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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 15, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I understand that there are many dynamics and scenarios in play regarding Bush and/or the future leader of the US, most of which cannot be disclosed to a general internet audience for obvious reasons. It just seems to me that it is better to have him leave office sooner rather than later as the cornered animal effect will soon be manifest by the Bush crowd as we are in the final year of Bush in any non martial law scenario. Is this thinking shared by those who are trying to right the ship of state?

As we have mentioned many times, this is a situation that does not have an easy answer. Problems bode on every side. Should this contingent in the federal government simply leap up and arrest those in the White House, they fear the American public will get hysterical and chaos will ensue. If they explain ahead of time why they are doing this, then they themselves have a lot of explaining to do. Didn't they know voter fraud had occurred in 2000 and 2004, and why didn't the Congress do something about it earlier? Not a word was uttered, officially. If they simply ride along, blocking Bush as they have done, there is the danger than in any sudden crisis that Bush or Cheney might take advantage and declare martial law on national television, getting around the usual blocking that has been occurring. Once so declared, the contingent then has a more difficult time explaining matters to the American public, as the television and radio stations may feel they are under orders to restrict broadcasts. There is no easy answer here. Just which way the matter will resolve is in the hands of man. A third option is removing Bush for insanity and causing Cheney to have a heart attack.

The financial community and the Puppet Master continues to struggle with preventing outright panic and collapse as evidenced by continued mini runs and downgrades of various financial instruments and institutions daily. While they are at present just barely keeping it held together day by day with string and chewing gum, it seems that the first really serious Earth change manifestation will dramatically change this dynamic and precipitate the long expected general financial panic and bank runs as this will be the last straw so to speak. Is this scenario somewhat realistic?

We have predicted price freezes and limited hours of operation for banks or markets, as the situation worsens. This has not occurred as yet except in a very limited extent.

The process of evolving souls on a planet such as Earth seems particularly problematic due to the large number of "new souls" as a result of the population explosion. These new people have no soul basis to fall back on and are easily lead astray by Service-to-Self types or are very confused in general due to their utter lack of any previous life experience. Is there any allowance or additional help given by higher entities in dealing with these new souls and these types of evolving worlds? I assume that the fact that the earth is "swarming" with high level entities is now is partly due to this?

Indeed, for every reincarnating soul there are several spirits visiting Earth, in attendance. Where their first obligation is to attend to reincarnating souls, which will in many cases be making their final decision as to their spiritual orientation, they find themselves most often attending young souls which have not yet completely sparked. These forming souls, most of whom will not form and will dissipate upon the death of the human body, are getting more attention than is normal for such forming souls. The reason for the mass attendance is the fact that the Earth will free herself of 90% of her reincarnating souls upon the pole shift or shortly after the pole shift. Each such soul, freed from its human body, will have an escort to its next incarnation.

What is the real reason the powerful Democrats in congress can't or aren't doing what their constituents want them to do?

Where the Democrats complain that the Republicans are preventing them from complying with what the American public expects of the new Congress, they in fact have not pulled out the stops. They could refuse to bring a bill to a vote. They could bring the federal government to a stop by such means, and force the US military to severely restrict its Iraq efforts. Why are they avoiding such a showdown? They fear a reaction in the White House that is beyond a mere temper tantrum. The contingent that is blocking Bush does not want to be pushed into a sudden arrest of the White House leaders. They are, frankly, placating Bush and Cheney. They would prefer that Bush or Cheney make a move that would allow them to restrain them, without question. Should Bush declare war on another country without cause, or order the arrest of several prominent citizens without cause, he could be declared insane and the process of putting Pelosi or Gore in the Oval Office would begin. But if Congress were creating chaos in the federal system by refusing to bring budgets to the floor, and stressing the US military during a time of war, they fear the American public would see them as the inciting agent, and sympathize with Bush and Cheney. It is a delicate dance that has ensued, and both Bush and Cheney are aware of it!

How do the Zetas feel about the Mind-Machine revolution that is upon us? Is it the right time for such technology at this stage in human evolution? Or is it merely another ploy of the Devil to try and control humanity?

Training the young to be killers, or encouraging them to participate in war games so they put their empathy aside and consider the deaths or injuries of others merely a score, is not a new phenomena. African nations are rife with rebel groups who kidnap the young and train them to wield guns. The entertainment industry has been a battleground for many years on this matter, movies and video games of violence side by side with movies and video games featuring children's adventures and little animals. That murder is allowed to be graphically shown while sex is forbidden is a clue as to who has been winning this "media war" in America.

America was a prize long sought as it was the largest economy and had poured much of its wealth into its military. The US military is as large as all other militaries combined. The coup whereby the White House was attained for the Bush family in 2000 was not by accident, nor was it only conceived and pursued for a few years. It was in the plans when George W. Bush was conceived in a test tube. It was in the plans when Reagan was ushered into the White House and George H. Bush became his vice president. The people planning this coup made inroads into the entertainment industry too, as a dedicated militia akin to the Blackwater mentality has been their goal. This group is now exposed, and a grass roots rebellion is in play, so they won't succeed.

When Dubya was cloned in '46 was it because his father's agenda was to set him up as a dictator even without knowing of the poleshift? I thought they only knew about that after '83?

MJ12 was formed after Roswell, and it was shortly afterwards that they learned from aliens of the pending passage of Planet X. We have stated for years that it would occur shortly after May 15, 2003, and our counterparts in the Service-to-Self mentioned other dates. Over time, those in MJ12 came to realize that the Service-to-Self lie, so discounted the dates being given by them. As we have explained in great detail, we carefully crafted the May 15, 2003 date into the body of ZetaTalk and our face-to-face conversations with MJ12 so that it appeared this date was legitimate. The steps the US government took the week after May 15, 2003 show they took us seriously. Bush and company invaded Iraq and played their hand before this date so the US military would be in the Middle East to protect the oil fields for the Bush crowd and for no other reason. It was in late 1983 that the IRAS team sighted Planet X, inbound, via infrared equipment lofted above the clouds. They went looking because we told them where to look.

How are the computers that the Zetas possess able to receive thought?

As we have explained in the body of ZetaTalk, our computers utilize organic material. These are not alive, as this material is incapable of decision making. You use leather in your shoes and clothing, but your clothing is not alive. Telepathy is sustained in the brain due to chemical action, creating brain waves which travel well outside the physical brain. Different ideas have different chemical signatures, so that a telepathic thought about eating a hamburger differs from a telepathic thought about the scent of a rose. Since we understand the chemical nature of thought, we can replicate it within our computers! Simple as that.

Do the Zetas have a prediction on the world's pending Christmas season disaster and what effect it may have on the cover-up?

We have explained that we are not allowed to detail what will be occurring during the Christmas season. The possibility that Earth changes such as a severe wobble, high tides. massive quakes or signs in the skies might trigger admissions by those who are aware of the cover-up certainly exists. There are many who have been inducted into the association of those in the know. We have explained that in our opinion, it is when it becomes obvious to this crowd that they have been lied to, that the passage will be devastating to the populace rather than merely a rough ride, that such admissions will blurt out. This crowd has been told that the real danger is panic in the people, not harm during the passage. Such admissions are in the hands of man, which has free will, so we cannot precisely predict.

Will Bush and company get their North American Union and the amero for the new currency before the shift?

Where the North American Union and use of the Amero has been in the plans from the start, and the groundwork laid, this has been stymied. Plans similarly stymied were the guest worker plan, the use of Social Security funds by Wall Street, the invasion of Iran, and the Republican revolution whereby the Republican Congress would be continued via voter fraud in 2006. Bush and company are on the ropes, and forced to deny any rumors about the Amero and the planned North American Union. They are a thing of the past, like his other failures.

Can the Zetas make some comment about the "Doomsday Seed Vault" of Rockefeller and company (also Norway) in the island Spitsbergen ?

Norway is a conscientious country which takes good care of its citizens. Where those in the know in Norway cannot just announce to the world what they know about the coming pole shift, they can dedicate funds to this effort. Norway will be a warm country after the shift, high enough above the waves to survive the flooding and close enough to the coast and with skilled fishermen so as to be able to feed their citizenry from the ocean. They plan to be in a position to assist other countries in the Aftertime. Good for them!

Is the object photographed in space recently other than the ISS a mothership?

Amateur cameras taking zoom shots of the ISS cannot measure distance when an object comes into view, as there is no point of reference. Is there a tree standing before the object, so its size can be determined? Is the object close or far away, and how would one know? Thus various space trash items are photographed, and have caused a buzz.

Flu pandemic this winter?

We have stated, and human scientists confirmed, that the H5N1 virus is not highly contagious between humans. It settles too deep in the lungs to be spread easily. Thus, very close contact between humans is required, or human contact with infected birds is required. It is for this reason that the Bush/Blair crowd tried to seed a 1957 bird flu virus in Scottand, but benign aliens stepped in and prevented any spread from this incident. The Bush crowd tried to disseminate the virus to hundreds of labs worldwide where an accident could happen. The Centers for Disease Control determined that this release was deliberate, not an accident, but no prosecution ever resulted. They have since stopped trying to create a pandemic, so that martial law and the elimination of unwanted mouths through vaccinations could occur. They were blocked too often and gave up.

Will the West Coast of N America (Seattle etc.) become, after the shift, the coast line where the Gulf of Mexico is today?

The pole shift will shift the globe by 90 degrees, so that both currently existing poles will be located on the equator. If one looks at the new geography map that Nancy drew one can see that the west coast of the Americas stretches along the equator, more or less. Seattle will indeed have a southern exposure!

Nancy , you talk about how a trimster is 4 months and ends December, April, or August. Then a new period begins. So What exactly would be the sign to look for, as you state that one of the trimsters before the pole shift will be very violent for 4 months and people will know that is the period. What would have to happen in January for us to know that April 08 would be the shift? [and from another] Nancy, although the zetas would never ever admit to it occurring this season, about how long after the 3 Days of Darkness is the next big event in the drama? It just seems more likely that if the North Pole is to "twirl away into darkness" to avoid the magnet of Planet X, the best time to do it would be at the time it's normally the furtherest away from the sun, which is Dec 22, the winter solstice. Is this at least a possibility this season?

We stated that the last weeks would occur within a trimester, which is a 4 month period. We stated that these last weeks could encompass:

Tabulate the time involved, and there are several weeks involved. Just when within a trimester the severe wobble that will lead to 3 days of darkness ensues, we will not detail. We are always trying to keep the establishment off kilter, lest they attempt to impose martial law and murder millions of innocents. One person's severe wobble would not be another's severe wobble. You watch the signs and decide for yourself.

The Zeta have stated that many Star Children are here to help with the Transformation, among other things. Can the Zeta tell us what percentage of the Star Children come from 5th, 6th, or even 7th densities? Are many Star Children contactees and/or participants in the hybrid program?

Star Children have as many agendas as there are Star Children, and cannot be grouped or categorized. Some prefer to remain disincarnate, speaking to other souls on a soul-to-soul basis as a form of contact. Some incarnate early on Earth, spending many lifetimes as humans to become acclimated to the hominoid form so they can carry out their mission without distraction. Some choose to go into the worse hellholes, to help those trapped there, while others are more finicky and only want to add Service-to-Other weight to the community. Some are horrified by the violent Earth, which has had in its past large predators and consequently man experiences a blind rage which was necessary for survival on Earth because of these predators. They prefer to work behind the scenes, as hybrids, in high tech cities which are preparing for Service-to-Other souls needing incarnations in the future.

Spacewalkers to inspect station for meteoroid strike [Dec 13] Two astronauts on the International Space Station will make a spacewalk next week to find out if a micrometeoroid strike damaged a critical part of the outpost's power system. The power problem would probably not affect plans to attach Columbus to the station next month. But flights of Japanese modules in February and April could be affected. Because several independent pieces of equipment were simultaneously affected, engineers suspect a micrometeoroid strike may be to blame.

ZetaTalk has been much ridiculed via a statement on the ISS that can be taken out of context. We stated that humans felt the space station was under a certain doom threat, and thus the administration at NASA was taking certain steps. This statement has been ascribed by the debunkers to be our statement, which was not the case as anyone reading the article can see. Nevertheless, we have of course predicted that the ISS would be destroyed by the debris in the tail of Planet X, which will increasingly point toward Earth and waft the Earth and pepper her atmosphere with red dust and small debris. This is inevitable. NASA keeps sending their astronauts up because they get a good view of the progress of Planet X from the ISS. The risk to their life be damned!

It seems that the US Treasury is making great efforts to keep a happy face on the economy, and that Treasury Secretary Paulson is behind this program. While this involves considerable lies, spin and manipulation, nevertheless avoidance of economic collapse is possibly a noble goal. What motivates Paulson in his efforts?

As with all who aligned with the Bush administration, personal gain, power and status are among the reasons. Some convince themselves that the push to war against Iraq was indeed to protect American citizens. They soon overhear conversations, see facial expressions and realize the true reason for the Iraq invasion. When a Bush appointee protects an industry, such as the banking industry, they are rewarded afterwards. This is standard protocol among what is called the corporate governance. Prestigious jobs await, with salaries someone like Paulson could not have demanded previously. Note how many Bush associates leave government for think tank employment. Lots of salary, off the books, just for sitting around and, ah, thinking!

Hi Nancy, if its not Planet X disturbing the planets what is? According to this article there are changes going on.
"Since we are now in a more energetic system, our sun is burning hotter. Recent changes have been observed on Pluto, new auroras have emerged on Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have undergone polar shifts, Jupiter's energy is growing, biosphere quality is changing on Mars, and an early stage atmosphere is appearing on our moon. Basically, energy shifts are occurring throughout the solar system and we are not immune."

We have mentioned since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that the equilibrium of the solar system is disturbed by the approach of Planet X, even from afar. This is akin to a spider web being tweaked on the outer edges of the web, alerting the spider that a bug has been caught in the web. There are subatomic particles of which man is not aware. In fact man is only aware of 1/1000 of the particles of which we, the Zetas, are aware. That the Earth changes are not due to Global Warming was evident years ago when Mars and the moons of Jupiter showed signs of warming. Any assumption on the magnetic alignment of Uranus and Neptune due to physical signs on the surface of these planets is an absurdity mankind should not entertain. NASA is still claiming that the Sun reverses polarity every 11 years even after their probe Ulysses proved them wrong. The Sun has a static polarity, aligned in the same direction as Earth and Mercury. The Sun's surface is reacting to the presence of Planet X as it passes the Sun, but these are only superficial reactions.

I have recently seen a video by Brent Miller, the Horizon Project which involves much study and also Remote Viewing techniques. My Question to the Zetas; is remote viewing a real and reliable mental tool, is it worth many of us in the population pursuing, like mental telepathy? Can Zetas explain how this works? Brent Miller also predicts a pole shift on earth prior to 2012 but the reason he sites is the alignment with the earth and the Galactic Plane. Comments?

Telepathy, as we have explained, is something only about 10% of humanity can sustain, and of this percentage, only a few have the ability to establish connections with others at will. Nancy discovered she had this ability in her late 20's, which was as a result of our modifying her brain with some of our DNA. She found she could locate and interrogate others who were aware of a situation she entertained in her head, by thinking about this situation strongly and in a multi-faceted manner.

Can remote viewing be taught? Those with the innate ability can be encouraged, and trained to gather the information their handlers are interested in, but those without innate ability cannot be taught or trained. Anyone saying otherwise is only attempting to separate the gullible from their money.

What really is happening betwenn Russia, Iran and China? And what is Gordon Brown's role as the predeccesor to lead the NWO? What is expected for Spain in the next few years

Russia, China and Iran are not ambitious for each other's territories, and are united in their stand against the world's great aggressor at present - the US under Bush. Iran has oil which China needs and they are happy to sell to China. Russia has its own oil and gas. Russia and China have technology which Iran desires. One big happy family. Gordon Brown is not leading any such groups as might call themselves the New World Order, nor does he have ambitions in that area. Spain will not be on the world stage in the next few years, but will be highly active when the last weeks commence. Spain is a bridge to Africa, which is high land and rich in resources. Many feeling trapped in Europe will try to escape to Africa via Spain, thus making this country one in the heavy traffic lane.

Please give us explanation O-parts like 500,000 years ago PLUG, The Dropa Stones, The Kensington Stone, foot prints with dinosaur in Texas river, etc. Anunaki and Zeta or other ET left O-parts?Did Chichen Itza construct and other pyramid? And where did Maya go, to south USA?

Footprints in stone alongside the footprints of dinosaurs are certainly not placed there by modern man, who was not in existence in those days. The hominoid form was around long before man was genetically engineered on Earth, and visitors to Earth on a sightseeing tour are nothing new. We have explained that after a pole shift civilizations crumble. There are many reasons for this, but in the main all survivors migrate, seeking a better life. The broken link theory applies, with any link in what it takes for agriculture or commerce to be sustained causing a breakdown when this link is no longer in place. The Maya did not retain their civilization, when so disbursed, but became more primitive. They did not leave the area, they regressed in their culture!