hacked so badly that scenes will seem spotty. They will need to fill in the time, which fortuately they have as Bush is commandering a 20 minute slot for a speach on Monday night. Thus, their hack job will not be noticeable. Why was this done, so deliberately that many on the set walked or complained, seeing it not historical as claimed? Money and influence, from the White House, which uses more than persuasion, using threats. All the thefts of laptops, containing identity, recently, so noted by Wayne Madsen. We have stated that this was not to populate databases for use by the government, but to use in coercion to cooperate with the White House. Identity theft is very painful, and is no idle threat!