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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 10, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

JFK's famous speech where he says "We choose to go to the moon, and do the other thing [...]" is frequently shown on The Late Show's "Presidential Speeches". I have been unable to find any reference explaining what "the other thing" may have been referring to.

JFK was clearly aware of the alien presence, and talked with his lover Marilyn Monroe about it, and was concerned that the public had a right to know. This was the reason the CIA had him assassinated, and the cover-up over the alien presence continued along with an additional cover-up over the assassination. At the time of his assassination, MJ12 was in full operation, talking mainly with aliens from the Service-to-Self who had introduced themselves early on to the US military. Alternatives 1, 2, and 3 were in operation. As we have detailed, these involved underground bunkers to survive the pole shift, sculpting the population of the world by the introduction of such viral diseases as AIDS and Ebola, and escape to other worlds such as the Earth's dark twin or the dark side of the Moon.

Since going to the Moon was a matter the public was well aware of, JFK did not hesitate to mention it. But Alternative 3, involving secret bases for the US military and the elite, was not known to the public except by rumor. Thus, until such time that the approaching passage of Planet X could be announced to the public, these bases were to be kept secret, as the establishment feared panic in the public. This slip during a public speech was one reason that JFK was assassinated, as it showed that he was inclined to inform the public not only about the alien presence, but also about the pending passage of Planet X.

In the range of Planet X survival instructions, several sources (not Zetatalk) urge people after the three days of darkness, to not go outside for a few days, because of a compromised atmosphere. One guide focuses much on coronal mass ejections and solar flares, and the necessity of protection from gamma radiation, x-ray radiation, and ultraviolet radiation. Protection would involve going deeper underground than the shallow trench Zetatalk recommends for protection during the shift. In another guide, a Long Island nun (no longer alive) had visions of Mother Mary and Jesus who warned of a Ball of Redemption. She reported their instructions, repeatedly telling people after the three days of darkness to stay indoors and close curtains and draw blinds, to not even look outside when the sun finally rose again. She also spoke of having extra blankets ready for protection from extreme cold. In Zetatalk's timeline, the period after the three days of darkness involves slowing and eventual stoppage of rotation, and then the shift. When, if ever, will there be great danger from radiation during this period? Zetatalk rarely recommends staying inside, either above or deep below ground, due to the danger of severe earthquakes.

We have explained that all valid prophets will have some differences in what they describe for the End Times. There are several reasons for these differences, which are in any case minor rather than major, as all are describing a time of global catastrophe - a time of great death and great terror. The reason for differences, even among those validly connected to spirits and guides who are trying to relay the message, is due to the imperfect medium that such communications allow. The human in his own knowledge base must have a concept that matches the concept the guide is trying to relay. If the guide is trying to relay that some object will be seen in the sky that will seem as large as the Sun but writhe like a dragon, the human may relay this as a flaming bird, or the Sun having some kind of explosion. What else would cause such a vision in the sky? Nancy will often say that she needs to be on the "same page" re an issue in order to properly receive our ZetaTalk concept. This is to enhance her ability to catch our meaning and not distort it with a lack of understanding on her part.

Catholic prophets have described the 3 days of darkness, as have we. But Catholic prophets do not describe the cause of this darkness, as the concept of a passing rogue planet, magnetic and in a sling orbit and capable of causing a crustal shift on the Earth, was beyond the knowledge of those humans trying to relay the message they received. They were being told that after the 3 days of darkness, that an object would be seen in the sky, rivaling the size of the Sun, spewing red dust and debris and noxious gasses in their direction.

We, the Zetas in ZetaTalk, have detailed why the tail of Planet X is pointed in Earth's direction at this time, as the tail is blown from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X which is pointed at Earth at the time of the passage. We have detailed why Planet X appears to approach the Earth from the direction of the Sun. Such logistics were lost on those Catholics who were given the same message, so they did the best their human capacity could under the circumstances. They described the passing Planet X, with its writhing dust cloud and flaming appearance, as some emissions from the Sun. For differences with valid prophecies and ZetaTalk, thus, we suggest the reader become familiar with the vast information made available in the body of ZetaTalk.

Can the zetas address the obvious question regarding the Texas sinkhole? The media claims this is the result of collapse of salt domes due to oil drilling. Sounds like pre North American rip activities to me.

In 2004 Pennsylvania had a number of sinkholes and landslides, far outside of their normal occurrence. Pennsylvania, as we have explained, is the break point where land to the south is being pulled down by the spreading Atlantic Ocean, while land to the north will tend to rise as the seaway pulls apart. Thus, it is cracking in two at this break point. Texas is prone to sinkholes due to its rock structure, and the practice of extracting oil and the salt brine found in caverns with oil weakens these caverns. Fresh water erodes the rock, extracting the salt in the rock. The question of why this sinkhole appeared thus should not simply address cause, but also frequency. Are these sinkholes occurring more often or affecting larger areas? If the answer is "yes" then the old tried and true explanations do not suffice. Of course fragile caverns will fracture as the N American continent is put under stress, pulled at a diagonal. If this stress causes bridges crossing the Mississippi River to be fracturing and pulling apart, it obviously will affect fragile caverns.

The price of oil continues to set records everyday. The Zetas have mentioned that this is the result of the falling dollar, but do we also see the hand of the Puppet Master or angry Arabs getting back at the Bush persona and his entourage? The rapid rise in price would seem to be a final nail in the hopes of Republicans to hold on to the White House.

The rise in the price of oil has exceeded the rate in the drop of the dollar, so something else is afoot. Some of this price change merely reflects supply and demand, as countries such as China are bidding for oil these days, as they are raising the standard of living for their citizens. Another factor is that the US has always had a favorable price set for their oil by OPEC, because of the roles they have played as the world's peacekeeper and the keeper of the dollar, the world's standard currency in the past. When the US was keeping Saddam at bay, and intervening in Bosnia, for instance, this was looked upon favorably. Now that the US is borrowing funds from China, and is in essence a bankrupt nation, all so the Bush administration could invade Iraq and made a mess of it for no reason, public opinion has changed. Thus, the creep in the price of oil as set by OPEC for the US is a reflection of the poor regard the Arab nations have for the US. Cheney attempted to change this new attitude recently during a trip to the Middle East. The fact that the price of oil in the US has continued to skyrocket shows his diminished stature in the eyes of OPEC members.

There has been renewed rumblings of a possible 90 day quarantine that would be necessitated by the ever present risk of "bird flu". Are elements of the Neocons still planning on using this excuse to try and trap people in the cities? This excuse seems to be wearing thin.

One should view the re-emergence of old tactics in the light of what these terrified individuals have in their grab bag to use. They anticipated being in control of the world, being able to invade Iraq and plant WMD, then invade Iran and Saudi Arabia and be in control of the world's oil, but have been blocked in these efforts and have not been able to move past an invasion of Iraq. They anticipated being able to poison migrating populations threatening to invade their enclaves with chemtrails, but were found out by the US military who now guard the use of their planes so such a plan is scarcely possible. They anticipated keeping the wraps on the presence and approach of Planet X until the last minute but did not anticipate the Earth wobble, now getting worse and noticed by millions who question why the Sun and Moon are not in their normal places. They anticipated being able to plant false terrorism within the US and Britain so as to have an excuse for declaring martial law, but have been blocked in these efforts. They anticipated being able to spread the 1957 bird flu virus, with many such attempts made such as mailing out over 4,000 samples of that live virus to labs around the world some years back. Although being obvious, they have been foiled likewise in these attempts. Where does that leave a frightened Neocon, who has a bunker and supplies but sees the world most certainly not in their control these days? Still hoping, like Hillary is these days, despite the evidence.

Could the Zeta's talk about the huge sink hole in Texas this week, .and the exercises that the government is holding this week of evacuations in the case of Earth changes or terror attack? What is the real reason for all of this evacuation of DC.? Also the volcano going off in Chile?

We have since the start of ZetaTalk been talking about an increase, a steady and even exponential increase, in earthquakes and Earth changes such as erratic weather with drought, deluge and temperature swings as well as tornadoes and hurricanes in unexpected places. None of the current occurrences are outside of what we have predicted. We have also stated that any volcano active within the last 10,000 years should be considered a candidate for eruption during the coming pole shift. The Chile volcano was estimated to be active 9,340 or so years ago. You will have increasing Earth changes, along these lines, increasing numbers quakes and increasing quakes of significant magnitude, etc. Please don't ask us about every bit of evidence about our prior predictions which have come true, or ask for comment when it is simply what we have predicted! We told you this would start, and it is only just starting. Get used to it! Make your plans, as some governments are trying to do, and prepare for something much worse!

NASA is stating it is going to announce something on May 14th. They have been searching for this "thing" for 50 years. What are they going to announce?

Don't hold your breath. This is supposed to make you think they are about to announce the discovery of Planet X, the very same planet discovered by the IRAS astronomy team in 1983 and then hushed up. Such an announcement from NASA will never occur, as they are a tightly controlled organization and are considered the authorities in such matters by the public. By the time such an announcement from NASA might be considered appropriate, Planet X will be visible in the sky and announcing itself. The May 14 pending announcement is just yet another wizz-bang photo session from NASA, designed to convince the public that if such a thing as a brown dwarf in the inner solar system were to be true, then surely NASA would be informing you! Disinformation, by NASA, continuing.

My friends shared their experiences, a few similar paranormal experiences (i.e., levitation over friendly crowds, gliding over walkways through open earth-like terrain). My friend supposedly levitates up to 100 feet. Dream associates are occasionally hovering about as my friend revisits semi-terrestrial habitats. Reportedly, by concentrating upon their destination, and moving their body in their intended direction of travel pinpoints their safe landing location(s). Are human levitation-like dreams due in part to past lives in a higher density, DNA-linked dreamers somewhere else, too much caffeine, harbinger of previous pole shifts, out of body experiences (OBE), normal curiosity, Iron Man movie nightmares, or perusing wwwDOTZetatalkDOTcom?

Contactees are frequently levitated during visits while paralyzed so they do not freak out during these experiences. We use, as we have explained, a possum type spot in the human brain to create this paralysis, which the human can break out of by force of will. With a subconscious memory of such levitation, humans often dream of their experience, a normal process whereby dreams help the human brain sort it all out. We Zetas and other visitors have the capacity to float ourselves or other objects by force of our brain power, so the use of such a mechanism to transport a contactee is quite common.

What is the real reasons that the Burma government is not willing to let our government come in with aide for the survivors of the cyclone over there, and just why was there so much lost of life and damage to the area?

Neither of these issues is unusual. Martial law, or control of a region by control freaks, is well documented. The control freak wants utter control, will not allow themselves to be supplanted, and cares far less about the effects of their actions on innocent civilians than the threat to their continuing control. They clearly fear being taken over by the US, with a forced return to democracy as a result. They fear being put out of power. As to the horrific loss of life, as tragic as this was it is nothing compared to what is coming. For years we have warned of high tides along coastlines, unrelated to storms or tsunami, for years. We have warned of storms such as hurricanes, cyclones or tornadoes occurring outside of expected routes or normal calendar months. This past year saw many winter tornadoes in the US and another winter storm in Europe of hurricane force. Burma is low-lying land, with no defenses against such a storm. We have stated, in stark terms, that before the pole shift many coastlines will be literally uninhabitable, except for those workers needed for growing crops, with anyone living along those coastlines sleeping very restlessly because of the possibility of waves or storms. What happened in Burma is just a hint of what is coming

People around the world are modifying their vehicles to partially run on HHO gas by electrolyzing water to dramatically increase fuel efficiency. Several claim that oilcompanies have been doing the necessary "deeds" such as buying out patents so that automakers cannot implement these technologies without copyright infringements. Is there any truth to this?

Yes. One should bear in mind that in the past oil was cheap for the US, so the press for alternative means of driving cars was not acute. All industries or established power structures resist change, as this means an expense to retool and the possibility of losing a power position. Politicians and political machines all try to perpetuate themselves. Industries have a vested interest in the status quo, not changing. Retooling is expensive, and the thought of having to deal with a flood of new ideas for reducing oil consumption is considered a headache. Most patent holders are quite content to be bought off by the considerable funds proffered. Those who resist meet another type of sales technique, which often results in an "accident". The Internet affords an avenue for resourceful ideas that was not present in the past, and the press for more fuel efficiency is now acute in the US. Thus, the days when the auto industry could squelch ideas may well be in the past!

Many of the disinformation artists (former "spooks" and other black-ops agents) that are now coming out of the woodwork indicate that there are such things as different "timelines", and that the poleshift is said to occur only on one of these so-called "timelines". The gist of this argument claims that the "insiders" have access to various devices that claim to see things in the future (again, there are different "timelines" that show different futures, and these devices are either alien in origin or built from blue-prints left by the Annunaki), that the "bad thing" will only happen if we want it to, and that to avoid it we really only need to pray and show unity. Naturally there is little said about preparation, but my question is this: Do these disinformation artists really believe this Service-to-Self balderdash, or are they knowingly perpetrating a fraud in thinking they are doing good by the public?

Where most discussion on the pole shift being deflected if humankind changes their ways or some such are is based on a wish, when presented as a fact coming from government agents this is disinformation designed to get the public to ignore the Earth changes and continue to attend to their jobs and to paying their taxes. We have explained that if the Earth were peopled by souls almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other, that the Earth would be moved into 4th Density and thus escape the pole shift which is caused by a rogue planet that will remain in 3rd Density. We have explained that the Earth is at present only about 30 % Service-to-Other and would not acquire the requisite percentage before the time of the cataclysms. However, some alien groups are so tenderhearted they cannot bear be the bearer of bad tidings, and they have told their contactees that if mankind changed, that they could avoid the calamity. This is repeated endlessly as a fact, which it is not, as it is in fact only a partial truth. Since this is so prevalent on the Internet, and grasped by humankind desperate for an answer to what they perceive, accurately, as desperate times on the horizon, those wanting to keep mankind content until the last minute are talking this up as a fact of which the government is aware. It's all disinformation. All of it.

Some of these absurd claims even show Hillary winning the presidency, which might explain why she thinks she still can if indeed she was given that impression during her briefings on the coming passage.

Hillary is persisting for two reasons. One, she hopes Obama will make a slip that will be so severe that the delegates, both pledged and superdelegates, will turn to her to save the party. Two, she wants a concession from Obama, specifically a Vice President position where she and Bill can in essence run the presidency and ignore Obama. All the talk of a possible "dream ticket" is coming from Clinton herself, or from Clinton surrogates such as George Stephanopoulos of ABC TV news, and thence has been put out for public discussion by the media pundits who always need something to talk about. Obama won't offer this to her, for obvious reasons including her negative polling. He will not need her, and will come up with a VP who will meet all she could bring to the ticket.

It looks like Obama has the Democratic nomination secured. Do the Zetas see anything down the road that could change this - fraud, etc.

Fraud is being guarded against, and as we have mentioned, Obama is so clean that a ghost in the closet will not emerge. McCain will be an easy target, due to his past statements and actions. If Obama were not such a gentleman, much of Hillary's past would also prove disastrous for her campaign. Her past is very dirty.

Some say that Bush is planning some kind of surprise in Iraq. After talking with Bush, McCain suddenly came out and said that he should be voted for based on the success of the Iraq war. Is Bush planning something? Is there some kind of miraculous turnaround (maybe economic) in the offing?

Bush and McCain have been describing Iraq as a success for a long time, describing the surge as a success, despite the evidence that violence has not decreased and the Iraqi government has not made the requisite progress. They will, of course, try to create the illusion of success by keeping the troops on their bases and out of harm's way to decrease losses. These types of maneuvers will not fool the American public.

I was watching the weather channel and they said last April was the coldest April in the US in 114 years! You predicted this cool down in the northern hemisphere, and now it has become extreme. Snow during May. How are people explaining this to themselves?

Records being broken are always explained in terms of long term climate swings in the past, thus today's occurrences assumed to be normal. When records first started being broken they were being reported all the time, but soon the orders were to squelch this so that only exceptional broken records were to be reported. If anxiety is sensed, some scientist is trotted forth to explain what the climate in the US was thousands of years ago, or millions of years ago, giving the impression that these are normal swings that mankind survives as, after all, here man is today, alive and well!

Recently when the Sun has been setting even on clear days. There is a white haze fog which is different than chem trails. The whole day will be clear sky's and then when the Sun sets a white haze appears and the Sun looks bright bright white. Is this haze/particles from Planet X? It seems this white haze is a recently development - strong increase in particles from Planet X in the atmosphere? The white haze is already visible around 4 pm.

The side of the globe that faces the Sun of course gets more wafting from the tail of Planet X than the side experiencing night. There are compounds in the tail that create an oily smear, halos around the Sun when viewed from Earth, etc. This haze is another aspect of this oily substance in the atmosphere. Like light that shines through fog, sunlight is deflected and scattered, giving a bright haze appearance.

Jenna Bush just got married. Bush3 obviously isn't her real father, so who was? Bush1? Not even a Bush? Her sister "twin" doesn't look anything like the rest of the "family" and is never in the news. Is Laura Bush even Jenna's real mother? I'm assuming the wedding is actually real and not made up?

The father is a Bush clone, and Jenna a real offspring from Laura and Bush 1. All are welcoming this as a distraction from the low poll ratings for Bush.

After the volcano in Chile became active after 9,000 or so years, it just crossed my mind that the Teide on Tenerife (Canary Islands) would be next. Any info on this?

We have stated that the projection for the Canary Islands causing a massive wave that would strike New York City is false. Tsunami are caused by changes in the base or floor of an ocean, where water is lifted and has nowhere to go but in a side direction, thus creating a huge wave. But an object dropped into the top of an ocean, such as the fall of a portion of the Canary Islands into the Atlantic Ocean, creates a displacement wave that travels in all directions, thus becoming dispersed.

Do any off-world visitors keep records of human artistic and engineering creations, such as art, music, video, graphic and schematic designs, like recording our TV programs, recording human made music, art, video, graphic and engineering designs? I know it would be very sensible and logical to keep hold of seeds for re-growth, but it just seems such a pity to lose all we've achieved artistically to a global disaster, all washed away in a matter of hours. Do ETs show any interest in human creativity, and keep records of human achievements?

Yes, we have our historians, but the history aliens wish to keep are not what mankind itself would choose. You gather the history of ancient cultures, but your choice of what to treasure and examine from that ancient culture is not what that culture would choose. Different perspectives!

First, I do believe that the possibility is there that aliens have interbred with humans. Considering this, would it be possible for a human woman to have memories of the birth or visions of her "hybrid" child? Would or could the birth have come earlier than the standard earth 9 month time? What is the information behind this?

Our hybrids are at times allowed to remain in the human mother for some weeks, depending upon her circumstances. Nancy can describe one of her hybrid babies being in her womb so that she missed a period when she was still a virgin. By the time she was on her way to a doctor about this situation, with a slightly protruding tummy, her periods had returned to normal and her tummy flat again. Most often we raise the infant entirely by artificial means, not a difficult technological feat for our advanced society. Contactees who are participating in the hybrid program are on occasion also shown their infant children, allowed to hold them, and later dream of this or recall the occasion. Dreams of course are often a mixture of memories and are thus not a straight story. In no case do we allow the hybrid infant to go to full term in the human mother.

The Volcano eruptions in Chile are incredible. Will all or most of the volcanos (on solid ground and in the sea) become so violent before the pole shift?

We have stated that all volcanos active within the last 10,000 years should be considered candidates for eruptions during the pole shift, if not beforehand. Thus, this eruption is not out of keeping with our predictions. As a general guide, being 100 miles from a volcano is a safe distance, but of course this varies by size of volcano and wind drift. Volcanic ash will be a significant problem after the shift, creating a gloom that will not dissipate for 25 years on average, depending upon locale. Volcanic ash will also poison the ground water, which is why we recommend that survivors distill their drinking water to remove all heavy metals as well as kill parasites.

What is going on as far as all the earthquakes occuring, in a circular pattern, (as seen in google volcano pages) in Reno, Nevada? Is it a volcano forming? Are they being manipulated by others?

Quake swarms of course occur in close proximity to each other. Just because someone puts lines from one near the center of the swarm out toward the others surrounding this center does not mean there is anything exceptional about the swarm. Our understanding is that Deyo is also suggesting the quakes around Reno are alien produced. This is disinformation, in keeping with Deyo's attitudes about the visitors.