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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 11, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

How long before the pole shift will the Internet be functional and operational? How long will it function without failure? Will it still work when rotation has stopped?

The Internet has already started to falter at the satellite connection. Lost emails are on the increase, especially when going overseas and requiring a satellite connection. We long ago stated that satellites would be inoperable before the pole shift, and it is not hard to imagine why. During the last weeks the tail of Planet X will be wafting the Earth, and this involves more than dust and debris that will hammer the satellites and damage them physically. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will also be a problem, as this is a charged dust cloud. Such episodes may occur well before the last weeks also. The Internet is maintained by underwater cables, which have been laid on the ocean floor between the N American continent and Europe and then via land cables from the Middle East to Asia, and on down to Australia, etc. (and other such loops around the world). Total disruption should not occur until the tail blast is unrelenting and when the last weeks are unmistakably around the corner. At this point, the Internet will not matter. You will have only to look to the skies for your news.

The Zetas said money will become worthless long before the cataclysms hit. Will this zero worth be expressed with hyperinflation? Will all prices rise so dramatically that I cannot buy anything for my money? Sorry I am not an economics expert.

We, the Zetas, do not anticipate the dollar becoming worthless on its face. It's just that it won't buy much. You will have a house that is worth $500 thousand dollars on its face - just no buyers. You will have stock that is listed at $85 with no buyers. The face value and the true value will have a gap. The second aspect of this is that a dollar will not buy you what you need. You will go to the grocery store with a wad of dollars and find that what you want is no longer on the shelves, nor will shopping the Internet get you what you are seeking. Trash will be for sale, but not the items you desire. There will be shortages, which is already the case on some items.

If the oil prices continue to drop through the end of trimester will we be punished regardless by high cost of heating?

Heating oil costs should reflect the lower price. If it were to be otherwise, in this economic climate, the new Congress and the new President would enact stiff new laws.

I heard from a friend in German research that Planet X not only is real but also that Planet X is at the moment 7 Million Kilometers at earth distance. Are you allowed to say something? [and from another] Distance from the earth to the sun: 93 million miles (150 million kilometers)

We have stated that Planet X is outbound from the Sun, about midway between the Earth and Sun. It is somewhat to the right hand side as viewed from the northern hemisphere and thus is coming towards the Earth from this direction in a retrograde orbit. The Earth is attempting to drop back, away from Planet X, but cannot do this as there are particle flows from the Sun coming round from behind Planet X in such a way as to form an eddy flow that traps the Earth. You can compute this, numerically, and see if it fits your friend's description.

Good evening Nancy and The Zetas, Are the findings of Palins abuse of power the October suprise?

An October surprise is, by definition, a Republican move. The Troopergate report was anticipated, and is no surprise. More shoes will drop between now and the general election, but none of this will change the current direction. McCain is vulnerable, more than the public realizes, and Obama is almost squeaky clean.

Any comment on the whole "buzz" about martial law? That indeed with the economic meltdown, and the election less then a month away, will Bush pull this card so that he may stay in power, and we wont be able to have elections?

Keep in mind that the Bush in office at present is the Bush 3 clone, not the prior clones who were intent on martial law. Martial law would cause chaos, which is not what the Puppet Master wants. The Bush 3 clone spent the year prior to his substitution into the White House with the Puppet Master. Chaos results in economic loss and bank failure, and is the last thing the Puppet Master wants.

During the debate McCain called Obama "That One." Was that a senile moment or his dislike for Obama? It certainly didn't help him. Is McCain undecided, or Service-to-Self?

McCain, as we have indicated, is immature, basically undecided, and not heavily Service-to-Self although this is the direction he leans when the chips are down in his life. Then he has remorse and regrets. McCain's body language has been much analyzed following the debates - his inability to look Obama in the eye, his need to pace about during the town-hall debate, and his impersonal reference to Obama as "that one". In the opinion of some analysts, McCain is reacting to Obama as if Obama were an alpha male, being subservient and not offending the alpha male by meeting his gaze. The sneering contempt is also an indication of this type of fear, a fear of being beaten or bested. As we have often noted, a sneer is not the body language of someone who feels confident but rather of someone who is baring his teeth to get ready for a fight they fear is coming. That's the “animal” analogy. By slipping and calling Obama "that one", McCain is revealing yet another aspect to his lack of confidence and his feeling of being bested. The alpha male does not allow other males to come close and get personal. By depersonalizing Obama, McCain is trying to honor that base animal instinct.

Coming from the Midwest where racism and bigotry is not as blatant as some of the other places in the US, I was surprised to see Senator McCain repudiate his own supporters in MN by telling one guy 'not to be scared' by Obama and another that Obama is not an Arab. He even snatched the microphone away. Just who got to Senator McCain and convinced him of the folly of using hatred and racism to advance his political career? What did this person/persons say which caused McCain's 180? Additionally, what do the Zeta's think will be the next trick the GOP/Rove clan hauls out of its trash bag of tricks?

McCain cannot win for losing. This was true of his selection of Palin for VP. The intent was to garner Clinton women to the Republican ticket and this utterly failed because McCain and most Republicans are in essence deaf to what women are feeling. Anti-abortion, anti-equal pay -- what did they expect would happen? The overall change in women's votes was a net negative because of Palin, as the polls soon proved. The assumption that McCain’s campaigners could make people uneasy about Obama by inferences that he is different or untrustworthy is another stumble. Those who will agree with this inference are already voting for McCain, as they are old school or have racial prejudices that cannot be altered. Those who are listening to the TV and hearing about Ayers are also aware of the Keating 5 episode, and how the McCain campaign is surrounded and run by lobbyists of the worst ilk. This is beyond guilt by casual association. This is deliberate association.

The polls have not moved during the Ayers assault, and the McCain camp's internal polls have shown this clearly. Where negative campaigning historically brings down the target, it also brings down those making the charges. But when the negatives are weak and aimed at the one seen to be the better candidate, and especially during very worrisome times, then negative ads and charges bring down the one making the charges at a greater rate. They are backing off, and returning to issues, because this attempt has not worked. As we have stated, the McCain camp has been reassured that election manipulation via tabulating machines will sweep him into victory. Their next hand will be to try to convince the public that something like the Bradley Effect, where people say they will vote for a black man but don't do that when the lever is pulled, is at play. They expect this to explain McCain's sudden win. No such win will occur, as the election is being monitored and protected against fraud, as was done in 2006.

Why are girls developing sooner? Is it because of obesity or dairy products, more sex on TV, etc?

We mentioned early in the ZetaTalk saga, as we were asked about increasing infertility in men and smaller penises among animals such as crocodiles, that PCBs are much to blame. They mock estrogens, and due to corporate greed many decades ago were released into the air, water and soil and cannot be retrieved. Fertility among men has been greatly affected, and the earlier development of girls is another consequence.

Will banks start to fail early 2009 or earlier, can you explain?

It should be clear from the current actions taken during 2008 that banks will not be allowed to fail, per se. They are absorbed by larger and better managed banks, and the lot supported by aggressive efforts by the fed. This trend is true in other countries as well. One lesson learned during the Great Depression was that bank failure added to the rising rate of bankruptcies and job loss. This time around, massive bank failure and a lack of liquidity will not be allowed.

Can the zetas tell us in general terms if there will be a geological event that will be universally considered to be significant by historical standards by the end of the year? Not asking for a specific time, place, or even detailed description, etc. As I fully understand that is against the rules. The financial collapse is significant but to be at a 6 on 1-10 scale by year end requires something major, gelogically does it not?

We mentioned when we gave this prediction, expecting a 6 on a scale of 1-10 by year’s end, that this included sociological, economic and fiscal matters as well as geologic or weather related Earth changes or any space weather aspects such as tail wafting effects or an increased wobble that might be very noticeable by the public. We decline to answer this question as we prefer the establishment not be clued in and thus able to explain what might occur in terms that continues to deny the public their right to know what is coming their way.

The collapse and devaluation of paper assets continues unabated despite the best efforts of the global elite, much as the Zetas have indicated that it would numerous times. Some individuals have tried to use this collapse as further arguments for others to invest in tangibles such as tools, seeds, land, livestock, etc. with limited success at best. Will this get any easier and are we likely to find willing preparation partners among close family and friends before it too late to prepare or is it likely we will have to continue to do all of the preparation for our extended families ourselves as best we can? Basically will we get enough traction in our arguments as things go to hell in time to convince others to pitch in and help?

This is so much an individual matter, and no general answer can suffice. Each individual in denial will either suddenly allow themselves to deal with the truth and get on board, or continue in denial until the last weeks when they may suddenly admit what is happening, or go more deeply into denial the worse matters get. The best advice is to make your plans and take action with what you have today, not expecting any help from family or friends. Everyone can do something. If you anticipate converts, then try to formulate a plan that will allow for expansion. If you cannot buy land, perhaps you can lease. If you cannot keep herds and flocks, perhaps you can locate where these might be purchased at the last minute. Do what you can, ahead of time.

Do the Zetas and Nancy provide private ZetaTalk briefings to any individuals or groups that they deem require such information?

No. No personal counseling, as explained at the start of each chat. This was done for a year after ZetaTalk started, from 1995 to 1996, and proved to be a disaster. Those getting personal ZetaTalk could not let it go, and were like addicts. Each personal counseling session was for the benefit of one individual, in essence, and not mankind in general. As both Nancy and ourselves, the Zetas, are overworked to the point of exhaustion, such requests are taking away from our overall missions. Thus, these requests are denied.

A friend of mine was so excited to receive her Obama stickers in the mail friday and ran immediately to put them on her car. In the meantime, her husband was getting ready for work. When he left it wasn't to long before he noticed a man was on his bumper and wouldn't let up. He wondered what was up with this guy and when he finally got to his work and turned in the guy on his tail yelled out "N-lover." He didn't have any idea what this guy's problem was. He phoned his wife to tell her what happened and they both knew it had to be because of the Obama sticker she just put on the car. Is this what we are heading into? People ready to start fighting people over the choice they are making? I don't see this from anyone voting for Obama. It seems the McCain/Palin crowd is drawing a certain type of people that actually no matter how much you explain the facts to them they want to stick to the untruths. Is it truly racism at the root of this?

Economic unease plays to the insecurities of many. Human research has shown that those with the strongest prejudices against blacks are those who are white and just above blacks on the economic ladder. They fear being displaced, replaced, and thus themselves bumped to the bottom of the ladder. This is also true in general in attitudes against equal pay and opportunity for women. It is those who fear being pushed to the bottom of the ladder, not being able to get a promotion, who more often resent equality for women. The assumptions of those expressing hatred for Obama is that once in the White House he will enforce some kind of equality, and whites will lose out to blacks. This is unfounded, and against Obama's character, but those reacting emotionally are not thinking - they are reacting!

I saw Palin on tv today and certainly noticed a little less spark in her body language. Can the Zetas tell us what's going on behind the scenes now that she's been found guilty of abusing her position?

Palin did not expect a committee run by Republicans to issue this report. She expected it to be withheld, in accordance with her lawsuit to repress the report, and was frankly shocked at the outcome. A judge and an appeal denied her judicial request. She expected those backing her and McCain would repress any evidence of her wrongdoing, so this is her first experience of not being a queen on top of the world. She is attractive and aggressive. In a land that has so many more men than women, Alaska, any woman is treated as a queen. She won her campaigns for mayor and governor with ease, and has little feel for the larger world. The Alaskan legislature will let her off the hook on this matter, as no laws that could be prosecuted were broken. The ethics law is without teeth. But as we indicated, the matter will be tried in the media, and this is the greater assault. Palin is trying now to figure out how to explain that she is a "maverick" and a "reformer" with this on her record. There is no answer.

I've been reading some of the latest posts from Tom Heneghan lately. Although there is undoubtedly much truth in what he posts, some of his posts seem hard to believe. Especially those that talk about Pelosi declaring martial law and Obama once under house arrest. Is there at least some truth to this? For example, did Pelosi and/or Congress declare martial law at least to some degree (but not to the fullest as to alert the populace)? Also, is Bush 3 under house arrest at this time?

Why would you believe this person? Does he have an accurate track record? If there was any discussion about martial law during the days when the Paulson bailout was discussed, it was in reference to possible panic during bank failures and corporate bankruptcies. It was worst case scenario description, not threats. The Bush 3 clone is fully functional in the White House, and no one who was in opposition to the first two clones is thinking otherwise. They are happy with his performance.

McCain's events have incited hatred, people shouting "off with his head" "kill him" "traitor", comments yesterday like "were scared of Obama", "he's an arab". I'm concerned about Obama's safety, is being protected and will this not go the same route as Binazir Buto? What will McCain do once he realizes he is going to lose? Or has he already realized that?

As we have stated before, Obama has angels protecting him, as well as his many human protectors. Were this not the case, he would not be walking around today. McCain thinks that election rigging has been arranged for him, as he has been assured of that. He knows that Bush did not win in 2000 or 2004, and expects that 2006 was some kind of aberation. It was, after all, not a presidential election year. He is getting nervous because of the current polls, as convincing the public that a McCain win was not by election rigging will not be easy if Obama ends up so strongly ahead in the polls. Therefore anticipate a lot of discussion about the potential Bradley Effect, where white voters lie about how they actually cast their ballots, to explain a potential discrepancy between the vote and exit polls. As we have repeatedly stated, this 2008 election will be safeguarded, as was done during 2006. McCain will be devastated when the counts are in, and may have health problems afterwards due to the shock.

The Army is ordering more microwave pain vehicles. We know these are going to be used on riots, can you say if these are also going to be used generally to eliminate all people on the streets as well set to full blast? Care to comment?

There are controls to prevent these units from being set to kill, though excessive use can counter these controls. The US military is obviously anticipating public unrest, but the current public reaction to having the stock market drop to almost one-half its value since last October, a year ago, should give them calm. It is looting in times of shortages that is the greater likelihood.

Can the Zeta's please comment on a UFO case that has angered many UFO researchers? This was a case known as The Piney Woods incident that involved three witnesses, including 2 adults and a child. This involved a large diamond-shaped UFO, which one of the witnesses, Betty Cash, called the "Diamond of Fire". This UFO apparently sickened all 3 witness and to the point where, sadly, in the late 1990's, Cash later succumbed to her illnesses because of this incident. There were also several "black" helicopters hovering around this UFO as well. Was this a genuine UFO piloted by Service-to-Self aliens or was this a Government-built "airship" (like triangle craft) equipped with advanced radiation emitters and what was the real purpose of this incident?

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we were asked about several incidents, as many of them involved government agents attempting to fly ships they had received from Service-to-Self aliens. The Service-to-Self aliens in contact with MJ12 were allowed to deliver these ships as there was no chance that MJ12 could open them or effectively decipher the means by which they were operated. None of the ships' operational parts have been opened or deciphered. MJ12 was told that control of the ships was mental, via telepathy to the machines. Through practice, they located several humans in their intelligence agencies with this ability and tried to fly the ships. They were intent on impressing others around the world, to in effect dominate the world with this threat of being able to control spaceships. But the farthest they got was to get off the ground and wobble around a bit, dropping someplace afield. Malfunction was evident. The ship "crashes" reported were these, not alien ships.

New movie produced by Tom Hanks out this week explores 200 years of living in a bunker and it's called "City Of Embers." Made life in a bunker look not too shabby but the film started with everyone in the bunker and no mention about how people got there. Seemed like the movie was trying to make some sort of sense out of living in a bunker but no reason was given why they were down there either. Did the Zeta's have a hand in the inspiration for the movie?

We have often talked about the disaster movies of late, and their relationship to the coming pole shift. It is always the case that only a piece of the action is addressed by the movie. The core of the Earth has stopped rotating, but no explanation as to why this occurred. The Earth is covered by water in Waterworld, but only an inference as to what man might have done to cause such a disaster. Some kind of warfare, perhaps biological, caused the US government and civilization to collapse in the movie Postman, with massive dieoff, but no explanation of just what occurred. We have pieces of the action, increased volcanic activity, even in the heart of LA, great earthquakes of magnitude 10.5, all just occurring as a standalone. It has been viewed by those attempting to get the message out to the public that a total message, aka ZetaTalk's message, would be too frightening. Pieces pass the censors. We did not have a hand in this movie's production anymore than the others, outside of being available for consultation to our contactees.

My question is about maintaining a service to others orientation in difficult situations. I don't know what I would do if I was in a STO community that was confronted by STS individuals. I don't own a gun and I must believe that there is a price to pay for killing another, as I feel the connection with all that is and see the world as a mirror of myself. To harm another is to harm yourself. As STS and STO orientations become more polarized will STO groups be confronted by armed STS groups and how should this be handled?

We are often asked this question. The best defense is a low profile. This is more than just ducking when someone you don't trust is passing. It means setting up your community in a rural area, out of the traffic lanes, and not making lots of noise or announcing your presence in some way. Highly Service-to-Other communities will get protection, and highly Service-to-Other individuals will get protection, so by taking these steps you make your alien friends' jobs easier. We also want to emphasize that being highly Service-to-Other is not the same as being an individual merely having an occasional Service-to-Other thought. Nancy gets lots of email from individuals stating they are Service-to-Other and then proceeding to make demands. Our statement has been that if someone is wondering if they are, or are not, highly Service-to-Other then they probably are not, as those who are highly Service-to-Other do not need to ask. They are too busy with their efforts to help the general good, to help others.

We have also mentioned that vigilante efforts will be needed in some cases. Service-to-Self gangs will do away with each other in time, but during confrontations, one should not assume your current law enforcement capabilities, when one can call the police for an arrest and then a court date is set and then perhaps prison time for the offender. No one will be able to connect to 911, as help will not be forthcoming. If the gangs intend to hurt you and innocents in your community, give them instant karma!

It appears that the base of the Republican party is becoming increasingly uglier, angrier, and demanding as their worldview implodes. Is this part of the polarization we were warned about? Are these people becoming more dangerous, and to be avoided, or would it be helpful to try to assist them come to terms with the reality that many of their long-held beliefs were based on fiction and lies? My first reaction is one of vindication, but if it's possible to help any potential Service-to-Other souls from their ranks, I would do so. I just don't want to waste any energy if it's only going to end up exacerbating their discombobulation.

Many Republicans are turning away from their party on their own, without encouragement, as they see where the Bush administration has taken the country, where the Gingrich "Contract with America" in Congress has done to the country, and in particular what the party’s choice for presidential nominee and VP nominee says about the party. Those still clinging to the party are doing so because they know of some Republicans in office with integrity, or hope for the good 'ol days, or prefer the black and white logic that the Republicans have offered. Arguing seldom works with these types, as these are often emotional matters, outside of logic.

Maybe there could be a comment on flu shots. Should people not trust them and not get them? Personally I don't trust the shots, but then again I think I already have the flu right now.

There are no plans at present to poison the populace with flu shots.