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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 12, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

NASA recently said that a new sun spot will disrupt cell phones, CA TV, power systems and ATMs. Is this yet more cover up of the effects of the tail of Planet X pointing towards the earth?

Absolutely. We have been stating for some time that the tail is pointing toward the Earth, and that it will hose directly at the Earth soon. Given the electromagnetic disturbances that occurred in August-September of 2003 they know what to expect. Brownouts and blackouts occurred worldwide in 2003 to the extent of totally blacking out New York City at one point. The establishment also wishes to cover the extent of the wobble, which is steadily getting worse. We have warned that satellites will fail, going into the pole shift, and fail utterly. Just what that point is in the timeline we have not specified. Beyond the effect that the electromagnetic surge will have on the electrical and satellite systems, there are those times when satellites are not where expected and communications fail. All this is to be blamed on the Sun, which we warned at the start of ZetaTalk would be used as an excuse.

Was Bank of America forced to buy Countrywide lending in order to prevent a financial collapse this past week?

Bank of America has long been cooperative with subversive elements of the US government, by this we mean the CIA and national security agencies. One should bear in mind how much the gratitude of the US government can mean to a bank. Agree to launder money and support front operations for the CIA and the regulatory agencies will forgive all kinds of sins. Who would buy Countrywide? They are gutted with debt, held up from total collapse by string and a promise. The debts will be absorbed into the massive accounting shenanigans that are conducted by Bank of America and get lost! Suddenly it's rosy again!

Is martial law still a possibility in America? I am still a little confused how it would be maintained for any length of time in the rural areas where most people are well armed and antagonistic to government anyway.

We have stated that martial law is unlikely to occur in the US because the citizenry is so used to freedom that they would not cooperate for long. By this, we mean cooperation would likely be counted in days. Citizens would sit home and fear being out on the streets, and all work would come to a halt. Schools would not be attended, utilities not maintained, and unless escorted to work by armed guards, emergency work would not be attended to either. Knowing this, the Bush administration is loathe to call martial law too early. However, this past year, seeing their fortunes falling rapidly, Bush did try to declare martial law via the Emergency Action Network, and the fire in Cheney's official offices at the Executive Office Building was done to destroy a phone network Cheney had established there for a second such attempt. Bush and Cheney are being blocked, effectively, from declaring martial law. This all is in the hands of man, and could go in many directions, as we have stated, so predictions cannot be made with certainty.

Is the pole shift going to happen during this magnetic trimster? Iit doesnt seem violent enough.

We have stated that the last weeks will occur within a magnetic trimester. The current trimester started at the end of December and lasts until the end of April. The last weeks include, counting backwards, a week of rotation stoppage, some weeks of rotation slowing, 6 days of sunrise west, 3 days of darkness, a lean to the left, and a severe wobble. We also predicted that emergency management teams would be so exhausted that at the state and local level they would not be listening to the Bush White House regardless of what they say. We did not specify where in the timeline such a situation might exist, so there may be overlapping with the last weeks, or there may not be an overlap so that this point occurs before the last weeks. It is up to you to count how many days are involved in the last weeks or to watch the signs. We will say this. You will not be taken by surprise.

Did Hillary make some kind of deal with Rove and the Bushes? Did she know the machines would be hacked to give her a false victory? What about Obama: is he aware of the vote fraud? Any chance the recount will tell the true story, or have they carefully covered their trail? And finally, how do these people justify this kind of activity? Don't they realize they are bound for a prison planet in committing these crimes? Especially the Bushes and Cheney: are they resigned to going to a prison planet following their deaths?

The Clintons and the Bush family chat with each other all the time. Matters are discussed in code talk, but each understands what the other is saying. The Clintons were offered the Republican machinery in New Hampshire, and gave the nod. The Republicans also want Hillary to be the candidate as they feel they could beat her due to her negatives, and polls bear that out. The Bush family feels that should Hillary win, they also will have won, so vote fraud in New Hampshire had the support of many who have used this avenue in the past. Since there are buffers between those who switch the votes and those who call the shots, the ringleaders do not fear prosecution. The low level technicians who do the actual vote swaps get paid in a manner that leaves no fingerprints, by shadowy figures.

I'm not asking for a date of the Passage of Nibiru since I know you're not going to tell one, and I respect that. But let me point out a thing: you said that telling a date would mean helping the elite to fulfill their evil plans towards humanity, imposing martial law, blocking the roads etc., but they already monitor the sky everyday (that's what the ISS is all about, for example). They watch Nibiru as it approaches the Earth and are able to determine a probable period for the pole shift, even without a Zeta warning. So hiding the date is more damaging to the populace than to the establishment, am I wrong?

If the elite knew a date certain, they would and could call martial law effectively. We are not speaking only of the US here, but of many countries where those in charge of the government wish to kill many of their citizens. The elite in Indonesia, for instance, have little regard for their citizens. It is not true that the US government knows when the pole shift is about to happen. They can approximate the distance of Planet X from Earth and the distance from the Sun, but many maneuvers will occur before the last weeks. Currently, Planet X is almost directly between the Earth and Sun, moving only slightly to the right in the view from Earth because Earth is trying to evade the Christmas Hammer. But as we have detailed early in the ZetaTalk saga, the point of passage during the pole shift places Planet X much more to the right. NASA does not know what the factors are in this dance, and can only surmise. And they are surmising badly, we might add.

A lot of whistle blowers are trying to be heard, but are being gagged. Sybil Edmonds has offered to tell her story to the world with only foreign countries offering to cover her story. She has already posted pictures of top officials in the government as clues on her website. Will someone/anyone in the US media give her story airtime? Is she being blocked by the Puppetmaster? Is she protected by the Zetas?

Clearly, the US media is being gagged by national security mandates. Not many editors want to be dragged off to Gitmo, and that is the level of the threats they are given. By posting her website, she has told her story, as anyone going into the details discovers. The Puppet Master is unconcerned with who in middle management under him gets caught for their crimes. He is well above such minor scuffles.

Can Zetas comment on any asteroids hitting the Earth? Will Planet X have a role in this?

Asteroids as Near Earth Orbit missiles have been talked up for the last several years to give the establishment an excuse for running to their bunkers. Movies such as Deep Impact or Armageddon, where NASA must rescue the Earth from extinction, and the president of the US runs a lottery to see which citizens will be saved in deep caves, were in theatres so the public can get used to the idea. Asteroids have been around for a long time, but the scars of any recent hit cannot be found. Those scars that do exist reflect the years when Earth was a water planet in the Asteroid Belt, which was composed of many small water planets that were pelted to pieces in the past when Planet X made its passage out there. The Sun shrank in size since then so now Planet X makes its passage closer to the Sun, near Earth's orbit. There is of course trash in the tail of Planet X, debris as large as trucks, which will land on Earth. We have stated that the Council of Worlds has plans for Earth, and would not allow the planet to suffer an Extinction Level Event (E.L.E.) due to an asteroid impact. But the falling debris this will not encourage/embolden NASA et al. to warn the public about Planet X, as the elite at NASA and the White House need their excuse to escape to their bunkers, leaving you to suffer the pole shift without advance warning.

Any accidents or explosions or EQ's in the Nevada Desert lately you may want to comment about?
4.0 2008/01/05 04:03:36 39.905N 118.351W 16.0 32 km (20 mi) SSE of Lovelock, NV
4.2 2008/01/05 03:54:25 39.483N 117.933W 16.0 26 km (16 mi) SSE of Dixie Valley, NV
3.8 2008/01/05 02:42:35 39.543N 117.647W 16.0 19 km (12 mi) W of Petersons Mill, NV

We have explained that a bowing effect is in place along the west coast of the N American continent. This N American continent is held rigidly along the northern border with Russia, so it cannot roll. As the Atlantic widens and the Pacific shortens, N America is pulled diagonally. Mexico pulls west, the East Coast drops in elevation, and the New Madrid Fault line is stressed. We have explained that such incidences as the Utah mining disaster were caused by the bow formed around the area of San Diego. This fractures rock all throughout the West, all the way up the coast of N America to Alaska. These quakes are an example of the stress the bow is causing.

We have some evidence that the so-called Puppet Master could be a woman from the Rothschild family, although the Rothschild(s) are often considered as only one of the 13 royal families of the Illuminati. On Zetatalk you Zetas said that the famous list leaked to the populace is false (Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockfeller, Rothschild, Russel, Van Duyin, Merovingian), but I'm not really sure about that. Any comment from you Zetas will be appreciated.

You could speculate endlessly and you would not discover the identity of the Puppet Master or his close family. Those who are out in the public have several generations behind them who were not the Puppet Master in this male dominated lineage. You are wrong. Nor will we entertain endless attempts to get us to bless your guess. You cannot guess, as the Puppet Master and his immediate family are not known to the public, and are not on the books. Your quest is futile, thus, so don't waste our time.

There have been numerous incidents at the San Francisco zoo starting on Christmas day with an escaped tiger killing a young man. Last week a wild polar bear almost escaped. Recently another caged cat tore open the cage it was in. Can the Zetas comment on this spate of incidents (ie - have these intelligent beings had enough?) and the ethics of holding animals in zoos in general?

The public is alert to restless zoo animals because of the San Francisco tiger incident, as the horror of a 350 pound tiger on the loose, chewing visitors up, is something they had not considered. But such incidents where an animal mauls its handlers is not new. We ourselves do not keep zoos, as we go to the native habitat to observe an animal by preference.

What repulsive power are Moon of the earth? Why do Venus inverse rotation comparing other planet in solar system? How did Moon be created?

The Repulsion Force, as we have explained in the Science section on the ZetaTalk website, occurs between objects of equal size and mass. A tiny meteor does not invoke the Repulsion Force of Earth, thus thuds to Earth. The Moon has invoked the Repulsion Force of Earth, and thus despite its massive size and slow orbit around the Earth, it stays aloft. Mathematically, it has been proven that the Moon should not be aloft, but men refuses to deal with that issue as they have no explanation. The Repulsion Force is a factor of gravity particle flows, which float slowly back to a gravity center, and thus like an umbrella pull objects toward that center. When the gravity particles build up in that center, they explode outward like a laser, cutting through all they pass through so rapidly they have little effect on that matter. When large objects come near each other, these laser beams of gravity particles abut each other, like two fire hoses pointed directly at each other, and thus they do not approach each other. The Moon attached itself to Earth when the Earth was ejected from the Asteroid Belt long ago. It is not of the Earth's substance. During a pole shift, which affects the inner planets of the solar system such as Venus and Earth, these planets can have their rotation disrupted. When they start to rotate again, it can be in an opposite direction. This can and has happened to Earth, where rotation is not from west to east as it is currently, but in the other direction from east to west.

There are many things which concern me but mostly I am concerned about the subject of chem-trails. We are hearing of a great decrease in bird species lately. We hear of a greater incidence in asthma cases especially in children. Can the Zetas comment on the increase in spraying and the effect it is having on human, animal and plant life?

Obviously it is not healthy for various fogging agents to be sprayed into the air, but this is the lesser evil contributing to any decrease in bird populations or asthma cases in children. Cities are horrifically polluted, but the air seldom shows the poisons it carries. The pollutants are well known to affect the lungs of the residents of cities, and eat away at statues, curtains, and cars. This is no secret. Birds are sensitive to methane gas, which is on the increase due to fracturing rock. The canary taken into the coal mine is used to detect the presence of methane gas, for this reason.

I wanted to ask, is the increasing and decreasing nature of the reddish glow/hue that permates the cloud cover at night, as is being reported worldwide, due to the wafting nature of the tail?

Red dust was present in 2003 when the tail of Planet X wafted past the Sun toward Earth, and has returned. What was present in 2003 and present today is but a light dusting, on occasion, here and there. If the red dust becomes too obvious, the establishment will have documentaries on how volcanic activity can bring red sunsets.

Will the recent voter fraud in New Hampshire mean that Hillary is going to have her dirty laundry exposed to the public to counter this deceitful act?

Of course those responsible for the integrity of the election process will do everything possible to cover up what has happened in New Hampshire. It is not Hillary that is worried here! They are seeking explanations for the difference in the counts to the polls beforehand and the exit polls which are historically accurate. New Hampshire has a law that allows out of state visitors to vote if they claim on the registration form that they have an intention to move to the state. No follow-up is done to ensure that this is the case. Since it was observed before the election that Hillary's rallies were attended mainly by those from Massachusetts and New York state, many cars in the parking lots with those license plates, this is one possible excuse for the discrepancy. They will claim that her sudden rush were these voters. Be aware of who will be observing the counts and compiling the totals. It will be the election officials in the state whose reputation would be smeared. Unless there are outside observers, no change in the current count will occur!

When the final weeks arrive and Nibiru will be clearly visible in the sky, large as our Sun, will the cover-up fall down and the true nature of the event be exposed to the people through the media? Do you see riots in the cities, panic, chaos or a little more justice throughout the world?

We have predicted that the last weeks will not entail riots, though this is what the establishment fears. Those who are strong enough that they do not need to deny what they can see will either make preparations for their families, move them to safety and the like, or if trapped will say loving goodbyes. Those in denial, who are often in the majority, will try to continue their jobs and tasks as though nothing were wrong. Shrill arguments may ensue between these groups, until those trying to prepare and take steps for safety simply leave those in denial to their self-chosen state. Of course there will be those who will loot what has been left behind or in stores, but they will be ignored by the police who will themselves be trying to think of their families or wandering around in shock. We have stated that we estimate 43% of humanity will be going insane to some degree. This too is a factor. Insane people do not riot. They sit and stare or plunge into frantic activity or argue with imaginary beings. They also can get despondent and commit suicide, taking their loved ones with them. These times will be a challenge for all!

Are the animals at the San Fran zoo reacting to an impending earthquake? There are stories of animals sensing earthquakes and lord knows San Fran is due for one.

Nancy can tell you that animals are sensitive to earthquakes, as she keeps a Peking duck she calls Mildred who is an excellent sensitive. Mildred has been quaking in the dead of night lately, at 2-3:00 a.m. when the Christmas Hammer stresses the N American plate. The Chinese use their Peking ducks as earthquake predictors for this reason. When an animal senses the rock about them is stressed they get an uncontrollable urge to flee. Clearly this is a factor in San Francisco, which sits on the San Andreas Fault line.

The history of humans shows alien interaction, and yet aliens state that they can not interfere with humans on this planet. From technology to knowledge of languages, writing, mathematics, agriculture, and religions, they've certainly interfered. If aliens want to help us, why don't they just reveal themselves to the public? Why the deception and secrecy?

Does your teacher interfere with your high school exams by telling you the answers? You are in school to learn, and part of this learning process is to live with your mistakes, to learn the outcome of your mistakes. Earth is a spiritual schoolhouse, where you are to learn by your actions and migrate, spiritually, to either the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self spiritual orientation. We have stated, endlessly, that we are not your parents! We are allowed to counsel you but not to interfere. We are not here to rescue you, but must allow you to make your own mistakes and take action as you see fit.

Since last October I ve noticed a lot of weird behaviour from people. They get aggressive, hostile, arrogant, even persons who usually behave normally act in an abnormal way. Also criminality in Holland where I live has risen lately as I learned. Personally I experienced the same period "energy symptoms" which led me to hyper ventilation. I got medical treatment for that and the last weeks I feel better but surprisingly the last time I visited my doctor he told me he found it strange that I felt better as according to him the treatment he gave me would give results in longer period. Do you think those "symptoms" I had are related with the earth changes and the Planet X passing? There was another period in my life when I noticed and faced similar odd behaviour by people: August 2006. For me it was a period when I felt depressed and weaker. At that time a war began from nowhere: Israel invaded Lebanon. Nowadays, we had Bhutto's assassination. Do you think all this people's strange behaviour has to do with the whole changes which are taking place? If yes, how does that happen?

People react to stress in many ways. Hyperventilating is certainly one such reaction. The nature of the stress is not always understood. Certainly, if someone is holding a gun to your face and threatening to shoot, this might be the source, but many times the problem is masked. A caring mother can smother a child, creating stress, but who would say the mother is the villain. Most often stress is not something at a distance but it is something close at hand in the family setting, the job situation, or in the neighborhood. If the person were suddenly removed from their life setting, the stress lifts magically, but can return if the problem is something the person carries with them and builds into their life. One must examine their interpersonal relationships, to see their own hand in the problems that emerge.

Earlier today I noticed that you posted some links to the early days of Zetatalk and afterwards some posters were positively vitriolic toward you. Will such vicious behavior increase toward you as we get closer to the shift?

ZetaTalk has what many have described as the ring of truth, as it is cohesive and answers logically so many questions that human science simply avoids due to contradictions in their theories. This is instantly perceived by those open to the truth of what we say, and our track record on predictions thus does not scare these individuals. Those who are threatened in some way by the truth, either due to the position they hold in human society or because they are frightened at the thought of their lives being torn apart, attack. Some of those who know we are telling the truth are attacking to make life easier for themselves until they can run to their bunkers, or are hiring people to attack for this reason. Those who are themselves so fearful they cannot contemplate the awful scenarios we paint are by far the majority of those disparaging Nancy and ourselves. They will only get more shrill as matters get worse. The elite will stop attacking or having their minions attack. As matters get worse as they will be packing up and leaving for their enclaves or bunkers.

About emanation illness -- is it possible that feelings of time slips or parallel universe slips are aspects of this?

Illnesses coming from the swirling core of the Earth or from the chemicals in the tail of Planet X dropping into Earth's atmosphere account for dropping immune systems, nausea, dizziness, menstrual problems, and an increase in albinism. Any sense that time has changed and the like are due to stress causing a sense of dissociation, a common reaction among those under stress.

Can the Zetas give us a date for when the Second Sun will reappear ? This does not give any clues as to the timing of the shift so they shouldn't have a problem with this .

We have often explained that we wish to keep the establishment off kilter, so that the cover-up breaks. Of what importance is this detail to you? Minor importance, compared to what the establishment would do with this information. They would have a handy explanation in the media, timed with the emergence of the Second Sun. We wish for these anticipated events, and others the establishment has not even thought of as yet, to be a surprise!

The Christmas season hag gone. Can we know now what should be happen in that time?

When we indicated that some sort of surprise would happen during the Christmas season, something global, we were very careful not to indicate what that might be. The Christmas Hammer of course emerged December 19-22, and will return at an unnamed date. This should suffice, but there is more that is coming shortly. The Earth has moved left, placing Planet X to the right in the view toward the Sun from Earth. This is certainly a factor that would bring back the Second Sun sightings. We hinted that the light towers seen in Iraq, caught on video in Iraq at night, are a taste of things to come. We have frankly stated that an increasingly violent wobble can be expected, bringing exponentially increased earthquakes. Look to any and all of these things to be occurring, on just what date we will not say!

What do the Zetas have to say about the racial calamity that will inevitably unfold once systems really start breaking down in the US - i.e. prolonged periods without electricity due to extreme weather or earth changes? Seems this is a ticking time bomb as the Mexicans and blacks are filled with hatred for whites and would love a situation of lawlessness to descend into total anarchy. I don't see the Zetas address racial issues much and am really interested in what they have to say on this.

When people anticipate a time when the grid will be down, phones down, roads torn up so that travel is virtually impossible unless on foot, they imagine reactions to this environment as though nothing in the lives of the common man had changed except the disruptions. The police and military will be afflicted with their own internal worries. Orders will be given and not acted upon. Posts will be deserted. Gut wrenching fear will afflict many, who will react by running, frantically, or becoming despondent. If someone is not reacting with concern for their person, they will be reacting with concern for their families. Do you think a Hispanic family man is going to take the opportunity to go shoot his boss, or will he save his family? If hatred were that strong to begin with, it would have been acted upon before that point in time. Each individual, and each family, will be beset by anxiety. If hostilities break out, it will be over blocked roads, or a refusal to help when requested. You will find a car out of gas with the owner just sitting in the driver's seat, catatonic. Steps to be taken might be to share gas or push the car out of the way, or to attack the driver. These circumstances have nothing to do with race, but with panic.