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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 6, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

With the end of the Bush Presidency growing close, and a possible shift in policy due to a clone in the office or other leadership changes in the offing, per the Zetas, will the American Public ever learn the truth concerning the worst misdeeds of the Bush White house? Treason, War for Oil, Death Camp plans, stolen elections, Martial Law plans, False Terror, etc? I understand that preventing riots and the shooting of people in the streets is in fact an appropriate reason for the cover-up, and we all obviously benefit from that to a certain extent but one wonders if the truth is ever to be known. Will the general public go into the shift not knowing how badly they were abused by Bush, or what a close call we all had? Is not one of the lessons of 3rd density existence to learn from mistakes and make choices based on what we learn? I guess my question is if the truth is always masked, how does the general public learn from mistakes or make appropriate choices? What am I missing here? Is this just happenstance that is controlled exclusively by man alone?

3rd Density lessons learned are those the entity has close contact with, wherein they must make a choice, take action, and see the consequences. Seeing what others do gives scant opportunity for learning, as it is not what the self does. There are more secrets that will be buried than you can imagine, as you suspect only a percent of a percent, such is your current knowledge. Over the centuries this has develped, with the truth carried only in souls of those with intimate knowledge. Comfort yourself that the public already suspects the truth, polls showing the majority suspect more 9/11 complicity by the government than has been admitted, etc. It is also patently clear that the Iraq War was for oil, as why else would Bush cling and not want to leave? Iran has oil too, as is known, so the pattern has become obvious. Torture also has come back like karma to the White House, with their hand in memos and the like, their cold hearts exposed. Now we have a children's health insurance bill vetoed just when another request for funds for Iraq is sent to Congress. Bush is deeply hated, and none of what you mention is hidden from the public.

There were landslides/sinkholes in San Diego and Pennsylvania this past week. Are these more early symptoms of the Bowing and damage that the US will see prior to the New Madrid rip, per the Zetas? [and from another] SoCal Sinkhole Swallows Highway, Home [Oct 3] A four-lane road buckled Wednesday and sank slowly in a hilly upscale neighborhood, threatening several homes. Gas and power supplies were shut off. The sinkhole in the La Jolla neighborhood of million-dollar homes cut in a cone shape and was about 50 yards long. Street cracking began on Soledad Mountain Road in July and escalated in August, along with breaks in water and gas lines.

We have repeatedly warned that the US southwest was going to undergo a bowing stress, a situation that would last until the N American continent adjusted by a diagonal rip along the extended New Madrid Fault line, which includes fracturing from New England through the Midwest and down into Mexico. Until that adjustment occurs, Mexico is tugged to the west, causing a bow to form along the West Coast. The bow causes compression at its center, at the San Andreas Fault line near San Diego, and expansion inland. This bow is what caused the Utah mine collapse, as we explained at the time. Indirectly, this bow is what caused the Minneapolis bridge collapse, as it forces the St. Lawrence Seaway to open, causing adjustments all the way to the Black Hills of S. Dakota.

San Diego is comprised of lowlands, as the nearby presence of the Salton Sea shows. This area will compress more than land to the north, as the rock is now less thick as it has proved to be pliable in the past, and distended. San Diego is thus due for a grinding action, a tumbling action, as the bow comes under increasing stress. When the New Madrid Fault line adjusts, the stress on this bow will relax but another nightmare will emerge - new adjustments along the San Andreas Fault line. Now the western half of the N American continent is free to jut to the west, at a diagonal, so slip-slide all along the San Andreas Fault line will occur for some time. We have mentioned that a rip will occur from San Diego up through Mammoth Lake in California and on up toward Yellowstone at some point. As one can see from a topographical map, there is already a rift along this path, where ripping has occurred before. This too is awaiting the San Diego area, which will by that time be an almost unlivable area.

The issue of Bush clones and the associated time lines implies that Service-to-Self-Alien Human cooperation has been operative for many years. Has the Bush family always been a front for this type of activity since the days of Prescott Bush? Have previous Puppet Masters leaned more to Service-to-Self than the current one?

There have been no Puppet Masters during the reign of this financial house that have been strictly speaking highly Service-to-Other. The trust management runs down the family tree via male lineage and almost always there has been more than one son to choose from. One given to a tender heart is not deemed suitable, and is passed over. As to the Bush family, this family could not have a highly Service-to-Other child and any sensed as such is dispensed with quickly. There is in fact a Bush daughter who is never mentioned, dead at some point in her early years, whose memory is treated like a black sheep. She was in fact the opposite, a white lamb in the midst of black sheep. This spiritual orientation runs back many generations, and implies giving the Call to aliens in the Service-to-Self. Often. Devil worship was often the means of giving the Call, with human sacrifice required. There is no warmth in this family, despite whatever words they may conjure up for public consumption.

Why do the Zetas not tell us about the "OF-9" Treaty they had with Majestic 12 before the "suicide" of Majestic 12 and the birth of a new group called Sion? How are we supposed to believe it even exists when the cabal keeps confusing us with the gobbledy-gook of the "Tau-9"?

You are assuming that such a treaty actually existed, or such a group. Both are false. There are mountains of disinformation spread by various means to confuse the public, who has a hard time sorting it all out as they of course cannot get their hands on the original documents from this secret society. MJ12 was ultra secret, beyond the black ops running today, layer upon layer of secrecy and with those invited to become members having to sign papers stating that MJ12 could kill them if they broke the rules. Many have in fact been summarily executed for these reasons. Why are such false rumors about MJ12 now coming out? Because the CIA and the core that wanted the public to avoid embracing the alien presence has been frustrated of late with their disinformation campaign to scare the public into thinking that aliens want to mass land and eat them or colonize them and the like. Mass sightings are on the increase, and the alien presence is being embraced. So they are trying a different tackic, to get the public to read so-called leaked MJ12 papers in the hopes they will become frightened. This campaign is losing, as people trust their feelings more than they trust rumors on the Internet.

Long time reader, first time asking a question. I was wondering if the Zeta's or any other beings plan to stage a worldwide introduction, finally putting to end the question of "Are we alone?" with definitive proof on a mass scale? Also, how do the Zeta's select the people they wish to communicate with, and can people volunteer to be contacted/ talked to?

We have stated that the pace of the Awakening is in accordance with the readiness of the humans affected. This proceeds on an individual basis, the human giving the Call and getting contact. Contact is always initiated by the human, who may be distressed or curious and thereby asking for counsel. Often an entire family become contactees, due to one member talking enthusiastically or trying to sort out their experiences, and all becoming curious. As many in a community are comfortable with the alien presence, mass sightings occur. This varies greatly from family to community to country, and where there is great fear, the contact remains on an individual basis. The pole shift will pick up the pace, and during the discombobulation many will accept the amazing, especially if the aliens visiting are offering help. There will be no mass landing as an introduction or intimidation, as this might induce fear, and fear leads to selfishness which leads to operating in the Service-to-Self.

It is being claimed that "zetas" are manipulating peoples minds with "screen memories". Are they allowed to do this?

Since shortly after the time of Roswell, it has been the ruling of the Council of Worlds that all visitation should be recorded in the subconscious of the contactee, so as to avoid punishment of contactees by those fearing the alien presence. In the main, those fearing the alien presence are the government or organized religion, as they stand to lose if their stature is diminished by the more elevated stature of the newcomers, the aliens. It does occur during a planet's Awakening that contactees are murdered. Pat Robertson advised on the 700 Club that anyone talking to aliens should be stoned. Thus, to protect contactees from punishment, who are on the increase in any case, this rule was instituted. A screen memory is just a protection, so that if the contactee begins to remember, he first must sort out the screen memory. "That certainly seemed like an owl, but why did it not fly away?" This allows a time brake, time to sort it out before the contactee might rush to friends and detail the whole account. He will be more selective with whom he talks to by the time the incident is sorted out.

I should have been more specific. The question is not about "contact" memories. The question is about the observation of physical events, including, but not exclusive to, the location of constellations in the sky.

We are not manipulating the view of the constellations, nor the position of the Sun or Moon. What we manipulate is the tilt of the Earth, whether it is high or low in the Ecliptic.

I was watching some football early this afternoon, and the satellite was flickering on and off. There was no storm. Then a screen popped up stating due to the sun's activity during the spring and fall months this can affect the satellites signals. So my question is , has this been happening all along, or is Direct TV told from the elite that these satellite signals are affected by the sun? So is the actual cause for this now related to Planet X, or can the sun affect the satellite signals?

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that the Sun would be blamed for electrical problems as Planet X approached. This has certainly been the case. In 2003, when the tail wafted past the Sun toward Earth, there were all kinds of blackouts, worldwide, caused by this charged tail wafting near satellites. The famous NYC blackout in August, 2003, where commuters quietly walked home over the darkened bridges, was one such incident. Worldwide, these blackouts occurred. We warned recently that as the N Pole of Planet X turned away from the Sun, turned outward toward Earth, that these days would return. This will increasingly be the case.

On previous live chats, the Zetas confirmed the puppet master's campaign to elect Al Gore as U.S. president and recent articles have been cited as evidence of this. A current Vanity Fair article, Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, the German online magazine, Spiegel Online, had an article about President Bush's initial tour of the ravaged areas and suggested the entire agenda was nothing more than a calculated photo op. The article described a train of vehicles barreling into predetermined locations, handing out a bit of food and water, and erecting staged sets with local people for the president to talk to and promise support. After the videoing was over, they packed up their equipment and moved on to their next location, leaving behind only the small amount of food and bottled water they handed out for the photo op. As cynical as this may be, for those who believe politics is not contrived to manipulate public perception, this may serve as evidence to the contrary and make one deeply question the veracity and motives of the current administration. In reference to Al Gore, we appear to be watching predetermined actions unfolding like a battle plan. If a situation dictates that a man of compassion, and I believe ethics, must orchestrate an essentially staged and manipulated campaign to ensure the presidency, what could possibly prevent those with an agenda and no ethics or conscience from doing worse?

Having been accepted as a VP by the Puppet Master, who certainly can eliminate via death by media any person he deems unsuitable for the presidency, Gore is as much in line for the presidency in 2008 as any of the other candidates. In fact, one might say he has been pre-approved, and the other candidates are a bit iffy as the actual Democratic or Republic candidate to emerge as the nominee is not yet known. There is much comment about Ron Paul, his popularity yet his absence from the media. This is an example of the Puppet Master's hand, frankly, though Ron Paul as we have stated would not gain the nomination as he is too radical for the public also. Gore has rid himself of the wooden image, and become a type of movie star. He is known worldwide and respected. He is respected by the public, who see him at least trying to correct problems the White House is ignoring. He is, thus, someone who could quickly assume leadership, considered legitimate, if the White House purge was needed and there was confusion about who should be in charge. He and the Puppet Master are indeed on speaking terms, and good terms we might add.

This week, the IRIS website showed an increase in the number of large quakes along the Australian and Pacific plates, and now increasingly traveling south of New Zealand and turning back toward Africa. In other words, tracing the plate, in line with the Zeta's prediction of impending quake increases and the loosening of the Australian plate. They said the puppet master would increase awakening information based upon Earth changes and there has certainly been an increase in the reports of TV shows pointing in this direction. Whats more, in the last 3 months, MSNBC has been routinely reporting magnitude 6 earthquakes in the Pacific as "Breaking News", and a weak or two ago they reported the eruption of a solitary volcano that would never have raised an eyebrow in the past, now, as "Breaking News". It seems pretty clear this is a concerted effort to awaken the public to these Earth changes, again, in line with Zeta predictions, and if one pays attention to the news, they will find consistent examples of conflicting reports, within days of each other, concerning weather, finances, jobs, etc., as if we are in the midsts of propaganda warfare.

We mentioned last week that there is a sense of panic in the halls of power over the fact that the Earth changes are becoming obvious. Quakes are being dropped from the databases with almost no concern about discovery, becoming obvious lately. Quakes that normally were in the 1-2 magnitude range are now in the 3-4 magnitude range and thus bumping up into the statistics. Previously it was considered only a concern to suppress larger quakes, in order to keep the statistics from showing the trends. Now the smaller quakes are showing the pattern too. Even if the quake incidence and magnitude were removed from public view altogether, how to explain the mining accidents, collapsing bridges, landslides, water and gas main breaks? They are pinging here and there at present, but will soon become a thunderous chorus, so many incidences will be happening. Will the establishment shut down the press and cut the phone lines to keep panic down? Obviously this technique would not work. The Puppet Master knows that the time when honesty must be out there, to calm the public, is at hand. He knows that explaining survival techniques is one means of quelling panic. This is why we have predicted that Nancy will be pushed by the media into the public arean, as she has a long history with these techniques.

Very unusual weather for 2/3rds of US. Summer just does not go away. Highs in the 80s again on the Eastern seaboard. No rain either. September had to be one of the warmest on record. Will temperatures eventually get to normal or will we have extremes (from very cold to very hot) from here on out? [and from another] We live in the South America, since four months that we do not have rain in some regions. This is the registered month hottest already. Already it is causing serious problems in agriculture. This unstable climate, will also bring consequences to the supplying of food to the great centers? It would be the beginning of the coming problems to stock of the great cities in the next months?

We have stated that as the pole shift approaches, the seasons will blend into one another. This is of record for past pole shifts also, where written records exist. Snow fell in summer. There is so much warmth in the middle of winter that the trees bud out, and then a killing frost follows. Alternating drought and deluge were another of our predictions, getting more extreme as time went on -- temperature swings, more extreme swings, as time went on. All of this has been our prediction history, with much documentation to support how accurate these predictions are. Will this continue? Absolutely, and get worse on all fronts. You must think in terms of saving those plants and animals that will survive in your target climate, your new geography. You may not get crops from now on out. Save the seed, and harbor the domestic animals that you know will do well, so they do not die during the coming times or during the passage.

Cheney to Address Secret Group [Sep 26] Cheney will address the fall meeting of the Council for National Policy, a group whose self-described mission is to promote "a free-enterprise system, a strong national defense and support for traditional Western values." The organization - made up of few hundred powerful conservative activists - holds confidential meetings and members are advised not to use the name of the group in communications, according to a New York Times profile of the group. [and from another] Inside the Council for National Policy [May 2] When Steve Baldwin, the executive director boasts that "we control everything in the world," he is only half-kidding. Half-kidding, because the council doesn't really control the world. But also half-serious because the council has deservedly attained the reputation for conceiving and promoting the ideas of many who in fact do want to control everything in the world. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the headliner. White House counsel Alberto Gonzales will speak.

When the public hears about the cover-up over the approach and imminent passage of Planet X, or the alien presence, or the establishment of a New World Order controlled by a cabal, they are always curious how such grand plans can be coordinated. Is this via highly secure chat rooms? Face-to-face meetings with no record of the conversation? Secret codes such that seemingly innocuous conversations carry great meaning? Certainly highly charged issues are given code words, so they can be discussed while passing in the halls or via phone conversations. As much as possible, discussions are not written down, as then code breakers might get their hands on the written material and have a field day. How are such matters as the theft of the White House in 2000 and 2004, via voter fraud, arranged? Diebold, with a paperless trail, was developed long before, and states were forced to implement this electronic voting by statute, under the gist of helping the disabled to vote.

This takes a lot of coordination. However, it only take a few key people to ensure the necessary steps are in place. The Diebold CEO, who approved the product as paperless. Key programmers who inserted the secret code that would allow remote control of the final tabulations. And state officials in key states such as Ohio and Florida who could be counted on to commit crimes without a qualm. Do these folks ever get weary of meeting each other singly, passing along information from one to the other? Absolutely, so they meet for dinner or golf where a group can be present. But most of all, they long for a grand meeting where all the members can attend, as a reassurance that they are indeed part of a large effort, and not alone. Such meetings carry great risk, due to the curiosity of the public. But if you want to know the players, then research this group! And if you want to know how the group is faring, watch the fortunes of the known membership. Clarence Thomas was recently on TV complaining bitterly about the course his life has taken. Alberto Gonzales was recently forced to resign as Attorney General. And Dick Cheney is the subject of impeachment bills.

More Than 1,500 Miners Safe in S. Africa [Oct 4] About 3,200 miners were trapped Wednesday when an air pipe snapped and tumbled down a shaft, apparently causing extensive damage to steel work and an elevator. Most were stranded a mile underground and had to be brought to the surface in a second, smaller cage in another shaft. About 340 were even further down the shaft, which has a total depth of nearly two miles. The miners were trapped when a hydraulic pressure pipe blew out. The pipe fell and probably caused extensive damage to the steel work and electrical cables in the shaft. The mine had won a number of safety awards and had never witnessed any fatal accidents.

A South African mine in the news, and when was the last time such a thing occurred? This is a new instance, in a part of the world not typically suffering mining accidents, and in a mine noted for its safety awards. Earth changes, the fact that the Earth moved, will not hit the press as a possible explanation as to suggest this is to open the door for all manner of speculation among the public. Africa is a very solid continent with very few fault lines outside of the Rift Valley. But even solid rock adjusts under continuous stress. Africa is rolling its top toward India as the Atlantic widens. This is, of course, what causes the Rift Valley and the Red Sea to open, and what causes the Arabian Plate to turn in a clockwise manner. South Africa finds it has stability in the rock to the northwest, but increasing weakness in the rock toward the northeast. Such an uneven balance causes rock layers to slide, on occasion, snapping plumbing.

I am Creating Artificial Life, Declares US Gene Pioneer [Oct 6] Craig Venter, the controversial DNA researcher involved in the race to decipher the human genetic code, has built a synthetic chromosome out of laboratory chemicals and is poised to announce the creation of the first new artificial life form on Earth. A team of 20 top scientists assembled by Mr Venter, led by the Nobel laureate Hamilton Smith, has already constructed a synthetic chromosome, a feat of virtuoso bio-engineering never previously achieved. Using lab-made chemicals, they have painstakingly stitched together a chromosome that is 381 genes long and contains 580,000 base pairs of genetic code. It is then transplanted into a living bacterial cell and in the final stage of the process it is expected to take control of the cell and in effect become a new life form. The new life form will depend for its ability to replicate itself and metabolise on the molecular machinery of the cell into which it has been injected.

If, while trying to decipher the mysteries of the internal combustion engine, one strips it down to a piston, does one have the makings of a better engine? One has reduced it to a part, which is useless for combustion and by itself gives no hint as to the other parts of the engine such as the distributor and the spark plugs, and cannot operate by itself to create compression, and does not have the ability to convert the motion of the piston to a transmission line. But the fool who has extracted the piston congratulates himself and announces he has created a new engine. DNA is more than long chemical strings that can replicate themselves in a chemical bath. DNA has depth, genes that can express under different circumstances to allow the DNA to not only replicate but survive. DNA has survived the test of time, due to this ability. The manufactured chemical strings have no such resilience, and will degrade and crumble at the first instance of a challenge. Put the champagne back into the bottle and cork it up, you're celebrating too soon. Man is not intended to have enough intelligence to create life, and braggart though he may be, he will only fail.

I have an impression of continuous, loud screeching in the skies prior to the passage. Perhaps it is the trumpets in Revelations that arouses this thought. Does this occur and if so, what causes it?

The Earth today experiences what we call booms from clapping air over land or sea as the ground heaves and the air needs to equalize. There is always lots of discussion in the media about whether this was a sonic boom, or due to some explosion somewhere. Often windows rattle, yet no quake was recorded. Thunder of course is the clapping of air masses after lightning, which superheats the air so it lacks pressure causing the air masses on either side to clap together, filling the void. What would occur during the passage, when the tail is wafting so closely that hail stones are falling, large debris thudding to Earth also, with a charged tail capable of causing electrical disturbances? Does the wind howl during a hurricane? Velikovsky has stated that the term "Typhoon" came from the sound of the howling and whipping winds during a pole shift. Rapidly moving air is a screech. A long howl of wind is a trumpet. This should be expected, yes.

Is the Bush administration driving the Topoff 4 exercise or are other powers behind it?

Topoff has and continues to be controlled by the US government, and thus should be considered primarily controlled by the White House.

Which alien races will come to live on Earth after the pole shift?

Earth will primarily be a home to the Hybrids, after the pole shift, to incorporate the souls of those Service-to-Other individuals who emerged as souls on Earth. There will of course be many visitors, from thousands of planets, hundreds of varieties and hardly any of which will be hominoid.

Nancy, recently I asked my homeowner's insurance agent about getting earthquake insurance here in Texas. He was nonplussed because he'd never been asked for earthquake insurance. The next time I spoke to him he told me that after doing some very exhaustive research, that nobody, not even some very specialized companies offer earthquake insurance in Texas. He surprised because he couldn't see why it wouldn't be offered in a place that was otherwise considered such a safe bet for this type of insurance. When I told him about the earthquake that we recently had near some college town, (2.7 on the richter scale) he nearly blanched. This begs the question, "Are large insurers and financial backers of the insurers aware at this point of what is likely to occur soon, and therefore not willing to risk the loss?"

Insurance companies, at the highest levels, are aware of what is coming. They may not have all the details, all the security clearance to know about Planet X, but they have been told that the pace of disasters will be beyond them at some point. They will go bankrupt, as the government will not be able to rescue all affected, not be able to step in and compensate the public. Like all those aware of the approach of Planet X, the anticipated passage, they are hoping the worst does not occur and their lives can go on. Homeowners should be aware of what to expect. Very few homes will survive the pole shift, and most will be ruined for habitation long before the pole shift.