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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 29, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

UFO fleet at high speed in Mexico, April 20, 2007

The wobble has become worse, and as we have warned many times, when the N American continent adjusts along the New Madrid, Mexico will move to the west, while the N American continent at first bows around the San Diego area. Then the tension will be released by an adjustment in the New Madrid area, allowing Mexico to move to the west again, in some areas moving rapidly. Earthquakes do not merely jolt or jiggle, they also roll across the landscape like a wave, leaving everything in their wake in rubble. This can happen rapidly, so the horrified humans in the path of this wave have no time to escape to more solid rock. It was of this potential those under the UFO display were being warned.

After the Pole Shift, once people start having babies again, how will we prevent pregnancy problems of blood compatibility? If blood types of mother and father don't match, couple can have one healthy child but later pregnancies can cause miscarriages and severely handicapped children. Problems with the Rh factor occur when the mother's Rh factor is negative and the baby's is positive. Or, an incompatibility may occur when the mother is blood type O and the baby is either A or B. Today, when a woman with the potential to develop Rh incompatibility is pregnant, doctors administer a series of two Rh immune-globulin shots during her first pregnancy. Blood compatibility rarely causes complications in a first pregnancy and does not affect the health of the mother. But Rh antibodies that develop during later pregnancies can be dangerous to mother and child. Rh disease can result in severe anemia, jaundice, brain damage, and heart failure in a newborn. In extreme cases, it can cause the death of the fetus because too many red blood cells have been depleted.

The pole shift will devastate the civilized world. Mankind will be thrown back to what life was 100 years ago or earlier, back to what most of the Third World deals with on a daily basis. Many infections that are treated by antibiotics will return to savage those with weak immune systems, the old dying of pneumonia, the young of illnesses today prevented by immunizations. Infant mortality in the past was horrific, and the times will return to that. Mankind is not to be spared the ravages of the pole shift, any more than they are today spared from the effects of a tornado or hurricane or sudden flood.

Those in the civilized world hear our words and are horrified that they must face such a catastrophe, but don't express concern for the starving "stick" children of sub-Sahara Africa. They deal with horrors today, and few care or take steps to help those children. The pole shift will be a great equalizer, placing all on the same level. Only those who have grown, spiritually, to be as concerned about others as they are about themselves will be privy to assistance from ourselves and other benign aliens. These are the rules, and these are not rules we set so we must obey. Our advice to those concerned about newborns is not to have them, but to get yourselves fixed today so it does not become an issue. Mankind in its present physical form will in any case die out, to be replaced by the Zeta/human hybrids. This is at least an action you can take, if you care.

Is Bush deliberately trying to antagonize congress with his veto of the defense spending bill that he pushed for? Even Republicans seem surprised by this veto?

Bush has had success lately in using his veto, as Congress is then forced to return with a bill he will sign or be accused of failing to fund the troops in the field or failing to keep the nation funded. The Democrats in Congress simply don't have the votes in the Senate to override the Bush veto. The alternative is to shut down the government or be accused of turning their backs on the troops in the field. He has become arrogant, thus, and is trying to shape each bill more and more to his liking. As tedious as these matters are, they will not go on forever. At most, barring a pole shift, the public and weary Congress only have to put up with this for another year. At best, Bush and Cheney will be removed from power by a sudden action of the contingent blocking Bush and Cheney because of their criminal actions in the past. Only a matter of time, either way.

Why do so many NWO types live very long lives? Do they take human growth hormone or other supplements?

We have explained that life in a 3rd Density world is not one where the growing entities are rescued by parental figures, or where some judge intervenes to make things fair and right. It is like a kindergarden where the youngsters are allowed to help or mistreat each other at will. Certainly, where those who are self serving rise to the top of the pile, they take care of themselves very well at the expense of others. The best medical care, the best food, and they don't spend time worrying either as long as they are on top, so have fewer stress diseases. In time, this all evens out, as those who become highly Service-to-Self get removed to "prison planets" where they have to live with others of their own kind. This is surely hell, and there is no escape except to finally, at long last, become empathetic and learn to care for others. This is something very few on those planets ever accomplish.

Consistent with the move of Planet X to thr right of the sun recently, per the zetas, I have noticed a dramatic increase in chemtrail spraying to blot out Planet X from the view of people. I continue to be amazed at the desperation of this crowd. How in the world will they try and cover-up/explain something like 3 days of darkness?

They are trying to buy time. It is not the last weeks they fear, as we have explained that all the horrors from a severe wobble leading into a lean to the left and finally culminating in the pole shift will all occur during a magnetic trimester - a 4 month period. At this point, they head to their bunkers with their militia and either let the public save itself and/or order the police and military to prevent migration so their enclaves can be safe. What they are concerned about is the meantime, when the coming pole shift is not obvious and the cover-up is holding. They are of course preparing their explanations for what will be seen in the sky, and even for the severe tipping on its side that the globe will do. But these explanations will not be released until the last moment possible. They want the public utterly dumb about this, for as long as possible. This is how much they care about you.

Benazir Bhutto mentioned that Bin Laden was dead. Is this true?

We have stated that Bin Laden is alive, and living in the vicinity of the mountain ranges that run from Pakistan to Turkey. He has many homes, and many friends, and is in no danger of discovery by any forces that would seek to apprehend him. Bhutto was relaying information she received, and there is much disinformation about the whereabouts of Bin Laden, about his health, and whether he has survived. He is asserted to be the source of many audio and video tapes that the CIA compiles from their file copies. He likewise produces his own messages. They conflict, and it is up to the public to sort out which is a real message from the real Bin Laden.

How did the Zetas, Men in Black, or 12th planet hominoids get any tech without the Horse and enough wood and fossil fuel for large fires required for metal forging and industry? [and from another] Are the Men-In-Black aware of the upcoming shift? Were they here for the last one? How will they cope with it, and how do they plan to survive during it, and in the aftertime?

As we have explained, the Men-in-Black were transplants, and came to Earth from another world that could no longer sustain them. Their electricity comes from chemical means, not burning oil, wood or coal. They manufacture their food in labs, as we the Zetas do. They have been through numerous pole shifts, and are aware as they, like humans, give The Call and receive counseling that this pole shift will be more horrific than the last. Their caverns, underground homes, are carefully chosen to withstand the pressure rock might come under, but of course they worry as any sentient being would. Their Transformation to 4th Density will not occur at the same time as for those of the human race, but the Earth that will remain in 3rd Density can sustain them, as it will have heat from the core for some time.

Bosnian Pyramids - true or false?

Monuments such as pyramids were built by the Annunaki when they were on Earth, in many parts of the globe. There were scarcely any parts of the globe they did not travel in search of gold. Australia, China, Egypt, Central America, Easter Island - all have such monuments that have been discovered in the past. That these buried monuments are showing up under the soil where they were previously unknown should be no surprise!

Comet Holmes was said to have enlarged once again in size by 6 to 8 times on December 25th. What do the Zetas have to say on this anomaly? Also, is there anything to look forward to with Commet Tuttle incoming?

We have explained that 17P/Holmes only appears large because of light rays that have dispersed being bend back toward Earth. Thus, these light rays appear to be coming from a wide area, when in fact these light rays have just been curved. What is capturing and curving the light rays is the particulate matter in the tail of Planet X, which is increasingly enclosing Earth. Odd looking comets will be the least of your concerns shortly, as the tail matter affects the atmosphere of Earth in dramatic ways.

Can the Zetas comment on the power of ordinary "omens". For instance, my wife bought me a new GPS for Christmas (didn't ask for it) and it broke today after only an hour or so of operation. Also, a former co-worker and I have a running bet. Every four months, if nothing "eye-opening" happens that a majority of "ordinary" people would call "eye-opening" in regards to earth-changes - I buy him a hamburger --else-- he buys me a hamburger at a fancy Chicago eatery. This week he collected, and we were served a bizzare meal. Rather than a hamburger, we both got huge oval chopped steaks smothered in cheese and fried onions. No bun, no lettuce, tomato or other condiments. You'd figure the last thing anyone could screw up was a "hamburger" - yet that is precisely what happened at this otherwise four star dining establishment. "Co-incidence" - or a message? I would love the Zetas thoughts on this!

It has been noted for the past few years that people are distracted and often rude or irritable at the same time. Getting orders wrong was a prime example. Distraction also affects the quality of goods, as fabrication requires concentration and good quality assurance routines. All this distractibility will only increase as the Earth changes continue to make people nervous. They are told in the media that all is well with the economy, yet can see otherwise. They are told that the weather changes and shifting Earth is due to Global Warming yet what is occurring is either not related to warmer air or is outside what has been predicted. They sense the invasion of Iraq was not due to the reasons given, and the stubborn refusal to leave has a sinister reason behind it. They sense they are being lied to, in short, but do not know what to do about it. Distractibility, thus, will increase until it is obvious what the real cause has been, and then they will be distracted with worry. Thus, get used to it!

Stanley Meyers was an inventor who created and patented a device that generates a combustible gas from water. It would basically pulse a body of water with rapid impulses, wait and then do it again. This way, water molecules gradually "separated" into some sort of gas. The gas requires a low amount of energy to create and apparently far less electrical energy than its combustion power. It is rumored he was offered a great deal of money by Arabian individuals (like hundereds of millions) to cease his work. He apparently died after eating someplace of an aneurysm. There are videos of his water buggy on the internet working off this gas, plans and more. My questions are: can the zetas comment on his life and death? Also, was his technology really innovative? Could it be worth something to use after the poleshift for struggling communities as a viable power source?

There have been numerous alternatives to gasoline as a means of running vehicles or generating electricity which have been squelched. This is only one example. Of course, with study and work, such a mechanism could become more efficient, so the plans that are available are crude. Wood gas is a known means of running cars, and has been in use in parts of the globe since World War II. Fuel cells use the reaction of sea water to various metals to produce hydrogen to be recombined. These are two technologies in use today, but they are more expensive or troublesome than gas and oil, and thus do not threaten the industry. After the pole shift, many communities will be highly inventive, and it may be a grand time for those with an inventive mind. Certainly one should print out plans and schematics, for when that time comes!

Did the San Francisco Tiger attack have anything to do with sensing earth changes in the area?

A close examination of the moat wall the tiger had to scale, compared to the size of this large female Siberian tiger, shows that the height of the wall was not sufficient. The height was approximately 12 feet, while the length of the tiger was close to half that. Standing on its rear legs and reaching with its front legs, the tiger could almost touch the top of the wall. Add that the tiger was being teased by the boys, and you have a bounding tiger. Thus, no surprise that it left the cage. It was not Earth changes that cause the tiger to leap, as the boys were challenging it.

When the New Madrid quake happened the last time it took a bit of time for the ocean-like-waves to roll to places like Detroit, Boston and Charleston. In Detroit they could hear it coming and it rang church bells in Boston and Charleston. Since the type of quake will be different will the waves that so many people noted in their journals at the time (1811-1812) be the same and maybe allow some warning to go out?

When major earthquakes occur, it is because rock that has been resisting suddenly is broken. It has been demonstrated that the last major adjustment in the New Madrid ran along other fault lines, one arriving along the eastern seaboard from a radiating point in the Gulf, and others traveling along the western flank of the Appalachian Mountains. Certainly there is a slight time difference, but it is unlikely that phone calls would be made from the epicenter, and any warning would need to rely on seismologists giving the alert based on what they see on their charts. It is even less likely that evacuation of fragile buildings would occur in time. If you fear the coming adjustments in cities in the US that have hardly been retrofitted for such major quakes, you must make adjustments in your own life. Don't live or work in masonry or brick buildings, old buildings, or cityscapes, etc. The danger from quakes will not go away, but will increase until the hour of the pole shift.

Can the term "Christmas season" mean the winter months, per the 'something' going to happen worldwide during this time?

When we were asked about a global disaster during the Christmas season, we were not talking about a period of months. The Christmas season could certainly be expected to last until after the New Year's holiday or somewhat beyond. During the past Christmas week, the Christmas "hammer" was documented, and will come back with a vengeance. The Earth backed away from this hammer, exposing Planet X to the right of the Sun, the re-emergence of the Second Sun seen so vividly in 2003 a distinct possibility as this drama progresses. These are two phenomena that occurred during the Christmas season, in fact the Christmas week. But more is coming.

I remember reading that this will be the worst pole shift in more than 50,000 years - a good long time. 14 pole shifts ago in fact. The most recent "severe" one was the deluge when the South Pole ice pack over the ocean dropped and swamped the world with water accounting for most of the Mammoth and other fauna die-off. How much more severe will this one be in comparison to that one? Scale of one to ten with the last shift being a "one" and the "deluge" shift falling somewhere in between?

The pole shift that caused the Flood was slight, the devastation from that shift caused by the displacement wave that flowed northward from the area of the South Pole. Thus, the Flood is of legend in many diverse cultures as they all experienced this displacement wave. The pole shift that occurred during the Jewish Exodus was also slight, as we have explained in the body of ZetaTalk. Thus in recent memory mankind is aware only of slight shifts. This shift will be major, as severe as it gets. Since over half of all of mankind lives closely along the coastline, death by drowning will be substantial. One only need read our description of the coming pole shift, and compare it to folklore on what has happened previously, to understand the impact.

On and in material I've read it's said that the aliens view us humans as 'containers, presumbly us as biological containers. Is is true, that aliens designed and put together our biological (body) containers? And that, our souls are not alien designed, they're just there!? What criteria do the birthing guides go by, in deciding what containers to put us in, and is there any injustice done, by having a soul go into the wrong container?

Man was genetically engineered, and we the Zetas are at present genetically engineering mankind's next leap forward - the Zeta/human hybrids. Souls are sparked on 3rd Density worlds, as we have explained. The Birthing Guides, a type of Spirit Guide, make the determination of what kind of incarnation the soul should have the next time around. There are an immense number of considerations, so the word "mistake" hardly applies. It is a matter of degree, at most, as to what criteria are given more weight than others in perhaps a millions factors being considered.

I asked a question last week, concerning Karma. You say, Karma is done in a lifetime, with a 'fresh start' in a new incarnation. A fresh start? even for those who have quite deliberately hurt, maimed, crippled, destroyed or killed? I just want some clarification on how, if any, Justice is done within a single lifespan. I suppose this takes me back to the question of birthing guides/karma. I just need more understanding on how it works!

Yes, a fresh start for each new incarnation. Within a lifetime, karma may apply if the entity lives their life in such a way as to bring this upon themselves. An example might be a cruel sadist, who assumes they have more strength than those around them and assumes they are more clever than those around them. They are operating where they can take advantage of those weaker than them. Then one day they are no longer the top dog, as others who are stronger and more clever arrive on the scene. The bully is himself bullied. He turns to others around him, for help, and gets none. This is an example of karma, due to one's life, during one's life.

I have seen a radical change in the behavior of people. Discovered that each person sees through his emotion. I have seen that many people in difficult times is showing human, benevolent and fraternal, others have shown unbalanced. Today we are entering a stage that will not return, and the time of occurrence arrive, or do not want, is a certain law, is not subject to change. Has redemption in physical body? It is important to be alive to help build the new world, or all we have from that?

Some have made the decision to die during the coming pole shift, and others are determined to survive and help others during the times that follow. This is a highly individual decision. Some have prepared in safe locations so as to provide survivors with knowledge, seeds and technical assistance. Others are determined to go into the worse hellholes to help those who will be trapped there. Some, even though very good hearted, have determined to die and assist during their next incarnation, knowing they have broken or aging bodies and will tend to be a burden on survivors rather than a help. It is a highly individualized decision.

Last week you mentioned about transmutations and I agree with your comments - that all atoms have subatomic particles in a fluid pattern and thus are somewhat interchangeable. However, I was wondering why the Annanuki did not simply make their own gold? I am well aware that making gold from tungsten, silver or aluminum is in fact fairly easy. I have been able to make small quantities for myself as have others (too small as yet to be very profitable though). How do aliens of various cultures use such technologies? Can you generate any kind of element synthetically at will? Are some atoms "embroidal" - that is, actually give "birth" to other atoms?

Once again we state that we will not give you any formula or assistance in your desire to learn our technologies. The Annunaki are your peers, not your superiors. Thus, just as man does not know the secret, they likewise do not know the secret.

Is this figure 8 (now a double 8) going to be experienced as a "big soup" or a ripple? The reason Iask is that the double 8 is now in a dance with it self (double 8).

The wobble is basically a figure 8, but during the time when the N Pole of Planet X is hosing at Earth, it becomes a lurch during the violent push against the N Pole of Earth when it appears over the horizon. This makes for a complex scene, as the normal figure 8 has a lurch with a rebound inserted into it. The lurch will begin, at some point, to force a severe wobble with a lean to the left.

Just a encore from my question about 'containers and karma' before. Does the soul, minus the biological 'senses' that we collect information on our bodies/environment with, have senses? At least 'similiar' to container senses like the eyes, ears, touch, smell, taste etc.? As the soul is embodied in biological containers, can the soul be 'blamed' for not getting things right due to its handicap of being restricted and forced to live a life of servitude to it's organic container? How does a soul behave and conduct itself outside the body and/or without any experience of containment in a bio-container? One of the strongest 'drives' in humans are sexual feelings. How do sexual feelings compare in a 'soul' existence, without the body? I'm just trying to figure out what a soul would experience! I guess basically life would be very fluid, self-luminent, dream-like, rich in 'senses'.

The soul does not have sexual needs, as it does not propagate via sex. It speaks to the body in many ways, infuses the body to influence its functions, its chemical reactions. Out of body, the soul is free to travel, move through walls and can communicate with other souls. It can bring what it learns while out of body back to the body, and communicates by manipulating the chemistry of the brain.

Am I right to think that we are going to have 2 Pole Shifts, one around 2008 -2009 and this one will be small compared with the big one around 2012.

There will be one pole shift, and it will not occur in 2012, but earlier than this date.

A friend said that 90% of people suffer from some type of disturbance of neurosis, and 9% are balanced, but are subject to some change, and one% can be normal. Is this scientific fact, as we learn who is to be good or evil? Is mechanics of human conscience complex? As saberíamos who is Service to Others and Service to Self? Or the separation of evil and the good is automatic?

Highly Service-to-Other souls may be incarnated into humans who suffer from mental illness or have disease that affects their ability to express their concern for others. There are likewise highly Service-to-Self souls in such an incarnation, and their reaction to others around them may not look much different than the reaction of highly Service-to-Other souls incarnated in like circumstances. One cannot make assumptions based on physical disabilities. Likewise highly Service-to-Self souls may be incarnated into human bodies that are attractive, are raised in wealthy families that give them every advantage, and yet they do not concern themselves with others. A highly Service-to-Other soul in such a circumstance would maneuver to help others. Yet on the surface, they may appear similar to those who are highly Service-to-Self, as the Service-to-Self are adept at disguise. Thus, one should not assume, by surface physical appearance, the spiritual orientation of others. It is the actions that they are able to take that is the true criteria.