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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Dec 16, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

The question that should be on everybody's mind is was Sen. Tim Johnson's (D, South Dakota) illness natural or induced in order to swing back power to the Bush cabal? It is interesting to see this come on the heels of Russian assinations and poisoning. [and from another] Was Sen. Tim Johnson poisoned? He has been diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation, a condition that causes arteries and veins to grow abnormally large, become tangled and sometimes burst. The condition often is present from birth.

Senator Johnson was not poisoned or affected in any way to cause his condition, which sooner or later would have manifested as a crisis. He did, however, as part of the protection that we offer to the Democratic Congress at this point, get assistance in the timing of when this became a crisis. What would have occurred had he become weakened while enroute to S. Dakota, or in a remote place where hospital facilities were not prepared to operate or even recognize what had beset him? The condition mocked a stroke, and treatment for stroke differs from this condition in significant ways. He became ill, when he did, with our assistance, so that he could go into a top-notch hospital and receive the kind of care that would return him, fully functional, to his duties.

Can the Zetas comment on the new clampdown on USGS scientists? [and from another] Scientists Worried about Bush Clampdown at Publication [Dec 14] The U.S. administration is clamping down on scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, who study everything from caribou mating to global warming, subjecting them to controls on research that might go against official policy. New rules require screening of all facts and interpretations by agency scientists. The rules apply to all scientific papers and other public documents, even minor reports or prepared talks, documents show. The changes amount to an overhaul of commonly accepted procedures for all scientists, not just those in government, based on anonymous peer reviews. In that process, scientists critique each other's findings to determine whether they deserve to be published. From now on, USGS supervisors will demand to see the comments of outside peer reviewers' as well any exchanges between the scientists who are seeking to publish their findings and the reviewers.

We have been saying for years that the USGS is controlled. First they were told to under-report Richter, when quakes were in unpopulated areas or out in the ocean. They were told to drop quakes from the database when possible, a fact observed live by many as they watched the quakes they were viewing on a database being deleted in front of their eyes. All this is a matter of record. When it became an embarassment that databases other than those under direct USGS control were reporting otherwise, the US exerted its influence to demand that all databases wait until the USGS issued its determination before listing a quake. This also is a matter of record. Now the arm of the cover-up is reaching further, to include any chatter about bubbling magma, sinking ground, quake swarms, or other irregularities that indicate the Earth is in the grip of a coming catastrophe. Every word is to be screened, and must be pre-approved, before being uttered. Need we say more? There is a cover-up and they will say nothing to the public until it is too late for them to take action for their own safety! This is the Bush administration plan.

Can you please ask the Zeta's if it is true that another Alien race is going to try and trick some of us when Planet X comes?

This of course has been ongoing, for some time. Contactees of those in the Service-to-Self have been regularly telling their humans of wrong assumptions. Why is this done? To harvest the greatest number of human souls for the Service-to-Self, as the sense of abandonment and hopelessness leans one toward that spiritual orientation. Those counseling many in political power positions, the arrogant and greedy who seek to be above, and in control, of others, are routinely told that they will be saved, so they withhold information from the masses in hopes of saving themselves and being a survivor with clout and position. All these are lies, which those in power will shortly find out, but meanwhile, the harvest for the Service-to-Self is potentially increased. Who to believe? Those whose words have a track record of being proven correct. Check out ZetaTalk accuracy re that.

Has the US alliance lost its bid to breech the stargate in Iraq?

There is much speculation that the reason the Iraq museum was allowed to be looted, and the Ministry of Oil well guarded, upon the invasion in 2003, was due to information the US and its allies desired re Niburu, ancient knowledge that would help them during the coming passage. The US and its allies were led astray, by their counselors among the Service-to-Self aliens, in this regard, one of a long trail of lies this bunch fed the humans desiring more power and security have been fed. Of course there is no magic piece of information, no glyphs, no code words that can be uttered for rescue to take place! But this led, in part, to the invasion which created death and destruction, maiming and pain, broken families and rage, all of which helps those in the Service-to-Self harvest more souls for their planets in the future. Thus, to this extent, the rumors are true. But no such stargate or rescue exists.

Is the rhetoric about "doubling down" in Iraq and increase in troops just desperate noise from the Bush crowd? Is any of this linked to a risk of another attempt at Martial Law or other last ditch attempt at Bush remaining in control prior to the New Congress taking over in January? Why does Bush senior care so much? He seems to be too old to be in his current body much past the shift.

The Bush administration, and the Bush family, are in panic. They did NOT expect to lose Congress to the Democrats, and are suddenly having to arrange a compromise about Iraq. Of course, they want only to stay there, on top of the oil fields, and even push into Iran, but none of this is possible. So they stall. Bush Sr.'s study group was designed to give cover for a stall. Contemplating alternatives, considering, when no such contemplating or considering is being done. This allows them to hang on, remain, and hopefully something will turnabout and they can continue with their plans to invade Iran, take over these oil fields, and then invade the Saudi fields in order to protect them, so the story would go. No such opportunities will present, but they are stalling for all they are worth. Rather, the Earth changes and the civil war in Iraq will resolve which way this will go. As we have been stating, an essential evacuation will occur, though never stated as such. Despite any increase in exhausted troops, this evacuation will occur.

One non-topical question that perhaps the Zetas can address: Given that the Puppet Master has all encompassing economic and political power, influence, etc., I wonder about his place post pole shift. The Zetas have stated that the shift is the great leveler for mankind, but given the fact that he has had time to prepare to an extent possible only by him, will he still not be "first among equals" after the shift?

We have in the past stated that the Puppet Master, in light of his immense wealth and influence and connections with the power structures around the world, will come out on top of the pile after the pole shift. Everything will be affected, devastated, but he has supplies, material, connections, and will just emerge to make new connections and deals and start over again. In competition with everyone else surviving, he will remain on top. This is not a dictatorship, but a dealership, essentially. He can deal. He has the goods and connections. This is power.

Is it true that senator McCain's proposed "anti-free speech online" bill is being proposed to end Zetatalk and stop the message coming out?

It is clear from McCain's statements of late that he is aligning with the power structure in place today, in hopes of gaining a potential VP position under Bush, and thus be in a prime position to become President if the pole shift does not happen by 2008. His actions should be viewed in light of this logic. With the Democrates in control of Congress, any increase in the Patriot Act's powers are not only unlikely, they have zero chance of passing. Argument, proposal and then rejection, perhaps, but not passing. Thus, with no chance of being passed, his proposals can be seen as just an application for a VP position, replacing Cheney.

Nancy, what do the Zetas say about a collapse of the US dollar? Is it possible and if so what will be the outcome on the pole shift?

We have mentioned, in the Iran Boondoggle, the worry that the Bush administration has re the dollar. If the dollar plummets, there is little incentive for other countries to buy bonds to support the debt. If oil producing countries such as Iran and Venezuela allow a bourse, an exchange, in currencies other than the dollar, then countries formerly holding dollars in order to buy oil no longer need to do this, and can dump. A dumping dollar means a dropping dollar. Where there are advantages to a lower dollar, as it reduces the US debt, proportionately, compared to other currencies, there are setbacks too. Any mortgage holder can state that by holding the mortgage over many years, the debt shrinks in proportion to earning dollars, and thus is an advantage over the decades. However, if the dollar is dumped, then the US cannot continue with its spending splurge. By printing money like a banana republic, which it is currently doing, it accelerates this trend, and soon the dollar is worthless and the country collapses. This is around the corner, for the US under Bush, a trend that will become obvious soon, creating panic. Very interesting times.

Can the Zetas comment on if there is any truth to China dumping the USD next week? It seems like it is due for a big fall soon.

China threatens this, but will not actually do this. They would, if proceeding with this step, do so in small parts, to show that they are tired of US demands that they follow Bush orders, like some kind of lacky. For this occurrence, watch Bush's face, as his body language is showing you more than the official media reports of late.

What is the truth about the China visit by Ben Bernanke and the "economic A team". I read we were told our budget deficit is 250 billion when in reality its more than three trillion dollars. Rumor is the Chinese want to dump dollars. Now I hear the Chinese want a Nasdaq and NYSE inside China! How long can the dollar be propped up before it collapses and hurts a lot of us little guys?

The confusion about the debt, the dollar value of same, is due to payout or principle computation. Mortgage holders understand that if they were to pay off the principle, a pitance is due. But over the long haul, when interest is added, it is quite another sum!

Nancy, would the Zeta's like to comment on what is happening on the televisions as to why evert single little event in the weather is now proclaimed as a severe weather advisory, such as small patches of fog, or even drizzling rain? Or even the torrential rains that never come?

The coverup at first involved subjects that were not to be discussed in the media. Simple enough. Then when the weather could not be predicted, predictions countered almost as soon as uttered, the weatherman looked perplexed and appolgetic. To avoid having the public frankly alarmed that they were not warned, a new policy was formulated. Anytime there is a possibility of a disaster, say so, as the public will forgive you for erring on the side of safety. Disasters not predicted ahead of time result in an angry public. Disasters predicted but not occurring are forgiven. Such is the logic.

What do the zetas have to say on the following excerpt from the news in 1999? "A UK astronomer may have discovered a new and bizarre planet orbiting the Sun, 1,000 times further away than the most distant known planet. Currently, Pluto is the planet we think of being on the edge of our planetary system. But the new body would be 30,000 times more distant from the Sun than the Earth - putting it a significant distance on the way to the nearest star. What is more, it seems that the new planet cannot be a true member of our Sun's family of planets. It may be a planet that was born elsewhere, and roamed throughout the galaxy only to be captured on the outskirts of our own Solar System. The controversial suggestion that there is another planet in deep space comes from Dr John Murray, of the UK's Open University. For several years, he has been studying the peculiar motions of so-called long-period comets."

UK scientists revived the 10th Planet arguments that had been alive in the very early 1980's, prior to the front page Dec 31, 1983 article about finding such a body by the IRAS team. This was an attempt by some to revive the discussion which they hoped would result in debate and discussion, thus bringing the issue of the presence of Planet X into the public eye. That this was buried so quickly shows the power of the cover-up.

Last Wednesday , we had what appeared to be "breaking news" during a show on 'national' television. I was stated that the country was splitting and that Belgium no longer exists. After about half an hour, it was slowly revealed that it was not real, just a political fiction show. The emotional response was high among people learning that life as we know it would be different from now on. The following days, this announcement was compared in the media to the October 30th 1938 radio show of Orson Wells. Since Belgium is a small country where such tests can be organized without too much consequences and since the response of the population was carefully monitored during and after the show, I wonder if this was a test, where the establishment is trying to gather information on the way the population would react to announcement affecting their future live such as alien presence or pole shift? Is it something that the Zetas would comment on?

Certainly a matter such as this can only be considered a test. What other purpose would there be for such an occurrence? Entertainment? Sadistic producers? What are the consequences of such an act? Heart attacks, frantic pensioners, members of the government confused about whether they should perform their jobs, or not. Certainly, there are no good consequences, and thus the network itself could be subject to lawsuit for damages. In view of all this, it can only be considered a test ordered to be performed from the highest sources. What were they hoping to accomplish? As with the Shelter-in-Place and Blockade tests done in the US, they hoped to gather data on the reaction. Belgium will not survive the pole shift, due to being low land. How will a displaced people feel about themselves? How will they react to no longer having an identity, a homeland? Phone calls were recorded, conversations in bars were recorded and monitored. The reactions were primarily anger, at not being informed earlier, rage that their governments would discount the people in so radical a manner, and in particular rage at those at the helm of government. This was not expected, by the arrogant in power in Belgium, who anticipate being the leaders of the people despite failing to inform them of the coming devastation. Now what, is the response in the halls of power. Inform the people or deal with their rage, neither good options in the opinion of those in control, who think only of their comfort and power.