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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 20, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

This week, several banks banded together to try and shore up their portfolio of junk real estate securities, to little affect using enhanced SIVS (junk holders) as most banks are run at the top by Service-to-Self types, how to they expect each other not to break rank and try and cut each other's throats?

This is already apparent as the deal is not coalescing as hoped. Indeed, as times get tighter and the profit margins in particular tighter, these types of deals will not coalesce but "every man for himself" will prevail. The Puppet Master, with his vast wealth, would be the only source during such times, and such deals may be made. All this depends upon what is at stake. The deal you are referring to was to save investor funds, from those wealthy enough to invest. The Puppet Master is unlikely to be concerned about these individuals.

Was the Port Arthur pipeline explosion more evidence of the pending rip for the US? If this continues and accelerates as the Zetas state, are we nearing the point where industry will be dramatically affected?

We have stated that where such disasters at present are a ping here and there, that they will increase to the extent that they seem like a thunder, almost continuous if printed in the news. Long before that time arrives the media will simply stop printing this news. They will stop reporting. Travelers will find bridges down in their path, with nothing in the news to warn them. Workers may arrive at the job to find their factory collapsed or burning, with nothing on the news to warn them. These times are coming!

Dennis Hastert is the latest in a string of Republicans to announce that they are leaving office. Is this more result from the remnant MJ12 group that is attempting to set policy right?

Hastert is quietly slinking away as he has heard of several more scandals to be exposed. He is certainly not clean in his personal life, among his secrets being his gay lifestyle. Gay Republicans are falling by the wayside one after another lately, and there are those who have made it their mission to expose as many of them as possible. Larry Flint is an example, offering funds for evidence, for instance. It is the hope of those who resign and try to stay out of the spotlight that they won't be a target, having given up their power. It is their hope that they can at least retain their current public image, until another day. In Hastert's case, this is a false hope! He was at the helm during many cover-ups, where pedophilia was overlooked. His fate is sealed.

What did the CIA accomplish from all their mind control experiments such as MK Ultra?

We have mentioned that such stories as the Manchurian Candidate are frankly false, though such ability to program humans was sought by the CIA in the past and even in the present. They have never achieved this goal. At most, they achieve a broken human, who is insane and cannot function. Nevertheless, under the hand of the White House, they are continuing to attempt to create such Manchurian Candidates at Gitmo, employing isolation, humiliation and a sense of hopelessness. Why persist? Because there are many in the CIA who are so strongly Service-to-Self that torture of others, with the the sense of power they achieve from being able to do this a reward in and of itself. This is why they fight to keep the prisoners at Gitmo without recourse. All other arguments are a cover for their true motivations.

The Zetas said rotation will stop for 5.9 days, correct? And I also remember they said the shift will happen rather towards the end of these 5.9 days, correct? Exactly when within these 5.9 days will the shift start? Are the Zetas able to pin this down to the hour? Can they be more precise, please?

The sequence of events is first an increasingly violent wobble, then a strong lean to the left, followed by the N Pole leaning away into 3 days of darkness for the entire northern hemisphere around the globe. This is followed by the 6 days of sunrise rising in the west as the Earth overcompensates when leaning away. Next the Earth standing vertically upright while being drawn closer to Planet X as rotation slows. Finally the rotation slows to a stop for 5.9 days, and then the hour of the shift occur.

I try to correlate the timing of the sweeping of the tail with the shift itself. The Zetas said first comes a fine red dust (about when rotation is slowing within a day), then gravel and then large boulders, correct? But exactly when does the abrupt end of the tail sweeping come? Is it days or hours before the shift? So I need to know if there are hours left between the end of the tail sweeping and the start of the shift. Could the Zetas be more precise, please? The problem is this: The Zetas advise to be under a cliff or in a ravine or in a cave to avoid the lashing of the tail with the large boulders etc, however for the shift itself this could turn out deadly. For the shift itself the Zetas advise to be in the open in a shallow trench, right? So there must be enough time to move from under the cliff to the trench etc. I hope you see what I mean here.

There is, unfortunately, no absolute assurance of safety during the hour of the shift or the tail lashing that precedes it. Folklore gives a good guide as to the sequence of events. First humans experience what is occurring today: drought, deluge and an increase in earthquakes with at times a powdering of fine red dust. You are also experiencing increasing illness, and migration of insects and germs and creatures due to climate change. When the last weeks arrive, the tail of Planet X points toward Earth as it hoses out from the N Pole of Planet X and this points toward Earth. This is the time period of the lean to the left and the 3 days of darkness and the 6 days of sunrise west. When the two planets stand upright, side by side, the tail continues to hose out of the N Pole which is now pointing up, not at Earth. Thus, during rotation slowing to a stop and rotation stoppage, there is less tail lashing with the risk of large boulders dropping. When you have counted out 5.9 days, then move to safety as the shift will be upon you. For those not under dense cloud cover, a jiggling of the stars or the Sun will be a clue that the hour of the shift has started. The pole shift itself happens too quickly for the tail to have room to maneuver. At this point, after the pole shift, the influence of Planet X and the lashing of its tail is at an end.

Nancy recently there was an assault on the convoy carrying a popular opposition leader back to Pakistan. Can the Zetas tell us who the culprits were and the objective of the attack? The Leader who is returning from exile is a woman and appears to be highly Service-to-Other. She appears to be very popular with the general populace. [and from another] Pakistan Says It Tried to Protect Bhutto [Oct 20] Pakistan's government dismissed former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's charge that high-ranking officials may have tried to kill her, saying Saturday that it had done everything possible to protect her triumphant return from exile. Bhutto blamed al-Qaida and Taliban militants for the suicide bombing that missed her but killed 136 others Thursday. But she also hinted Friday that followers of former military ruler Gen. Zia ul-Haq - and possibly current government officials - could have been involved.

Bhutto, the exiled PM who fled the country during a military coup, is returning under Musharraf's protection as he wishes to see the country return to civilian rule. He is sincere in his efforts. She has stated that she understands who is involved, what groups, even which individuals, and she is correct. Obviously, she is a survivor, and highly courageous and understands the political landscape. We predict that this alliance between Bhutto and Musharraf will succeed, and move the country toward democracy, much to the distress of foreign handlers such as Bush.

Do the Zetas have an economy? If not now, how did they transition?

All 3rd Density worlds operate before their Transformation in a manner not dissimilar to Earth's modus operandi. Of course, this is determined by the life form, as if they are a fish they would not have paper money, for instance, nor even accumulate wealth. But power struggles, and attempting to withhold that which is necessary for life from those they wish to intimidate is common to all 3rd Density worlds where those leaning to Service-to-Self are finding their spiritual orientation. If there is a medium of exchange, such as the dextrous humans have, then money rules as it does in so many places on Earth. If not, then cruelty and threats are used as a means of power and control over others. It varies. As we are hominoids, we had an equivalent to money, but the greater tool was technology which some Zetas had to a greater extent than other Zetas.

The U.S. and Canadian governments are studying whether erosion resulting from a dredging project by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1960s is the cause of the mysterious loss of water from Lakes Huron and Michigan. Is this indeed the case or is it something else?

We mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk that the Seaway would rip open during the pole shift, and that this ripping is part of the stretching process for the N American continent. The power outages that have affected New York City, such as the massive outage in August 2003, was due to the Niagara substation. The seaway is splitting! There are quakes in the middle of Lake Erie, felt on shore. Nancy has documented the 12 hour wobble at the Black Hills, which shows up for months at a time. We have stated that the ripping open of the Seaway does not end at Duluth, but at the Black Hills in South Dakota. The collapse of the bridge at Minneapolis was a result of this rip, as the land there was pulled apart, the land to the east of the Mississippi going to the east while the land to the west of the Mississippi stayed put. This ripping does not simply pull the sides of the Seaway apart! It also splits open the deep bottoms of the lakes, causing the water level to drop into the void.

If it were possible, what would we have to do to shut down the Federal Reserve?

You, as a citizen, could no more shut down the Federal Reserve than stop the Sun from rising tomorrow. You, as a private citizen, can decline to pay your debts and taxes, with the options open to you being bankruptcy, jail, or homelessness as someone on the run from the law. Imagine the US as a government trying to achieve this. The federal government stops paying its debts, and no one buys US bonds anymore, and there is an uproar over trade with punishments ensuing. The economy would come to a halt. There is no such thing as bankruptcy court for a country -- not unless the country has already become a banana republic and is a hopeless mess, being bailed out by the world at large as was the case of Argentina in recent years. Can the US go and hide, to live with relatives? It is already slowly going banana republic, printing money which causes inflation as many countries such as China have refused to continue to buy their bonds. But this process is far from the point where all debts will be forgiven and the Fed told to take their notes and burn them! Won't happen!

Why are birds flying north in North America (Canada) when it is nearing winter time? They usually go south to avoid winter and cold temperatures, but I see now more often going north almost everyday. Would this be any clue or relevance to poleshift?

Birds take their clue from the weather, which has been highly erratic in N America lately. There have been temps in the 80's, after cold snaps below average. The birds concludes that winter has come and gone! This type of confusion has been around for a few years already, due to erratic weather, and this will only get worse as we have stated. We have explained that the seasons will almost blend into one another, before the pole shift. We're not there yet, but that's the path ahead of us.

Is it possible for someone to see a picture of who they were in a past life or here a name of one of their past lives and remember it was them?

There are many documented cases where a human was able to track down a past life, based on soul memories relayed to the human. If the soul desires such a trip down memory lane, the soul can arrange this!

What is the nature of the power relationship between the Catholic Church (and in particular, the Jesuits) and the Puppet Master? Uneasy partners? Each with a sphere of power that is not exclusive, but must be respected by the other? Stand-off? Or does the Pupper Master actually "control" the Vatican, or is it the other way around?

We have stated that the Illuminati are not the power brokers they are assumed to be, but rather should be considered "groupies", hanging around the Puppet Master and hoping some of his great power rubs off on them. In the past, the Roman Catholic Church has been intrinsically tied to governments in Europe, which is the Puppet Master's home. Certainly, in the past, Puppet Masters from the House of Rothchild dealt with the Church, just as the Puppet Master today deals with Putin and Bush. Does the Church wield power today? Not with this Puppet Master, who likewise does not allow his strings to be pulled by any rabbis. He is highly independent from religion.

Nancy, regarding the position of the poles following the shift - if the new North Pole is to be located off the bulge of Brazil, it would mean the new South Pole will be somewhere northeast of New Guinea, not over where India is even if swallowed over by the Himalayas as the Zetas say. Even allowing for quite a bit of "stretch", it doesn't seem physically possible for the South Pole to be where they say it will be, or vice-versa. It would be helpful to get some clarification on how many degrees of variation are to be caused by the "stretching", and which of the two new polar locations is more likely to be accurate. Can the zetas explain?

We have explained that the Pacific shortens and the Atlantic widens to the extent that a South Pole over India and North Pole off the bulge of Brazil is possible. The Pacific is not one large land mass plate, as assumed, but many, and these plates overlap each other, one diving under and one riding over the top of the other. Likewise, the ocean floor of the Atlantic will rip greatly, with much of the East Coast of the US ending up permanently under the waves, as well as Scotland and Ireland, due to lack of support along the sides of the Atlantic Rift. This pole shift will be severe!

Are the Bush twins/clones aware of each other? Who had the power to imprison the coked-up, boozing Version One, and which one had/is having the "affair" with Condi or Victor Ashe?

Obviously, the clones who were considered candidates for the inner circle are aware of each other. Some of them, due to accident, disease or personality problems that developed were rejected, and most of these were killed if they had even a clue as to the larger plan. Those who arrived at the year 2000 intact and in hand were very tightly under control, and not allowed free rein. Do the staff at the White House know? No, as only one clone at a time is allowed to be out and about. There are frequent conferences so all know what is happening, what has been said, the schedule for the next day and all. The current clone is much more comfortable with press conferences than the clone in place after the 2000 election. By the 2004 election, this first clone was in a type of prison, near Denver. He was the one who had an affair with Ashe. Laura Bush, of course, is much in the know about this, as she must appear with them all.

When the woman is pregnant, is the spirit already present into the baby´s body or is the spirit released into the body after his birth?

This varies. The spirit or soul in general does not actually incarnate until some weeks after the baby is born. It is allowed to be out and about and getting acquainted with its new family and situation.

The magnetic North Pole is already changed. Does this change already having influence on the real geographic North Pole?

The magnetic N Pole is on the move, but this has no effect on the geographic N Pole's position. The magnetic N Pole is pushed away by the N Pole of Planet X as it rolls around in its 270° roll. This affects the compasses only.

I also try to correlate the occurence of the firestorms with the timing of the shift. The Zetas said, firestorms will occur during the lashing of the tail, but they cannot say where and when. And they also said these firestorms happen only occasionally, far from everywhere on earth. So could it be that a firestorm happens simultanously with the pole shift? In other words, could it happen that a firestorm rages outside while I am in a shallow trench, riding out the shift? Can firestorms happen in Germany which has no volcanoes at all?

Firestorms are. for the most part, very much related to the proximity of volcanoes, as they occur due to the hydrocarbons in the tail being formed into more complex petrochemicals as the tail wafts over the intense heat of volcanoes. However, so as not to cause harm to the rest of humanity, who may live at some distance from volcanoes, our warning includes all of the Earth. This is because as these hydrocarbons may not become inflamed nearby a volcano due to lack of oxygen, they may still travel via the winds to another location and be sparked by lightning. Indeed, these firestorms occur during the weeks before rotation slowing to a stop, when the Earth is lashed by the tail and is experiencing hail and boulders dropping to Earth.

Ed and Elaine Brown have finally been tossed into jail and word is out that Ed Brown has been gassed and tortured while in captivity. What are authorities hoping to accomplish through this behavior? How will this couple fare in their quest to have the government show them the law that says they must pay federal income tax?

These arguments about the tax laws have been ongoing for years, and only result in some citizen being tossed in jail as an example to others. They cannot hope to win, regardless of any interpretation of the law, as the US in a time of great national debt is not going to abolish the income tax. Judges are spoken to on the side, given the national security aspect of the issue, and are harsh with offenders as a result.