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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Nov 11, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Given the swing to the Democrats in Congress, will this increase the rate/quality of PX related disclosures? Also given the Zetas assistance in correcting election fraud, is there a likelihood of the US having true elections going forward? Bush and company must be very desperate now and I don't imagine the Zetas can keep the election work up forever.

As we have stated in the past, we were given an exception to the rule of non-interference to prevent WMD from being planted in Iraq, to prevent false terrorism attacks within the US, and to prevent the 1957 bird flu virus from being planted around the world by US and British intelligence agencies. We have, obviously, been granted yet another exception in order to counter voter fraud in the US. One can assume this to be a continuing grant, though we cannot speak to the motivation of the Puppet Master who arranged human helpers galore, to the count of approximately 8 thousand souls. His funds and influence were key to success, here. Even though Bush has been decapitated further, a goal held by the Puppet Master as we have often stated, this is no assurance that the coverup over the presence and path of Planet X will be lifted. The concern over panic is broad and deep in the establishment, though Democrats in general are more concerned about the common man and more likely to press to inform the common man. That break point is not around the corner, not today, not for weeks or months we would venture to guess.

With the elections done, Rumsfield out, who really is calling the shots? Is it the military, as was alluded to previously? Is Cheney running Bush? Will we pull out of Iraq & Afghan?

The rats began turning on each other well ahead of the elections, as the tide had turned in Iraq, the polls and media response showing the public had reached the breaking point re Iraq and the types of resistance seen during the Viet Nam war about to break out. It has been a persistant rumor on the Internet for several months that Bush Sr was interested in salvaging his son's botched job, and had sent in what he considered the A-Team re this. Billed as bi-partisan, it is nonetheless devoted to key goals of Bush and his father - to remain in Iraq at least as far as the oil fields are concerned, and to remain in power at least in name only within the US. Cheney and Rumsfeld will be the scapegoats, a fact already apparent in the sudden firing of Rumsfeld. Cheney was in point of fact the key strong arm in getting the Iraq war started, overseeing the faked intelligence and acting as a go-between with the CIA re this. His office orchestrated the punishment of Wilson and Plame. With Congress suddenly and unexpectedly pulling their support of Bush's agenda, there is sudden worry about putting in a buffer zone. Cheney is not trusted, is likely to try to finger Bush to save himself and ascent to the throne. Thus firewords between Bush and Cheney can be expected. The plan is not to withdraw completely from either Iraq or Afghanistan, but to position to protect oil interests only. This plan is unlikely to win approval in Congress, so expect fireworks there also.

Also after all the recent US politics comments, do the Zetas have anything to say about Blair's travails regarding the cash for peerages scandal. What chance is there of Blair being brought down by it?

Blair will not survive now that Bush no longer can guarantee support on military operations. He had already failed, and had been forced to give a date for retiring the reins. Bush is hoping that changing his Sec of Defense will allow him to continue to call the shots, but the new leadership in Congress will make demands that the Pentagon will be unable to ignore, else lose funding and perhaps face a vote ordering the military to exit Iraq. Approval of promotions also lies in the hands of Congress, to some degree. Future funding to refurbish depleated stocks, also. Approval of a new Sec of Defense keys on agreement to exit Iraq, a fact stated by Pelosi. Blair thus will be hung out alone, swinging slowly in the wind, and powerless to call on his buddy Bush for favors will be savaged.

The vote in Connecticut showed Senator Lieberman's opposing candidate got exactly the same number of votes in 2000 as in 2006. Was that a just a strange coincidence or was it some manipulation of the vote, and if so whose agenda did it serve in 2000 and in 2006.

In some cases, a logical spread on vote counts was used, if the count was otherwise lost. The outcome or races was the same as the polls going into the election predicted. The outcome in all cases was correct and per the voters choices. Just what the exact counts are is therefore not important. What was effected was countering fraud, not perpetrating it.

Do the Zetas have any comments on the recent threat from Al Qaeda to blowup the white house?

They haven't a prayer. We are stopping real terrorism within the US as well as the hundreds of attempts by Bush Co to effect false terror within the US.

With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC being the one to help get truth out with his straight forward special announcements to the Bush Co. etc. Does he have the Zeta's protection?

We would not respond to such a question as by process of elimination, one could discover who was not under protection, and thus encourage attack. We would prefer that those in the establishment planning to attempt assassinations think all such individuals are under protection, and thus hesitate, which is more likely if such a question is not answered. We are sure you understand and are in sympathy with our caution.

Now that the Rothschild puppetmaster has gotten Democratic control of Congress, what are his plans? What kind of changes does he want?

We have mentioned that the Puppet Master wants the Middle East oil fields intact and in hand he can negotiate with in the future. Bush has not arranged that in Iraq, but rather tries to arrange his control of the oil fields, to supplant and act as peer to the Puppet Master. Thus, the rage and determination to decapitate Bush, which we outlined just after the 2004 elections were stolen. As Nancy would say, Zetas RIGHT Again! re this election. The Puppet Master is a supreme negotiator and wants his assets protected, not in ruins. From this statement, you can hypothesize, as it is a no-brainer. He does not want riots, so wants fair treatment of the public. He does not want bank failure, so does not want fiscal irresponsibility in the US government. He wants a US presence in the Middle East to protect oil assets, but does not want war.

Reports are flying today about some key cities in Europe being targeted by Al Qaeda this holiday season. Of course, the Zetas are preventing the US from attacks but will the attacks be allowed in other countries? Is it the terrorists or US doing it? If another attack happens in England, for instance, wouldn't there be a chance for them to impose martial law?

What benefit would there be to Al Qaeda to increase attacks just when they are getting results against the Bush administration? Their goal is to get the US out of the Middle East and to erode support for Israel. Almost all the supposed Al Qaeda or insurgency attacks in Iraq purported have been at the hands of black ops from the US and Britain, including the bombing of the Golden Mosque. These recent threats are designed to boost the stature of Bush and Blair, nothing more.

In interviews Bush seems to be putting up a good front. Is there still the possibility of him calling martial law?

Bush fully anticipated being able to pull off voter fraud and retain both houses of Congress in Republican hands. They are in shock. We anticipated, as outlined in Iran Boondoggle written some months ago, that Bush would try to press into Iran, force the military to engage Iran, and this has been his public press steadily. The US Military has been pushing back, refusing, even openly refusing to arrange what Bush and Rumsfeld had publically announced, such as troop movements. Our statement that he would also likely declare Martial Law in an attempt to retain his Presidency forever was not linked to Iran irrationality, but to our anticipation of panic on his part as the year ended. This was for several reasons, including our anticipation that the Republicans would lose this election. War with the Cheney crowd, who hold sway over the agencies more than Bush does, will stress Bush, so he is likely to try this card. Our prediction, made in Iran Boondoggle, still stands, that the agencies will ignore such orders from the White House, and the public likely to only hear rumors.

Do the Zetas see any new investigations into 911 now that both housed have flipped? Will the public at least get some sense of what really happened from 'official' sources?

Investigations are one thing the public can be assured of, following the Democratic coup of Congress. However, this is balanced by a sense of not causing confusion and distress in the public. This is one reason that the public has been assured that impeachment is not on the front burner, not on the table. Of course is it on the table, but not at the start. First, a number of issues that the public is aching to see happen - minimum wage, withdrawal from Iraq, reversing the give away to the rich in the form of corporate welfare and tax cuts to the most wealthy, and stabilizing the red ink wherein Bush spends like there is no tomorrow. You don't want to spill the soup before the children are fed. Then the uproar in the kitchen can begin. Beyond investigating what Bush and Cheney knew, these offical investigations are not likely to bring forth satisfaction, as the trail leads to sources that are reluctant to be revealed. It will be seen as a desire to have an excuse to invade Iraq, not a desire to punish the Bush administration.

I live in southeastern Wisconsin and the chemtrails have been really bad here all summer long and into the fall. If the elite are planning to poison us and this is some kind of practice for the future, just what are the specifics of their plans for those of us who live near the western shore of Lake Michigan? Just how does Wisconsin figure into the elite's plans?

We have mentioned in the past that Kokomo, Indiana is a second seat of government, has been in the plans in that regard. Chicago and Milwaukee are large cities, with land masses that conjoin with the location of Kokomo. LA is another city that worries the elite, as they can crawl up into Utah, a home of many ultra-righters. To understand the fears of the elite, look to where their enclaves are, and where the large cities that conjoin these enclaves are, and you will see those areas you should avoid when the last weeks are upon you.

Why are the Dems playing nice? Pelosi, Conyers, Dean pledging NO impeachment. Is the new Congress going to tell the public about the hundreds of billions stolen from the Iraq funds and other federal programs by the Bush-Cheney crowd?

Cheney is certainly a target. Haliburton, lies about Iraq, 911 person at the helm when the Air Force was told to stand down, etc. Who would want to start to impeach Bush while Cheney was out there to inherit the throne? Cheney should be bleeding, first!

Here's what the Zetas had to say recently to email from Oaxaca.

Revolutions between poor and oppressed people and the establishment that represents the rich and powerful are common, throughout history. Ghandi in India is one such case. Castro in Cuba another. The Iraqi people creating defeat for the US occupation is yet another. If a democracy does not allow the vote to prevail, as has occurred in Mexico, such revolutions spring up in a democracy too. In the US, were the vote fraud by which George Bush attained the Presidency and the Republican Congress maintained not countered by close watch, so the voice of the people would not be heard, such a revolution would eventually occur in the US. The frustration of the people must go somewhere! As Ghandi showed, nonviolence in a determined people works just as well as armed violence.

As we stated at the start of this conflict, the backing of the Supreme Court in Mexico would go with those in power and determined to retain power, and the the common man not allowed to prevail. This is the official result, but the unofficial result, beyond all the protests, will be an enduring rebellion! This will not only endure, it will spread, to consume Mexico. A grass roots rebellion, finding the heart of the people where ever it goes. During changing times, such as the world is about to experience with the pole shift and the Earth changes leading up to the shift, those in power will be toppled quickly! Hold onto your ideals, but do not put yourself in danger, as non-violence works as well, in the end.