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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jun 9, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Once again the History Channel aired a program that could have come from your site. It was a 1 hour show on the New Madrid fault and the "eminent mega quake" that would destroy St. Louis and Memphis; no kidding! Many experts were quoted, historical evidence of past quakes in the area was shown and scenarios of vast destruction in mid America were modeled and shown. Is the government basically taking their messages from Zetatalk on the North American rip and other events now, or are they aware of geological trends that the public is not? They do seem to be desperately trying to get in front of the Earth Changes now. Not asking for a date or a prediction from the Zetas as I fully understand that this is forbidden, but can they comment on what the government is thinking in regards to this?

The number of people who are aware of ZetaTalk and take it seriously would astonish those naïve and insecure debunkers who are trying to shout the message into silence. The History Channel is indeed one of the routes by which test announcements are being tried. If the public accepts, talks about the issues without undue panic, and is inclined to better prepare because of the show, it's a success. Rising above the editors of the show is the hand which owns most of the media outlets, which is the Puppet Master's hand. He is interested in having the public educated on what is coming, and educated on what to do about it, so that strong survival communities emerge. At the same time, he is interested in not creating a panic so there are banking failures and his corporate interests do not find their worker base simply not turning up for work. The first trial floated out is the geological trial, where one is reflecting what history has taught us, as this theoretically would not meet with argument. Of course, Velikovsky met with argument when he proposed this vary same set of facts, but the logic is that the public should not be frightened by history, at a minimum, and if this proves true one could move on to future possibilities which might be frightening and resisted. Most certainly the Puppet Master is aware of ZetaTalk, and as a member of the former MJ12, is acquainted with Nancy too. It is in the plans to have Nancy speak to future issues, and how to survive, in the media, at some point, as we have repeatedly mentioned.

If many people (including Republicans) are aware of Bush's mental state and criminal behavior, why would he not be removed from office? Nixon was removed and the country continued to function. Is it just the depth of his depravity that would be too shocking for the pubic to stomach? Even though his attempts at false terror are countered, this guy is still doing a great deal of damage on a daily basis. Surely the military, branches of government, FBI, etc... recognize what a cancer he is. The Zetas have mentioned that the third option of letting Bush remain in power and countering him at every move is the preferred approach, but are people really so mentally fragile that our society would collapse if this all came out?

Comparing Nixon and Bush, one sees that Nixon had a VP that could function, and his crime was clear cut - breaking and entering for political gain. In the case of Bush, the crimes are worse, and there is no VP that anyone would want to see as a sitting President. This is comparable to a family where the Dad does not dress fashionably. The wife and kids talk about this openly with their friends, what a grunge he is. Yet if this Dad is molesting the kids, all fall silent, as the crime is so deep and so shameful. How does one explain that a sitting President got there only via vote fraud so extensive that hardly a state was not affected, and was only countered by similar means in 2006! You are telling them they cannot trust the voting process! How do you explain that assassinations occur, regularly, to silence the truth? The public immediately suspects they are hearing none of the truth, and all is a lie. In other words, it is feared that the public would exaggerate the situation, and the economy come to a stop, riots in the streets everywhere, everyone questioning anyone in a seat of power, and the country vulnerable to attack during such a crisis of leadership. None of this was present during Nixon! Simply put, they are trying to figure out what crime would be the appropriate crime to charge Bush and Cheney and Rove with, as their real crimes are too horrific! Thus, assassination of both or simply muddling along with an irrelevant White House seem the best options.

Assuming that for whatever reason, at some point in the near future, prior to the pole shift we have a true, responsible leader in the White House. Is it likely that we will be able to quickly repair our relations with other countries and cooperate in preparing for the shift on a Global basis for the overall good?

We have predicted that as the pole shift approaches, that countries will look inward, not attack each other but be intent on quelling riots and dealing with food shortages and disasters creating homelessness. There will be no overall plan among countries, as none will be willing to cooperate with others, all being in a crisis. Borders will harden, migration discouraged even within a country.

Did the heads of state discuss Planet X and Pole Shift matters during the G8 summit in Germany? What's the current stance? In particular I'd like to know if the German chancelor Angela Merkel is aware of Planet X at all. It seems she does not know at all since she launched one climate initiative after another in the last few months and is angry that the US doesn't comply. And it looks odd that Merkel and Bush are happy now about the agreed cut of greenhouse gasses by half until 2050, which is a very long time away. Was she educated about Planet X by others? [and from another] Bush Opens Europe Trip on Jarring Note [Jun 4] President Bush's European trip was jarred as it began Monday by deteriorating relations with Russia and threatening words from President Vladimir Putin. Bush and Putin will see each other at the annual summit of industrialized nations, beginning Wednesday at the Baltic Sea resort city of Heiligendamm, Germany. In a diplomatic poke in the eye at Putin, Bush bracketed the summit with stops in the Czech Republic and Poland - the two countries where the United States wants to build a missile defense system for Europe. Already complaining of being encircled by NATO's expansion, Putin said putting missile defenses on Russia's doorstep would ignite a new arms race. He threatened to retarget Russia's missiles toward Europe.

Politicians are first and foremost actors, Reagan not being an exception. They cut deals, and lie with a straight face, and feign sadness and sympathy, and posture confidence and determination, all when what is going on inside them, emotionally, is anything but. Germany is a country aware, as is Merkel, but Global Warming is supposed to be the excuse presented to the public at present, and when Bush pretends it is silly and irrelevant to try to correct, he is clueing the public in that the excuse is not relevant, thus something else is out there causing the weather. Bush is selfish enough, always has been, to consider that everyone else must suffer and take action, but not he. He was sick with a stomach ailment not because flu was going around, nor would the President have a 'touch of food poisoning'. He was angry, pouting, forced to comply with Merkel's plans, his proposal to take the whole argument under a US wing and push it into the future roundly rejected. Forced into defeat on his plan to claim Europe as an ally against Russia with his missile shield plan which is clearly now on the wan, despite loud claims that it will move forward. He was also drunk, the night before, talking only to the new French President whom he considers a Bushie. Only those who would treat him right were allowed in his presence. The irrelevant President, pretending he is running the world.

Bush meets pope, promotes U.S. AIDS work! President Bush, denounced by tens of thousands of anti-American protesters on the streets of Rome, defended his humanitarian record on Saturday to Pope Benedict XVI, who expressed concern about "the worrisome situation in Iraq. Any comment?

Of course face to face meetings between the Pope and Bush are hardly discussing the agenda announced. The Pope is a highly Service-to-Self individual, as is Bush, but the statements from both are mouthing concern for humanity. Bush hopes the Pope will express concern, publically, that will enhance cooperation with his blundering policy. The Pope is unlikely to do any of that, concerned about his own position of power and erosion of the faithful from the church. The Pope wants his Chuch to be free of lawsuits on pedophilia and the like, and wants Bush to lean on the courts, which Bush is unlikely to do as he would fear word of this getting out and he is already a man on the ropes. Thus, they will talk at each other, and neither gain cooperation!

On the TBR News website the writer calling himself Voice of the White House has stated that scientists have discovered that the rate of melt in Greenland is much greater than previously thought and that by the year 2012 it would increase the ocean levels by over 23 feet, wreaking havoc with industry, population centers and economies. Is this a preparation for by TPTB to talk about the imminent poleshift? [and from another] The second subject of interest is the rapidly increasing melting of the Greenland icecap, a process that has speeded up way beyond any computer projection. Most scientists, outside of official U.S. ones, agree that the entire huge ice cap will melt (at the present accelerating rate) within five years, not five hundred. If this happens, and all the serious projections indicate that it will, there will be a disastrous rise in sea levels, a neutralizing of the Gulf Stream and massive and permanent flooding of most of the American east and gulf coasts and a massive destruction to the commercial infastructure that will have devastating financial consequences. For this reason, the matter is not to be discussed by any governmental agency and public discussion in any of the major media outlets has been kept very quiet. The Bush people pray it will not happen before they are out of office. If you own property on the coast, at or slightly above the current sea level, my advise to you is to sell now while you can. When this becomes ohvious, you will be sol about selling anything and your neighbors will be moving to Chicago.” [and from another] Thunder? It's the sound of Greenland melting [Jun 6] Atop Greenland's Suicide Cliff, from where old Inuit women used to hurl themselves when they felt they had become a burden to their community, a crack and a thud like thunder pierce the air. It's the ice cracking inside the icebergs. As politicians squabble over how to act on climate change, Greenland's ice cap is melting, and faster than scientists had

As we mentioned, there are many arms the Puppet Master has in the media, and this includes the web. CNN is likewise picking up the pace in criticizing Bush policy, and reporting matters embarrassing to Bush. Watch the trend! Those channels that are highly responsive to the Puppet Master's direction can be located by their steady trend in the directions we have mentioned. Decapitation of Bush, making him irrelevant. Informing the public about the coming pole shift, all the while in a deniable way. And educating the public on what to do about such a catastrophe, with the slant that the public should anticipate taking care of themselves.

The removal of Gen.Pace by Secty.Gates gives the appearance that the Generals in lockstep with Bush won't be tolerated any longer. What is the Zeta's take? [and from another] Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington [Jun 9] The Bush administration yesterday attempted to wipe the slate clean on the Iraq war and chart a new way forward with the surprise announcement that it was replacing General Peter Pace as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The defense chief, Robert Gates, said he had reluctantly decided on the reshuffle - despite his initial support for Gen Pace - to avoid a "divisive ordeal" at the Senate which would have had to approve an extension of the general's term. He said he had nominated Admiral Mike Mullen, who is currently chief of naval operations, to replace Gen Pace. In another house cleaning move, the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Edmund Gambastiani, also announced his retirement yesterday.

There were several dramas this past week, G8 and the Pace resignation. Since Pace was not due to be re-confirmed until late September, what was the rush? And why would there need to be a replacement of the Vice Chairman too? That this all came the day after Bush had a supposed stomach flu, which as we explained was the result of a pout and a drunk, one can see they are likely related. Gates is associated with the senior Bush, was on the committee suggesting alternatives in Iraq, which Bush roundly rejected at the time. Talk to Iran, perhaps split the country into 3 parts along sectarian lines, all good advice if one wants to get out, which Bush does not. Now he is talking to Iran, only because he has been forced by the military to do so. Gates should be seen as more reporting to the Senior Bush than the junior, in these matters. Pace and his Vice Chairman have only survived this long because they were willing to coddle Bush to some extent, and now it is seen that they need a stronger block in place as Bush is losing it. There can be no compromise. Pace would attempt to compromise with Bush. The day when these arguments and temper tantrums are out in the public is increasingly coming nigh, as the G8 fuss shows.

It was recently noted in the news that Cheney was due for a new pacemaker, and would have a voluntary procedure in order to replace his old pacemaker later this year. I find it odd that they would make this announcement publicly. Is it significant?

We have mentioned previously that Cheney was afraid of going under the knife as he fears an assassination attempt. Clinton was almost killed during heart surgery as a warning to him to cooperate with Bush and company, and Cheney is aware of this. But he has no choice! The announcement was made for three reasons. One, to explain his absense to the public, who would otherwise assume a worse state of health if the surgery were sudden. Two, so that in the event of death, the public would be well aware that this surgery was necessary and not assume foul play. Three, so that if another VP were needed in his absense, the next in line, Pelosi, could be assigned. Cheney will not resign no matter how dire the situation. Those making the announcement are not in the Bush camp, but hoping for a removal of Cheney.

With all the satellites launched including the twin sun orbiters and the Space Station, is NASA any closer to knowing the approximate date? Is there a window that they project, not the Zetas which have not?

We have mentioned that the pace is not lineal, or anything predictable. The 270° roll has been clipping along, and might suddenly go into a rush or slow to a crawl. We're not saying! What NASA et al have discovered is that they cannot predict the motion of Planet X or the smaller planets it has in its grip. After many abortive attempts at predicting what will emerge in the near future, NASA has given up, essentially, and all those dependent upon news from the probes are simply waiting, with one foot in the reality of the day to day, and the other foot ready to bolt to the bunkers!

I would like to ask the Zetas a question. The Zetas stated the Council of Worlds wishes to protect certain influential people from assassination and the like. I know the Zetas do not get to pick and choose who is protected as only the Council can decide. I would like to ask the Zetas if they know why a person like John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert were not protected from CIA assassination, when it was clear they would reveal the alien presence to the public, and in a truthful way, unlike the CIA which claims all aliens are evil. It would seem that if they succeeded, eventually the pole shift would be presented as well. Was that not considered influential or maybe more bad than good would come of such an announcement? I wonder why someone like Al Gore is considered influential as he goes around claiming cigarretes are causing global warming. I know it's to put him in good light, but he still makes foolish claims and doesn't seem as strong as JFK, RFK, or even John Lennon for that matter.

No soul is protected who does not wish this, and as astonishing as it may seem, many realize that they can make a larger impact if assassination occurs. We mentioned this with Wellstone, a highly popular Senator from Minnesota. He and the others on the plane knew of the plans, and had decided to let it rip, as their deaths would inspire more action in the public than if they remained alive. This is why the government will often not kill someone who comes forward with information, once they get the info out. To kill them confirms what they are saying, in essence! Martyrs are made, if a public figure is suddenly killed. Thus, those who are in a position to create such public awareness, start such a following, often chose death!

USA Today had on its front page a big headline this week basically stating that America and the world in general are in the grips of an epic drought. From Australia to Florida etc. Water is becoming the new "black" gold that will be needed. How critical have the water tables gotten in most of the key spots that use water for growing crops? Must be crop shortages galore that we are not hearing about but will soon.

We have predicted, from the start of ZetaTalk, great and intractible droughts, and these have started in many parts of the world. In those lands where the water table is dependent upon rain, it drops, and in those areas where land is sinking, such as Florida, seawater often pollutes the ground water. Water for drinking will not be in such short supply, as this is the minor need. It is water for crops heavily dependent upon water, such as cotton, that will be set aside, and water for swimming pools, watering lawns, washing cars, etc, will be forbidden. Crop shortages in any case are in your future, due to erratic temperatures and alternating drought and deluge, both of which can kill crops by drowning seedlings or shriveling them. The availability of water is thus only one issue affecting the ability of man to live in an area.

Could the Zeta's please tell us what the approximate number of abductees are from all over the world? And is it a fact that all abductees names are on file somewhere? And where would the files be located? Very curious.

MJ12 maintained contactee lists in the distant past, but no information is being reported to them since MJ12 dissolved itself, and this information is in fact not even considered relevant to concerns, today. Those who were members of MJ12 soon realized that the number of contactees was growing so rapidly that keeping lists was not going to help them maintain the public perception they wanted. They could spend their time trying to influence the public in the media, or they could keep lists, so chose the latter for their efforts. Quoting numbers does not reflect anything, as the numbers are growing so rapidly they would be irrelevant as soon as Nancy could type them down. Get your own perception by watching the number of mass UFO sightings, and the reaction of the public. These would not be occurring unless a majority of those viewing such sightings, or hearing about them, were comfortable with the concept! What does that tell you about their contactee status?

In the northeast computer outages have caused flights to be delayed all day. What's happening in our atmosphere at this time to cause this?

Airport delays act like dominoes, where if one airport backs up flights, the others must back up also. Computers have many flaws, no computer system flawless, so a bug or fault can cause a crash. Not unheard of. Not unusual! This problem, in a single airport causing a domino affect, was thus not an atmospheric result.

I was told you could stop alien abductions by training a video camera on your bed. Any comment from the Zetas?

Visitation are performed in all sorts of ways, from teleporting to asking the contactee to go for a walk. Suggestions such as this assume that the human does not want the visit, but these only occur if the human has given the Call. It is at the request of the human. Thus, such a human would not keep a video camera running, or would take a walk to the rest room and be out of sight at the appointed time.

Will abductees/contactees awaken/remember their experiences from over the years just before the pole shift or durning? Will it be like a switch being turned on to remember their prepareness? There are many who are in high anxiety right no , those who know the time is close. And lastly the debunkers the ones that are in denial what will become of them during and after the shift?

Visitations and recall are highly individualized, as we have explained on the website. Some contactees recall instantly, having an awareness however vague. Others keep a hard separation between what might be called their normal life and contactee life. The pole shift will not make a difference here, except that many will not feel the need to be so 'normal' in order to retain their job or marriage or whatever. This is a fascinating article about Deborah Jeane Palfrey (the DC Madam) and the use of sex for blackmailing US legislators. It is about her potential links to indicted congressman, "Duke" Cunningham, defense contractor, Brent Wilkes, former CIA number 3 man Kyle Foggo and his former CIA boss, Porter Goss, of the Justice Department and the removal of Carol Lam, the San Diego district attorney who prosecuted Cunningham and was, perhaps, closing in on the Washington DC sex ring. Oddly enough, the Washington Times came out with a front page article in 1989 about the child prostitutes who were given a 1:00 a.m. tour of the White House during the Reagan administration and the evidence at that time supposedly lead directly to the vice president's office, that of George Herbert Walker Bush. One of the boys who allegedly took the tour claimed to be involved in the 1982 abduction of Johnny Gosch. He claimed Gosch was forced into child prostitution for the intent of compromising leaders. He claimed Johnny Gosch and the White House correspondent who caused such a stir a few years back, Jeff Gannon, (gay escort service) are one and the same. The author of the article comments on how the CIA has become the American oligarchs' private police force rather than a governmental arm of the people. If one researches the history of the CIA they will discover the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which preceded the CIA, and the CIA were populated by a heavy number of Yale graduates. One of those Yale graduates became director of the CIA in 1976, by the name of George Herbert Walker Bush. I believe the Zetas said we have not heard the last of Jeff Gannon and this article certainly tends to validate what the Zetas said years ago about CIA activity in preparation of current times.

It is no secret that pedophilias has been used for blackmail, as we mentioned when we addressed this earlier, it is one of the most shameful acts, and thus carries so much weight as a blackmail tool. Indeed, Bush and the CIA have long tried to compromise those they wished to control by these means, as does the Catholic church at its high levels. In certain secret societies, unless a member can be considered blackmailable, they are not considered trustworthy! They all want the goods on each other, and thus ritual sex, ritual acts which are criminal, are performed in front of others. This is also no secret. Did Bush senior operate in this manner. Absolutely. Is Gannon Gosch? No. Gosch is a ruined person, unable to operate in society with any reliability, a wastrel. Gannon is a male prostitute, akin to the female prostitutes the DC madam provided, and infiltrated the White House for all the pillow talk his visits provided to his handlers. It is all a very convoluted tangle, spy vs spy, etc.

According to the local news, this latest payload that went up on Atlantis is the largest and heaviest payload to ever be launched. It consists of hardware that includes the main solar array. Is there any more to this latest launch and mission other than doing the work neccessary to help finish the ISS? Is this mission also in any jeopardy, or are all the people involved actually just doing what the mission states?

Beyond continued spying on Planet X, and attempts to keep the ISS viable and safe from increasing meteor and debris assaults, there is nothing new or special about the Atlantis flight. They are of course concerned about electromagnetic pulse ruining equipment, with shields in place where possible. This is not all that new, as a threat, but in that electromagnetic effects from the tail happened on the surface of Earth in 2003, when the tail wafted past the Sun and toward Earth, they are bracing for this as best they can. One day the ISS will not respond on radio, and will be damaged so that life on that platform is not possible. This is a given, accepted by those who take the mission, in fact. They all hope to be cycled out before that day, of course.

History Channel ran a program that posed the possibility that extra terrestrials have been involved in many of the Bible's stories. I have watched the History Channel for years and I can verify they are becoming more specific about these topics, opening up the public's thought processes on them, just as the Zetas predicted a couple of years ago.

Indeed, they have been on the forefront in the Awakening to the alien presence. This is somewhat of a surprise, as the public would expect Discovery to lead on the UFO phenomena, not History. But the Puppet Master must look at the structure in place, the editors, the artists, their attitudes. One conducts auditions, and selects on the basis of how well the channel will carry out the wishes of the Puppet Master. It is often assumed that one merely gives orders. Anyone who has ever managed people knows that if direction is given to a receptive employee, one with the right talents, one who sees the mission enhancing the self, the mission will be accomplished so much more easily and effectively!

Per the Zeta's predictions, food prices are on the increase and not by a small amount. According to this article, the increase in the cost of food surpasses that of gasoline and is second only to that of health care. With gas regularly reaching record highs, now, and demonstrating the power those controlling the oil have over its supply and cost, do the elite have plans to try and ration petroleum as a means of controlling people's movement weeks or months before they anticipate the passage?

Such control of migration is already in place, with gas prices rising just ahead of an expected season, such as Summer vacation plans or Memorial Day. This is to accustom the public in the US to such restrictions, and the inability of complaints to the Congress or White House to effect any change. We mentioned that Bush now fears his supplies within the US will not suffice for his pole shift and Aftertime plans! He fears being cut off from Middle East oil altogether and losing Alaska pipelines and not being able to invade Venezuela. Thus, he has relayed this to Congress, in closed door sessions, so they won't investigate too aggressively. He of course does not relay this in pole shift terms, just in energy conservation terms. The idea it to push the US closer to the European state, where they pay considerably more for gas. But the underlying agenda is to accustom the public not to drive or travel, as this will be their status in the weeks going into the pole shift. We have predicted travel restrictions, preventing migration of all except those with a business or family reason to travel, or who own land at the destination. Such impositions could come suddenly, in fact, depending upon Earth changes!

Will presidential candidates like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich continue to be marginalized by the media so that they aren't even contenders for the presidency? Either of these two would have the potential to be beneficial to the U.S. and even the world. Are they considered too uncontrollable by the Puppet Master? Are we going to see another attempt to put in willing puppets like Clinton or Gulliani? If the puppet masters are manipulating the media then aren't they negating the free will of the public, in keeping these two obviously STO persons from becoming president? In the long run wouldn't the principles of either of these two men align with the desires of the Puppet Master to inform the public?

We have described the Puppet Masters role in these matters like herding cats. One does not just dictate the outcome. There are numerous candidates in both parties whom the Puppet Master is familiar with, and who are considered maleable enough to his concerns to be President. He does not chose. But if a wild card seemed to be winning, publicity and promotion of alternatives would occur. To that extent, he controls elections, but in point of fact, he is only boosting his choice. For all the popularity of Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchinich, they would in fact only attract a minority of the voters. Both the Democratic and Republican parties recognize this, and are not interested in losing. The polls are not being manipulated at this point, and neither are winning in the polls. This is the public deciding, not the Puppet Master dictating.

Would Man be prevented from exiting this planet even if he develops the propulsion techniques for doing so?

We have stated that the type of travel the hominoids on Planet X do, where they travel from their world, during a passage, to Earth or Mars, is allowed. This is not considered space travel, it's considered hoping about on the surface of planets. At present these hominoids, the Annunaki, are quarantined from Earth, and if man were to develop a means to travel to Mars where they would encouter the Annunaki, the Council of Worlds would ensure they would have problems enough to discourage them.

Will the government sponsored attempts at disinformation and distraction occur even after there is no longer any question about the presence of Niburu, or will the tactics as seen here today continue on until even the last possible moment? Will there be a moment when attempts to discourage the disemination of your message will finally have a stop put to them?

We are anticipating many surprises that will hopefully put a crack in the coverup. Just what these surprises are, is not to be stated, as then of course it would no longer be a surprise. We have also stated that we anticipate Nancy being very much in the media at some point, as someone who can describe the coming pole shift in a manner that can be discredited, since she is only a woman talking to aliens, but as someone with a track record on predictions. Thus, those who can listen without panic will do so, and those who will panic can deny. Troubled Times is the best website on survival preparation bar none, and Nancy as web mistress is well versed in all aspects of the databank. But just what happens, in this or that country, when our surprises emerge, is in the hands of man almost entirely. Thus, no predictions can be made!

Here is an excellent site describing Ed Brown and his situation:
He was at one point beseiged much like what happened at Ruby Ridge. However it appears that the Feds have backed off possibly due to the media.

Earlier attacks on any group or individual suggesting that taxes need not be paid or secession from US government control, on US soil, is a good idea, were vicious and got a lot of negative publicity. Seeking to avoid another Waco or Ruby Ridge, they are trying to take a softer approach, to stay out of the media. But the goals are the same. No secessions, no breaking away from US laws, and no failure to pay your taxes! That's the message.

Phone calls with Presisent Hu at the beginning of May - 'trade' talks they said. Then Vice Premier Wu-Yi meets Bush at the end of May for face to face 'trade' talks. Given that the Zetas said when President Hu visited Washington in April 2006 that trade negotiations are always worked out beforehand and meetings in person are only necessary for discussions pertaining to the pole shift, were these meetings any different? And if for that, would the Zetas like to comment on what further developments there have been between Bush and the Chinese government regarding their carving up control of the world after the shift?

China is a great worry for the Bush White House, not at all in control, the sleeping dragon awakened. China has been buying immense amounts of US bonds, and holds an immense amount of US dollars as a result. If they stopped buying these bonds, even at the reduced rate they have assumed, or started dumping dollars, they would devastate the US in a dropping dollar. Where this makes US manufactured goods cheaper worldwide, it makes US stocks and bonds worthless, and panic would set in. Bush knows this, but is smug in his knowledge that the Puppet Master does not want such a financial crisis. Thus, he antagonizes China like a little dog japing at a bound and caged bear. We have the pet food fiasco, which they chose to blame on China food imports, when it was clear that only pet food was involved and this with a US nod in fact! Food shortages are to be disguised, no one to notice, and the bad food is thus not to be wasted. Little tit for tat games have begun, with China claiming some US foods or products are not safe, and the US continuing to make claims about Chinese products like toothpaste. All of this is exagerated if not frankly made up. So given this scenario, what are China and Bush talking about, face to face? How it will go down, when the spiral starts. They know what territory China considers theirs - Iran, Brazil, and Russia as trading partners. Where Bush has not given up on S America, there is no way he can press an advantage so has put this on the back burner. What was open ended was how the financial spiral would affect the US and China. At some point banking failures will result, but as with the many bank failures during the Great Depression, if no one calls them on their failure, they struggle along, the public none the wiser. Banks will have limited hours, limited withdrawals, and those trying to sell stock simply finding no buyers. For China, this means the dollars they hold will become worthless, the US refusing to exchange them for anything of worth, and likewise with the rest of the world. The dollar, like the Stock Market, may reflect on paper a value higher than it has, but no one will want to exchange anything of worth for dollars, a similar reaction to US stocks. What you hold is worthless, regardless of its face value. Given what is expected to happen during the pole shift, during the weeks preceeding the pole shift, that all paper money will lose its value, this is not deemed a problem. It is the short term that Bush worries about, how quickly he will have to move to limited banking within the US, how he will have to react to demands from other countries to cash in US bonds for something of worth, like Gold. He wants other countries to suffer but not him, as usual. He did not find a sympathetic ear! As China is squeezed, it will stop buying US bonds, forcing the US to print money faster, higher inflation, and the spiral they wish to delay starting early and accelerating.

Is the 'Real ID Act' a forerunner of the 'Mark of the Beast' mentioned in Revelation Chap. 13?

We have mentioned that the Rapture is a misunderstanding of what is to come, what we describe as the Lift which will be offered to all those humans who are incarnated with highly Service-to-Other souls during the hour of the shift. This is to allow them to live, so they can help others afterwards, though hardly any actually accept the offer as they are so responsible they chose to remain with those dependent upon them during the hour of terror. The Church, having had the words of Jesus twisted so the message is one putting mankind on a path to being Service-to-Self, changed this to mean any who have followed the rules of the Church, which they call the faithful. Those who mindlessly follow rules and regulations are unlikely to be highly Service-to-Other, and more likely to be spiritually immature and looking for salvation for themselves, so no such measure can be applied to determine who will and will not be offered the Lift. Implants are often in the head, behind the ear, or along the hair line in the forehead, and for some highly important contactees, in the forehead where communication with the frontal lobes of the brain can be assisted. Nancy, for instance, has such an implant, which resulted in a scar when she was younger and thus she wears bangs over her forehead. If the Church twisted the true message of Jesus to be one of poverty and love for all into one where the Pope can be draped in Gold and protect pedophiles, then would they not twist the meaning of implants to determine who is highly Service-to-Other during the hour of the shift? They, being highly Service-to-Self, wish these contactees to be murdered, if possible, as those allied with the Devil!

All Shook Up: Seacoast Jittery Over Series of Baby Quakes [Jun 4] The quakes recorded so low on the Richter scale that Jim Van Dongen, public information officer of the New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said he is surprised anyone even felt the rumble. It practically feels like a logging truck going by. But Alfred Seyins of 10 Elwyn Road didn't agree. It was one instance, but it shook the whole house. Nearby on Edgewood Road, Myrna Promer said she felt something similar. Nothing was broken and nothing even fell, but the whole house shook.

Earthquake monitors measure movement in the rock, but not movement in the air above ground, which is what this was. Methane, escaping from pockets released to the air by the movement of rock layers, especially in the stretch zone where these rock layers are being pulled apart, can fumigate the area while rising (as happened on Jan 8, 2006 during a large Earth Fart) or can explode. Tunguska in 1908 was a methane gas explosion, lighted by lightning. Methane is highly combustible, like natural gas, and consumes all the oxygen in the immediate area when such explosions occur, thus preventing the spread to nearby areas. If in an open area, as in the out of doors, it quickly rises and disburses unless a large pool is being released. Methane pools along the Eastern seaboard are from rotting material long underwater when this land was pulled under the waves during prior pole shifts. Such a stretch to submersion pulls rock fingers apart, but also pulls some rock fingers over decomposable material.

What is immediately noticed is that this is not a hoax, as the circular lines are too precise, in a barley field, too narrow to allow for correction in a manmade circle. The second immediate observation is that this circle is an oddity, compared to prior circles. Spirals have existed, but the placement of circles like beads along the spiral is new. Where the spiral outward is regular, the placement of beads seems to have no pattern. We would point to another recent circle showing the jaring, rattling effect that competing magnetic fields will have on the Earth, soon. We have long warned that the lean to the left, leading into the 3 days of darkness, would be a time of great change on Earth. We have stated that there will be Earth changes we have not detailed, deliberately, so as to knock the establishment off its equilibrium so that the coverup might crack and the common man become aware of that which the establishment has been hiding from them. What does this crop circle tell man, about the next events to unfold? That they will be increasing in severity, thus the number of beads as the spiral unfolds. That the Earth wobble will surely get worse, and be accompanied by events that will happen irregularly. That these events will have no discernable pattern that the establishment can use to plan their path.