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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 2, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

So many circles. What does it mean? Wayland crop circle, July 27, 2008.

The Wayland crop circle is completely balanced within its four parts. What does this mean? We have made the statement that the seasons will seem to blend into one another before the pole shift. Since the Earth experiences four seasons, on both hemispheres, this is the message. Expect snow in summer, warm days in winter, and the complete confusion that ensues creating even more crop shortages.

Wiltshire crop circle, July 27, 2008.

In the Wiltshire crop circle, the opposite message is being delivered. The three magnetic trimesters, which each comprise four months of the Earth year, are shown equally balanced except for the dots closest to the center. Here, the trimesters differ, with one being stronger, one weakening, and one a full dot short of being equal to the others. Do you notice the differences while looking at the design? They are unmistakable .

German Horb crop circle, July 27, 2008.

This is a timeline design, and clearly shows three stages. Planet X is the larger planet with more than one moon, and the Earth the smaller planet with a single Moon. At first, the Earth tries to align with Planet X, and thus the wobble has ensued. This is represented on the right where the planets are on top of one another with the wobble depicted as a fork, one side of the wobble (or prong) more extreme than the other. Next, in the center design, the Earth goes end to end with Planet X, almost tipping over in this attempt during the 3 days of darkness which morphs into 6 days of sunrise west as the globe overcompensates while tipping over. This is also a time of some twisting and turning by Planet X, which shortly rights itself when it crosses the ecliptic and is in a position, as depicted in the design on the left, to align with the magnetic field lines on the northern side of the ecliptic. At this point, when the Earth is slowing her rotation and drawing closer to Planet X, both planets are in a side-by-side arrangement.

On your comments about the Furze Knoll crop circle laid on June 20, 2008, you made the statement "What do the scallops mean around the edge, and why the count of 25 for the tiny dots found there? Move ahead 25 months from June 20, 2008 and you arrive at late July, 2010. Make of this what you will!." Is this a change from your former position to be closed mouthed about timing? This is implying that something major is going to be happening around July, 2010. Is this what you intended to relay?

You will note that we neither confirmed nor denied that the tiny dots represented months. Thus, our comments can be taken as a positive guideline to the common man, or as nonsense -- a game.. Each person wanting personal guidance on how to prepare for the pole shift, to protect their loved ones most effectively, can ponder this crop diagram and thus pondering, give the Call. They can only benefit from this outreach.

I attended the eclipse in Siberia. The day before the eclipse there was a lot of discussion among astronomers about a sun grazer that had appeared on SOHO. It seemed to be on the opposite side of the Sun from Mercury. My question is: was this arranged for some reason in order to get more attention to what might be around the Sun from the tail of Planet X, and was this grazer in fact debris from the tail of Planet X? [and from another] Comets Within the Last 30 Days Jul 31 2008 13:22:05, by Mr Sungrazer: All, Hua's Kreutz is a potential eclipse target! My concern is that it will reach perihelion a little too early but we need to give it a shot. I'm going to get some observations to Brian and we'll just see what we can do. I am also going to submit measurements of the non-group object Michal reported a few days ago. It looks real, and the motion is *almost* perfect... but it's not quite as perfect as it should be, which bothers me somewhat. If confirmed, these objects would be SOHO-1516 and SOHO-1517. Otherwise, Hua's Kreutz (which is absolutely real) will be SOHO-1516. I'll keep you all posted. If it does turn out that this comet will be around during the eclipse, I would like us to see just how quickly we can spread the word across the astronomy community! :) [and from another] Jul 31 2008 19:38:06, by Mr Sungrazer: All, An ephemeris for Hua's comet (SOHO-1517) has been released (see the usual MPEC site). Hopefully someone will be able to spot it from the ground! Also, Michal's non-group comet is confirmed but will not be released on an MPEC today. (It will go out when the next SOHO set does.)

As can be read from the commentary among astronomers, this sungrazer is new. Indeed, it was alien-directed to become a sungrazer to excite and encourage viewing of the area around the Sun during the eclipse. For those amateur astronomers not yet aware of the presence of Planet X and the ongoing cover-up, what they observed was disconcerting. All irregularities observed these days are being denied by the establishment, and anyone openly taking note of these irregularities is ridiculed. Thus, amateurs have learned to remain quiet about their observations, but their disquiet is increasing. When peering around the area of the Sun, trying to view this new sungrazer and establish a trajectory for the comet, many observed much debris in the line of view. Where did this debris come from they pondered?

The Zetas said recently the eclipse on Aug 1 will happen as scheduled. They said it is not yet the time to let an eclipse fail. When is it time when the Zetas let a solar or lunar eclipse fail, thus stunning the world?

Were we to tell you this, we would be clueing the establishment into the timing of when they could anticipate public panic to arise. Thus, our lips are sealed!

Just last week that man walked into Knoxville Church and fired a shotgun at people killing two. Then that one factory worker who was fired for absenteeism shot his supervisor and a temp employee, and now this lunatic passenger traveling a bus decapitated a person. "While we were watching ... he calmly walked up to the front (of the bus) with the head in his hand and the knife and just calmly stared at us and dropped the head right in front of us. There was no rage in him and he wasn't swearing or cursing or anything, it was just like he was a robot or something." [and from another] Greyhound Bus Passenger Beheaded with Rambo Knife [Aug 1] A Greyhound bus passenger calmly stabbed another man dozens of times and decapitated him, pausing briefly to display the head to horrified travellers before proceeding to disembowel his victim. Passengers said the attacker did not seem to know the victim, who appeared to be about 19 years old, and that he wore sunglasses throughout the attack although it was the middle of the night. The suspect had been on the bus for about an hour and didn't even sit near his victim at first.

Where methodical murders done for no apparent reason, or murder done out of rage against an authority figure, or murder to punish a supposedly guilty group are not unknown in the past, they are now on the increase. Part of this is due to tension in the world at large - economic difficulties, lack of personal success and opportunity, and a feeling that things are not going to get better but are likely to get worse. Suicides are also on the increase for the same reason. Rage gets focused inward or outward. But the case of the Canada bus stabbing is not due to explosive rage any more than the Virginia Tech murders were due to an explosion of rage. It was coldly methodical, and thus the sign of a Service-to-Self soul making an audition for his next incarnation. The victim was chosen because he was slight of build and was expected to doze off listening to music, thus would not be able to react until the act was upon him.

Can the zetas comment on the obvious question of if the CIA thinks we will really believe the "suicide" of the "anthrax suspect?". This smells of JFK, Ruby, Oswald, etc. Big time additionally can they comment on the "suicide" of the Air Force General in Alaska? [and from another] Hello! What about the recent death of Bruce Ivins. They say it was suicide because he's responsible for the anthrax. Was it really suicide or is someone trying to 'end' the investigation? [and from another] Apparent Suicide in Anthrax Case [Aug 1] A top government scientist who helped the FBI analyze samples from the 2001 anthrax attacks has died in Maryland from an apparent suicide, just as the Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against him for the attacks. Bruce E. Ivins, 62, who for the last 18 years worked at the government's elite biodefense research laboratories at Ft. Detrick, Md., had been informed of his impending prosecution. Ivins, whose name had not been disclosed publicly as a suspect in the case, played a central role in research to improve anthrax vaccines by preparing anthrax formulations used in experiments on animals. Regarded as a skilled microbiologist, Ivins also helped the FBI analyze the powdery material recovered from one of the anthrax-tainted envelopes sent to a U.S. senator's office in Washington. Ivins died Tuesday at Frederick Memorial Hospital after ingesting a massive dose of prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine.

One wonders how an investigation can go on for 7 years without some success. The FBI agents were seen outside this man's house, in parked cars and wearing dark glasses. This is not because they were investigating the man's movements, as they were being too obvious. They were quietly driving him insane. Ivin's psychological profile was on file, and as the FBI's case on Hatfield was dismissed and the FBI required to pay Hatfield damages, they needed a new perpetrator (“perp”). Since the dead cannot confess, the case will be closed. The real perps, as the higher levels of the FBI are fully aware, are in the White House. Where the suicide of Ivins was genuine, the apparent suicide of an Air Force general was not real. The Air Force has been involved in cooperating with the White House during their false terrorism attempts. The theft of a nuclear tipped missile from Minot Air Force Base was one such incident. Housecleaning had begun, and those likely to cooperate with an investigation are being eliminated.

Many things seem finely "balanced" in the human form that we currently inhabit. Life span, intelligence, physical size and strength, etc. Are these design points that the human form shares fairly common for 3 d existence? Smart but not too smart, long lived but not too long of a lifespan so that we can learn lessons quicker in a body that ages and is finite in lifespan as evidenced before our eyes as we watch each other age?

You may be learning to appreciate your existence, but any "balance" is mostly accidental. It is you who have learned not to become unbalanced by reality. This speaks well of your maturity.

The Zetas have mentioned that there will be enough knowledge of events to come to enable people to say their farewells' or to plan for simple living in some cases. Is this knowledge likely to take the form of specific understanding of Planet X and its effects, or rather general knowledge of disasters that are specific to a culture or belief such as the Christian Book of Revelation?

We have stated that there will be enough warning that the pole shift will not take anyone by surprise. The majority of the populace will be unaware of what is occurring via any official announcement. Folklore or local prophets will give some insight for most.

Will the US government offer disclosure into what was found on Mars this next week?

They are clearly leaning in this direction, via the disclosure of photos showing ice mixed into the soil on Mars. Just what day or week an announcement might be made, we cannot say. This is in the hands of man.

How is Dick Cheney's health lately?

We have spoken before regarding the issue of Cheney's health, and there is no change of late. He is likely to have a heart attack and not survive it. He is suffering heart failure and this will only get worse. He is reluctant to get a heart transplant because he fears being killed on the table by his foes. It is all just a matter of time until he is dead, and those around him understand that.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger know about Planet X? He is said to back McCain but verbally praise Obama?

Schwarzenegger is in the know, and is expected by the Puppet Master to take charge of the extensive California region in the Aftertime.

Can all the other alien groups on the planet see the future as well as the Zetas, and are they as prepared for the coming changes? Are the Zetas taking other alien groups 'under their wing', or are they 'under the wing' of other groups who oversee them?

The pending pole shift is no secret among the thousands of life forms visiting Earth at this time. This is the reason they are all swarming here at the present time, in fact.

Where is Earth now relative to the Sun and Planet X? Where can I find Planet X when viewed from Germany?

As Planet X moves to point its N Pole more directly at the Earth it comes into magnetic conflict with Earth's magnetic field. Earth tries to evade this pressure by moving away to the left, and when this occurs Planet X is then free to make progress in its 270° roll, pointing its N Pole more directly toward Earth, again. This is an iterative process, each move creating a more violent wobble in the Earth or more progress in the 270° roll. The Earth cannot escape, and Planet X is moving outbound from the Sun so is drawing closer to the Earth. Thus, depending upon which day you are searching for Planet X to the right of the Sun and along the line of the ecliptic, you will find from your perspective it is at a distance or close to the Sun. It varies.

Do the Zetas speak of other alien bases in the coming changes. I am thinking that there is a large base from Orion in the south Atlantic off of Africa. Is this true, and will the earth changes destroy it? Are there any others?

We of course do not disclose where aliens might be living on the face of the Earth. Most aliens in the Service-to-Other live in 4th density and thus are not accessible to humans, even if the location were known. But aliens in the Service-to-Self do not manage density shifting well and are required by their masters to remain in 3rd density for this reason. Any aliens of the Service-to-Self orientation will not be present on Earth in 3rd density during the pole shift, as they will skip out and wait until the dust settles to come back and pick up their harvest of souls or highly Service-to-Self humans in human form. Aliens in the Service-to-Other will be working the surface of the Earth during the pole shift, and will move their settlements to the new Earth afterwards as the geological upheavals allow.

I understand the US government has evacuated refugees from Mars and has them living underground near Dulse, NM. If that is true, how will they survive the polar shift, and will they join the aboveground population? As an aside, was that a photograph of a woman watching her son play on the ledges that was captured by one of the rovers on Mars? If so, did some come to Earth and did some stay on Mars?

Man is not on Mars, to answer both of your questions.

I live on the west coast of Canada, and therefore not in a safe zone. I'm really not physically able to handle moving to a safe zone, and then coping with the difficult life of a survivalist. Plus I'm unwilling to leave behind my pets and my family, many of whom are unwilling (for various reasons) to move. Do the zetas have any advice for people such as myself?

We have already given you advice, both on the relative safety of your area and on what attitude to take if you are certain you and your loved ones will die. The west coast of Canada will not fare badly, and people can engage in ocean fishing afterwards.

This question is from Mexico: How the Zetas see the use of the Quantic medicine in the future, changing vibrational frequencies over the body (especially cancer's cells) to prevent or stop the cancer spread?

Our treatment of cancer does not involve these techniques, which are frankly a hoax.

I have heard that there are sightings of Triangle shaped craft and Saucer shaped craft seen in the sky firing upon each other. From a C2C radio program on last night saying what I have said and people in Texas and California on GLP thread saying they see lots of activity in the skys. Is there anything to comment about? [and from another] I heard that on C2C also, George Noory put on Generation III night vision goggles and saw ships shooting at each other he said "It's a war up there" I would like your comments on who is battling who. I had tried GENIII goggles myself when I could see only a few stars and saw more than grains of sand on a beach. I saw no planes without it but hundreds with it, going out hundreds of miles over the ocean, no ET ships? but I have to imagine that is why the US govt doesn't want us to have infrared cameras or night vision scopes.

Battles between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self ships, or among the Service-to-Self, are not allowed to occur in plain sight of 3rd Density entities. It is simply not allowed. Thus, whatever interpretation that was made is wrong.

If the Zetas don't want to help humanity then why are they here and what do they want, and why can't anybody see them or talk to the one-on-one in a public place?

If you had read a bit of the ZetaTalk website, you'd have the answers to your questions. You are expecting rescue, when as we have endlessly explained the Earth is your schoolhouse where you are to learn to love one another by taking action to help one another. Are you doing this, or bleating like a child expecting to be rescued? Regarding the Awakening, which involves sightings and the potential of conscious contact, read the relevant sections re that. Conscious contact will take place in locales where the populace is ready for this, and not until that point.

Have we started losing a lot more time this last week due to rotation slowing? It was like hibernation, and it doesn't feel like 7 days since the last ZetaTalk.

Time has not been altered except perhaps in your perception.

ZetaTalk-"Arizona will be a crowded area going into the shift due to the mystique that many ascribe to this place, particularly Sedona, and thus the poor land and minimal water will be taxed during the Aftertime." Can you explain what you mean by "taxed" in the Aftertime? Won't money be worthless in the "Aftertime"?

“Taxed” in this context means unable to produce or keep up. The land will be virtually barren, and the water sparse and not enough to go around for all of the survivors.

It seems that the recent quake in LA was a final warning for the citizens, leave while you still can. Hopefully some have listened to their intuition. Anyways my question is: I watched videos of the people in the quake and they all kept saying something about standing under a door frame. I have never been in a quake but I would think standing under a door frame wouldn't be the best thing to do. Probably get out of the house. Is this "get under a door frame" thing a myth?? They all just sounded dumb saying "get under a door frame!" . I would say get out of the house before it collapses not stand under a door frame!

Of course leaving the area is the best solution. Next, leaving the building, but most residents cannot do this as quakes strike without warning.

Is there something behind the US switching to complete digital TV's? In the movie "The Happening" it was shown that something would be in the 'air' that would effect people. But could it be electromagnetic waves on TV's, radio's and the like because anything 'in the air' would also have its reaches to the ones causing it, right?

This is simply something the industry is doing to make their life easier. Phone lines and the air waves carry all manner of traffic, and digital traffic can be more easily compartmentalized as a result.

Why isn't Clark McClelland story about NASA able to get published and is it true he lost his pension because of stories he's told about the secret DoD missions he worked on?

If he were telling stories about secret missions, when coming from a job that carries national security clearance, he would not be out and about spreading stories on the Internet. Thus, his claims are untrue. Not every crazy or attention grabbing individual is assassinated. They are ignored.

Are we going to get more solar and lunar eclipses in the future, as in unexpected ones that are not in the records to happen at all but do?

You have posed an interesting twist on our answer regarding eclipses and when they would be allowed to miss. Due to the wobble, which is getting ever more violent, there will potentially be unplanned eclipses for the populace to ponder. Just when and where this might occur, we will not say!

A question comes to mind concerning the 'victims' that the Service-to-Self chose. Are the victims agreeing on a soul level to pay back karma of some kind?

In some cases this might be possible. But since the Service-to-Self do not consider others, they choose their victims based on convenience. It would have to be a setup where a member of a victim group decides to step up and be a hero, sacrificing himself. In the case of both the Virginia Tech killer and the Canada bus maniac, no such deliberate sacrifice was made.

Is the S. American volcano a super caldera?


What has happened to all the birds around the outskirts of Houston? They are abandoning the nests out here and in the last few days they have simply disappeared, and I live in the country side! I thought the heat was killing them because of the behavior of the ones I saw on the ground. But there are no bodies, they are simply leaving the area.

Birds, like other creatures, are sensitive to stress in the rock. One sign of a pending quake is that pets, domestic animals and wildlife get restless and want to flee. This does not mean that a quake will happen tomorrow, necessarily, but that the rock is indicating stress.

There is also a report that the Zeta's among others have been informed of a meteor, or comet, due to strike in November and that they are attempting to move it from its path. If other Zeta's have spoken of this could you? If it breaks the rules to talk of it, please simply disregard.

This issue was raised a couple weeks ago. Our answer has not changed! Basically, what reason do you have to believe that any of these other so-called "Zeta sources" are true? There is no meteor about to strike.

ZetaTalk mentioned some weeks ago that another Figure 8 wobble would be super-imposed on the current one we are experiencing. Has this begun to occur, or if not, what apparent changes might the common person look to notice?

The base measure of the wobble is the azimuth of the rising and setting Sun as compared to what is expected. In other words, is the sunrise too far north or south and by how many degrees? The other measure that Nancy has applied in figuring out the Figure 8 in the past has been the sun arc - how high the Sun is in the sky at noon or the apex. If you have partners around the globe and can compile this information, as Nancy has done in the Orbits section on the ZetaTalk website, the wobble makes a Figure 8 nicely. When the wobble becomes more complex the Figure 8 will be more difficult to establish, however.

Was this a real UFO crash and recovery? UFO crash in Las Vegas,1 August,2008. "Hi guys, a new UFOmystery surfaces in Las Vegas as a large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the earth south of Las Vegas. Eyewitnesses say this was no meteorite, especially since a bunch of helicopters hauled it away. And if it's only an spy plan crashed in test why the guy is missing?"

There have been no UFO crashes since the US government decided to cease trying to fly the ships that Service-to-Self aliens gave them in the past, such as in the days of Roswell.

How much of California is really going to be left in the aftertime, or is it just the amount of populace and people you are speaking about?

California is huge, and the Sierras and northern California will be above the waves during the pole shift. Obviously, there will be survivors.

Is it really possible for Service-to-Self parents to give birth to a Service-to-Other? Or undecided to have Service-to-Other?

It is absolutely possible and occurring often during these last incarnations going into the pole shift. We mentioned previously the reason for this. Both Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self will be separating from the mixed setting (where they can encounter each other freely) will be moving into an isolated setting during their next incarnation where they meet only entities who share their orientation. Service-to-Other live with other Service-to-Other, and Service-to-Self are quarantined into their "prison planets" with each other.

Since polarization of the orientations is occurring already, this information is also helpful to the human mind and body being incarnated. Service-to-Other communities will encounter gangs who will try to take advantage of them. Service-to-Self individuals will find they are expelled from survival communities and forced to live with each other. Both future settings are facilitated when parents and child are educated in the family setting ahead of time.

Are the Zetas in cooperation with all the Service-to-Other alien groups or is each group making its own decisions and staying out of the way of each other? I would imagine that each group has souls incarnate on the Earth and would watch over them like a parent would go to school to see how her children are doing, or is it a formal plan all have agreed upon. I have had visions that after the changes, aliens make open contact and the Earth is rebuilt or helped faster than anyone thought possible. But I also have seen visions of war and the US being invaded. IF the aliens plan to be open after the changes, would there still be war, but they would stay out of it?

War is possible until all humans inclined to such activities have lived their lives and died, moving off to their next incarnation on another planet. Service–to-Other alien groups absolutely coordinate with each other, intensely and constantly. As is outlined in the Rules section of ZetaTalk, the Service-to-Self stick to themselves, and the Service-to-Other cooperate with each other.

My question concerns Ian X. Lungold and his interpretation of the Mayan Calendar being that it is a timeline for consciousness growth for us. Is he correct?

All incarnations on Earth, at any time, are an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Will Service-to-Self aliens be allow back onto Earth after the pole shift? I was under the impression that afterwards, there would only be the remaining undecided humans, and surviving Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self folks as well. But the alien's residing and visiting here would be only Service-to-Other?

In general, Service-to-Self souls who qualify to be moved to "prison planets" will not be allowed to reincarnate on Earth after the pole shift, and this process is already in place for those humans dying now who qualify. The Transformation is already in process. But there are exceptions, for instance where the soul is on the verge of deciding, where an additional incarnation might be allowed for this final decision to occur. Those giving the Call to the Service-to-Self will continue to be visited by guides from that orientation.

Question regarding antibotics. After the pole shift I can only imagine great need for antibotics for those injured with little or no medical (ER) help available. Are antibotics used on farm animals and fish the same quality as used for humans? Are antibotics purchased from another country any less safe to use than those currently manufactured in the US?

Safety will vary, especially since people are becoming more distracted every day in their responsibilities. This is a decision you must make, based on your own research.

I would like to know where is Planet X currently? Why is no one able to see it after 2003? If it's so close to the sun, why it has not moved in so many years? Why is it taking it so long to move away from the sun? Also since the earth moves around the sun, it's definitely possible for Planet X to miss earth since it could be on the opposite ends at that time, and I guess we cannot exactly tell every 3600 years how close it'll come to earth, it should be different every time. Am I correct on this? Can you provide us the current coordinates, as the ones on ZetaTalk website are only given upto 2003, no updates since.

Coordinates given up until Planet X arrived in 2003 were provided because the planet was visible in the night sky. Once it had entered into the glare of the Sun, the situation changed. In 2003 Planet X moved close to the Sun, within the orbit of Venus. At first, since Earth was on the opposite side of the Sun from Planet X, sunlight reflected off the vast dust cloud and gave the appearance during the summer of 2003 of a Second Sun rising and setting. Many reported on this phenomenon. As Earth moved around in her orbit to encounter Planet X blocking her path, she stopped orbiting. At this point Planet X was between Earth and the Sun, lost in the glare. Since that time Planet X has crept past the Sun, moving at an angle that eventually transects the ecliptic.

Planet X is now outbound, and has pushed the Earth backwards in her orbit from the December position into the September position. When the pole shift happens, Earth will be in the August position. Until the last weeks, Planet X will in the main be lost in the glare of the Sun, because sunlight reflects off the dust cloud and back to the Sun, not toward Earth. But there will be times when Planet X is far enough to the right in the view from the northern hemisphere that the Second Sun phenomenon occurs again.