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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 1, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Zetas, can you explain the recent news that the last 12 months of global cooling has wiped out all warming records over the past 100 years? Some have attributed this to the suns decreased activity.

This past winter has been horrific for the northern hemisphere, where the N American continent and areas of Siberia have suffered record breaking cold and snow fall. The cold has been, in many places, intractable. This is not a global warming issue caused by heating air at all, as we have explained the heating of the Earth is from the ground up, due to the swirling core of the Earth. This is why there are more volcanoes active at this time than in the memory of man. The record cold is due to the Earth wobble, the pushing away of the magnetic N Pole of Earth when it presents daily on the horizon and is subject to the push of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X. This pushes those parts of the globe away from the warming Sun!

The article going around about the scientists in Japan "finding" Planet X. Is this just more of them intentionally overusing the word any chance they get? [and from another] Japanese scientists eye mysterious 'Planet X' [Feb 28] Scientists at a Japanese university said Thursday they believed another planet up to two-thirds the size of the Earth was orbiting in the far reaches of the solar system. The researchers at Kobe University in western Japan said calculations using computer simulations led them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the mysterious "Planet X" was found. The study by Mukai and researcher Patryk Lykawka will be published in the April issue of the US-based Astronomical Journal.

At the start of ZetaTalk, when it first burst onto the scene, there was a flurry of disinformation about the term "Planet X". Every odd rock that NASA announced in the vicinity was termed "Planet X" in some manner. Sedna was termed in this manner. That this confusion over the term is again being promoted shows the fear in the establishment that search engines will be used to locate ZetaTalk information. In this way, typing the term "Planet X" into a search engine will bring up these types of articles, diluting the ZetaTalk message, or so they hope.

A vast underground vault storing millions of seeds from around the world is scheduled to open this week in a mountain on a remote island near the Arctic Ocean.Dubbed the "Doomsday Vault" The Norwegian government paid to build the vault in a mountainside between Norway and North Pole. Does the Norwegian government know about Planet X and was this "doomsday vault" created because of the pending passage? How will it fair during the shift and won't the seeds be useless if there isn't ample growing conditions? While on Norway there have been recent reports of UFOs above their skies along with a video surfacing on YouTube of the bright lights. You mentioned a week ago the Norway would be hit by an earthquake. Could this be another case of telepathic warnings?

Seeds stored in optimal conditions can last an astonishingly long time, as the occasional discovery of seeds 2,000 or more years old and still viable attest. Norway is, shall we say, rock solid, and the vault was selected for its ability to withstand great quakes. The individuals involved are not fools. UFOs indeed are communicating with those under the display in the sky, but the messages to those humans with open minds are many. They are being informed about what is coming, the many aspects of the pole shift, as many in Norway will be survivors and have a role in helping other survivors elsewhere. They are a people comfortable in ships, with a long history in ships, and can establish networks throughout a vast span of ocean because of this!

Florida's electrical grid caused a nuclear plant to automatically shut down Tuesday and intermittently cut power to up to 3 million people from Daytona Beach through the Florida Keys. Most of the evening outages were due to bad weather, not the grid problem, officials said. A few days later now preliminary results of an investigation show that Tuesday's massive power outage in Florida was caused by human error. A field engineer was diagnosing a switch that had malfunctioned at FPL's Flagami substation in west Miami.Without authorization, the engineer disabled two levels of relay protection, Olivera said. What is the truth behind this story and I'm guessing it has to do with Planet X which caused past power outages such as NYC blackout. [and from another] Florida Power Blackout Remains a Puzzle [Feb 27] Power executives were still in the dark Wednesday about how a glitch at a substation triggered a blackout that cut power to millions across south Florida. The president of Florida Power & Light was puzzled by how the blackout happened, saying an equipment malfunction at an electrical substation should not have caused the outages. At about 1 pm an equipment malfunction happened at a facility that transmits power in Miami, starting a sequence of events that caused power to go off in areas around the state. The malfunction led to a fire at the facility, which in turn caused larger problems - disabling two power distribution lines between Miami and Daytona Beach, according to the power company. Systems monitoring the power grid took action, automatically shutting down two nuclear plants at the Turkey Point facility south of Miami. A fossil fuel plant also went off-line. Once that amount of megawatts was not available to the grid, the system had to shut off power until it could compensate for the losses. Authorities said there were no safety concerns at the nuclear plant and the outages were not related to terrorism.

We have described the "broken link" effect often when explaining why modern technology will essentially come to a stop during the pole shift, and not be restored. Those who are accustomed to modern conveniences and have come to assume that any disruption can be quickly corrected will be shocked to see their electrical grids go down, their tap water slow to a drip and then stop, their sewage backing up and the phone lines dead. With no one to complain to, those thrown on their own resources will be forced to adapt or will sink into depression or long angry rants. We have described an inability to get factories running again by something as small as a missing specialized lubricant needed for mechanical parts. We have described how skilled workers will wander off or be driven off by the necessity of finding food to eat, so that even when parts are available there is no one to utilize them. Everything rots and rusts and gets displaced. The power outage in Florida is an example of the fragility of the grid. Automatic breakers are in place to prevent brownout, a situation where the electrical current being produced is not strong enough to support demand. Brownout destroys equipment as much as a surge does, so is avoided. Better to have the electricity go out temporarily than to destroy equipment, is the logic. Feedback to the generators indicated that less electricity was needed, after the breakers cut power across the state, so the power stations automatically shut down, compounding the problem. None of these automatic steps could have been eliminated, as they are all necessary safeguards. The problem was not how the grid performed or reacted. The problem is mankind's expectation that the grid will always be there for him!

The U.S. Navy has moved the guided-missile destroyer USS Cole and other ships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon, Pentagon officials said Thursday. What is the purpose behind this move?

They are assisting Israel, as the Israelis are complaining bitterly and shrilly about what they consider the turn of events regarding Iraq and Iran. Bush and Cheney and the others in the Bush administration promised that the US military would invade Iraq, conquer Iran, and then sweep into Saudi Arabia, putting all those oil fields under US and Israeli control! None of this is being accomplished but rather talk of withdrawal from Iraq is on the lips of those likely to win the White House in the fall. Moving ships about is the best that Bush can offer. Nothing more will come of this.

Why are most legitimate channelers able to transmit messages in foreign languages and use terminology that they are not versed in, yet your communication with the Zetas is dependent on you "being on the same page". Why do you need to understand the material to communicate it to us? Why is channeling the Zetas so complicated? Why can't they just transmit their message through you without needing you to interpret it first?

Nancy does not channel. She is an active participant in a telepathic conversation. It is also not true that channels can speak in languages they are not familiar with.

It is certain that Medvedev will become the new Russian president. What does this mean for the cover-up? Is he aware of Planet X and the Pole Shift?

Dmitri Medvedev, the new Russian president, is Putin's hand picked puppet, a long time associate. He is aware of what Russia will be facing from global changes and the possible opportunistic attacks from other countries during times when the Russian government may be distracted. They will work closely as a team to preserve the government's integrity, but as with all governments, their expectations will not be met. All political power structures are not connecting with the facts of the matter - the state of affairs they will be presented with and the degree to which their military and servants go insane and leave their posts. All governments will find they shrink to a small enclave, composed mostly of generals and politicians who bark orders at each other and get ignored. Russia will be no exception.

Zetas, NASA scientists are baffled by unexplained force acting on spacecraft probes. Is it the effects of Planet X, and why are they not considering that possibility?

The probes are not acting in accordance with man's understanding of gravity laws. Surprise! We have long explained what man is ignorant of, mainly that gravity is a particle flow and has a repulsion force side to it. Gravity particles drop slowly toward a gravity sink but also accumulate in that sink and shoot ourward with sudden bursts, a hose of particles that is at the base of the repulsion force. Beyond misunderstanding gravity, man also is ignorant of almost all subatomic particles that we, the Zetas, are aware of. There are attractions and repulsions among particles, which we have explained in the Science section of ZetaTalk. Particles are, by nature, desiring to clump with each other while simultaneously trying to disburse and not become too crowded. Perpetual motion ensues. Magnetic and electric particles are just a few examples. It is not the pull of Planet X on these probes, but their interaction with various particle flows that is affecting their trajectories.

"Geologists have detected a new continuous seismic signal in the Earth, but its cause is anybody's guess"..."Listen closely, and you'll hear the Earth humming - in not just one note, but two. The source of this second signal is a mystery." Can the Zetas explain? [and from another] Mystery Hum Puzzles Geologists [Feb 23] They found evidence of a "horizontal" signal at all four stations. The signal migrates by around 1 micrometre one way or the other every three minutes or so, and its horizontal orientation distinguishes it from Earth's "vertical" oscillation. Something entirely new to us is causing this hum. Its frequency suggests something is "twisting" the surface of the crust.

This article also describes a "twisting" of the crust as a description of the new aspect of the hum. This is the new mystery added to the normal hum that has been present for years. This new "horizontal" aspect or "twisting" of the crust is a puzzle to the scientists, as they are not taking into consideration the Earth wobble and the consequent stress placed on the surface of the Earth. The N American continent, as we have explained, is being pulled at a diagonal. Africa is being turned to drop into the Indian Ocean, which torques the continent. The Arabian plate is being turned so the "boot" of the plate is landing its foot, putting twisting pressure on the entire plate. Some sort of twisting is being done on all land masses, and the hum is reflecting this!

Many people have been watching Obama closely with good reason. He is just too good at this; smooth, articulate, intelligent, focused, etc. , to not have done this before. Has he assumed a leadership role at a critical time in another lifetime or perhaps even on a different world? When is he likely to be made consciously aware of the impending shift? [and from another] As of today, it looks like Obama will be President. If he wins, would he open up discussion and prepare people for Planet X?

Obama is an old soul, and Earth is not his first planet of residence. There could hardly be a better person in charge of having to motivate and organize the populace of the United States when the time comes to address the reality of the Earth changes and the pending passage in mankind's future.

Can you ask the Zetas if organite will help disperse the chemtrails being sprayed on us. Orgonite is nothing more than resin, shaved metals and a quartz crystal. The idea is that the resin and metal matrix create an orgone accumulator, and the crystal converts dor to por. When the resin cures, it will apply pressure on the crystal and amplify the power of it, while the resin/metal matrix keeps soaking up any dor in the area that needs to be converted. [and from another] I write from Croatia. At 15:45 - 16:00 Feb 26 I accidentally looked through the window and saw a sun. But, second later I spotted some light coming from left and leaned behind shades and saw real sun, not this bogus one. What I saw looked like real sun just half it size and it was located right and a bit down of the real sun. Couple of moments later it was all gone. I am certain that it wasn't a cloud trick, or reflection trick cause it looked like real sun. If I haven't seen other light source near to my shades I would never suspect that this thing I saw isn't a sun. What do you think? Is sighting like this possible at that hour and from my location?

This is wishful thinking. The best way to avoid a poison is to avoid having it fall on you. Stay indoors as much as possible when the chemtrails drift and disburse. Chemtrails are at present no more harmful than air pollution in cities. Far less harmful. In the past there were attempts to make people ill using chemtrails, as chemtrails were a test to determine how to infect a migrating populace. At present they are attempting only to fog the view, as Planet X is again positioning itself so that a Second Sun will be appearing. In fact, is appearing!

Is Eris Planet X? [and from another] 'Eris, the largest dwarf planet known, was discovered in an ongoing survey at Palomar Observatory's Samuel Oschin telescope by astronomers Mike Brown (Caltech), Chad Trujillo (Gemini Observatory), and David Rabinowitz (Yale University). We officially suggested the name on 6 September 2006, and it was accepted and announced on 13 September 2006.' [and from another] Object Larger than Pluto Named Eris [Sep 14, 2006] A distant, icy rock whose discovery shook up the solar system and led to Pluto's planetary demise has been given a name: Eris.

This is not Nibiru, aka Planet X. Planet X is not a "dwarf planet", it is several times larger than Earth.

During the two years (after the pole shift), when the ice melts and water rises because of it, I know the water in the oceans will rise, but will the rivers? If you live in an area 600 ft above sea level, but only 10 miles from a river, would the river rise because of the extra water, or does that only apply to oceans? Yes, I know about the water slosh during the pole shift, but after that settles down, there will be a year or two before the ice completely melts.

The rising sea level will only affect coastlines. The rise occurs over a 2 year period after the shift to a height of 675 feet approximately. But as we have stated from the start of ZetaTalk, there will be drizzle and rain, at times seemingly continuously, for years after the pole shift. The pole shift itself tears away much of the atmosphere, so the clouds are low. For rivers or lakes to rise is dependent upon their drainage. Some drainage will change, be blocked, or empty into the rising oceans so the water backs up. You must compute your elevation to determine the likely outcome.

Right now, the general population sees weather extremes all over the globe. But they do not totally see all the other things happening like roads shifting or cracking, quakes increasing, pipelines breaking, etc. These are the minor regional things that add up and one must put together to see the overall picture of what is going on. If one does not read articles on the Internet, one would not know much of what is happening since the press does not bother much with it. Therefore, until several major catastrophes hit in succession and they can not be explained away to "Global Waming", I feel most will go on like nothing is out of the ordinary and not really prepare. How will the average person get the message?

As we have stated, most of the world's populace will not be informed about what the establishment knows. They will go into the last weeks of horror - the Earth falling on its side and rolling into 3 days of darkness and the tail lashing the Earth with hail and debris - with only their local prophets or folklore to guide them. But this folklore and prophecy will be much discussed well before hand.

Could the Zetas comment on this? Presented in this video are some photos of what many people call Nibiru and Planet X. They are very real and my evidence is pure fact.

Astronomers are well controlled, and would not release a video of Planet X even if far from the solar system. This has been a verboten subject since 1983 when it was discovered inbound. If you want to see photos of what the inbound Planet X complex looked like in 2003 when it moved from being visible in the night sky near Orion to being within the orbit of Earth so it was only visible during the day near the Sun, see the photos and information gathered by Nancy during this period. What you are being presented with is not official material from astronomers, thus, but disinformation. You are to believe it is well out there, not nearby.

This week Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who has been cozied up to by the DNI and other cabalists since the retaking of the Congress by the Democrats, endorsed Obama. Beyond acknowledging that he will probably win the White House if the vote is allowed to proceed without interference, is this a sign that those who have maintained the Coverup are moving to his camp to forestall any attempt to educate Obama about the pending poleshift? It also seems likely that he (Obama) will get stuck with the rotten fruits of the Bush regime, particularly the near-worthless dollar, stagflation, inflation, a burst housing bubble, a plunging Dow, etc. Will the Coverup artists be able to maintain the illusion long enough to "get out of Dodge" safely, leaving Obama holding the bag?

Obama is quite clear about the mess he will be inheriting. The US economy is in a depression, not a recession, with homelessness and joblessness a massive problem just starting to rise. Obama is under no illusions, and will have no problem pointing back to the Bush administration as the villains. The national debt increase is huge, under Bush, the subprime crises occurred entirely under Bush, the pushing of jobs offshore while rewarding corporations for this occurred under Bush, tax breaks to the rich during a time of war was all done under Bush. All is of record.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the Mind-Machine Revolution that is occuring in the world technology market today? There are already two companies planning on releasing products for the gaming world by the end of this year.,

We have explained that the rise in technology occurring over the past hundred years or so has occurred to get those reincarnating souls on Earth prepared for what they will experience in their next lifetimes. Those souls graduating into the next density will find themselves in very high tech living situations, zipping about in space ships and with mental control over gravity, able to levitate themselves. Man is given assistance in some technological gains to this end, an educational process.