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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 27, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Steven Spielberg is producing the movie "When Worlds Collide" - it appears to be the most blatantly poleshift-themed disaster movie in a series of disaster movies that started in of late. It is not slated to come out until at least 2010, so who knows if the poleshift will have already struck by then or if the infrastructure will even exist for movies to go to production and hit the theaters as they do today . I wonder how Spielberg got permission to do this? Is it a sign of the weakening of the Bush cabal? Book Synopsis: "Sven Bronson, a South African astronomer, discovers that a pair of runaway planets, Bronson Alpha and Bronson Beta, will soon enter the solar system. The larger one, Alpha, will pass close enough to cause catastrophic damage. Eight months later, after swinging around the Sun, Alpha will return to pulverize the Earth and leave. It is believed that Bronson Beta will remain and assume a stable orbit."

We have already affirmed that Spielberg is a contactee, an old soul with a mission here on Earth to inform the public. He steps carefully, having produced ET, a movie about friendly visitors. He also participated in ID4 and War of the Worlds, movie themes favored by the CIA and Bush administration because the visitors were presented as evil and mankind was easily able to deflect the invasion. Spielberg knows that the times are changing, the Bush/Cheney era over, and that he will be allowed to again produce a movie that will be of benefit to mankind. Indeed, the desperate effect of the passing planet on the Earth is one message, and the government's past plans to save a portion of mankind, the elite, is another. All of this is intended to be thought provoking, especially as the Earth changes become more obvious and rumor of the presence of a rogue planet coming toward Earth from the direction of the Sun begins to spread on the Internet.

Is the anger that is being generated in response to the bail out plans for Wall Street a part of the awakening of the general population? Are people now starting to realize that tangible assets are the only ones with real worth?

The financial crash is not part of any plan going into the time of the pole shift any more than the erratic weather caused by the Earth wobble. We explained at the start of ZetaTalk that worldwide crop shortages would occur for the 3 years leading into the pole shift, and the Earth is certainly in the grip of such a calamity now. The effects of weather and disasters are hard on business, which must try to recoup losses via insurance and repeatedly rebuild. Crops must be replanted. This is a drain on the economy. But rather than let the state of the economy be a reality and discuss what was happening with the public, leaders such as Bush and Blair, former prime minister of Great Britain, chose the big lie. A housing bubble was promoted in order to give the appearance of prosperity in the US so the oil grab in the Middle East would continue to be funded. As during the Great Depression, assets have true worth, and this will last though by the time of the pole shift paper money and stocks will seem to have little worth.

This past week we saw Bush Junior a lot of times in TV. He seemed to me much younger, the face opener, more relaxed, than I have him seen before and I think he has hard times in White House. In other words another Bush. Do you think, this week Bush 3 was replaced by a clone 4 ?

No. This is Bush 3. He is neither arrogant Bush 1, who was addicted to cocaine and booze, nor the nervous worrywart Bush 2. There are only three clones.

Is the Bush Administration press for an economic bail out a deliberate attempt to impose martial law and suspend the election?

As we have previously stated, martial law attempts are being blocked. The Bush/Cheney crowd tried innumerable attempts to incite martial law, including using the emergency broadcast network and creating false terrorism such as dirty bombs in US cities. The attempt to give port security to Dubai was another such maneuver. None have succeeded and none will, in our opinion.

Where are the Wanta trillions?

The Wanta funds were transferred to the US where they are in the hands of Citibank, as we have previously explained. However, this will not be admitted by those involved as the whole matter is to remain secret.

Where is Cheney in all this - haven't seen him anywhere.

Cheney indeed is in hiding, rarely out and then only with those he considers friends. His health is very precarious and he spends his days trying to figure out how to retain his influence and power once a turnover to a Democratic presidency occurs. He is trying to go underground.

What was the real reason for McCain halting his campaign to go to Washington to work on the bailout deal? How did the Zeta's see the outcome of the debate, it appears most polls strongly favored Obama.

We have consistently predicted that Obama will win, and win big, with undecided voters swinging to Obama just before the election. McCain saw the Palin bump up evaporate when the reality of her vapid logic and extreme views became known. She plunged in the polls and the worst is yet to come. An October surprise is not possible, militarily, as wars in others parts of the world are not an option. The US military is refusing to assist McCain. Matters such as false terrorism are being blocked within the US and elsewhere. McCain had been assured that voter fraud, rigging of the election by swapping totals, would be arranged for him, and he still thinks this will occur. In the meantime, his gambling and gaming nature has encouraged him to play with the election. He despises Obama, and thinks himself above Obama. This was apparent during the first debate, when he refused to look at Obama. To avoid a debate, potentially to avoid all the debates, he hoped that Obama would take the bait and agree to cancel the first debate because of the bailout discussions in DC. When Obama held firm, and the media reacted to this ploy as though it were a negative for McCain, he changed his mind.

We are hearing different perspectives on who won the debate last night. I watched what's going on behind the scenes in the McCain camp now that his plan to postpone the debate didn't work? Were they really that scared for him to speak?

The instant polls, from several sources including a Fox poll, indicate that it was a sweep for Obama. He gained on all fronts. The McCain campaign now has more to worry about as McCain could not control himself, could not hide his anger and contempt for Obama, and an explosion of temper is deemed the one thing that could kill his chances completely.

Is Palin being drilled big time on how to speak better before her debate next week? It seems no matter what she says its garbled. [and from another] Can the zetas predict how the VP debate will turn out? Biden looking experienced and Palin looking clueless? I have a feeling Biden may be a better debater than Obama. Obama doesn't really like to attack.

Palin, in her own way, is arrogant too, as she truly thinks she is special and worthy of the position. Most politicians lie, and they know they are lying, but Palin goes on the assumption that whatever she does is the right thing, that she walks with God and can do no wrong. Thus, she addresses questions without fear. All this is hidden from the public when she is kept from interviews and only reading prepared speeches, but when this became too obvious interviews were given with disastrous results. The debates will put this spotlight on her in the extreme, and Biden will be a contrast that will diminish any remaining positive opinion of Palin as a ready VP. The suggestions by the McCain campaign to slide the first debate between Obama and McCain forward into the VP debate was a desire to take advantage of McCain's gambit, and thus eliminate the VP debate altogether.

I'm curious as to why people won't cross the road even if there are no cars are insight, until the sign flashes walk. I'm in college and there is usually a big crowd waiting to cross the street. The sign will say don't walk but there will be clearly no cars coming so I just cross. Usually after I go there are 1 or 2 other people that follow and decided to cross. Whereas the rest of the crowd just stares and continues to stand there waiting for the sign change. Why doesn't the crowd just cross when there are no cars coming?? Are they all seriously worried about jay walking tickets or what?

Why don't you ask them? Most likely, if this was out in the country with no chance of video cameras, they would not delay. But undercover cops are everywhere, in most citizens’ minds, and thus they play it safe.

When one realizes he/she has telepathic ability what is one suppose to do with it? I don't understand what the point of having telepathy infused into our brains and then spending life not knowing what to do with it and wasting it. Or was it primarily infused just so that contact with ET's would be easier?

As we have explained, telepathy is a natural aspect of brain waves, and even animals have a great deal of this as any pet owner will attest. Even those humans unaware of just why they sense when others are about to arrive or phone them, or they sense the problems others may be grappling with, know how to use this connection. They quickly realize they are aware, even without a written or spoken word in evidence or the ability to see and thus read body language. For you to be confused how telepathy might affect a human means that you yourself do not have this ability, else you'd not be asking.

Many people have asked the zetas if they are recording human history and "significant events". The zetas response was they take note of events that may not be significant to us but are significant to them. So I'm curious what are some significant events the zetas have deemed important? Or would we not understand them?

You would not have a frame of reference. Our perspective is to compare human culture with all the other intelligent cultures around the Universe that we have encountered. Lacking this broad view, our response to you would be confusing. So we decline.

Will the new Madrid quake be the cause of the Great Lakes to empty into the Gulf of Mexico?

The Great Lakes will not be as discreet as before, for several reasons. We have described how the St. Lawrence Seaway will rip open, becoming an inland bay so that saltwater is found at the mouth of the Great Lakes. The conduits built under Chicago to allow barges to float from Chicago to the Mississippi River, to provide lake water for these waterways, will burst open during the pole shift, providing a large drain to the Mississippi from the Great Lakes. This is complicated by the heaving ground, and a squeeze will occur above this drain in Wisconsin. As the Seaway rips open, there is rumpling of the ground all the way to the Black Hills, and some ripping open of Wisconsin where the peninsula near Green Bay attaches today. This will in effect close the drain from Chicago to some degree. The Great Lakes thus will not drain into the Mississippi as envisioned by some.

How will the public view Obama's Presidency when things start going sour? Are they going to blame him? He was so great during the debate it's too bad that so many still dislike, ignoring filtering out all the good points he made, just because they like McCain.

The Bush administration hoped to disguise all the problems until they had left office, so they could cluck about the Obama recession, blaming Obama. The crash has come early, though it is obvious that Paulson was planning to withhold the truth until January, as he gave positive reports to Congress on the state of the economy and banking system only weeks ago. The economy of course is worse off than reported, with job losses much worse, for instance. Foreclosure and bankruptcy cannot be hidden. Obama is already talking like FDR, planning to infuse cash for infrastructure repair and green energy programs. Thus, he will slip easily into this role, and the public will not blame him, but welcome him.

Would the Zetas care to talk about the deaths in Texas from hurricane Ike, and as well if the US government is covering up the true death toll? I was told that the media blackout was due to 'looting,' but fail to see that line of reasoning, since anyone that was left on Galveston Island would have been few, and as well nobody was allowed back in their neighborhoods for over a week. If there were many cattle dead, pushed into marsh lands by the water, it would follow logically to think that human bodies would also have been pushed into the marshes by the same circumstances.

The government is no longer lying about the death rate, as they have been forced by so many recent disasters, and especially since Hurricane Katrina, to take proper steps. Since the government has warned and evacuated and provided evacuation centers they cannot be faulted, and if anything announcing the actual death rate encourages cooperation with their efforts in the future.

Were both candidates informed of the nature of the questions they would be asked at the debate? Or was only McCain aware what would be asked and what his reply should be? He actually seemed to answer the questions without difficutly. Or, was this because a great deal of them were military based? If McCain is again cheating by knowing the questions ahead of time, can or will this dishonesty be stopped, or better yet, can someone slip him the wrong questions? What about the upcoming debate between Biden and Palin? Will she be given the question/answers too and can that be stopped?

McCain was in familiar territory during this first debate. Per agreement between the campaigns his familiar territory came first, that being national security. Thus, he was able to find a footing, a ready answer from his past experiences, and inserted plenty of jokes and stories to fill the time. He anticipated the current bailout to be raised as an issue and prepared a few answers, which were also obvious. His constant hammering on earmarks is an example of his overuse of a planned answer. Regardless of what was asked the subject became earmarks. This is a sign of someone working with a weak hand and aged mind. Future debates will be more troublesome for him, and he will be unable to address some questions without resorting to jokes and digressions. The public will notice.

Has Palin become more of a liability than an asset to McCain's campaign? Are there any plans on removing her, and if so, would this be yet another attempt by the Republicans to gain the spotlight/headlines?

Many in the GOP are in horror at Palin as she has been unfolding during the early interviews she has been forced to give. As we stated earlier, she thinks she walks with God and can do no wrong, and thus is not cagey as most politicians are. They cannot remove her name as the ballots are already printed. She would be elected, and then a replacement would have to be made if a resignation was forced. Thus, she remains like a stone around the neck of the Republican ticket.

Now that McCain is being led by "Bush's brain" - Karl Rove, he appears to be truly becoming a lying republicant. He was a good man, but is crossing over. But the American people seems to like boisterous, braggert, posturing blowhards like Lush Limbaugh. They seem to want to elect the best wrestling champ from the WWF. So does Obama have any chance now that McCain and more appropiately Karl Rove are now lying full on? It seems Obama has no chance against liars.

Karl Rove is, as suspected, advising the McCain campaign, in the faint hopes that the blocking of election tampering that was done in 2006 will fail in 2008. Due to the Rove techniques being used extensively in 2000 and 2004, the public and the media are alert as to what to expect and have been calling them what they are - lies. After the Republican convention many in the media used that "L" word repeatedly and extensively, with one panelist on The View tv show even calling McCain a liar to his face. This situation rapidly degenerated into a net loss for McCain, though there will be new lies that will suddenly surface the last week before the election. The Obama campaign is prepared for this, however, and will develop new ads within hours during that week. Because the Rove reputation precedes him, Rove’s maneuvers will not succeed this time.

The front range of Colorado is very hot and dry for most of the growing season. I couldn't imagine a vegetable garden survinving without watering from a hose or sprinkler system. Once the pole shift occurs, will the climate here remain the same? Without rain, most gardens are doomed to failure. As go the garden, so go the people.

There will be torrential rains after the pole shift for some years. Almost constant drizzle will be the norm as the clouds will be low-lying. Beyond this, the climate will change everywhere. The prevailing westerlies will come from the direction of what is now north. Thus, instead of having the rain blocked by the Rockies or Sierras, the rain clouds will come from what are now the western portions of Nebraska and Kansas. The great Mississippi Valley, which will flood except for the Ozarks, will provide much moisture. We suggest you find land with an equivalent terrain to gauge what your gardens will be like in the Aftertime.

Of late, I have been noticing that time and space seem to be more fluid than I was thought. I am wondering if it is possible that aliens, other sentient beings, are already on Earth physically, trying to communicate, but having difficulties doing so, due to the understanding of time and space of the average human? If this is the case, what level of understanding do the Zeta's and other groups they know of, have of how Humans think and act? Are we as distorted and jumbled to them as they seem to me?

There isn't a time and space problem during contact, except in your imagination. Contact today is of course done such that it is only recorded in your subconscious, so you must meditate or employ self-hypnosis to bring the story into your conscious.

Just when I thought FEMA couldn't act more incompetent, they do. I read on that FEMA was trucking in thousands of pallets of ice to dump them at a Houston airport. A FEMA quote, "To ensure that we had enough to provide [ice] for everyone in need, we had too much." The official refused to say how much ice was allowed to melt. Relief workers were furious because millions are still without power. "Food rots, medication spoils." This ice was meant for the hurricane victims. FEMA explained that it is a "complicated inter-governmental relationship." Would the Zetas care to comment on this situation/decision? Who exactly made this ridiculous decision?

During Hurricane Katrina, it was revealed just how incompetent an agency can become when cronies are given plush jobs, and in particular when a potentially powerful agency like FEMA is staffed with cronies who are assumed to be compliant with orders from above. By executive order, FEMA was to take over at the stroke of a presidential pen during a national emergency. Of course the emergency was at the discretion of the president. As Homeland Security was above FEMA, this in essence would allow the head of Homeland Security to become a dictator of the US in such a situation. The group that took the White House by coup in 2000 did not want a headstrong individual running FEMA, so staffed the agency with compliant incompetents. Even with some changeover of personnel, little has changed within FEMA.

Mother Shipton Prophecies from Nexus Magazine. Supposedly they were written just after Columbus discovered America. While there may be doubt about that, this translation is about 50 years old and that is verified. What is amazing, is that in addition to many Nostradamus and Cayce type predictions it also describes a fiery dragon in the sky that brings earth shift and cataclysm as in Planet X and even more amazingly it is followed by silver ships landing to bring new humanity and a golden age as in the landing of the Zeta hybrids. What do the Zetas think of this prophecy? Is it 500 years old? How is it that even if it is only 50 years old it is very psychic when compared to the Zeta predictions which were not thought of before the last 20 years.

Many prophecies around the world and over time have pointed to the present time and what is about to unfold during the pole shift. Some of these prophecies have been placed into human folklore by old souls well aware of what is likely to occur, because they have experienced it before. Many are in touch with visitors from elsewhere, who have observed prior pole shifts and the rise and fall of human civilizations and could anticipate what will happen. Man's technologies are not a surprise, as most intelligent life-forms progress along similar lines if they have the physical capability to develop technologies. Birds fly, and man can watch the birds and employ their wing designs for man's flight. Are the airplanes of man that much different from the wings of birds coasting on air? Thus, Mother Shipton's prophecies seem amazing, but she was only describing a certain geological change due to the certain passage of Planet X in the future, and was describing likely technology and cultural changes for man.

Is there much the current administration could do if they likely strongly suspected a likely future pole shift date part way into Obama's term of presiden,. ie. would any Zeta indication of the lean of Planet X cause certain undesirable actions by the government to be taken?

We anticipate an Obama administration would take steps to inform the public and explain what is likely to occur, and what steps the public could take to help themselves. This does not mean that an orderly rescue of all who live along coastlines would occur, or that massive tent cities housing tens of millions would be established in the highlands of the US. The federal government does not act as one mind, and certainly does not act as one with state and local governments. Everyone would be encouraged to remain in their homes unless they had alternative living. Even if the government announced on live TV that the coastlines would not be safe and all should leave, this would not occur. Denial will be so strong in so many. They would refuse to believe this, or cling to religion and anticipate being raptured. The fear of being inundated with hoards of hungry people, many of whom would be anticipated to be looters, would cause roads to be blocked by militias / the military, so travel would become impossible. Many would be killed simply because they were on the road, mowed down by gunfire. There is no easy answer.

If the Puppet Master is putting up the money for the bailout why is there such an issue about it? Are they suppose to put on this act that the money is coming from the public to cover where it came from? Is Pelosi and others in the know as to where the money is coming from and some are not and its the ones that aren't in the know that are contesting it?

The printing presses are running, as everyone knows. The banking laws are such that a bank can loan out more than they have in deposits, i.e. cash in hand. The ratio between loan and deposit is not one-to-one but many multiples above the deposit amount. The same logic is supposed to apply at the central bank level, but as we have repeatedly explained, when the M3 line item was no longer transparent at the Fed, the source of any funds put into the Fed became hidden from the public. This was done in anticipation of illegal maneuvers, including having the US government simply print money and claim the funds to support the US debt are still coming from China purchasing bonds or from one of the extremely wealthy investors that fund the Fed. Pelosi is kept in the dark as much as possible as she is someone of integrity and not part of the cabal in the White House. No one involved even peripherally in the deliberate subprime bubble to create a façade of economic health for the Bush administration wants the public to know the true state of affairs. The Puppet Master would hardly come out with some kind of announcement. He has a stake in assets such as the banking empire, and thus wants public confidence sustained.

The Zetas state that Earth is a Schoolhouse for Man. You said that the Zetas have 300+ IQ. Do humans with a low IQ get a pass or repeat the grade?

Spiritual growth is not particularly enhanced by a high IQ. The two do not relate. Many lifetimes, on average a thousand or more, are required to sort out one's spiritual orientation, so having to "repeat" is assumed as a part of the process. But this is not because of relative IQ, but because of the soul's determination to progress.