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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Dec 9, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas tell us what was discussed in the Whitehouse during Blair's visit? I assume it was no co-incidence that pretty much as soon as he got off the plane back in the UK, Blair gave a pretty aggressive speech attacking the Muslim community telling them to adopt British values or don't come here. Trying to incite or what?

It was clear that both Bush and Blair have their backs against the wall. Both are anticipating being removed from office, Blair before Bush but both heading in this direction, most certainly. Bear in mind that both these politicians anticipated being in office and in charge come the pole shift, thus being protected by their relative military units. Now this looks unlikely, if only because they are both despised. The military of any country does not operate strictly by protocol, despite appearances. Officers get fragged, and hated politicians, in the heat of a pole shift, will get more than fragged. What to do, in the face of this turn of events? Do what the insecure to, get rigid!

Another trip into space. What is this for?

Current shuttle trips are to try to keep the ISS alive and well. The fragile fabric of the elite in power, in politics, requires that those they have been promising safety to continue to believe the lie. Escape to the Moon, or manned missions to Mars, are possible, is the lie. This lie would be disproved, as it will be in due time, if the ISS came down or was unable to be supported, to be continued. The tail of Planet X is turning toward the Earth, with increasing fireball and meteors expected, red dust and electro-magnetic disturbances expected. Will this impact the ability of the ISS to support life, or shuttles to arrive there intact? Certainly! Thus at whatever cost, these shuttle trips continue. Heaven forbid that those they have engaged as co-conspirators in the cover-up become educated that their handlers are not going to protect them come the pole shift! As then, the cover-up might fail!

At the 10 year anniversary of her death, Diana is in the news again here in the UK as a new inquest is taking place with the father of her partner at the time (Dodi al Fayed) who was also killed, determined to get the truth. Do the Zetas fancy wading into controversy again and telling us what really happened? Was it murder? Was it because she was about to marry a Muslim? According to her butler, when he told the Queen he was keeping some of her possessions to safeguard them, she fixed him with a stare and said "be careful Paul, there are dark forces at work." This is one example of many strange things surrounding the event which gave people enough smoke to call "Fire!"

Diana was an embarrassment to the Queen, for many reasons. As a commoner, she did not have the undying respect the Queen expected from someone lifted up by marriage to a Prince. Then there were the affairs, so very public and likely to become more so. Royalty does not need to be explicit in requesting someone meet their demise, they merely have to express extreme regret, with pointed references. The assassination was planned and carried out, no surprise to the many who have followed this story. Will the Queen ever be held to account? Not hardly. Nor will her handymen, who arranged all this, be prosecuted. Such is the reach of royalty in Britain, long standing.

Given the Zetas statements on Apparent Precision, Simulating the seasons, Lean to the Left, etc. which I believe, isn't there going to come a point where the Zetas cannot continue to counter the obvious effects of the Pole Shift precursors? I assume that when the Earth lies flat on its side (which the Zetas will allow to happen per them) or before, some type of dramatic shift in our mindshift will have to happen to allow this? Most of the people I know are totally oblivious to the ramifications of the current PX precursors and would seem to me to completely freak out if the Earth titled in a big way as their nice, neat world would end. I guess I am still confused on what is the point of masking the effects of PX on Earth's orbit? At some point the effects will be very obvious as the Zetas state. Is it just that the Bush/Cheney crowd needs to be broken politically first to prevent martial law? Do we collectively need a series of "minor" PX related disasters to prepare us mentally for the "big ones"? It seems to me the media campaign to promote"PX related awareness" has been stepped up lately, correct? Thanks

The goal of apparent precision in the seasons is to reduce panic in the populace to the extent that panic in politicians does not become extreme. Martial Law will be called not because the common man panics, as they in the main must plod to their jobs and do not have the resources to quit and run for high ground. Martial Law will be called because those in power fear being overrun, being removed from power and over react. Thus, the apparent precision, rather than a truthful revelation of the effect of Planet X on the Earth's orbit, is temporary, and paced not to the common man's awareness, but the strength that governments have as executors. Could Bush have called Martial Law in 2004, if it was obvious the orbit of Earth had halted and the seasons were awry? Yes, mowing children down in the streets as is done in Iraq, without concern over consequences. Can Bush declare Martial Law now, if the same revelation were to occur? Much more questionable, due to Katrina, and the Military becoming increasingly disgusted with Bush and company. At some point, in all countries of the world, disasters will increase to the point that Martial Law is not considered, as emergency management is hands full trying to save the citizenry, and is it obvious that something is not right in the heavens.

Florida? Can you elaborate? Aside from feeling bad about whatever impending doom is coming. Specifics? Please.

When the pole shift happens, water will wash over Florida, and there is no way it will be above water in the Aftertime. Florida is in the stretch zone, and is being steadily pulled down. Water rising, salt water in your fresh water, the oceans higher on the beaches. This will be a steady process until the weeks before the pole shift which we have outlined. At first, water pulls away toward the poles, giving the appearance of an improved situation. Then, during the shift, the water wash and a quick death. In that travel can be blocked, in Florida, those living there have a precarious situation. Timing their leave will be tricky. Leave at the first sign of a lean to the left, 3 days of darkness, for sure.

There was a huge explosion at the Falk Corporation in Milwaukee this week. Could the Zetas comment on what caused it?

Life in the stretch zone, which includes the St. Lawrence Seaway and lands at the end of the seaway which will be ripped apart, is affected by the stretch. Note in Wisconsin that the peninsula near Green Bay shows that prior rips are tearing Wisconsin apart. The Black Hills are wobbly on the live seismographs, often, as this is where the tear ends, that far inland. Stretch adjustments are not violent, as in a quake, but silent. Land is pulled apart, reducing the support under buildings, allowing infrastructure to drop, slightly. All this is silent until some gas line breaks. It was not so long ago that a huge sinkhole appeared in Milwaukee streets, unheard of in the past. Milwaukee is affected by the stretch, as is Chicago, which will not be exempt from these disasters.

Did George W. Bush purchase land in Paraguay so that he can escape there once criminal charges are brought against him?

Argentina in the past was friendly to escaping NAZI, and Paraguay has similar leanings to the current equivalent to the NAZI, those in the Bush administration. That the daughters are flocking to S. America is a clue, as they consider this their new home, should matters fall apart in the N. American continent. Certainly, if one is convicted of war crimes, so they can be arrested in various countries around the world, an unsettled situation, and if one is likely to be impeached in one's own country and perhaps prosecuted due to criminal activity, where to run? A country one assumes is guaranteed not to honor extradition! Will Bush manage to escape? If matters in the US deteriorate, he may run, but frankly, there will be no safe haven for he or his crowd in S. American. Paraguay is a small country, and all around it are of a different mind set!

In previous postings, there was much talk about the timeframe of the elections to the end of the year. It was said that much will happen and be surprising. Other than the democrats winning, what can be said that would shock the world since then?

The year is not over yet! Earth changes, and what will appear in the skies, is not something we date, for obvious reasons. Any clue as to date allows the Bush administration and other power structures that would enslave mankind to plan more effectively, and robs the common man of their options. Thus, we say nothing!

As noted on this website, there was a huge release (magnetic outburst) from the Sun headed toward Earth. How will that impact us, if it will? It was surprising to be happening during a solar minimum! [and from another] Powerful Magnetic Storm Approaches the Earth [Dec 8] 'Scientists at the Shernberg Astronomy Institute of the Moscow State University have reported record-high emissions of electromagnetic energy on the Sun, the biggest since the 1970s. Over the past few days, the volume of sun radiation, or X9, has exceeded the normal level 1,000-fold. The scientists call this phenomenon an anomaly and say that the Sun is now in a stage when sunspots, sources of high electromagnetic radiation, are unusual.'

As we have stated from the start of ZetaTalk, the Sun will be blamed for activity that should be ascribed to Planet X. The tail of Planet X is pointing toward Earth, and this means more of the type of activity that happened in August and September of 2003, when there were blackouts in many places around the world. Notably, the blackout in NYC that had a million commuters walking silently across the bridge, in the dark. Electro-magnetic surges, causing protective shut-down in the electric grid. Australia, Yucatan, Europe, experienced blackouts. Those in charge of the cover-up are frantic to time their announcements of solar activity to what they anticipate from the tail! Their timing is poor, but that these warnings come out speaks volumes. They are warning of a X9 solar activity, but this may or may not occur! What is actually occurring? The surface of the Sun is ruffled by particle flows, disrupted by the presence of Planet X. This does not equate to increased solar activity! Photos and statistics provided to the public may or may not be what is actually secured from watching the Sun. Who controls these photos and images? NASA, the Hubble, SOHO, all under the control of the cover-up!

Mary Summer Rain, who has written of end times and earth changes, claims to have contact with other world beings or extra terrestrials. How accurate are her descriptions of things to be? And who are these beings she communes with?

This Cherokee woman is legitimate, and she speaks of information she has gained from others. Just what the alien group is, is irrelevant, as they are part of the vast numbers in Service-to-Other who are attending Earth during her Transformation.

In time line clues, the Zetas stated that "reverberations of four, then five, then reverberations that pile on one another" would occur when describing the Windmill Hill crop circle and what it represented. Given that the global shuddering has increased recently to the point where it is almost continuous as talked about in recent GLP ZT due to being caught in the cup, have we now reached that point in the Windmill Hill crop circle where we can expect a real ramp up in terms of Earth changes?

We have mentioned that by the time the last weeks have arrived, that government trying to impose Martial Law in their countries will not be listened to by those busy trying to deal with disasters. Fake terrorism, the need for the rich and powerful to be protected, will fade in the minds of those serving to protect the people, as it will be obvious what the choices are. We mentioned early in ZetaTalk that the Earth changes such as quakes and volcanic activity would be lineal, until toward the end, when it would be exponential. These times are now upon the Earth!

Did Father Malachi Martin truly state the 3rd Secret of Fatima? Did he accurately state PX is headed our way and was he murdered for this? [and from another] I noticed a GLP thread re this. Here is a Mp3 of Father Malachi Martin of the Vatican, speaking on why the Vatican created & owns the Mt. Graham International Observatory [and from another] Malachi Martin, eminent theologian, expert on the Catholic Church, former Jesuit and professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute, is the author of the national best-sellers Vatican, The Final Conclave, Hostage to the Devil, and The Jesuits. He was trained in theology at Louvain. There he received his doctorates in Semitic Languages, Archeology and Oriental History. He subsequently studied at Oxford and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. From 1958 to 1964 he served in Rome, where he was a close associate of the renowned Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea and Pope John XXIII. Martin passed away late 1999. [and from another] Interesting to note he said Planet X would be here in 5 to ten years, this was recorded in 1997, you can do the math.

Those aware of the approach and presence of Planet X, who dare to utter these truths to the public, meet their demise quickly. It is not so much sources such as ZetaTalk, who cannot claim official status, as those who can claim official status, by virtue of their previous employment or association. Thus, Malachi was of course murdered, as most suspect. He spoke the truth, about what the Vatican believed.

It is being reported that GHW Bush has lost trillions of stolen US $ on an attempted scam that was countered by alerted European banks. According to the report, the US and probably the entire global economy hangs at the edge of a financial precipice. Will the Z's comment on that? [and from another] Sr. Loses Trillions in Naked Short Meltdown. High Level Criminals Create Imminent Catastrophe [Dec 7] Trillions lost in artificial naked short against USD. Scamsters lose their shirts trying to avoid paying Wanta. [and from another] Former President George H.W. Bush broke down in tears as he cited his son, Gov. Jeb Bush, as an example of leadership.Bush was addressing lawmakers, his son's top administrators, and state workers gathered in the House chamber Monday for the last of the governor's leadership forums. He said he was proud of how his son handled losing the 1994 governor's race to popular incumbent Democrat Lawton Chiles and vaguely referred to dirty tricks in the campaign. [and from another] Top-Level Insiders Selling Their Stock [Dec 7]
'America's corporate chiefs are unloading their own stocks at one of the boldest paces in 20 years. In cases of the very rich, such as Microsoft's Bill Gates and Google's top brass, the executives are selling a whopping $63 for each $1 of stock they bought, says a report by Bloomberg. In November alone, leaders of public companies dumped $8.4 billion worth of stock they owned as insiders, most of it awarded as compensation, bonuses or other management incentives. Analysts say a take-the-money-and-run flight from their own companies signals a growing lack of confidence in the economy's future course, as well as fears of a possible global meltdown if the Iraq crisis escalates across borders.'

As we mentioned in July, when this issue came up, there is truth to these rumors. It is not, as we stated in July, that Wanta funds had been set aside to try to undercut Russia, as stated, but because of the coming pole shift and the desire by the elite to set themselves up as kings in the Aftertime. This is certainly not the Puppet Master, whose vast funds set him above these worries. It is the level below him, those without vast wealth on their own, who desire this type of boost to their power. What has occurred since such funds were set aside, stolen from the US Treasury or gained from drug running and weapons sales and the S&L affair, over the decades? Money laundering, insider trading, direct theft from the huge funds allocated to the DOD and never accounted for, and lately, the huge funds allocated for the Iraq War and never accounted for, all this has added to these funds. For those who wonder why the US is forever kissing up to Israel, it is because bankers are almost invariably Jewish, and these types of maneuvers, to be successful, must occur under the radar in banks. So what is occurring, lately, to cause Bush Sr. to blubber, and major stockholders to be selling off their stock in US corporations, and cause rumors of a crisis re the Wanta funds to hit the rumor mills?

Schemes involving theft only run so far, and then usually fall because the conspirators rat on one another. Is this not a common theme in movies, where one thief fools another, trying to run off with the whole of the loot, rather than sharing? Bush Sr., seeing his son's removed from power and having no family member in the wings to assume power, panic'd. Jed had to resign as governor, having served the maximum term. Dubya cannot run for another term, and is likely to be removed from power for various reasons, whether impeachment or due to some kind of assassination postured as a heart attack, as so many in government are frantic about his mental state and mis-directed policies. Where does that leave dear old Herbert, who has always been in power behind the scenes, from Reagan's era and before, as head of the CIA. He went for broke, attempting one of the gambling deals that the markets are known for, assuming his connections in the banking industry would pull him through. This fell apart, because so many players are thinking along the same lines, and the US appears to be unable to support Israel in the future, having gutted itself in Iraq, foolishly. All this means is that vast sums, in illegally gotten gains pumped up by various semi-legal maneuvers, has fallen into different hands. None of this mattes in the long run, as money will soon become irrelevant!