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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 22, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I'm the guy that asked you about the Washington DC calendar, two weeks back. I didn't get a chance to bring it up last night, and haven't noticed that you commented about it. I was curious if you ever got a chance to review those sites? The French one translated, specifically says that 'the destroyer' is expected in Dec 07. [and from another] In order to have eyes which see, you must understand symbolism, numbers, the relationship between the dollar and Washington DC, history and astronomy. A basic knowledge of the Bible would also be helpful. In other words, Washington DC is a solar calendar. Unfortunately, the measurements in Washington D.C. do not point to 2012, but an earlier date. The Washington monument is also a key to the puzzle. The Monument is 555 ft tall-and some change. It is 55 feet wide. The key is the number 5.

Mankind understandably feels adrift. Those in power hold secret meetings and plot long range plans, with the common man not included. Just as the members of a local church support each other and know the roster of members in their church, and just as fraternity and sorority members at college support and are aware of each other, other such associations likewise have membership and rosters, some of these secret. Fraternities and sororities have insignia they are known by. The Boy Scouts and Red Cross have insignia they are known by. None of this is unusual in human society. But where there is evidence that politicians are members of secret societies and there is unease over the coming end times, conspiracy theories abound. Have secret societies been privy to knowledge about the coming end time which the common man is denied? To some degree, but not to the degree suspected by those trying to decipher clues. It is no secret that the end times are upon mankind. Revelations in the Bible, Mother Shipton's prophecies, Edgar Cayce's readings - all point to the nature of the coming cataclysms and approximate timing. Why would symbolism be placed on currency or on architectural buildings in the growing American capitol? There is symbolism such as the dove of peace or the dolphin which those of good heart wishing peace on mankind and fraternal love recognize instantly. None of this is questioned. Symbols used by ancient clubs to indicate membership, much as fraternities or sororities use today, have been likewise placed here and there as a signal to brothers that they are in a friendly place. We are here, say the symbols. Nothing more than that.

Asteroid has a 1 in 75 chance of striking mars in January, any truth to this? [and from another] Scientists say asteroid could hit Mars [Dec 21] Space rock has 1-in-75 chance of Red Planet smash-up in January. Mars could be in for an asteroid hit. A newly discovered hunk of space rock has a 1-in-75 chance of slamming into the Red Planet on Jan. 30, scientists said Thursday.

As we have noted on ZetaTalk, the threat of a strike by an asteroid has not increased over the years, but publicity about this possibility has increased. Why? Because the establishment wants the public to fund numerous programs, like the defunct Star Wars program or potentially a bunker system for the federal government. Those in the government who wish to dash to their bunkers need an excuse. Since almost all are connected somehow with the government, they are full of themselves and imagine that the public wants the government to survive, a continuity of government, above all other concerns. Thus, when they get nervous as the debris in the tail of Planet X starts landing on Earth and knocking out satellites, they plan to dash to their bunkers and wish the public to clear the roadways and wish them well. Remember the movie Deep Impact, where the public remained remarkably calm while the government held a lottery for the million citizens who would be admitted into the bunkers? This is not just Hollywood fiction. This is actually the concept carried in the heads of these idiots! They are that stuck on themselves!

Knowing that Cheney and Bush keep informed about Zetatalk could the information about 'something' worldwide happening around Christmas be the trigger to Cheney pushing to attempt making the announcement again?

We stated when the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) about Iran came forth that the contingent that is blocking Bush and Cheney wanted to prevent Bush and Cheney from taking advantage of any sudden crisis in the US that would cause the contingent to falter, creating an opportunity to push through their orders to bomb or invade Iran. We called those individuals that published or leaked the NIE report a 'sleeper cell', and hinted that there were many. Admiral William Fallon being another example, as Bush had no idea of his opinions on Iran when he nominated Fallon for his post. Many factions read or receive reports on ZetaTalk pronouncements, and those around Bush and Cheney are among them. The decision to dismantle the phone network Cheney had put into place in the Executive Office Building, via a fire, was due to the concern about the coming Christmas season and its potential for a crisis creating a break in the blocking done to the orders Bush or Cheney might issue. Thus, it is both those around Bush and Cheney and those blocking them, the sleeper cells, who are aware of ZetaTalk, and yes, our warnings are taken very seriously.

I have thought about this for a while, humans and other beings have hard lives, often seemingly unfair and cruel but there are lessons to be learnt and the soul is strengthened because of it, tough love. But what about all the insects and other creatures small and large that do not have souls, life in nature can be really hard. If they have no soul, then what's in it for the little guy?

We have explained how it is that souls spark in intelligent creatures. What is required is the ability of the intelligent creature to understand that is it separate from others, be conscious of this. Any creature that can conceptualize itself as a separate entity provides the stimulus to spark a soul. Despite the ability to solve problems and be trained, dogs and monkeys and dolphins do not entertain themselves as separate entities, able to promote themselves above others at the sacrifice of those others. What is seen is instinct, solely. Animal and plant life is born, lives, and dies. It is this way on all worlds that sustain life, and the vast majority do not have any intelligent life that can spark souls. Why God so structured the Universe in this manner, we do not know.

Main stream Media such as Fox and CNN has brought up the 1-75 chance the asteroid hitting Mars. Do you think it's really an asteroid?

There are thousands of asteroids that Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) is tracking with their NEAT program. They most certainly do not have a trajectory for all of them. This is all a guess. Unless they are huge, and have a repeating orbit that brings them close to the Earth, they are not known to JPL as no time was taken to establish an orbit. Do you think these people have nothing else to do with their time? As we stated, the establishment wants the public to be worried about asteroids, and this has been a campaign for years. This is a ploy to ramp up the worry, as they are aware that the debris in the tail of Planet X will start to pelt the Earth soon, and they wish to be able to dash for their bunkers when it does. For no other reason have they made this silly announcement about Mars, which is based on less than a guess. Where asteroids certainly do exist, this warning is closer to a hoax than a guess!

As you may have heard that Domptar in Port Edwards has closed its doors and 500 people are out of work. Nekoosa paper mills are worried they could be next and that is where my brother-in-law works. I had relations at the mill in Port Edwards. What is causing the collapse of the paper mills? Is it because we are moving into a computer age with using less paper? The lumber mills are strugling also. What is the true reason for the collapse of the paper mills? Is it because gas prices are so high for diesel trucks? [and from another] U.S. Economy: Durable Goods Orders Miss Forecast (Update1) [Dec 27] The U.S. economic slowdown spread beyond housing as companies ordered fewer durable goods than forecast, even as consumer confidence improved. When businesses see those order books getting a lot leaner, they start to change their plans in terms of hiring and so forth.

Despite the chirping in the media, announcing government statistics which are all lies, the economy is not doing well and has not been doing well for some time. Job statistics are made up, using birth/death statistics. They do not count jobs! They fabricate the numbers! Inflation is rampant, almost 20% for food at present, yet it is claimed to be some low percentage as they just exclude food and gas from the computation! The dollar is plunging. The DOW is artificially maintained to give the appearance of wealth for those who invest, but the stock is increasingly worthless, or certainly not worth what is claimed. If business is slowing, expenditures not being made, then all base products such as wood or paper or tar or plastic are used less. Simple as that. It is a trickle down concept. Inventories are kept low, not used, and don't need to be refurbished. Companies cannot pay wages when there is no income so layoffs occur. This will only increase, as will bankruptcies among both corporations and private individuals alike.

Did the resignation of Trent Lott put and end to the Republican child sex scandal or is there more to come?

Republicans who are closet homosexuals or pedophiles have only begun to be exposed. They cover for each other, but the unraveling has begun. This is certainly not at an end!

Do Service-to-Self individuals have Service-to-Self guides and Service-to-Other individuals have Service-to-Other guides? What motivates guides to hang around us frustrating people?

All guides are Service-to-Other. The Service-to-Self are not interested in the persistent attention that must be given to a soul from a Spirit Guide. They are, after all, dominated by self interest! The only counseling that is done by the Service-to-Self is on young planets such as Earth where they attempt to reap a large harvest for their "prison planets". Those doing the counseling are almost invariably low level peons who have been given orders to meet with their contactees and do whatever it takes to turn them to the faith, so to speak. They lie, as they can do nothing other than this, being forbidden by the rules the Council of Worlds lays down - they cannot harm or provide physical rewards for their contactees. Once a soul has turned to the Service-to-Self sufficiently to be taken to one of the prison planets, the other Service-to-Self souls they are residing with have no interest in them other than to try to dominate them or use them. Their Spirit Guides are very dedicated Service-to-Other entities who suggest a Service-to-Other alternative, and on occasion these Spirit Guides win! It is this possibility that keeps them interested in the job, and the occasional win that is their reward.

Assuming some large disaster does strike soon and it is of a magnitude to normally allow martial law to be called. How will Bush/Cheney be blocked?

We cannot give away all the secrets that we are privy to. Bush and Cheney must, after all, be kept in the dark! Suffice it to say that they would be prevented from using the bully pulpit that is the media. The only issue to be discussed would be the emergencies facing the nation. If any attempt to pronounce martial law were to be made, the lines would go dead. There is much more than the 30 second delay the public assumes in place.

If the presidential elections do occur, and Bush must vacate, who is he supporting to succeed him?

It is clear that certain Republican candidates are in the pocket of Bush, as they praise him. Romney and McCain would not change his policies and have stated so. These individuals would likewise give Bush protection beyond what is normal for an ex-president, as they are all puppets on the same string, so to speak. However, the likelihood of a Republican wining the general election is nil. Voter fraud was countered in 2006, and will be countered in 2008. The only Democrat who is cut from the same cloth as Bush is Hillary, who would likewise give Bush protection, and thus it is that so many Republican pundits claim Hillary to be inevitable as the candidate. Does anyone think it odd that so many Republicans are seemingly rooting for Hillary? The Democrats will not give Hillary the nomination, however, as her negatives are so strong it is clear she would not win. Polls show this -Obama winning over every Republican candidate, but Hillary losing to all but the weakest Republican candidates. She will lose enough delegates that even if a player to the end, she will not win at the convention.

Will Putin still be in charge of Russia as Prime Minister? What about the Lakota Indians seceeding from the US, is it real? Did Putin support this as payback for Bush meddling in Russian affairs?

Putin has nothing to do with the Lakota Indians, who in fact have nothing to do with the so-called succession. There are many who try to speak for the American Indian, but check their credentials. Have the Lakota elders spoken?

Various researchers have had successful "alchemy" transmutation experiments (ie - turn one stable elemental isotope into another one) using very low energies, like that of a dishwasher. In the past it seems various individuals had stumbled into these secrets while most could not. We humans do not understand the mechanism. Things like yeast can do it but exact temperature and pressures seem to play a vital role (even the room's ambient pressure/temp.) Any modern experiment is a hit or miss for us humans, that is you can try it 30 times and nothing happens but suddenly something happens! It seems many precious metal elements can be made. If this is true, humans able to do this in a limited capacity, why aren't the ananuki doing it? What is happening here? There are no deadly radiations during these transmutations and most theories predit that there should be. Dr Joe Champion believes it has to do with causing one isotope to begin occupying the same space as another isotope for a prolonged period of time, under proper conditions. Can the zetas comment on the mechanism at play?

We have mentioned that we can eliminate radioactivity by chemical means. This is not something that humans as yet have mastered. Subatomic particles exist in all atoms and are fluid. Atoms can be broken, as man knows, into smaller particles, and they can also be combined, which man is as yet to master. What the magical ingredient is, we decline to say.

Is a human, under hypnosis, able to regress to a past life, or is this fraud? Does the realization of a past life in the present affect the destiny of a human being?

The soul is aware of all its past lives, and does not forget. It may choose to educate the current incarnation, the human body it is inhabiting, or may choose to keep this human body dumb. This is the choice of the soul. Just as having the conscious get in touch with what the subconscious is aware of is enhanced by a meditative state, it is also true that this meditative state allows the soul to update the human brain with the details of a past life. A hypnotic or meditative state puts the concerns of the current life aside, thus allowing these other conversations to take place. Less noise. Try it! You might learn some interesting facts!

Are the Zetas sticking with their assertion that Ron Paul has no chance? Couldn't he conceivably be supported by the Puppet Master or whoever was necessary once they see the amount of support he has from the people (assuming it becomes a majority). Is this not in the hands of man, or only in the hands of one man- the Puppet Master?

The Puppet Master influences the world by his great wealth, but does not dictate. We have explained that this is like herding cats. Not possible! He watches the trends and takes advantage of them, lending his weight on occasion. But if the public or an industry is firmly determined to move in a direction, it is folly to try to block this. The Puppet Master is most certainly not a fool! We have explained that Ron Paul is proposing solutions that seem radical to most Americans. It is a truism that as times get nervous, people want less change, as they want more security. Ron Paul represents great change, and will thus make the public nervous. It is for this reason that he is low in the general polls.

The Zetas hinted that there is dirt about Hillary about to be exposed. Is this coming soon, or would it wait until after she is (potentially) nominated? [and from another] This past week the ones hoping for the Presidency had aligned with either a famous actor or Hillary having friends speak out in her behalf. Hillary's been looking especially tired lately. Is this due to the information in ZT about the possibilities of how the Presidency will go?

Hillary has many skeletons in the closet, as do many politicians. It is for this reason she is so compliant with the many interests which want to run government, from the side. The current campaign is very fluid, and the dirt on any given politician released to benefit another could be released by a number of factions. As with all blackmail, once released, it can not be used again! Thus, blackmail material is held in reserve and used as a threat. We predict that Hillary's negative numbers and the trend for her to lose support as the public becomes more familiar with her will remove her as a major candidate, and all the dirt will be swept quietly under the carpet again.

If UFO sightings are often used as a warning of pending disaster, what areas are currently being warned, or will soon be warned by an uptick in sightings?

There is scarcely a part of the world not being warned at the present time. We detailed what the warnings were some months ago, to give a general outline of what types of disasters the public should anticipate. Tidal bore, in the main, particularly when water is trapped or focused into a narrow bed as it is when forced up river. Thus, if there are sightings in your area, read what has been said about China, Chile, or the UK and Moscow, for instance, and think about your area. If you have been warned by UFOs, you are aware of the warning. Just listen!

Isn't the "Christmas Hammer" a warning of an impending global disaster(s) before the end of the year? Are the Zetas going out on the limb with this? They are not specific but one reads between the lines.

We have explained that we are not allowed to warn mankind specifically about disasters. Thus, you receive no warning in ZetaTalk about a pending tornado or earthquake. Were we to break this rule imposed by the Council of Worlds we would be removed from the vicinity of Earth, instantly. Nancy noted a regular global quake at or around 8:00 UTC, and asked about this. Our response was to detail the reason for this regular daily tug on the Earth, and to project what this potentially means. Nothing more.

Any comment about the abnormal fog that we have been experiencing over the last days/weeks? (Not just in USA.)

Temperature swings have become extreme, the weather in flux. Fog only exists in a certain temperature range, which due to the swings is crossed over more frequently.

In many countries in Western Europe like Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark etc. there are many wind-power-stations/generators farms. Will these farms be useful in the aftertime or not at all in the few years perspective period? Some of these wind-farms, (taking into account area and MSL-Mean Sea Level increased by about 675ft, depending where) are installed as low as those near Frankfurt(364 ft above today MSL) or near Berlin(122 ft above today MSL), and some of them are as high as those near Munich(1487 ft above today MSL) or Vienna(600 ft above today MSL). Any comment what to expect(essentially in far future these will be gone, just asking about mean time when amoebas are still walking on Earth after cataclysm)? Will military come and take the area? In many cases owner of those farms is probably big company and not one man. What to expect when there will be no owner? From studying the subject looks like some countries have many 'green' power sources/wind-generators and some countries have very few and are more depending on nuclear 'non-green' sources. Any advice for human animals?

Windmills can in the main be relocated, and will be. They will be taken down to avoid damage in high winds, and moved to a new location after the shift. The people managing these machines are not stupid! What happens in any given area is in the hands of man and depends upon the general spiritual orientation of the populace. We have mentioned that the social democracies in the Scandinavia are more Service-to-Other than many places on Earth. This bodes well for any survivors in these countries.

A wierd message was broadcast on the Swedish news channel "rapport" this evening. It stated that we should expect satellites to malfunction during Christmas due to unusual warm weather creating a condition that would make transitions to go further than they should, therefore colliding with each other an creating some chaos. The funny thing is that all those transmissions are digital and are mixed with each other anyway, so I guess this is a nonsense message sent out just in case. Does the Northern parts of the globe going to "catch a digital disease" during Christmas?

The wobble has increased, despite the loud denials of the professional debunker crowd. If government wants to deny that the Earth has a wobble, putting satellites out of place, how to go about this? They make up stories!

If the pole shift doesn't happen before the end of 2007, what can we expect for 2008?

We of course will not give the date, as this is forbidden. We have stated that the last weeks will occur within a trimester, the four months ending in either late December, late April, or late August. Watch the signs for a severe wobble and lean to the left moving to the 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. We have also stated that such Earth changes as earthquakes have begun an exponential increase. This can be expected for 2008, without question. As to whether other signs indicating the last weeks will occur within 2008, we will not say.

What are the factors that cause seemingly random days of high chemtrail activity? Is it the bright sun in a blue sky? A full moon? Weather or temperature related? The population below in the sprayed area? Anything else?

We have mentioned that chemtrails originally had the purpose of testing how well humans in the flight path could resist various microbes and chemicals that would sicken them. The point was to delay them as they attempted to migrate toward enclaves of the wealthy, for instance, to sicken those leaving LA and trying to reach Utah. Behind these tests was a more sinister purpose, to poison and kill the migrants. When the US military discovered the plan, being openly discussed at times in the back rooms of the White House, they rebelled and refused to have any part of chemtrail activity in the future. Where the campaign was being conducted by the wealthy, their plan was to use the US military when the time came, and without the cooperation of the US military, this plan could not succeed. Thereafter, chemtrails were used to fog up the view of Planet X. In some cases, tests were done to determine where the drift would go, where the chemtrails were pushed by the prevailing westerlies. Since sunrise and sunset are the danger times when Planet X might be sighted, these are the main fogging target times.

Is Condi Rice embarrassed at being a part of the Bush administration? Her tenure as Nationalal Security Chief during the biggest failure, 911, and her total ineffectiveness as a Secretary of State? Is there really some type of love affair between she and Bush? Why does a seemingly smart woman act so stupid?

Condi signed onto what she assumed would be a winning team. She is acutely aware of the approach of Planet X and what is likely to happen to the Earth. She wants to be in the bunkers, part of the team that can rule the world or at least the general area she finds herself in after the dust settles. She is highly Service-to-Self, and will do anything required to assure her position in this scheme. Look at her actions with this in mind and she does not seem stupid, she just seems self serving!

How can one tell if a human has a soul or not. Can telepathy tell? I find a lot of people are just simply 'empty-headed' and oblivious to any suffering they cause. Can a person make bad karma for themselves by taking physical revenge on a person who has hurt them emotionally or threatened them physically? I would 'never' actually do this to anyone, but the 'urge' is there, to teach them a lesson, esp: in bad dreams and flashbacks. How does one move on from these damaging and hurtful urges?

Karma is something a person creates during a lifetime for themselves, not something visited upon them in future lifetimes. Each lifetime is a fresh start. The Birthing Guides may impose an incarnation that is not as pleasant as the soul hoped for, but this is dependent upon many factors, not as a punishment. The desire for revenge is present in many animals, and man is an animal. One should not assume they are Service-to-Self simply because they get angry at mistreatment.

What do you think the diseases Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are caused by. I have them both and so do many people nowdays. Is it an end times type plague? Is it caused by bioweapons or earth changes? I have had this for over 20 years and it is rough. You feel flu-like and in pain everyday of your life. What do the Zetas have to say about this illness.

Many diseases man suffers from are stress related. Man as with all animals was not designed, did not evolve, to suffer intractable stress, repressing the reaction which is basically flight or fight. Man does this, forcing himself to live with stress rather than resolve it. There are thousands of reasons the body produces chemicals out of balance, which affect health and happiness. One should examine the lifestyle, make changes, and not expect the body to be invincible!

What would be the best strategy for those who have waited too long to move to a safe location, and travel restrictions are put in place? Should one try to leave immediately, wait awhile to see if the restrictions end or the authority breaks down, band together with others to make an escaspe, or go quietly in the night?

This of course has as many variations, as many answers, as individuals affected! Each case is different! Depends on how well blocked travel is, how amenable to looking the other way the authorities are, how dangerous the current setting is, etc. Our best advice is to move to a safe location when the last weeks have arrived, as they will be rather obvious. If prevented from such a move, plot your course accordingly.