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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 26, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Bush has granted himself extraordinary, dictatorial powers to deal with a variety of "potential emergencies" recently to maintain the "continuity of government ". Is he still anticipating being able to remain in charge as the result of panic and governmental chaos as a result of severe Earth Changes? Is the Bush crowd also anticipating a North American rip to save themselves and keep them in power? [and from another] Bush makes power grab [May 23] President Bush, without so much as issuing a press statement, on May 9 signed a directive that granted near dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency declared by the president. The "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive," with the dual designation of NSPD-51, as a National Security Presidential Directive, and HSPD-20, as a Homeland Security Presidential Directive, establishes under the office of president a new National Continuity Coordinator. That job, as the document describes, is to make plans for "National Essential Functions" of all federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations to continue functioning under the president's directives in the event of a national emergency. [and from another] The original is on the White House website at

We warned that Bush would try to place himself into perpetual dictatorship, by declaring Martial Law on the flimsiest of excuses. We warned in March 2006 that he would likely do so, and be ignored. We stated that after the Democrats took Congress, foiling the voter fraud Rove and company had arranged, that Bush tried to declare Martial Law as a result, and was ignored. What is it about this particular Executive Order that is different, or that Bush hopes will make a difference? There are dozens of Executive Orders written even during the Reagan era that allow FEMA to take over the nation, directing the Military and all agencies, in the event of a catastrophe declared by the President. Doesn't this suffice? The difference is that this gives power to FEMA, or to its head, Homeland Security, but not directly to Bush. Increasingly isolated and ignored, with orders to the Military ignored so that the public stance the White House must take is altered to avoid having the public realize that he is not in control anymore as Commander in Chief, he is raising himself above all that on paper. This hardly changes anything, as all federal control stemming from the White House as Executive Branch head will be ignored when the Earth changes accelerate. This administration is hated, deeply, by all just under a thinly spread layer at the top. This top is associated with the hated administration, and thus will be ignored. Bush attempts to pull power around him like a snug blanket, a security blanket, but the word is already out in the field as to how things are now really functioning. When the time comes, he will find that security blanket, which he though so snug and firm, is paper, shredding in the rain storms that will pelt the nation, ripped to pieces by the earthquakes that will shatter the nation's infrastruction, and blown away by the countering orders given by commanders, both local and state and federal, who are respected.

The History channel aired a doomsday documentary this past week that was the most detailed and specific treatment of this material that I have ever seen given by the mainstream media. There was direct discussion of a 2012 date, many prophets quoted to support this date and even a quote attribute to Einstein to add credibility. There was even mention of a possible pole shift, supported by geologic evidence and a graphic showing such a shift that looked like is could have come from Nancy's site! It was quite extraordinary! There was obviously no mention of Planet X as a root cause of such a shift but some mention was made of an unseen force that might be operant as we crossed over some imaginary galactic plane in 2012. This indeed seems like a very specific, no punches pulled treatment of this material compared to the very soft possibilities of disaster that have previously been floated out. Was this a trial run to gauge reaction to such a possibility among the public? [and from another] Decoding The Past: Doomsday 2012: The End of Days There are prophecies and oracles from around the world that all seem to point to December 21, 2012 as doomsday. The ancient Mayan Calendar, the medieval predictions of Merlin, the Book of Revelation and the Chinese oracle of the I Ching all point to this specific date as the end of civilization. A new technology called "The Web-Bot Project" makes massive scans of the internet as a means of forecasting the future... and has turned up the same dreaded date: 2012. Skeptics point to a long history of "Failed Doomsdays", but many oracles of doom throughout history have a disturbingly accurate track record. As the year 2012 ticks ever closer we'll speculate if there are any reasons to believe these doomsayers.

Disaster movies have been floated out for the past decade or more, all showing some aspect of the coming pole shift, such as sloshing tides or volcanic eruptions in new places or asteroid strikes, debris coming to Earth, or a flooded Earth or a stopped rotation, but all these were posed in the framework of science fiction. What you are describing is pointing to the Earth, the record recorded in her geology, and various prophets or revered persons in support of catastrophes in Earth's past. This is of course all to the good, as it will get many people thinking and researching, but is still postured as theoretical, as the cause is not detailed, and 2012 is a long way off. These are steps in the right direction, and indeed the public's reaction is gauged - how much discussion occurs in well watched lunch rooms, in the bars on Friday night when worries get spilled out for reassurance, and the degree of tension in these discussions gauged. Ridicule shows tension, as does an obsession with the subject. The next step will be timed and the next topics chosen based on these reactions. If serious discussion about how to prepare for such a thing emerges, and sites such as Troubled Times which address survival steps in a practical way are mentioned or begin to receive more hits, then more honest admissions will be done. It is no mistake that Nancy was featured on C2C recently, in preparation for this, along with David Booth who stuck a religious note during his bid for leadership on the matter. They are watching the reactions, checking Internet traffic.

Gas prices are continuing to trend upwards to new records each week, divorced from the price of crude to a certain extent. Is this yet another effort on the part of the elite to pad their pockets with even more funds to prepare for the shift while at the same time increasing the financial enslavement of the common man so that they will have even fewer options going into the shift and thus be more at the mercy of the elite?

The White House and their allies in the Oil and Gas industry are acutely aware that their grab of the oil fields of the Middle East is failing, their planned control of the Russian oil fields a flop, and that they may in all likelihood be chased out of Iraq and the Middle East. Venezuela is obviously a loss, and the Military refusing to invade because of the mess Bush has made of the Military. Iraq, as a front, cannot even be held, and the Military deeply exhuasted. So they look to the internal stores the US has, the capacity to gen up Oil and Gas reserves from the wells they control, and are in panic! The Gulf has shown what can happen in a strong hurricane season, Katrina an example. Alaska is melting, the permafrost cracking the pipelines, and not enough time to lay a new framework. They are hoping that high prices reduce demand, in the short term, because a nation without fuel for it's Military and infrastructure is fragile and vulnerable in the time going into the pole shift, and cannot invade and impose itself after a pole shift, which is the the plan of this crowd.

Could the Zetas talk about why Bush came on and preempted the View on Thursday, when they were going to have the 911 truth movement group and millions of people would have been exposed to the truth and lies that this government foments at the people. Was this calculated and what did they think that they were doing.? Will Rosie be back in the lime light and push for the truth of 911, maybe on her own show? Will this ever make it to main stream news before all of the earth changes get into full swing? [and from another] In the Wake of O'Donnell, 'The View' Searches for a Replacement [May 26] Though her contract wasn't up until June 20, O'Donnell announced Friday she would not return to "The View" after a controversial blowout Wednesday with her co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. [and from another] Rosie warms up her audience before the show with 911 talk.

It was noted that the Bush presser took almost exactly an hour, up to a couple minutes until the end of the View. Rosie has been outspoken about 911, and it appears this was her last appearance. Indeed, not an accident! Avoiding exposure of the truth on 911 in the media will not be so easily evaded, however. Just when they're not looking, boom.

I don't know if the Zetas said that it would be a cooler summer than usual, and it has been. Any comment by the Zetas on the Fall or Winter of this year?

We have predicted that the seasons will almost seem to blend into one another, before the shift. The trend has certainly been in this direction. A wobble and lurch in the Earth certainly runs the Earth under the atmosphere, causing temperatures to spread around, and these changes cause increased storms. Thus, storms will be on the increase, as well as temperature extremes, very swingy.

Won't the word spread like wildfire on the net, once the object is sighted during the day?

Imagine a hypothetical situation where the Second Sun is not just sighted at sunrise and sunset, but during the day also, by many. Chemtrail fog no longer clouds the view, as just as the Sun can shine through clouds or fog, so can this orb. What reason would the establishment give, that would be a tenable excuse? A solar flare? Is this the end of the solar system, the Sun unraveling? A flaming asteroid approaching Earth? Panic would ensure, assuming an impact. These fears are what drives the History channel to promote an hour talking about pole shifts and Einsteins comments. They know they must close the gap! The Internet will not be stopped, may be blocked at points, but is like water flowing around blocks, was designed that way, to find alternate routes. They know this, and are planning for such an instance, in which case you may see Nancy on CNN talking about eating bugs and weeds!

Can the Zetas give RA and Dec for Panet X at this time or in the near future?

Planet X came in from the direction of Orion, and as such was visible in the night sky when it first entered the solar system. These naked eye sightings were reported in March-April 2003, and are on Nancy's website in the Photos section. Then Orion was on the opposite side of the Sun, and glorious Second Sun sightings occurred in the Summer and Fall of 2003. Then it crossed over Earth's orbit and came closer to the Sun, but not before Earth encountered it round about Dec 25, 2003. At this point, and since, Earth has been halted in her orbit and Planet X, in its retrograde orbit, is pushing her back in her orbit. Thus, Planet X is seen close to the Sun, slightly to the right of the Sun from the Northern Hemisphere. Ra and Dec no longer apply, as the Sun is the direction you should be looking, with some lens to reduce the glare.

Brown admits Iraq mistakes made! Gordon Brown admits mistakes were made over Iraq and that the issue is divisive for the nation. Any comment from the Zetas on this opinion? [and from another] Now that Blair has stepped down, is there any sort of alliance that Bush will try to make with Gordon Brown or within the British government, for political purposes?

Where Blair expects to run to America, along with the Queen, both also hoping to ride Bush's coattails to S America or be able to escape the surface of Earth via NASA in some manner, Brown is not so deluded. He knows Britain is his home, and hopes not to be mobbed and killed when the riots start. He will try to distance himself from Blair, and from the messy Iraq war!

Do the Zetas consider the vast lands bordering the St. Lawrence seaway in the Montreal area to be safe during the Earth changes (North American rip, pole shift, etc)?

We have stated that the lands along the Seaway will have a boost, bouncing up, when the Seaway rips, aa they are held in place by tension, connected land, between the banks. We have detailed what lands are expected to be above the waves, both during the pole shift and after the big melt of the poles, the rising seas, in the Safe Location documentation that Nancy has made available as a link from the website. New England will be up, and the lands of Canada on her Eastern coast likewise benefitting somewhat.

What would happen if Nancy Pelosi or Al Gore became President and announced that a pole shift was coming? What would be the best way for them to announce such an event without panic? It would seem that neither the Service to Self nor the Service to Other would want such a panic, so their mouths are sealed at this time. The Zetas have already spoke of extreme Service to Self individuals subconsciously realizing this is their last time on Earth, so they go out with a bang and kill as many people as possible. What would happen if all these individuals suddenly knew, consciously, that the Earth was about to crumble? In the end, would it be better for the entire world to know what is upon them? Or let it just happen and hope for the best? I can't really imagine what it would be like for Pelosi or Gore to have to figure this one out.

Those humans who have sought counsel from Service-to-Self visitors, and wanting an audition for a higher role in their new homes, have given the Call to the Service-to-Self. This is certainly not all the Service-to-Self leaning souls on Earth! It is a fraction of a fraction! The Service-to-Self do not like contact, and only aim for those they think will be an easy twist, an easy score. If this were not the case, you'd have many more Virginia Tech's! We have predicted what we anticipate mankind will do, if such an announcement were made. Most humans would go through their day as before, as the routine comforts, the familiar comforts, and most families are living paycheck to paycheck in any case and have no choice! Denial will be the mode, for at least half of humanity. There may be more humans losing the will to life, those ill or aged, letting themselves go, but this is not something that should be fought, as this is their likely end in any case. The hardest part of a government announcement is social services, which will stop. No Social Security checks, no welfare, no Veterans Administration. Theoretically, someone kindhearted in charge might try assurances that social services would continue, and outline camps where the displaced should go. This at least gives hope. There may be attempts to relocate families to rural areas, incorporate them onto farms, as temporary homes. Even the sick or aged might be so relocated with their families, letting the future sort this out, the lack of food making choices in those families. Certainly, if such talk from the establishment were to be the case, the Military would be assigned to keep order, a type of Martial Law with migration, roving cars and truck, not allowed. Nancy has always stated to people that they should buy land where they intend to go, line up contacts in safe locations, as travel passes might be limited to those who have a place to go, a reason for travel. This is all hypothetical, on our part, as all is in the hands of man, frankly, who has free will!

I've noticed lately that the fogging is at an all time high, and having myself seen an object behind all the fogging at around the start of April, a sort of multi-layered looking (due to the fogging in front) blob, which I'm sure would have looked majestic had it not been hidden, I wonder if there are any dramas/effects occurring though they may be small ones, in the heavens, as it seems to be a total blanket cover almost everyday now. It was seen at sunrise, with a blood red sky.

Given the clarity of the photo on C2C, which Nancy referred to as Sign 1667, there are certainly things to see! The Second Sun at sunrise or set is most dramatic because just as the Sun increases in size during those times, the orange light rays bending over the Earth to cause an enlarged illusion, just so Planet X can be enlarged at those moments. In addition to the corpus with its close hugging dust cloud, seen so clearly in the C2C photo, there are moon swirls that spin behind Planet X, and these can capture sunlight, funnel it down through the tube that the swirls form, and these moon swirls can appear like an orb also. At other times, they appear as a tube, if seen sideways. The ancients wrote about what they saw, in the sky, prior to a pole shift when Planet X and its swirling dust blocked the Sun, entirely. This is of course the last weeks, but the decription of a dragon in the sky, writhing, is not outside of what you can anticipate to see, small or large, at some point! Eyes to the skies!

Could you comment on the failure of the emails and cell phone problems, with the major internet and cell phone carriers, Comcast, Charter, and all of the cell phone companies. Many glitches. Are they having satellite problems and if so what are the root causes. Even the weather Channel for 2 weeks kept Baltimore's weather report for the day instead of the local location's weather where ever your local viewing area is. Then all of the sudden the local on the 8's was back on line. Not once did they comment on why the technical failure of their software, or that there was even a problem. We thought this very strange. [and from another] Clocks relying on orbiting satellites went screwy again [May 25]. My employer's electronic timeclocks are set daily by bouncing a signal off a satellite, and by their own admission started running more than two minutes ahead of land-based clocks almost overnight. Since they don't know what caused it, they can't fix it, except manually. Must have been a big lurch! And just read that XM Radio was knocked off the air Monday [May 21] with software difficulties.

We have stated, years ago, that satellites would fail almost completely before the pole shift, giving no date. After that statement, ridicule abounded, of course, but now these incidences are creeping in. There are several things affecting sats. The Earth wobble and lurch, where a sat is no longer quite where expected. Depending upon the severity and speed of the lurch, this will be the case, the Earth returning under the sat in most cases fairly quickly, or homing devices finding the sat quickly, compensating. The second issue is debris, tail effects such as charged dust, which can interrupt service temporarily or cause a time delay while a backup sat is brought into service. Of course, nothing will be said, or pat pre-written excuses uttered. This will all only increase!

US opposes G8 climate proposals! The US has fundamental concerns at German plans to curb G8 emissions, a leaked document shows. Any comment?

The US has been foot dragging on emissions restrictions for over a decade, because Reagan/Bush are snug with corporations and Clinton would not force this upon them. Of course, they know the current Earth changes are not due to Global Warming, the current excuse. Other countries have always been closer to the requirements, due to economics, the US the big spend thrift and economic bully up until recently. Were the pole shift not to happen, life in the US would be a horrific turndown in life style. Look to the past, every family having 2 cars, a summer cottage, all the kids expected to go to college. Meanwhile the Third World is starving and having their resources raped! Now matters are equalizing, all the while with corporations on top, getting richer, and the rich getting richer. But the rest of the world has already made adjustments, so have a short way to go in these agreements. For the US, it is a shock, and not one that Bush wants to impose, from his weakened position, even were he to turn his back on the corporations. He is already hated, so what's the difference, is his attitude!

Will the Cheney/Bush rebellious puppet cabal, in their desperation, reverse tactics and announce the presence and effects of Planet X in order to attempt to induce societal panic as an excuse for declaring Martial Law?

This would raise more questions about their leadership, eyes open on the invasion of Iraq, eyes open on short changing the wounded vets, looking into lies on other matters as the state of the economy, which is a pack of lies. Since there has been no leadup to this sudden announcement, it would also be questioned. Have they snapped? They would fear being led away in white jackets. They might try this as a type of terror alert after it has come under discussion in the media, speculation, open speculation, on is there an object next to the Sun, but given their track record on Arab terrorism, the public would turn a deaf ear. Thus, they will wait too long, if even thinking of such a move.

A new type of wobble emerged. This showed up clearly on May 25, 2007, around the globe, as the globe was coming out of a quite period when the tugging on the Earth by Planet X was not extreme. This is a kind of rolling wobble, as though the magma under a part of the globe was agitated! The May 25, 2007 charts show that a wobble starts in Ethiopia as the wobble in the Aleutian Islands stops! These are spots opposite each other on the globe. Similarly, the Black Hills starts its wobble as Yakutsk, Russia stops! These are likewise spots opposite each other on the globe.

We mentioned that the Earth was recently in a quiet time, not lurching or wobbling as it had been earlier in the year, due to temporarily aligning in a steady state with Planet X, magnetically. As Planet X continues to roll its N Pole to point outward from the Sun, this will create contention again in the Earth, which will return to lurching and wobbling as the N Pole of Earth is exposed to Planet X or hidden behind the curve of the Earth. The May 25, 2007 capture of live seismograph data shows this return graphically, in that it indirectly shows what the magma is doing. What is the wobble, shown for almost precisely 12 hours at the Aleutian Islands? These stress signatures, utterly ignored by the USGS which has no credible explanation, are undeniable! We have stated that Black Hills, SD is rumpled because this is where the ripping open of the St Lawrence Seaway ends, and thus shows the stress the Seaway is under. We have stated that the N American plate, flat at the top so it cannot roll as continental drift occurs, will cause the continent to rip, diagonally, as the northern boundary is immobilized from Japan to Iceland. Thus, stress occurs along the tongue of rock that juts toward Japan and thense up through Eastern Siberia. As the globe turns, the stretch stress on the Black Hills due to a Seaway rip is replaced by a stress on the other side of the N American continent, a compression. Thus, these two seismograph signatures, the Black Hills and Yakutsk, trade off. Likewise, where the Aleutian Islands and Ethiopia appear to trade off. It is known that Hawaii rises after great quakes there, showing that the Pacific is not one large plate but is subdivided into smaller plates, boundaries unknown to man. There is thus resistance in the northern Pacific, not found in the southern Pacific which is arranged to simply subduct one plate under another, lifting the Indio/Australia plate during this process. In the northern Pacific, the plates in the main abut each other. As the globe turns releasing the compression pressure in the Pacific, the tugging on the stretch zone in Africa, the African Rift valley, picks up. Why would these plates not be under continuous stress? There are two reasons why a trade off or periodic stress signature shows up. One is that the Earth's surface is not without its own magnetic hot spots, the N Pole and S Pole being only two such spots, which can be grabbed by Planet X and held or tugged, creating stress in the plates. The second is that the magma itself surges in part due to magnetic influences, and rushing, bumps and bobbles under the plate.

So Wyoming, Colorado and Montana in the mountians are the best places to live in the US?

The first thought of those wondering if their location is safe is flooding, being washed out to sea or having the land under water shortly thereafter due to rising seas. The second thought is the target climate, if it will be hot or cold, or under volcanic ash. Next, the issue of who your neighbor will be, crowded or not populated, with neighbors used to feeding themselves or depending, as in cities. The issue of how close the spot is to gangs, looting and without police protection. Thus, LA is deemed a problem, as it will be washed out to sea and has gangs who will dominate the survivors. Thus, Utah is seen as a target, as the Mormons have a rule about having a years supply of food, and are kind in the main. Thus the East Coast is seen as a disaster, with crowded cities from Virginia to Connecticut, and arrogant government workers looking to perpetuate their station in life. There is no such thing as a safe location. But there are locations that are less safe. Consider all aspects when chosing your route!

I noticed they have quite a problem here in Scotland with violence, several deaths by knifes lately and lots of violence where knifes are involved. Is it in any way connected to what's awaiting Scotland in upcoming times or is it just a part of polarization of souls?

People are going postal all over the world. This is a subtle thing, as no formal announcements have been made to the public, by any government. Yet the seas are rising, along Scottand, and storms increasing in violence, and jobs everywhere short despite the lies the media reports to the contrary. We mentioned recently that within NASA, where employees are chosen based on their tendency to keep tunnel vision and not ask questions, not seek the larger view, that going postal is the result. It depends on how tightly the individual is wound, how few outlets they may have! It also depends on the culture, the genetic nature of the base native, and a Scottish temper is a known reality! In all these matters, to tell the truth, to focus energies on what should be done, rather than try to ignore the Earth changes, is the answer. Then that famous Scottish courage and energy can be devoted to survival, instead of fighting!

I understand our space brothers are all awakened beings coming from 4d, and their craft are an accomdation for our frame of reference. I also understand there are no private thoughts all being of One Mind. I don't see how the service to self Aliens (brothers) could be awake and still serve a private purpose. Would the Zeta's comment on this?

We have mentioned in ZetaTalk that the Service-to-Self are stuck in 3rd Density as they do not cooperate well with each other and tend to kill themselves when making the dimension shift to 4th Density. Their masters force them to stay in 3rd Density, uncomfortable as it is, to recruit souls. The Service-to-Self do not use telepahty to locate those giving them The Call, they use an anger vibration, as those firmly in the Service-to-Self such as Cho was, the Virginia Tech shooter, are constantly frustrated and angry that life is not serving their needs on a platter. It is the Service-to-Other who use telepathy to locate those giving The Call to them. We trust this addresses your question.

I would be interested in how Central Europe will fare during the poleshift, especially Slovak and Czech republic.

Europe will become a series of islands after the shift, with Siberia and much of Russia under water. We have encouraged Europe to go to boats, prepare boats strong enough for ocean fishing, as the oceans will be on the rebound after the shift, with all the death under the water to feed upon, and fishing will be abundant. Likewise Greenland will have fresh drinking water, a good commerce for those interested. How your particular slice of Europe will fare depends completely on its current elevation! On average, 675 feet above current sea level will be under water. You surely know your elevation! Compute this! A second factor to consider is migration, as all survivors assume they are only suffering a local catastrophe and wander. Some places in Europe will suffer more from migration than others.

The 12th of May, the earth was in the position of the 16th September and in 147°. This movement continues exponential or linear? And now, what is the position?

Not much change has occurred, but enough to cause the Earth to begin to leave her quiet position of a side by side alignment with Planet X. We would estimate not yet 150°. But bear in mind these matters are not lineal, but plateau, or speed up, and there are surprises in store for all which we hope will discombobulate the establishment.

I would presume, that if the effects are so clear now, that people in the southern hemisphere esp Australia/New Zealand, must be having some pretty unusual sunrise experiences esp areas ourside of the major cities.

In the past, when Planet X was zooming into the solar system from Orion, a Southern Constellation, the best night time views were from the Southern Hemisphere, as this negated the curve of the Earth from the equation. Now that Planet X rides close to the Ecliptic, there is no difference in the view, frankly.