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ZetaTalk: Spin Control
written Nov 20, 2003

What to do when the public finds out that they have been lied to, that a planet several times the size of Earth has been in the solar system for months, known to the establishment for decades, and they are only now being informed. Because the Second Sun is increasingly presenting itself to the public, which is already deeply suspicious of the explanations they have been getting for the erratic weather, the Moon’s orbit, and the insistence on war with Iraq at a minimum, trial explanations have been tested on isolated groups to determine their reactions. Not good. Except for virtually primitive groups, Third World existence akin to hunting and gathering, all test groups expressed anger at not being told, awareness that something was going on, and in many cases were aware that a body was next to the Sun and causing problems for months, so do not buy that the establishment was unaware. Thus, any explanation must include an admission, and anger is expected.

Gone are the days when the public was to be kept dumb until the last days, where selected groups could be trapped in their cities or river basins or coastal settlements and drown or crushed into reduced numbers. Gone are the days when Martial Law could be enacted at a whim, because of supposed chatter heard on the air waves or a bombing somewhere in the whole wide world. Gone is the hope of explaining that Global Warming or endless X Class solar flares or intermittent meteor showers from old familiar sources coming off season are the cause. What was hoped was that the public would trod to their jobs, honor paper money, and make no demands on their establishment despite all signs that the Emperor had no cloths. The dark horror for the establishment, that the public would be aware and out of control, is standing like a shadow over them now, and they have nowhere to run. What is feared is that key jobs will not be attended to, workers absent and angry, the fragile banking system that requires a fictitious worth assigned to virtual assets be honored crashing, and the workers of the world uniting in protest. What to do?

The tools at the disposal of the establishment include Martial Law to prevent migrations and looting, closing banks and stock markets or controlling the traffic to protect the banking system, price freezes to prevent corporate losses, and rushing to the fore any leadership the populace has trust in. The scientific establishment that has been muzzled will have to explain why they allowed themselves to be muzzled, and this explanation must include a scapegoat, which will be those on high who ordered the cover-up. Certainly the Vatican will deal with mud flung its way, on top of pedophilia the flock has long suspected the Fatima secret not revealed was about the end times, now upon them. Politicians across the board, who have for the past few months held silent because the interloper planet was promised to pass, now must point fingers of blame, more scapegoats. And when the blame game is over, stands the looming question of what the populace is to do during this situation. Survival suggestions? Plans by the government to help their populace? Hello!